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Los Angeles - 25 jobs in May 2017

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Backend Engineer | $100k - $150k + equity | Solutions Architect | $90k - $110k + equity | Replicated | Los Angeles + SF | https://www.replicated.com

Replicated makes it simple for developers to deploy their application into any environment from a VPC to an air gaped on-premise server. Our customers include great companies like npm, Travis-CI, Code Climate, Circle CI and many others.

Our top hiring priorities are for developers with Golang experience and technically-minded people to work with our customers.

The Backend Engineer role will be part of the engineering team working on the core of our product working mostly in Go and doing a lot of work with Docker, Swarm and Kubernetes.

In this role you'd be working closely with an experienced team. We have openings for a wide range of experience levels. So if you are passionate about what we're working on you could be a great fit.

The Solutions Architect role is working with Replicated's developer customers. This would include working with them as they work to integrate with the platform, and as they deploy with their end users. In this role you will handle lots of issues related to Linux server deployments, Docker and Replicated.

Our customers handle first-tier customer support so the issues we address are rarely mundane configuration issues. It's a role that will offer the chance to improve a lot of skills and work closely with the engineering team on solving problems.

For the right candidates US-based remote can work for this position.

Interested? Want to talk? Email: austin (at) replicated (dot) com

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Dave.com | Senior Web/Mobile Engineer | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE | Full Time

Dave.com is disrupting the $36b overdraft fee industry. From within our (React Native) iOS and Android apps, users can request a paycheck advance of up to $250 with no interest.

We are a product and engineering-driven company first and are focused on building a quality team vs a large team. You will be a formative part of our company culture moving forward. To that point, we want someone that can take ownership of a project from beginning to end and can do it on their own. We’ll be there to support you but not hold your hand.

Backed by Mark Cuban, SV Angel, the Chernin Group, Kraft, Diplo, and others, we're well funded and located in sunny Los Angeles.


* Frontend and backend web development experience

* 3+ years of Javascript

* At least one professional project built with React

* Familiarity with web and mobile security best practices


* API: Python/Flask, PostgreSQL, Redis, hosted on AWS

* Website: React (static, hosted on S3)

* iOS/Android: React Native

We're a small team of six (four engineers) looking to add another engineer to the mix. Apply directly to me at dick@dave.com or on AngelList at https://angel.co/dave-com/jobs/234404-senior-software-engine....

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Smarkets | Full Time | ONSITE (London, UK; now also Santa Monica, California)

We're a modern betting exchange, going technology first to enable proper price competition in a field of fat commissions. Join a small, agile, and fast-growing team, in our beautiful office in St. Katharine Docks. If our US location tickles your fancy, you get to help setting up a brand new office too.

Smarkets develops a reliable, low-latency, highly concurrent betting exchange based on trading exchange designs. We're also building a fast, modern web interface to allow for a smoother experience. Servicing our users is top priority.

The Smarkets platform is written predominantly on Python and Erlang, and relies heavily on asynchronous programming techniques. We use REST where we can. Life at Smarkets circles around people, version control, configuration management and automation. We can - and do - deploy to production several times a day.

Our entire production is in AWS. In fact, Smarkets was the first gambling operator under the Maltese regulator to get permission to run everything in the cloud. We push the envelope where needed and educate auditors when necessary.

We are looking for engineering talent in the following roles:

* Frontend Software Engineers (London, Los Angeles); React knowledge is a plus

* Software Engineers (London, Los Angeles)

* Web Developer, to join our marketing team (London)

* QA Engineer (London)

* Junior and mid-level quants (London)

If you like the idea of flat structure and practical engineering approach, see our jobs at https://smarkets.com/careers/ . (Some time ago I wrote an overview about our engineering challenges, which you can find at https://smarketshq.com/the-challenges-of-running-a-betting-e... .)

