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Paris - 11 jobs in May 2017

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Legalstart | Full-stack Software Engineer | Paris, France | ONSITE, VISA, https://legalstart.fr

Python/Django Rest Framework, React/Redux, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Docker, AWS

Experience expected: Junior (strong on front-end), Senior, Lead

Based in Paris, Legalstart is often referred to as the French Uber of legal services. Legalstart is revolutionizing legal services for SMBs thanks to an online application that allows them to manage legal documents and paperwork in an automated fashion. Since the launch of the site at the beginning of 2014, Legalstart has experienced a very strong growth.

We are looking for an ambitious software engineer to join our development team, who would bring strong technical skills at all levels of our stack, especially on the front-end, and carry the rigor of execution and passion for building a great product.

At Legalstart, we strive to improve our technical skills by challenging the status quo, staying up to date with cutting-edge technologies, incorporating best practices in the team, and participating in meetups/conferences. In addition to technical skills, we will expect a strong ownership of the features developed, and the product in general.

Please email jobs-tech@legalstart.fr if you feel up to the challenge!

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Fabrick | Full-Stack software engineer | Paris, France | ONSITE, FULLTIME

Fabrick is a startup working on a platform that helps other companies visualizing there data. We are building a SaaS software that absorb tons of metrics and logs from company's application (Bank, IOT industry) and allow users to monitor and visualize these data.

As a full-stack software engineer you'll take part of the design and the implementation of the new functionalities. Our front is build with Angular 2, and our back is mostly written in Scala using Play Framework and Akka Stream. Data are stored in time-series databases and NoSQL databases. Some keywords : Scala, Play, Akka, Angular 2, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Elastic Search

If you're interested, send me an email at damien.charon[at]fabrick.io :)

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PwC Advanced Solutions Delivery | Fulltime | Toulouse or Paris, France

Technologies: Python | Django/Jupyter | Javascript/Typescript | R | Scala | Spark | Docker | Kubernetes

Topics: customer experience for IOT, auditable/interpretable systems (CQRS/ES, XIA), domain-driven analytics, event processing for business

We are helping our customers solve their most complex problems, in all verticals: health, air/land transportation, logistics and supply chain, e-commerce, finance... Being in the tech/consulting branch of a large audit firm, we focus on both transparency and performance to reach the highest standards possible with technology.

We are a growing team inside PwC building next-generation data platforms and machine learning capabilities for our clients. We are looking for talented individuals for a variety of roles (frontend and backend developers, architects...). We expect architects to code, and everyone including developers to help drive the design phases. We have tight interactions with business analysts and consultants to turn every project into a product or service.

Each team member joins a core project (the Datalab, the App Factory, the Data Academy...), and is expected to take responsibility of his/her product, and ship key features to internal and external clients.

Knowledge sharing, empathy, system thinking are key qualities for applicants.

If you are interested please contact me (personal email in HN account) or "francois.royer" at "fr.pwc.com"

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Drivy | Android Engineer | Paris, France | ONSITE, REMOTE, Full-time, https://en.drivy.com/jobs, https://drivy.engineering

We believe shared cars are a better way to move around, offering more flexibility and more convenience. We are already the #1 car rental marketplace in Europe, and we believe the adoption will be 100 times larger in just a few years. We are present in several countries, have great mobile apps, and kick-ass hardware. And we're just getting started.

We're looking for someone who is not only well versed in Android development, but also has a strong understanding of good UX. Link to the job offer - https://www.drivy.com/jobs/57caa312-85cc-4ab2-b0ba-0402affc5...

We're also looking for Backend and Full-Stack developers.

Engineering Blog - https://drivy.engineering

Please apply via the above link and mention Hacker News!

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Pollen AM | Software/Electronics Engineer | Paris | Full-time, Onsite | http://www.pollen.am

Pollen AM is a french start-up formed by a team of the best doctors and engineers within their various fields: they are PhDs in micro nano electronic, in physical chemistry of soft materials, electronics and mechanics engineer, optical specialized physicist and, of course, software. The company has been researching and developing its 3D Printer for 5 years under the radar. Pollen AM offers the first real technological breakthrough for 15 years in the 3D Printing field. Our printer is able to print multi-material finished products locally, on demand, for a fraction of the actual prices. Founded at the end of 2013, the company is supported by Business Angels and is currently undergoing its Series A round.

Pollen AM is looking for an embedded software developer with competences in the electronics field. Within the technical team, you will take care of the development of the low-level software and associated electronics. You will be particularly active on operational electronics problems. You will support other services from R&D and will create new prototypes, bring new solutions and support the product life cycle.

Skills & requirements: - Experience with embedded software development; - Proficiency in C/C++ languages; - Experience with micro-controllers; - Competent in electronics prototyping; - Comfortable with versioning tools (Git); - Autonomous.

Bonus points: - You have experience designing robots; - You love 3D printers; - You are capable of welding, screwing, drilling...

Technical details Workplace: Paris Job available: Now Contract: Full time position with flexible hours Salary: Depending on profile

Contact: jobs@pollen.am

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CRITEO (http://labs.criteo.com/) | Paris, France | Full-time ONSITE | DevOps Lead - BIKER (VISA sponsorship)

Lead the team of guardian of web production systems that run Criteo’s products used by over 11k publishers and 8k e-commerce companies.

Their mission is to monitor and act on the incidents that are detected either through monitoring or raised to our attention from other teams:

• Detect and act on alerts with Business impact level 1. Act = confirm and fix if needs to be

• Define the process for the new alerts review, enforcing the need for accurate documentation, dashboard, monitoring, etc

• Escalate issues whenever they can't be fixed with the current tools and/or knowledge

• Also includes, Consolidate experience with creation of new TroubleShooting Guides (TSGs)

• Automate the TSGs for the recurring issues

Missions of the team in more details: http://labs.criteo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/BIKER_-Sit...

Feel free to drop us a line at rndrecruitment[@]criteo.com =)

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Boiler Room | Full Stack Developer | London, UK | https://boilerroom.tv/

Boiler Room is the world's leading community of underground music fans. We live-stream DJ sets and live gigs from music hubs such as London, Berlin, New York, