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Washington - 12 jobs in February 2017

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Make School | Multiple Locations | Onsite | Temporary

Make School was founded in 2012 to empower students to build and ship products that impact their communities.

We’re looking for iOS developers to teach at our Summer Academy, an eight week program where students of all ages build and ship their own iOS app, game, or VR experience. You'll teach Swift fundamentals plus product design, prototyping, user testing, analytics, and more. This is a contract position in 2017 from mid-June to mid-August. Locations include San Francisco, Oakland, Silicon Valley, San Jose, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, New York City, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

Apply here and mention Hacker News: https://www.makeschool.com/jobs

We've met some great people through HN and would love to meet more!

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Nava | Washington DC & San Francisco SF | DevOps/Infrastructure/Systems Engineers, Software/Fullstack Engineers | Product and Project Managers | On-site - Full-time | $100k-$160k+ + equity + benefits

We're a small team of engineers, designers, and product builders that were brought in to help fix Healthcare.gov in the winter of 2013. Our revamped application is used by millions, converts 35% better, and halves the completion time.

It turns out there’s a lot more to reimagine within government services, which is why we’re partnering with both the Department of Veterans Affairs and Medicare. With the VA, we are working to modernize their appeals system, making millions of veteran’s lives better through the process. Today, the average appeal takes 5 years to process; we can fix this. For Medicare, we are designing and building the architecture for Medicare's historic transition towards value-based care.

It’s surprising how much can be done by a small group of empathetic people with a Silicon Valley mindset, deep technical experience, working closely with dedicated civil servants in government. We’ve started Nava as a public benefit corporation to radically improve how our government serves its people, and we believe that the services our government provides should be clear and reliable. If you feel the same way, we'd love to hear from you at jobs@navahq.com

Learn more about working here: http://navahq.com/careers

Job descriptions: http://jobs.lever.co/nava

Our blog: https://blog.navapbc.com/

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Mapbox | ONSITE in Washington D.C. or Berlin, Germany | Systems Engineer - Directions | Full-Time | http://www.mapbox.com/

The Directions team at Mapbox is looking for someone to help grow our navigation platform infrastructure. We have a core group working on routing algorithms and traffic data analysis, and we need help growing the infrastructure that runs that code (we develop and make heavy use of http://project-osrm.org/).

We use nodejs and AWS services extensively for our infrastructure, so familiarity with those tools is a plus, but by no means a requirement. We like adaptable people who aren't afraid to learn new skills, and bring new perspectives to the table.

A bunch more details at: https://www.mapbox.com/jobs/553439/ or hit me up with any questions.

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Medallia | Palo Alto (California); Washington DC (Virginia); Buenos Aires (Argentina) | Software Engineer, Front-End, Back-End, Infrastructure, DevOps, Security, iOS, Android, Mobile

News: The headquarters are moving to San Mateo and will be 26 minutes by Caltrain from San Francisco or Palo Alto (free unlimited pass.)

1) Medallia powers reports and surveys for hundreds of the world's best companies like AirBnB, Hilton, Vanguard, Mercedes-Benz, Four Seasons, Nordstrom, and Delta Airlines.

2) Sequoia recently invested more money into Medallia than they ever have in any company.

3) We use many technologies and tools on various teams, such as Java, Angular.JS, and React Native. We host some customers on AWS but the majority use our own scalable platform. Please send me your resume and I'll make sure it gets looked at: email (my HN username) @ medallia.com

- Vlad

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Excella | Arlington, VA & Washington, D.C. | Full-time, ONSITE | https://www.excella.com/

We're a small-mid sized consulting company (~200 people) with a small company feel. Founders really invest in personal development, have weekly if not monthly happy hours, summer and winter weekend getaways, and the ability to WFH when necessary. Also, the projects are pretty engaging and there's hardly a dull moment. I'm on a small team working to revamp the entire US Immigration portal - high visibility, and direct impact on millions of lives. The White House has estimated that we'll make a 'direct impact on at least a million lives this year alone. If you don't like were immigration is going in this country, here's your chance to be on the front lines working to solve immigration issues.

We are hiring for a wide range of positions in software development. Looking mainly for Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, React/Redux, Python, .NET, and mobile engineers for a variety of experience levels. However, we have more demand for experienced engineers than junior engineers. Also always looking for DevOps personnel. Please reach out to me or someone in HR if this interests you. My email is glenn[dot]espinosa[at]excella[dot]com.

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United Income | Brand New FinTech Startup | Full Stack Engineer - Node, Python, Math-Focused | Onsite in Washington, DC | Full Time

We all are coming from a very successful startup that exited about 2 years ago. Time for round two. We have a great team and are continuing to hire. Currently looking for talented full stack engineers with experience in Node and Python. A background in math or statistics is a plus too! Stack includes React, AWS (API Gateway/Lambda), Node, Python, etc.

More information about us here:

* http://www.forbes.com/sites/janetnovack/2016/06/28/fintech-s...

* http://www.bizjournals.com/washington/blog/techflash/2016/06...

* http://dcinno.streetwise.co/2016/09/16/dc-tech-hellowallet-f...

Email david@unitedincome.com

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Socrata | Variety of front-end & back-end engineering, product managers, program managers, sales tech and non-tech, accountant | Seattle and Washington DC


We do civic data. If you've ever been to data.[foo].gov, chances are that you've touched one of our products. People here really believe in helping governments do a better job.

I do a mix of customer-facing data science / data engineering things, but feel free to PM me about any specific positions you might be interested in!