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Factual | Engineers and data lovers | Los Angeles, Shanghai | www.factual.com/jobs#openings

Factual is currently hiring engineers and data lovers of all levels in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Factual’s location platform enriches mobile location signals with definitive global data, enabling personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences. Built from billions of inputs, the data is constantly updated by Factual’s real-time data stack. We were named one of "50 Disruptive Companies in 2013" by MIT Technology Review. We have a terrific team that is still fairly small and an incredible CEO who was previously the co-founder of Applied Semantics (which was bought by Google and became AdSense). Factual has venture funding from Andreessen-Horowitz and our partners/customers include Bing, Apple, Facebook and Groupon.

There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, storage, deduping, serving, APIs, improving data using machine learning, etc. A great example is one of our most recent products, Geopulse Audience, which stands at the intersection of high quality places data and large scale analysis of user geo-data: http://www.factual.com/products/geopulse-audience . If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Our main criteria are that you're smart and get things done, but you'll get bonus points for experience with Clojure (http://www.factual.com/jobs/clojure), machine learning, NLP, algorithm design, or Hadoop/Spark.

You can email me personally at alexr@factual.com, or view our job postings here: https://www.factual.com/jobs#openings

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Stasis | Senior Infrastructure Engineer | Bangalore, India | ONSITE | https://stasislabs.com

Stasis | C++ Firmware Consultant | Bangalore, India OR Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE

Stasis Labs is hiring an experienced infrastructure engineer to help us improve the quality of medical care through smarter patient monitoring.

Our monitors are currently live in hospitals in India, and are built for a global distribution. We have teams in Los Angeles, Bangalore, and working remotely. We just graduated from the first class of the Techstars Healthcare Accelerator, in Partnership with Cedars-Sinai.

We are looking for someone excited by the idea of building a well-tested, reliable web infrastructure stack with modern technologies. We're a node.js + PostgreSQL stack on AWS, currently using Terraform + Capistrano + Sprinkle for our infrastructure stack.

More details here: https://angel.co/stasis-labs/jobs/198773-senior-infrastructu...

We're also looking for a temporary consultant (2 - 4 month duration) on our device firmware. This position is onsite in Los Angeles, CA, or in Bangalore, India. Your role would be building features, fixing bugs, and unit & integration testing our C++ firmware. Experience with FDA verification testing for medical devices is a plus, and any experience developing safety-critical software is great.

For either position, reach out to careers+software@stasislabs.com

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ChowNow | Los Angeles, CA (Playa Vista) | Full Time | Onsite | https://www.chownow.com/

At ChowNow, we build online ordering systems for thousands of restaurants. We're launching new projects in the coming months that I'm really excited about. I love working here as a software engineer. It's a great balance of challenge, innovation, and freedom.

We're looking to bring on a Principal Front-End developer to help us build out the new products and update some of the existing ones. We use React for our newest projects and have some Ember.js projects too. The position is here: https://jobs.lever.co/chownow/909fd10f-ff59-434d-8cf6-efb271...

In addition, we'd like to hire another backend / full-stack engineer to work on our Python-based services. This is the team I'm on! We have interesting opportunities coming up related to scaling, architecture, and the new products. https://jobs.lever.co/chownow/a9dc2301-e807-4e6e-b0eb-54e2a6...

You can find all our open positions on our careers page at https://jobs.lever.co/chownow?lever-via=MO5-ac-qvc. If you're interested or have questions what it's like to work here, please contact me at kevinlondon@chownow.com or our recruiter, Candice, at candice@chownow.com.

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Credit Karma | San Francisco, Venice, Charlotte | Full Time, Onsite | https://creditkarma.com

Credit Karma's mission is to make financial progress possible for everyone. We have over 70 million US members and are a true mission-oriented business, a rare case where our incentives are aligned with our users - we succeed by helping our members attain financial progress.

We've been growing rapidly over the past few years (hypergrowth) and are hiring across a wide range of positions. On the backend side, we are moving to Scala-based microservices using finagle and Thrift, and as well as GraphQL on node.js. Our native iOS and Android apps are #1 in finance (with a 5 star rating on the App Store) and we're rebuilding our website in React + Redux. Our data teams use Kafka, Spark and BigQuery among other technologies.

