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Austin - 10 jobs in May 2017

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Umuse (http://www.umuse.io) | Frontend Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Data Engineer | Austin, TX | Onsite

We are an early stage, funded startup growing our relatively small engineering team. We are looking for engineers that want to be part of small, nimble team that is looking to make a difference, leave a mark, and hopefully transform an industry. Sound challenging? It will be.

We are adding 3 more engineers as soon as you are ready to start. Given the size you will make an immediate impact and have the responsibility to define, design and build a great product. You will also help define a culture you will enjoy working in. Open positions are:

- Frontend Engineer (Node, React, ES6, Electron)

- Full Stack Engineer ( Python, Scala, Javascript/Node, AWS, MySQL/RDS, Redis )

- Data Engineer (Python, MySQL, Spark, Kubernetes )

See our jobs site for more details and to apply https://umuse.workable.com/

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San Antonio Spurs | Basketball Information Systems Frontend Developer | Austin, TX | ONSITE, Full time, http://www.nba.com/spurs/

Help build a user friendly web based interface for use by the San Antoino Spurs Basketball Operations staff.

  -Implement a web based front-end that responsively scales to function properly on desktop systems, tablets, and mobile devices.
  -Design and develop data visualizations to be used in the basketball information system.
  -Proactively maintain and support the basketball information system infrastructure.
If interested, please apply online at http://nbateamjobs.teamworkonline.com/teamwork/jobs/jobs.cfm...

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Luna Moons | Front End Developer | Austin, TX | ONSITE, lunamoons.com

Luna Moons is a travel technology startup founded and headquartered in Austin, Texas. We believe that technology can be a transformative force connecting people in new ways and empowering everyone with tools that have otherwise been inaccessible or required speciality knowledge. Our application combines our understanding of the way people plan their vacations and simplifies the technical complexity typically required to manage and book a detailed itinerary.

We’re making our first hires. We’re looking for a mid-level front-end developer with a fullstack mindset to work on our core technology – a collaborative travel itinerary builder. We use a wide range of technology in the web application. The primary stack for this position will be React, Less, Node, and Socket.io – though you will be exposed to many other technologies. As an early employee you will have a huge impact on the product.

Required Soft Skills Self-directed and hard worker Strong written and verbal communication Interested in learning new things Strong in programming fundamentals

Required Programming Skills Minimum of 2 years working with a front-end javascript framework Proficient in react/redux Comfortable working with APIs Mastery of HTML Knowledge of Linux environments

Nice to Haves Knowledge of a back-end technology (Python, PHP, etc) Degree in computer science or related field Passion for travel

Our interview process includes an initial phone screen followed by an in-person interview with the two co-founders. Interested applicants please email irwin@lunamoons.com and include “Hacker News Front-end Developer” in the subject line.

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Invoiced | Backend Software Engineer | Austin, TX | Onsite | Full-time | https://invoiced.com

Invoiced is a startup that helps companies modernize and automate their billing processes. We work with companies that have high-volume or complex billing processes that typically break other billing systems.

We are looking for employee #1, a top-notch backend engineer, that will help us grow and keep up with customer demand. The ideal candidate should be comfortable shipping production-level code in a fast-moving environment. We are currently a team of two developers supporting over 5,000 businesses that rely on our software to get paid.

What we use: PHP, Go, AWS, Git, AngularJS

We want to hear from you: founders@invoiced.com

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Roku | Sr. Software Engineer (New Products - Roku TV) | Austin, TX | ONSITE, full-time | https://www.roku.com/about/jobs/position/sr-software-enginee...

Roku has lots of positions open right now, but this is my own group so I'm posting this one.

We've got a growing development office here in Austin focusing on the Roku TV product line. These are TVs made by our partners that have the whole software experience driven by Roku OS. Our group works on the whole system, including SoC and board bring-up, implementing TV-specific features (think tuners and HDMI sourcing and CEC and picture quality tuning), implementing streaming media technology and graphics, and working on optimizing the manufacturing and setup flow. We primarily work in fairly modern C++ with some ARM/MIPS/8051 assembly and some higher-level scripting. Experience with the TV technology stack and with embedded Linux for consumer electronics are big plusses, as well as experience building and working with secure systems.

We're also always looking for great QA engineers at all of our locations; we try to keep a fairly high ratio between dev and QA and work closely with them through our development process.

Our main company dev team is in Los Gatos, CA, and we've also got a big group in Cambridge, England and a smaller team in Shanghai, China that focuses on working with our factory partners.

https://www.roku.com/about/jobs/ has all of our job listings, including non-technical ones.

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Facebook | Solutions Engineer | Menlo Park, NYC, Paris, Dublin, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Austin, Seoul | Onsite

Solutions Engineers at Facebook spend roughly half their time working with product engineering teams and writing production code. The other half of their time is spent working directly with partners to develop and execute their Facebook technology strategy.

We find that this setup is great for engineers that want to spend more time on the business side of things or have more people interaction while still being hands on with code.

This allows large advertisers to work directly with people at Facebook that have a knowledge of the ads codebase, and Solutions Engineers can implement great suggestions made by partners.

More about the role is available at https://www.facebook.com/careers/life/solutions-engineering-... .

Facebook | Solutions Engineering Manager | Menlo Park, Berlin | Onsite

We also have some great opportunities for engineering managers that would like to support a team in Menlo Park or Berlin. You would support a distributed team, so some travel would be required. Roughly half the time would be spent on people management, with the other half on Solutions Engineering work.

