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New Delhi - 1 jobs in April 2017

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ElpisDesign | Member of Technical Staff | New Delhi, India | http://elpisdesign.com


We are a passionate group of engineers, design researchers and artists deeply focused on “Why of Everything”. We help our clients achieve more with our design and execution expertise. For us, design is way beyond aesthetics. Design is how stuff works. Starting from how it looks to how it feels, we care for the details.We have developed from successful landing pages to full fledged enterprise grade applications. Have you looked at some of our work already?

Your job will be to work with our engineering team and get shit done. We love JavaScript and Python, although we occasionally work on PHP as well. You will get the exposure right from managing servers to writing your own application servers to creating progressive web apps and mobile apps. If you’re also interested in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, we have some really challenging work for you.