If you're motivated by growth and impact Credit Karma is probably the best place to work in tech today. We have solved product / market fit and distribution, but compared to our peer unicorns there is still so much work to do. If you look at the gap between our product today and what we are well-positioned to become - the main touchpoint for consumer finance - there is tons of opportunity for people joining now to take on responsibility and ownership and have a meaningful impact.


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CJ Affiliate by Conversant | https://engineering.cj.com | https://github.com/cjdev | Full Stack | Full-Time | Westlake Village (Los Angeles), CA | Onsite

CJ Affiliate is the market leader in affiliate marketing. We're looking for senior and associate software engineers with Haskell, JavaScript, and Scala or Java experience.

* We value TDD, pair programming, automation, and dogma-free agile practices

* Our codebase is ready to be deployed at any time

* Functional programming: Scala, Clojure, Haskell, JavaScript, etc. are big here.

* We believe that sustainable development of great products can only be accomplished by continually refining and applying the craft of writing clean code, all in the context of small co-located, product-focused teams.

Apply Online: https://engineering.cj.com/join or on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/search?f_C=5679&f_L=us:0&f_F=e...

or email me at snazarian at cj dotcom

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Tinder | Computer Vision Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist, Natural Language Processing Scientist, Security Engineer, Android Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Backend Engineer, Data Engineer, iOS Engineer | Los Angeles | VISA | https://gotinder.com/jobs

The most infamous dating app. Really cool stuff happening beneath the hood. Fun team with lots of great benefits, and lots of growth opportunity. Send resumes to juliet.shen@gotinder.com

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Workpop | Front End Engineer, Android Engineer | Santa Monica, CA | ONSITE VISA RELOCATION | www.workpop.com | 5+ openings

Workpop is looking for mission driven, talented, and passionate front-end software engineers to join our growing team. You work where design meets code. You know HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript like the back of your hand. You're passionate about experimentation, innovation, and playing around with the latest front-end technologies. You write clean, compatible, powerful user interfaces with speed. Bonus points if you are passionate about understanding your audience, and dreaming up ways to build great experiences for them. As a core member of our growing team, you'll work closely with the rest of our design, engineering, product, team to turn ideas into tangible user experiences. You'll combine your keen design sense, stellar front-end chops, and the right technologies, to realize these ideas and validate them with users. Your wizardry will translate design concepts into living, breathing prototypes and finished products. We are a JavaScript shop: React, Meteor, node.

As an Android developer at Workpop, you will work with our team of talented engineers to design and build the next generation of our mobile applications. This position offers an inspirational space to create, collaborate, and drive future development.

Workpop is the world's first Applicant Hiring System that doesn't just track applicants, but delivers the best candidate experience required to win in today's competitive talent market. While typical hiring software focuses on tools to simply screen candidates, Workpop knows that top candidates are evaluating employers on their application and hiring process. Through modern design that showcases the brand and intuitive software that encourages candidate interaction rather than hindering it, Workpop helps companies attract and hire the best. Our advanced technology automates sourcing, removes friction and engages candidates from the moment they see your job post. Our user-friendly screening tools empower managers and collaborators to meaningfully communicate with applicants and to make thoughtful decisions faster. And our paperless onboarding system drastically reduces costs while allowing new hires to contribute immediately on day one of the job. With Workpop, you don't track applicants; you engage and hire them.

You can apply here https://www.workpop.com/jobs/BLxXLZqX3GixjQkG3 https://www.workpop.com/jobs/yjy8q9ykvm6WDzjXQ and mention hackernews, or reach out to me at 'rami' at 'workpop.com'

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Second Spectrum | Software Engineer | Los Angeles, USA | onsite https://www.secondspectrum.com/

We're a sports oriented company that blends computer vision, machine learning and design to change how sports are coached, played and watched. Starting next season, we're going to be the Official Optical Tracking Provider for the NBA.

Full Stack, Devops, UX and a few other roles: https://www.secondspectrum.com/careers.html

We also have Computer Vision and Full Stack positions at our Lausanne, Switzerland office.

