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Sunnyvale - 2 jobs in February 2017

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Spectranetix | Sunnyvale CA | Onsite | http://spectranetix.com

Spectranetix is doing software defined radio research and development on a number of government contracts, the company is combining software and FPGA expertise to build best in class, multi-mission capable systems.

We have openings for at least 2 software engineers.

On the plus side the work is challenging, cutting edge, and meaningful. We aren't hung up on how old you are or whether or not you have a degree from the 'right' school. We're also right in the middle of Sunnyvale so relatively easy to get there from the South Bay.

On the down side you have to be US Citizen (sorry no green cards) and our salary flexibility is constrained by what is budgeted in the contract. One role is more data science focused doing feature extraction from real and synthetic data sets, and the other is more build a pipeline between multiple SDRs to visualize and quantify various radios that can be detected.

Principals only, we will not be able to accommodate any recruiters or placement services.

If you like interesting puzzles, have an affinity or interest in complex real time systems, you would find these opportunities interesting.

Stack: Vivado, C, ARM architectures, some C# and Java for some customer's UI work.

email chuck.mcmanis@spectranetix.com if you would like to hear more.

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Yahoo | Software Engineer | Sunnyvale, CA | ONSITE https://www.yahoo.com

We are creating Yahoo Bar, a modern and effortless login, search, notification and email experience on top of every Yahoo product. Our work will have a big impact because it will appear on every Yahoo product reaching millions of people every day. We are creating delightful way to switch accounts, discover new places to go, stay up to date with email and even login without passwords (using Yahoo Account Key) across Yahoo, Flickr and Tumblr.

We're looking for a front-end engineer who will enjoy the challenge of quickly building and expanding Yahoo Bar on the web. We work with ES6, Node, Lasso, Marko, Jest and Protractor for building the core product. We're also interested in a back-end engineer who'll build a hosted service for delivering Yahoo Bar in Java.

We have a focus on shipping and are rolling out the product to production as we create features. For example, you can check out our work at https://view.yahoo.com today.

There's a lot of cool stuff going on internally, too. I've been with the company for over 8 years and before this I worked on Yahoo's now open-source continuous delivery system: http://screwdriver.cd

If this sounds interesting, get in touch. rburke@yahoo-inc.com