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Hannover - 2 jobs in February 2017

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Kemp Technologies | Product Managers, Network Engineers, Customer Support | New York, Limerick, Ireland | Full-Time

What we do: We make some of the best Application Delivery Control technology in the world that is easily deployable, in real time; anywhere, anytime and on any platform.

Who we are: KEMP Technologies is one of the fastest growing ADC vendors in the world with over 26,000 customers (including NASA, Apple, EA, Fender, Dyson, SONY & NYPD) and offices in New York, Long Island, Santa Clara, Limerick, Hannover and Singapore. KEMP was ranked #1 ADC vendor by growth in 2013 and #3 ADC vendor by units shipped worldwide in 2013. KEMP Technologies has been named in Crain's 2014 New York Business Fast 50, Inc. 2014 Fast 5000 and Deloitte 2014 Technology Fast 500 and is a disruptive and innovative force in the ADC space globally. http://life.kemptechnologies.com/

If you'd like to learn more: drosen at kemptechnologies dot com

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rebaze - http://rebaze.com | "Developer Advocate as a Service" - Type of Engineer | Hannover, Germany | REMOTE + ONSITE in Germany | Fulltime

Hey there, We develop tools, principles and products for enterprise engineering teams so they can have startup-like fun, too. We create rockstar tools, coach teams on new techs and reimagine existing software products.

We are "Developer Advocates as a Service" for our clients.

You are a software remodelling enthusiast! You love to refactor dusty codebases, simplify processes and removing obsolete stuff all DAY.

You need to live in Germany or at least be able to travel to Germany 3 days/week.

You should have a deep background in at least 2 of the following technical areas: - OSGi - Gradle - Machine Learning - Jetbrains MPS - Eclipse Platform (Plugins) - Devops Expert: Docker, Git, Jenkins Pipelines

You should have fun working remotely (anywhere in the world) but willing to travel to clients (usually Germany) on a weekly basis.

Our interview process begins with a video-call, followed by a coffee or beer either in Hannover, Frankfurt or Cologne.

Find out more on https://github.com/rebaze/hr/blob/master/hire_junior_consult...

Contact me at toni@rebaze.com or on Twitter @rebazeio

Cheers, Toni