We will consider very experienced tech leads that would like to make the transition into people management.

For the position in Berlin, we are looking for people fluent in German.

If you would like to apply or have any questions, feel free to send me an email at rcheng@fb.com .

You can find the job listings at https://www.facebook.com/careers/teams/engineering/ , under “Solutions Engineering”.

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TicketCity | .net developer | node.js developer (multiple positions) | Austin | Fulltime, onsite | https://www.ticketcity.com/careers-at-ticketcity.html

We are building new products for the secondary ticketing industry that will evolve the ticket buying experience. Our stack includes: Javascript, jQuery, React, MS-SQL, ElasticSearch, Node.js, .NET and we're looking for help with all of it.

Interview process: Typically, one phone call, two in-person interviews with team lead and some of the developers you'd be working with, finally a short conversation with someone from upper management.

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Southeast USA including: Texas (Austin and San Antonio), Virginia (Arlington and Dulles), Alabama (Huntsville), Florida (beach east of Melbourne), South Carolina (Greenville), Maryland (Annapolis Junction), and possibly others, all ONSITE. Citizenship is a job requirement.

We do emulators, JIT, hypervisors, stuff like valgrind, debuggers, manual disassembly, binary static analysis, parsers, and assembly. We write our own low-level tools, frequently in C99 to run on Linux. We also use IDA Pro, qemu, Simics, JTAG debuggers, gdb, Coverity, KlocWork, LLVM, and so on. Easily transferable skills include those related to compilers, kernel drivers, embedded RTOSes, vectorizing, firmware, VxWorks BSP development, symbolic execution, boot loaders, software verification, concolic testing, abstract interpretation, satisfiability (SAT, SMT) solvers, and decompilers. We work with more than a dozen architectures including PowerPC/ppc/POWER, MIPS, ARMv8/Thumb2/AArch64, x86-64/x64/Intel, DSPs, and microcontrollers. We hire from no-degree to PhD. Common degrees include Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics.

We don't normally work overtime, and we get paid more if we do. We're never expected to take work home or be on call. Because of the citizenship requirement, there is no chance that the work will be outsourced. Flex-time is fairly extreme; some do randomish hours.

Hint: pick Arlington for a car-free life. Pick Florida to live in a place with no state income tax, a stand-your-ground law, almost no crime, almost no traffic or commute, and houses that commonly go for $100,000 to $400,000.

You can contact me at users.sf.net, with account name albert.

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Jovio | Sr. Software Engineer | Austin, TX | ONSITE | FULLTIME | Jovio.com

Jovio is a new real estate company on a mission to build a platform to modernize the way homes are sold. Using an interactive AI-driven interface, an innovative home valuation model and a library of refreshingly simple forms, we're redefining homeownership and inventing a few words along the way.

We’re looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer, one of the first to join the Jovio engineering team in Austin, TX. As a necessarily impactful contributor to the successful launch of the MVP, ideal candidates will have at least a few years’ professional experience developing responsive, end-to-end web applications with Ruby on Rails, using a relational database like MySQL or PostgreSQL, and exposure to front-end JavaScript web technology like React (what we’re using). We integrate with various RESTful APIs and plan to augment our data with bulk data delivery from industry partners.

You’ll collaborate with the founding CEO, our Technical Lead, and an accomplished technical advisor with 30+ years’ experience. We have been working with a software development firm to build out the MVP (they’ve done this for other successful venture-backed US companies), and you will collaborate with them as we transition ownership of the code to you and the in-house team in Austin.

In sum, this is a unique opportunity to join an early stage, well-funded tech-centric company and learn a massive amount while accelerating your career in a high-stakes industry where you are directly participating in ensuring the rewards outweigh the risks.

Contact: devin@jovio.com

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Help.com | Austin | Software Engineer (Front-end - React.js)| ONSITE

It's 2017 and customer service still sucks. Companies have tons of data about you (what you've purchased, every page view to your site, every interaction you've ever had with them). However, that data is stuck in a bunch of fragmented systems and even the customer service systems they currently use don't connect their own data between different channels (tickets, chats, phones, etc).

Help us eliminate terrible customer service experiences by building out the world's best customer service and support platform. With workflows shaped from our time at HostGator (10M+ customers) and GoDaddy (10M+ customers), and technology skills developed from building cPanel, Cloudflare, CBS Sports apps, Node itself, and more.

We are predominantly in the JavaScript/Node.js ecosystem, specifically a React/Redux stack on the front-end with Jest and Enzyme driving testing. Everything is built and deployed in containers on Kubernetes and we're building for scale. We are looking for a front-end engineer to assist with development for our customer service platform.

As our product is real time, distributed, and relies on a great user experience, we’re looking for an engineer that has extensive experience in building single page applications.

Qualifications - Extensive experience with React and it's ecosystem (Webpack, Redux, ES6, Flow), ideally on a single page app with 100,000+ users. - 3+ years experience with front end JavaScript development. Experience with Javascript testing frameworks such as Jest and enzyme. - Experience with REST-ful web services. - Experience working with Git. - Passionate about UX. - Experience with Agile methodologies and JIRA.

Perks - Working with 2 Node Core Contributors and tons of other smart folks - Founders have helped build many successful companies before (cPanel, Cloudflare, HostGator, etc) - On-site lunch - Well tested code and agile practices - Your code is used 8+ hours a day by our customers so you'll gain massive amounts of experience and feedback

Apply today at https://jobs.lever.co/help.com/