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Montreal - 5 jobs in April 2017

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  AdGear - ONSITE - Backend Engineer (Erlang, C, Rust) - Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Data Engineer (Scala, Java)- Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Javascript Application Engineer (TypeScript, Knockout.js) - Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Ruby Application Engineer (Ruby) - Montreal - FullTime
AdGear is a digital advertising technology company providing platforms and services for digital media innovators such as publishers, advertisers, and media agencies. We operate a full-stack advertising platform enabling our customers to innovate with formats, audience data, reporting, pricing and distribution strategies.

For more information, complete description of roles, and details on applying, please see http://jobs.adgear.com/

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Pornhub | Adult content | Montreal QC | On-site | pornhub.com (NSFW)

Come work at the 22nd highest trafficked website in the world.

We are looking for:

-Senior Product Manager

-Senior PHP developers

-Senior front-end/javascript developers

Must be willing to relocate to Montreal.

Email me your CV: jobs@pornhub.com

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Shopify | Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Waterloo, San Francisco, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand) | Full-time, Internships | Onsite | Remote | VISA Shopify is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to easily setup an online store. We build solutions that empower merchants no matter what their size is. Our product help merchants who are just starting as well as established brands that need a solution that can scale with their traffic.

We're always working on products that make it easier for entrepreneurs to reach their audience and help them make data driven decisions.

Shopify is built in Ruby on Rails running on a stack composed of Docker, Golang, Mysql and Redis. Our data infrastructure uses Kafka, HDFS, Zookeeper and we use PySpark and Sklearn for our data modeling and machine learning tasks.

If you're interested in building tools that empower Entrepreneurs come take a look at who we are and what we're doing https://jobs.lever.co/shopify?lever-via=XBuWsYM_Q2 https://github.com/Shopify.

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Resulto (resulto.ca) | Frontend Developer | Montreal | Onsite | Full-time

Do you usually take initiative to suggest high-value improvements and keep up to date with best practices? Are you passionate with frontend technologies, but not afraid to dive into all the layers of a complex system? Do you want to participate in all phases of development and influence the business direction of a young and successful company? You are the perfect candidate and we would love to speak with you!

We are a bootstrapped company producing the leading loyalty and customer satisfaction platform in the powersport industry in Quebec. Your work would directly impact more than 200 000 customers and users.

We at Resulto strongly believes that bringing new interns and employees to our team is a learning and growing opportunity for both sides. If this sounds interesting to you, email us at jobs@resulto.ca

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Payment Rails | Frontend and Backend Engineers | Montreal QC Canada | ONSITE

-- Front End Engineer : Looking for somebody who has 2+ years experience with React and front end engineering. -- Back End Engineer : NodeJS engineer who understands micro services and scalable application design.

Please contact me for more information: david@paymentrails.com