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Eindhoven - 4 jobs in April 2017

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Philips Hue | C++/Mobile Developer | Eindhoven, The Netherlands | ONSITE, VISA, RELOCATION

Philips Hue is the world’s leading connected home lighting system. We're looking for C++ programmers to help develop the cross-platform library that powers the Hue apps for Android and iOS. Experience with writing native code for the mobile platforms is highly desirable, as well as the ability to write safe multithreaded/asynchronous code in C++11.

We use: C++11 (primarily), Java, Objective-C, Gtest/Gmock, JUnit, CMake, Jenkins pipeline, Docker.

Apply at https://developers.meethue.com/sdk-mobile-software-developer

Android and iOS positions are also available: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14025674

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TalkJS | Business Developer / Online Marketer | Eindhoven, the Netherlands | ONSITE

TalkJS (https://talkjs.com) provides an off-the-shelf messaging/chat component for online marketplaces, social sites and collaboration tools. We're a tiny startup, growing fast, and well positioned to grab a majority share of the quickly growing market of communication infrastructure.

We're looking for someone to help us grow, help build a sales organization, design & execute online marketing strategies. We expect that you have prior sales experience, something to show about online marketing and SEO, and an interest in tech, notably SaaS like us. In return, we can offer tremendous freedom, mediocre pay, a chance to not just work in a fantastic sales organization but to design a fantastic sales organization, stock options, and a great and cooperative working culture.

If you're interested, visit our site at https://talkjs.com and start a chat with us in the chat widget.

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Philips Hue | iOS and Android development engineers | Eindhoven, The Netherlands | ONSITE, VISA, https://goo.gl/dztRfH

Since the launch in 2012, Philips Hue is changing the way people interact and experience lighting. We currently are the world’s leading connected home lighting system and work with all major smarthome platforms (Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google, Nest, Smarthings). Philips Hue encourages other companies to develop devices, apps and systems that interoperate with our system. Through a vibrant developer program there are more than 600 third-party apps for Philips Hue.

For our mobile app development team we have multiple open positions. Please see https://goo.gl/dztRfH for our vacancies.

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Mapcreator | www.maps4news.com | Eindhoven - the Netherlands| ONSITE

We are looking for an experienced front-end developer (Javascript, D3) and a growth hacker. Mapcreator creates cloud based cartographic software for newsrooms and has a atrong international client base. We are a young fast growing company, just past the start-up phase. Using our unique technology and a world covering database (OSM, Here) we create low entry tools for journalist and graphic artists. We are situated in the centre of Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands. The application process consists of two rounds of interviews. For the developer there also will be a small programming trial, done at your own time/pace, i.e. not live. Feel free to contact us.