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Amsterdam - 8 jobs in April 2017

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Reaktor | Senior Software Engineers | NYC | Full-time

Reaktor is a strategy, design, and engineering company based in NYC, Helsinki, Tokyo and Amsterdam. Our New York office is growing fast and we’re always on the look-out for the most talented software engineers to make sure our teams are filled with best in class individuals. We might all have climbed far up the career ladder in our past lives, but here we leave our titles at the door and work together to get shit done with clients like HBO, Michael Kors, Nasdaq, Samsung, Supercell, and Finnair.

You can find more information on the role here: https://www.reaktor.com/careers/senior-software-engineer/

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Wevolver | Senior skilled Full Stack Developer | REMOTE & ONSITE | Amsterdam | Full Time

• Javascript (Angular/React)

• Python(Django)

• Postgres

• Git



I’m Bram Geenen, co-founder of Wevolver, and if you are skilled, highly motivated, and keen to make a big positive impact, then our team might be a great place for you.

Wevolver = ‘Github for Hardware’

We work with the best technical and creative people, who have a lot of autonomy. Collaborating with a team of people who excite, grow, and surprise you every day, whilst crafting a great product is how we think work should be. Wevolver is mission-driven: prioritizing making a positive impact on people's lives and our society and we strongly believe in our goal of enabling anyone, anywhere to develop hardware technology. We're a transparent organization, heavily involved in open source.

We provide a collaboration platform for hardware development. Our platform is used globally by engineers to collaborate on both open-source and private projects.

Wevolver has a strong support network of advisors and recently raised an angel round from investors in Silicon Valley, United Kingdom, and The Netherlands. Winner of: • The Accenture Innovation Award. • SXSW 2016 Innovation Award. • Fast Company listed Wevolver in the Top Most Innovative Web-platforms among Slack, Facebook and IBM Watson.

Our stack is listed above. We are currently on Angular 1 and will either upgrade or move to React (a decision which you can influence) Salary range: $40K – $120K · 2.0% – 7.0% (depending on location & experience) Job details: https://goo.gl/Zwkh4X

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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BOOKING.COM - Amsterdam, The Netherlands | ONSITE | VISA support| Relocation to Amsterdam

Booking.com, the no. 1 accommodations site on this planet is looking to hire smart people from anywhere in the world, and to relocate them to the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

Would you like your work to help empower people to experience the world? How you like to have your code live for millions of users all around the world? Then this is the place for you.

Some of the positions available are:

* iOS developer: http://grnh.se/7fa2b11

* Sr. iOS developer: http://grnh.se/e75g011

* Sr. Android developer: http://grnh.se/n8qyds1

* Software developer: http://grnh.se/bew7an1

* Sr. Software developer: http://grnh.se/w5dypj1

* Front end developer: http://grnh.se/h783fq1

* Sr. Front end developer: http://grnh.se/6ihagv1

* SAP developer :http://grnh.se/gforw11

* UX designer (HTML/CSS): http://grnh.se/lt5srp1

* Sr. UX designer (HTML/CSS): http://grnh.se/i1oex81

Other job vacancies at http://grnh.se/30g5b71

I, for one, recently relocated to Amsterdam to work at Booking. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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Wonderflow | Senior NodeJS Backend Developer | Amsterdam | Onsite, Full-time | http://www.wonderflow.co


Wonderflow is building the fastest and accurate software platform, to translate any kind of unstructured text into actionable insights. Exciting working environment, with main office in Amsterdam and global clients. Our customer base includes world's best brands such as Philips, J&J, Nestlé, TomTom, KLM, Beiersdorf, Samsung, De'Longhi etc.