I'm happy to answer questions: karl@secondspectrum.com

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SimplePractice | Santa Monica (Los Angeles area) | Onsite/Full time | https://www.simplepractice.com

SimplePractice is the future of practice management. We’re at the forefront of making it simple for clinicians to run and grow their practices. We’ve built the highest-rated practice management software and we’re on track to become the most-used product in our industry.

We are looking for a passionate, motivated and skilled Front-end engineer, experienced with the Ember.JS framework and with aptitude for great design and UX to make an impact in the health care industry. We value delivering a great customer experience, clean/maintainable code, automated testing and code reviews.

You can find out more here https://www.simplepractice.com/careers/

Our stack includes Ruby Rails, EmberJS, MySQL, Redis, Sidekiq, Elasticsearch, Chef If you have any questions or you are interested - Please reach out to me (CTO) ralph@simplepractice.com

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Gravity Brands | Lead Full-Stack Engineer, Marketing Automation Software Engineer, UI/UX Designer, Data Engineer | (DTLA) Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE | www.gravitybrands.com

We have given three offers to Hacker News candidates and we're always excited for the 1st of the month now!

Gravity Brands is a 3 year old startup focused on content creation and data marketing. We have been able to best our competition by producing all of our products in-house and profit from selling those well-loved brands.

We're looking to launch a second brand in the fall and will need to create a new technical environment when we launch, similar to when we created one for our first brand, which conveniently made around $45 million last year and is projected to make over $60+ million this year.

Now that I secured an amazing Director of Engineering from Rackspace, we're introducing team structure, engineering goals, growth opportunities and kicking off building things like: - A custom analytics platform - Robust data ingestion pipelines - A micro-services environment - Introducing a new site + platform for our second and third brand... and so much more!

Email me at gabrielle(at)gravitybrands.com with your resume and title the subject line Hacker News Posting and I will get back within a week!

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ZipRecruiter - https://ziprecruiter.com - Santa Monica (LA area) - REMOTE OK for SOME positions so please inquiry.

Our goal is to create the best online services for placing and finding jobs. We bootstrapped for the first four years, growing to 600+ employees as of January 2017!

We have a number of open positions:

- Senior Perl Software Engineer, Santa Monica, CA - Senior Python Software Engineer, Santa Monica, CA - Software Engineer (Generalist Perl, Python, Java), Santa Monica, CA - Software Engineer (Generalist Perl, Python, Java), Tempe, AZ - Senior Data Warehouse DBA, Santa Monica, CA - Linux Systems Administrator, Santa Monica, CA

We're growing rapidly and have a large customer base (primarily small and medium sized businesses). We have interesting problems to solve in the areas of search, yield management, analytics, scalability and new product development.

f you'd like to learn more, please visit https://www.ziprecruiter.com/hiring/technology or email us at techjobs@ziprecruiter.com.

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Connexity | Santa Monica, CA or Camarillo, CA | Full-Time | Onsite

Join a small, tightly-knit Data Science team as we transform our data assets into valuable business products. Although this group of 4 has a great deal of industry experience, we've only worked together in this capacity for about a year. This means that there's still a lot of opportunity and green-field work ahead of us. The position could be described as a Sr. Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer. We work with billions of records per day and small hundreds of thousands of (messy!) features. We primarily use Scala/Spark and Python, but we employ R, Ruby, plain old SQL and other tools on a regular basis.

We'd like to find someone familiar with Bayesian systems, Random Forest and other classification. Experience in ad-tech, e-commerce or online retail is a plus, but we strongly favor hiring someone with the right qualities that transcend mere familiarity.

More than anything we value sound judgement. It's great if you have loads of tools in in your tool belt, but you really have to know when it makes sense to use them.

As you get involved with research or optimization work, we want to have confidence that you'll have the right intuition about what questions to pursue and what questions to defer. With our high transaction volume, hundreds of unique models in production and hundreds of thousands of potential features, discernment is an essential virtue. We'll always have 5x more questions and curiosities than we'll have time to chase down. We're looking for that person whose judgement is guided by experience possesses a knack for uncovering valuable, actionable insights.