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Counterpoint Consulting | www.c20g.com

Location: Vienna, VA (near Washington, DC)

Counterpoint creates sustainable competitive advantage for our clients through business and workforce automation solutions. We create software which lets machines deal with administrivia while enabling people to focus on the parts of their work that matter most. We are looking to hire new software developers and consultants who are passionate about technology, who relish the opportunity to work in a dynamic, small company culture and who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

  -- Associate Consultant -- Experience Level: 0-3 yrs

  JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Work directly with our customers to translate business needs into technical solutions Analyze business problems Work independently or cooperatively within software development teams

  * Demonstrated record of excellence inside and outside of the classroom 
  * Software development experience or interest in pursuing a career in technology

  -- (Senior) Consultant -- Experience Level: 3-6 yrs

  * Work directly with our customers to translate business needs into technical solutions 
  * Analyze business problems 
  * Work independently or cooperatively within software development teams

  * Java, Java Web Frameworks and / or .NET professional development experience 
  * Web Development Technologies and Libraries (HTML, JS, CSS, jQuery) 
  * Relational Databases & SQL 
  * BPM development experience (esp. Appian, Cordys, Metastorm, Activiti)

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MSC | DevOps | Permanent | Fulltime | Bethesda MD / Washington DC | ONSITE | VISA

Medical Science & Computing (MSC) is hiring DevOps at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

Tech: Linux, Python, Django, Scala/Finagle, C/C++, SaltStack, consul, packer, linkerd, TeamCity, docker/mesos/kubernetes/nomad, aws/gce

Small, fast-moving team, smart people, great culture, great opportunities, lots of potential.

Help bring progress to an amazingly important public resource!

Contact via email in my profile.

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PlanetRisk | http://planetrisk.com | Mclean, VA (Washington, DC) | ONSITE

We are hiring .NET, Java, and big data developers. Full stack whenever possible!


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Kentik | San Francisco | Full Time | REMOTE, VISA considered


Interested in building a distributed column-store time series database? Crafting a sleek, intuitive front-end? Evangelizing a breakthrough approach to network intelligence? This is your opportunity to get involved in a dynamic, rapidly growing San Francisco-based startup. Kentik Technologies is the creator of Kentik Detect, a big data SaaS for network traffic visibility, DDoS detection, and infrastructure optimization. Accessible via web portal, psql client, and API, Kentik Detect is the network visibility solution that our founders — former network operators from Akamai, Netflix, YouTube, and CloudFlare — always wanted but could never find. It lets network operators see complete traffic paths, find root causes for link congestion, reduce costs by peering with other networks, and know immediately when their networks are under DDoS attack.

In our first 18 months on the market we've landed 100+ customers including: Shopify, Pandora, DailyMotion, Yelp, Box, Neustar, Instart Logic, Cisco, Appnexus, and University of Washington plus top carriers, telcos, and hosting providers.

On the backend we're looking for folks with real-world experience building distributed systems in Go/C/C++. On the frontend we need experts at both client- and server-side JavaScript, with broad experience in monitoring, visualization, and building state-of-the-art Web applications. And in sales we need proven performers with a track record in highly technical markets (network-related preferred).

Sound like a good fit? Check us out at https://www.kentik.com/careers/, and contact us at hr@kentik.com.

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Mason | Senior Software Engineer (Backend, Frontend) | SEATTLE | http://www.bymason.com

WHO ARE WE? We're Mason, a YC (W16) company building mobile deployment infrastructure for companies to build solutions atop their own Android-based device ecosystem (think kiosks, package scanners, medical devices). We want to make something customers want and won't think twice about paying for. Check out our video: https://www.bymason.com/.

WHAT ARE WE BUILDING? Imagine a customer simply editing configuration to automagically build and deploy their own custom version of Android with their own in-house apps onto thousands of their own devices -- all actively tracked, managed and updated via dashboards. Our vision is to enable privately owned+managed device fleets with backing services.

WHO ARE YOU? In general, you're an engineer with 2+ years of experience and/or a CS background, and the right attitude (https://goo.gl/uPi6Y4). More specifically, we're looking for a backend and a frontend engineer. If the idea that you will experiment, learn, build, ship, and grow with the rest of us appeals to you, contact us! Note: Unfortunately we're unable to handle H1Bs at the moment.

WHAT WORK? Backend engineer: You'll architect, design and build our budding backend services. This involves picking the right technologies, implementation, testing, automation, scaling, and what not. We use Node.js and Python right now, but are open to change. More: https://anthology.co/job/j-4w10pxb3/senior-software-engineer Frontend engineer: You'll be our UI maven, building out our dashboards and visualizations that are critical for our product. More: https://angel.co/masonamerica/jobs/171409-frontend-developer...

WHY MASON? We're a small company aspiring to build very large things. We're 11 people now and looking to grow. Your perks: - This is not a "ground floor", more of a "foundation" opportunity. You will define, build and ship software that will shape the core Mason product. - We value diversity of thought, being and experience. - A fully stocked pantry, and an actual kitchen. - Dogs welcome.

WHERE? We're based in SEATTLE, one of the few YC-backed ones from out here. We have sweeping views of Cap Hill and Lake Washington (https://goo.gl/photos/9uwwVav54cS6qtGY8), and ample parking.

PROCESS: 30 minute chat (in person or Hangouts) -> offline coding and work sample evaluation -> on-site interview -> offer. We delete parts of this workflow if it's evident you could be The One. We do our best to respond to everyone individually no matter the outcome. Don't hesitate to write to us!