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Florence - 1 jobs in April 2017

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Mediaburst Ltd | .NET Developer & Devops | Manchester, UK ONSITE

Mediaburst make web apps that send text messages and work in Telehealth.

It's not boring and it's not old tech - they're doing great stuff with banking, healthcare and engaging users in products.

They're after a .NET Developer with 2+ years of production .NET experience to help improve the products. You'll be working on the SMS API (www.clockworksms.com), backend queueing and routing, the SMS Survey app (www.surveymill.co.uk), the online text product Textburst (www.textburst.com) as well as the telehealth product FlorenceLight (https://www.florencelight.uk/ )

Also after a Devops/Infrastructure engineer to help run the platform and make the devs lives easier.

Full details: https://www.mediaburst.co.uk/jobs/

Questions? Just send an email to hello@mediaburst.co.uk

Full disclosure: I no longer work for Mediaburst, but trying to help them find a replacement dev. Loads of perks and a lovely office with nice people. If you're in the North of the UK, just pop in for a coffee and a chat if you're looking for a new role.