Within our team I lean strongly toward the engineering side of the spectrum, but I'd be happy to have a conversation about our work. = dlarsen@connexity.com If you're more comfortable going the typical HR route, I can probably streamline the first phases of communication.

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The Black Tux | Los Angeles, CA (Santa Monica) | https://theblacktux.com/

The Black Tux is rethinking the way traditional suit and tuxedo rental is done. Making renting a tuxedo the convenient, enjoyable, and stylish experience it should be.

We’re currently looking for a Senior Software Engineer | 6+ years experience; heavy emphasis on Python, Javascript; will work with micro-services, graffQL and eCommerce order models | https://jobs.lever.co/theblacktux/3d9be859-ebba-49da-8704-f8...

Email lauren@theblacktux.com with questions.

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ZestFinance | Sr. Devops Engineer | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE , https://www.zestfinance.com/careers.html


   * Serve as a primary point responsible the overall health, performance, and capacity of our business systems
   * Assist in the roll-out and deployment of new releases to facilitate our rapid iteration and constant growth
   * Develop tools to improve our ability to rapidly deploy and effectively monitor our application stack.
   * Work closely with software engineers to ensure our applications are designed with "operability" in mind
   * Participate in a 24x7 on call rotation
   * Ensure high reliability of our services

   * Prior experience in an enterprise facing technical operations role
   * 5+ years in a UNIX-based operations role
   * Deep UNIX/Linux systems knowledge and/or systems administration background managing large business critical deployments
   * Strong troubleshooting skills that span systems, network, and code
   * Demonstrated programming skills in one or more of: Python, Ruby, Java, C, Shell
   * Experience (not mandatory) with cloud technologies such as AWS, Google Cloud
   * Previous experience in financial institutions highly welcome
About Zest

ZestFinance, Inc. applies its unique credit-decisioning technology platform — based on data science and machine learning — to help lenders effectively predict credit risk so they can increase revenues, reduce risk and ensure compliance. ZestFinance was founded in 2009 by Douglas Merrill and a team of former Google employees with the mission of making fair and transparent credit available to everyone.

Apply here: https://app.jobvite.com/j?aj=oLmP4fwK&s=Hacker_News

For other openings visit: https://www.zestfinance.com/careers.html

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Rapid7 | Belfast, Northern Ireland / Cambridge, MA / Dublin, Ireland / Los Angeles, CA | Software Engineer, Platform Delivery | Full-Time - ONSITE

Rapid7 is probably known best as the company behind metasploit. While Rapid7 is a security company you will not have to be a security expert to work with us. See https://www.rapid7.com/company/jobs.jsp for the complete list of job openings.

All these jobs are for Platform Delivery, our version of SRE. We run on AWS and use everything from convection (our DSL for cloudformation) to terraform to ansible. What ever is the best tool for the job.

If you are interested feel free to reach out directly to udangel@rapid7.com

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WeTransfer | Platform Engineer | Amsterdam | Full-time | On-site

We're a fast growing profitable scaleup based in Amsterdam and Los Angeles. Our mission is to provide the effortless transfer of creative ideas, which results in transferring more than 1 billion files per month between our users. To keep up with that, we're expanding our platform team and are looking for an engineer with experience in AWS infrastructure-as-code and continuous deployment. Our stack:

- AWS (heavy users of EC2, S3, RDS, CloudFront, RedShift, SQS, ...)

- Terraform for infrastructure, Ansible for provisioning

- Datastores are MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, InfluxDB, ElasticSearch

- Applications are written in Ruby, Elixir, and Go


Apply there or send me an email at vermaat@wetransfer.com

(We're also looking for a Data Engineer and React and Ruby wizards)

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Vertical Sysadmin, Inc. | Sales | Los Angeles, USA | REMOTE, PART-TIME Seeking commission-only sales agent for high-quality Ops and DevOps training. We deliver on-site training world-wide. Our model is: small class sizes (12 max), expert instructors, excellent materials, tons of lab exercises. Customers tell us it's the best training they've ever had. We are partnered with GitLab and Docker. Looking for an independent sales agent. Offering 10% commission. We charge $5000 per day. www.verticalsysadmin.com

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PeerStreet | Ruby Engineers | Los Angeles, CA | Full-time, Onsite & Remote


PeerStreet is a well-funded fintech startup in Los Angeles and we are looking for mid-senior level full stack engineers to help us build the future of real estate finance. We're an agile team of 11 engineers that take pride in software craftsmanship and our ability to quickly deliver value to our users. Our current stack is primarily Ruby/Rails, Vue.js, Postgres and Redis.

