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Calgary - 1 jobs in May 2017

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ICE Health Systems | Web Application Developer | Calgary, AB | http://icehealthsystems.com

ICE Health Systems is a software company committed to developing innovative technologies for the healthcare community in order to improve the way healthcare is delivered.

ICE Health Systems initially began as Patient Education software, and has since expanded its suite of products to include a cloud based electronic health record system, ICE 5, and an online learning and content management system, ATLAS.

In order to create an effective solution for healthcare providers, we firmly believe that experts in the healthcare communities should be involved in the conceptual development and tangible end product. ICE Health Systems turns to trusted advisors for intellectual contributions to create truly unique systems created for healthcare professionals, by healthcare professionals.

Stack: Java (Spring), Hibernate, MySQL, BackboneJS, ReactJS, TeamCity, BitBucket

Position(s): We are looking to hire two Junior/Intermediate Web Frontend Developers to add to our development team.

Job posting: http://icehealthsystems.com/about-us/careers/web-application...

Contact me directly if you are interested, oconti@icehealthsystems.com.