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Nairobi - 2 jobs in February 2017

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Andela | Software Engineer, iOS Lead, DevOps Lead | Nairob, Kenya & Lagos, Nigeria | Full-Time

Brilliance is evenly distributed; opportunity is not.

Andela extends engineering teams with world-class software developers. We recruit the most talented developers on the African continent, shape them into technical leaders, and place them as full-time distributed team members with companies that range from Microsoft and IBM to dozens of high-growth startups. Backed by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, GV (Google Ventures) and Spark Capital, Andela is building the next generation of global technology leaders. We're building teams in Africa, staffed by our developers and led by experts to build the systems that'll scale us to 100,000 developers across the African continent.

Some technologies we use React | Angular | GoLang | Python | Ruby | JS | PHP | Kubernetes | Docker | Google Cloud

All our engineering positions are currently in Africa but we are a distributed company. So if you want to try out a move to Nairobi for awhile, here's your chance :)

Other positions on our careers page http://careers.andela.com/

Reach out to me at scott.carleton@andela.com

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Angaza | Android Developer | SF | ONSITE https://www.angaza.com/jobs/android-developer/

Angaza creates software for selling life-changing products with financing in emerging markets, with a focus on off-grid solar energy systems. Your work means more families turning on electricity for the first time each night:

- http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/23/angaza-raises-4m-to-make-cl....

We're a for-profit company, post-series A, with our technical team based in San Francisco. Right now, we're searching for an Android developer interested in working on software used to sell and service off-grid solar installations in more than twenty countries. You can lead its development as we continue to rapidly expand.

- https://www.angaza.com/jobs/android-developer/ [San Francisco]

We're also hiring a number of other roles in Nairobi, e.g.:

- https://www.angaza.com/jobs/director-of-sales/ [San Francisco + Nairobi]

Our standard hiring process involves a phone conversation, a well-scoped home project, and an on-site interview. We don't believe in gotcha logic puzzles or adversarial whiteboard exercises, and we strive to give you specific constructive feedback regardless of the outcome.