To learn more about the role, please use our careers page: https://info.peerstreet.com/careers/

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inVia Robotics | Los Angeles, CA | Full Time | Onsite

inVia Robotics is a startup dedicated to redefining the modern warehouse through the power of robotics.

We are looking for:

  >> Python developers to work on everything from back-end web stacks to low-level robotics code and everything in between.

  >> Javascript developers to help build our internal and customer facing UIs in React.
Robotics experience isn't required, but curiosity and a willingness to learn are.


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Sailthru | Lead Data Platforms Engineer | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Senior Site Reliability Engineer | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Lead UX Designer | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru helps the world's most innovative retailers and digital publishers build deeper and longer lasting relationships with their customers. Sailthru-powered email, web, and mobile experiences drive higher revenue, improve customer lifetime value and eliminate churn.

As an engineer at Sailthru you'll be able to tackle complex challenges of scaling architecture, dive into leading edge technologies, and have strategic impact on architectural features in the product roadmap.

We are also hiring for non-Engineering roles as well:

Sailthru | Client Support Engineer | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Client Support Engineer | Pittsburgh | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Customer Marketing Manager | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Customer Success Manager | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Mobile Customer Success Strategist | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Enterprise Sales Director | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Enterprise Sales Director - | Los Angeles | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Enterprise Sales Director - | San Francisco | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

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TuneIn | All types of software engineer and ops jobs | San Francisco, CA and Los Angeles, CA | Full-time, ONSITE, http://tunein.com

San Francisco, CA - close to Caltrain, across the street from AT&T Park Los Angeles, CA - Venice Beach, 2 blocks from Venice Beach Boardwalk

Onsite preferred though we've hired remote folks before. Visa transfers ok and we support new green cards. New visas only if straightforward.


TuneIn’s mission is to deliver the world’s best listening experiences. We achieve this by being the most popular way to listen to streaming audio from around the world with more than 60 million monthly active users. Our free service combines over 100,000 free radio stations and more than 5.7 million on-demand programs stemming from every continent, so our users can listen to the world’s sports, music, news and talk from wherever they are. TuneIn Premium encompasses all of that as well as exclusive content, streaming sports from every major league in the US (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL...), TuneIn Owned and Operated stations including curated content, audiobooks, and over 600 commercial free music stations. Our users cover iOS, Android, Web, and dozens of connected platforms.

Our stacks are built on MySQL, HBase, MSSQL, Redis, DynamoDB, Golang, C#/.NET, React.js, es6, Swift, and a few more. We believe in using the right tool for the job.

We value being a top-notch engineering organization, and have the same high standards with our code and our people. We hire well-rounded, full-formed, communicative people whom we can envision being friends with and trusting. We make time for quality, are agile and pragmatic, strive to keep it simple, are data driven, and love getting better. Our projects tend to be 1-2 engineers, so trust and accountability are required for us to work - and helps us keep processes & overhead to a minimum. We've built a robust team and are always striving to be the best place to work we can be.

Check out our projects and principles on Github here: https://github.com/tunein/engineering/

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nuTonomy | Santa Monica, Boston, Singapore, Zurich | fulltime, ONSITE, VISA transfer | Everything!

nuTonomy is a rapidly growing startup creating fleets of self-driving cars. We were the first to have a pilot with real passengers (before Uber and Google!).

We are hiring in literally everything, on 3 continents!

Please see some of our jobs descriptions at http://nutonomy.com/jobs For senior people, we are open to tailor title and responsibilities.

Please feel free to get in touch with me directly if you have any questions (andrea AT nutonomy.com).