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Providence - 1 jobs in March 2017

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General Electric Digital | Software Engineers, DevOps, Oracle DBAs, Technical Project Managers | Providence, RI | On-site - Full-time

GE Digital is hiring many different roles for our Providence, RI location. I started working here this past October and I'm really enjoying it. GE Digital is intended to be a “startup” within the GE organization so we have some nice perks not usually found in a corporate environment like casual dress, free drinks, macbooks, and the ability to work from home. You will have the opportunity to touch lots of different tech, I was hired as a front end developer but now I’m doing backend and hybrid apps.

Providence is a great city. There's a thriving arts, events and restaurants scene but the cost of living is much lower than Boston or NYC. I don’t drive and find I can get around easily with busses, walking, and my bike. Many of us that live in the city hang out together as well, in fact a group of us are going rock climbing after work today.

Here's a list of roles we're currently hiring for:

    -Software Engineer- .NET
    -Software Engineering Specialist  C#  .Net
    -Software Engineering Specialist- Front-end

    -Sr Software Engineer  C#  .Net
    -Sr Software Engineer- Front-end
    -Sr Software Engineer- Backend

    -Software Engineer- Databases Oracle DBMS
    -Sr Software Engineer- Databases  Oracle DBMS

    -Sr Software Engineer – DevOps

    -Sr Technical Project Manager

    -Software Architect
If you're interested please send a resume to me at robert.corey@ge.com along with what role/s you are interested in. Questions are fine as well (: . Here's my linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-corey-7404b395/ which uses my personal email robertbcorey@gmail.com.

Here's the public job listings as well https://www.ge.com/careers/opportunities?keyword=&country=Un...

no visa's, sorry