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Chennai - 1 jobs in May 2017

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Moviebuff, Justickets and Qube | Chennai, India | ONSITE

Here are Qube we form the backbone of the digital movie industry for large parts of India and progressively more areas of the world. Starting with keeping track of certificates for every server at every screen in every theatre in the world, to securely issuing keys for these servers on demand, to the logistics of making sure huge encrypted high quality movie files reach every theatre necessary, we make sure all the movie magic happens.

On the public side, we build Moviebuff.com and Justickets.in - Moviebuff.com for high quality movie information for the general public, and Justickets.in for realtime ticket booking across hundreds of theatres all over the country.

Our projects are all compound stacks of Go, Ruby/Rails, NodeJS, React, Postgres, Redis running on AWS / Heroku. We appreciate people who are self driven, autonomous, not jerks and get the job done. We offer competitive pay, and we have excellent diversity (gender-wise, geographically, age-wise) which makes for a great work environment. The problems are varied, challenging and require a range of skills to tackle, so we're looking for people at multiple experience levels.

Contact sudhir.j@moviebuff.com and we'll move this forward.