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Vancouver - 10 jobs in February 2017

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PolicyStat | Carmel, Indiana or remote | full-time (remote)

A hospital’s best tool for standardizing and implementing life-saving improvements are their written policies and procedures. PolicyStat’s mission is to improve healthcare delivery by making those policies and procedures easier to find, access, and enhance. Our clients (across 46/50 states) use our SaaS application to ensure that this critical information is correct, their staff can find it, and that it supports regulatory compliance.

In this role as our 5th engineer, an experienced software engineering generalist, you will be a critical part of our engineering team. You will spend time on all aspects related to delivering a great web application to our users. We're a small team, so you'll sometimes be asked to wear hats ranging from API design to algorithms and libraries to front-end engineering. We’ve recently been freed from the tyranny of supporting Old IE, and we’re excited for the opportunity to improve interaction for the hundreds of thousands of people that rely on PolicyStat.

Tech stack: Django, Python, JavaScript, React, Trello, Hipchat, Vagrant, GitHub, Chef

We are a remote-friendly team, currently with members in Indianapolis, Vancouver, Brasov, Barcelona, and elsewhere.

Our interview process is mainly work sample based: one short screening work sample, human interviews, then a 3-4 hour work sample using our tech stack. No whiteboarding involved.

Interested? Apply through Greenhouse: http://grnh.se/jyx8101

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AXIOM ZEN | Vancouver, Canada | FULL-TIME | ONSITE (visa assistance provided)

Axiom Zen is an award-winning venture studio. Our products have made “Best of the Year” lists (Apple; The Next Web), and are used by the world’s leading companies – including Adobe, Sony, Starbucks, Phillips, and SEGA. In 2015 alone, our work was featured in TIME, The New York Times, USA Today, and Wired.

We just made the cover of Canadian Business' 2016 "Most Innovative Companies in Canada".

- UI Engineers (CSS Experts) - http://grnh.se/rk83fw1

- AI / Machine Learning Expert - http://grnh.se/cjat6v1

- ZenHub's Front-end Engineer (Javascript) - http://grnh.se/jw56tk1

- UX/Product Designers - http://grnh.se/1y3txb1

- Lead Project Manager - http://grnh.se/7udpje1

Don’t see an opening that matches your skills?

Apply at http://grnh.se/j16n8w and provide us with your own job description.


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Sniply | Software Developer, Machine Learning Engineer | Vancouver, BC | http://snip.ly

Sniply is a small startup (4 people so far), that makes a saas marketing tool. We're hiring for two new positions:

1) Intermediate Software Developer: a fullstack web developer, the core skill is javascript (we use react), but we also use python a lot (django, DRF)

2) Machine Learning Engineer: we are working on a lot of NLP problems, specifically with document summarization.

If you're interested, check out our postings: https://angel.co/sniply-1/jobs

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LunchBadger | Senior Software Developer (Backend) | San Francisco, Vancouver, or REMOTE | https://www.lunchbadger.com

LunchBadger is a VC-funded early-stage startup building a next-generation platform that empowers developers and enterprises to compose, manage, monitor, and monetize cloud-native API microservices. For more information on our product, please check out http://www.lunchbadger.com.

We are looking for a Senior Software Developer (Backend) to join a small but growing team. This is a great opportunity to have a real impact on the product and the team. Due to our small size, we're looking for someone who can participate in the project in multiple ways, whether that is writing and designing software, creating automation to deploy and manage it in production, or helping to support our customers.

Tech we use: Node.js, express.js, LoopBack, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform

More information at https://www.lunchbadger.com/careers-senior-software-engineer...

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LemonStand | Canada (Vancouver) | Full-time Full Stack | Onsite | Remote

This is position is open to remote team members living within Canada, or for Vancouver folks to work (mostly) in our lovely downtown office.

We're looking for a skilled Full Stack Developer to join and lead our front end dev team. At LemonStand we help web designers and developers create some of the best online stores for fast growing brands. We've released many exciting new features and tech, and want you to help us build more.

You will be working with the founder and CEO to understand how our customers use LemonStand to build great online retail businesses, translating that into product features and priorities. You'll also be working with the CTO to develop these user stories into productive experiences and technical principles, applying them to the product on a weekly basis.

At LemonStand we get excited about our customer's success, we obsess over the stories of the people who use our software, we know their business challenges and workflow and we want you to help us build software that'll make them hugely successful.

You would be working using a number of standard tools and driving direction for the front end stacks.

Tell us about yourself at [jobs] at [lemonstand.com], or learn more by visiting: https://lemonstand.com/careers

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Parsable - San Francisco, CA & Vancouver, BC - Full Time Onsite

Parsable is a mobile collaboration and workflow platform (Product Video: http://goo.gl/68hyJb)

Company Culture: https://goo.gl/Tw5Kq1

We're looking for a full time Senior Deployment Specialist (think software implementation + acct manager) to the Customer Success team in SF.

Plus many other roles: -Deployment Specialist - https://goo.gl/gE1EVr -Senior AE -Account Executive (Mid-Market AE) -Sales Engineer -Sales Prospecting Analyst Intern All Openings: https://goo.gl/hkVQS2

Yaletown, Vancouver: -DevOps Eng -Senior iOS En

SoMa, San Francisco: -Android Eng -Product Designer

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Sauce Labs (San Francisco, CA, Vancouver, B.C., Berlin, Germany and/or Remote)

Sauce Labs provides the world’s largest cloud-based platform for the automated testing of web and mobile applications. Its award-winning service eliminates the time and expense of maintaining an in-house testing infrastructure, freeing development teams of any size to innovate and release better software, faster.