- Analyze, design, implement, and test software for Big Data analytics for the enterprise market - Use and manage Linux servers and MongoDB Database Technologies: - NodeJS (ES6), MongoDB, Ansible, Docker, Angular 1/4


- 3 years of experience in NodeJS; 3 years of experience in MongoDB - Proficiency in spoken and written English


- 45k-60k


- lunch provided - stock options for key hire

Contacts: - giovanni@wonderflow.co - http://www.wonderflow.co

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BOOKING.COM - Amsterdam, The Netherlands | ONSITE | VISA support| Relocation to Amsterdam Booking.com is hiring smart people just like you, if you want to live in beautiful city like Amsterdam and work at Booking.com, I recommend you to apply for these jobs:

Software Developer - http://grnh.se/ci7oka1

Sr. Software Developer - http://grnh.se/gahd3r1

Android Developer - http://grnh.se/iaf6et1

Sr. IOS Developer - http://grnh.se/qs4fru1

UX Designer - http://grnh.se/v4fgwh1

Frontend Developer - http://grnh.se/mf4e3d1

Full Stack Software Developer (Beijing, China) - http://grnh.se/hrt4cv1

More about job vacancies at http://grnh.se/6tnb3v

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Salonized | Front-end Developer | Amsterdam | ONSITE | FULL-TIME

Salonized eliminates the time-consuming and tedious task of scheduling appointments, managing inventory, calling to confirm appointments and sending out reminders. Salonized is designed for all kinds of salons: single person businesses, large businesses with numerous employees and multiple locations, and everything in-between.

We’re a small 10 person team located in the center of Amsterdam. We’re bootstrapped and quickly growing our revenue every month and starting to scale up to meet our demands. Our clients value our support, ease of use and quality very highly, which are also our own biggest priorities. You can see the passion to create a high quality product within each of the team members.

Want to know more? Visit the following pages or send me an email at dax@salonized.com.

Front-end developer - https://www.salonized.com/en/jobs/front-end-developer

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Wakoopa | Backend Engineer | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | ONSITE | Full Time | https://www.wakoopa.com

We are looking for an experienced backend engineer who can help us tackle the challenges of scaling our API's and databases, improving performance and moving to a microservices oriented architecture.

If you don't have as much experience but you've strong interest, and willing to do hard work to step up your skills, please get in touch with us.

We're a small team, from multiple countries (our 17 people office has 8 nationalities!), with a wide range of interest, but most importantly we're trying to create a small team that is fun, and enjoyable to work with.

Our stack is mostly Ruby / Ruby on Rails, and we also use JavaScript, MySQL, Hadoop and EMR for data processing.

We offer:

- Epic lunches paid for by the company

- Macbook

- Flexible working hours

- Abundance of fruit, coffee, cookies and the famous Friesday.

- Competitive salary

- Yearly educational/conference budget

- Beautiful city center office

- Awesome experienced colleagues

- Travel expenses covered

More at https://wakoopa.com/jobs/backend-engineer/

We can apply for a visa (and 30% ruling) if you need one, but we currently don't offer a relocation package.

Please note we are NOT looking for REMOTE developers or freelancers, we are looking for someone full time onsite. No recruiters.

If you're interested, please send me your CV / Github to alejandro@wakoopa.com with a short motivation note on why we should hire you!

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Booking.com - Amsterdam(Netherlands) ONSITE Full-time, relocation to Amsterdam, (H1B or its dutch equivalent anyway) is taken care of by the company.

General Interview Process -> Hackerrank test, call with the recruiter, phone interview, onsite interviews

I work at Booking.com, which is a world leader in travel accommodations, as a backend developer. I have only positive things to say about working here. The people are intelligent and helpful, interesting problems to solve and the work hours are unbelievably sane. The company is strongly data driven and very dynamic, which was one of its biggest charms for me. Amsterdam is not a bad place to be either :) The Dutch government also gives a tax break through the 30% ruling to non-dutch people.The work environment is very international and everybody speaks fluent English. The relocation process is also very finely tuned through years of experience of doing this.

If you have any other questions about the company or the hiring process or you would like me to refer you, please feel free to send me an email at siddharthsarda01 at gmail.com (Email also in my profile at Hacker news). To have an idea of the kind of problems being solved here, you can also look at our dev blog:http://blog.booking.com/

We are hiring for our headquarters office in Amsterdam:

- Backend developers - http://grnh.se/g5n6oe

- Frontend developers - http://grnh.se/cxmso8

- Product Owners in various departments - http://grnh.se/edvq2n

- Data analysts - http://grnh.se/al15kt

- Data Scientist(Machine Learning) - http://grnh.se/5uxtdv

- Android Developers - http://grnh.se/1bnljt

- iOS Developers - http://grnh.se/w1mi0y

- UX Designer - http://grnh.se/e23axu

- Mobile App Designer: http://grnh.se/kxvh8m