We are currently looking for:

Director of Engineering (Cloud)

Principal Architect

Senior Backend Engineer

Senior Backend Engineer (Sauce Connect)

Senior C/Objective C Developer

Senior Database System Engineer

Senior DevOps Engineer

Senior DevOps Security Engineer

Senior Java Developer

Senior Performance Engineer

Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack Web)

If you’re interested in joining Sauce Labs and would like to learn more, please visit: https://saucelabs.com/careers

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Various | Social Nature | Vancouver, BC (onsite) | www.socialnature.com

Social Nature is making waves with our people-powered marketing vision (people trust friends not ads) and commitment to only promoting brands with natural products. We are a small and mighty team where everything you do will have an immediate impact on those around you. You'll get to work closely with our customers, invent new ways to integrate with social channels, and wrangle extremely big data as we build and grow our intelligent platform.

We're looking for a full stack developer who is comfortable working on a product that is consumer-facing in the front while integration and data-heavy on the back. A basic grasp of UX and UI design principles will come in handy along with a solid foundation in algorithms, data structures and design patterns. More than anything we want people who love what they do, have opinions and get excited about software.

Bonus points for experience with any or all of the tools in our stack: Angular.js, ASP.NET MVC, Node.js, SASS, Foundation, jQuery, PostgreSQL, AWS+ElasticBeanstalk.

Check us out and apply:

Lead Developer - https://www.socialnature.com/careers?job=lead-developer-full...

Full Stack Developer - https://www.socialnature.com/careers?job=full-stack-develope...

Intermediate JavaScript Developer - https://www.socialnature.com/careers?job=intermediate-javasc...

Server/Backend Developer - https://www.socialnature.com/careers?job=serverbackend-devel...

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Tracelytics | Boston/Cambridge/Providence | Full Time | Onsite

I'm the co-founder of Tracelytics, a distributed tracing product that's used by engineers at companies like Kayak, HubSpot, Care.com, etc to monitor their production apps. We're hiring and if you might be interested in working on technical software with big data viz, you should check us out! I've excerpted the job post below. (Our team is small--15--but distributed; we're also hiring for different roles in SF and Vancouver.)


The Trace team in Cambridge, MA is looking for a senior software engineer who specializes in web applications with sophisticated data visualizations. We make a tool that allows software engineers to monitor the performance of their web applications even when they are distributed across multiple technologies and on multiple hosts (https://traceview.solarwinds.com/).

Our team consists of about 15 engineers distributed across offices in Cambridge, Providence, RI, and Vancouver. We're a smart, experienced, and opinionated bunch who care a lot about shipping well-engineered code that makes our users happy and care very little about who's smartest or best at winning arguments. Our team size and relative independence give us the flexibility and agility of a startup but our parent company, SolarWinds, provides the financial stability and resources we need to do high quality engineering.

This position is located at our office in the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Cambridge's Kendall Square. The CIC is convenient to the Red Line and features many great perks including community events and classes, well-stocked kitchens, and an energetic atmosphere amid lots of startups. Also ping pong tables.


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Alloy | San Francisco, CA and Vancouver, BC | Full-time, Onsite | https://alloy.ai

Over $20 trillion worth of goods are manufactured, transported, and sold each year - the things we use, wear and eat every day. The global supply chain is one the world's largest economic engines, but it struggles to keep up with its own complexity.

The manufacturers, distributors, and retailers that make up this complex network are limited by the information they posses. They struggle to track and respond to supply and demand as their product travels from production to consumer. Those who try rely on 40-year-old data standards, lots of manual Excel work, and hordes of human middleware.

At Alloy, we’re set to change all this. We provide the first comprehensive, low-latency view of demand and inventory across all distribution channels. Our platform connects manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers, allowing companies to track their products down to the store shelf and better respond to end-consumer demand.

We are post-revenue, well funded by leading VCs, and winning contracts from well known brands. Our small team has diverse backgrounds and experience in analytics, large-scale enterprise SaaS, and retail and financial technology. Culture really matters to us: we value diversity in all forms and strive to foster integrity, respect, and open communication.

We're committed to make enterprise software inspiring. We use Google Cloud Platform, Postgres, Redis, Python, Java and React, all wrapped in strong design.

== About You ==

You thrive in a small team where you can build technology from the ground up. You love to pick up new tech, get good at it fast and do something creative with it.

You don’t shy away from even the most challenging problems and are relentless in always looking for better solutions. You are self-motivated and enjoy working with others towards a common objective. Building software is the means to an end: you want to change the way an entire industry operates.

As an engineer at Alloy, you’ll do any or all of the following:

* Model parts of the supply chain and develop features that bring them together

* Automate the collection, parsing, and storage of huge volumes of data

* Design a flexible but blazing-fast analytics framework that powers instant insights

* Build beautiful, easy-to-use apps that our customers love to use

* Dive into server provisioning, deployment, automation, and monitoring

We would love to hear from you - send me a note at evan@alloy.ai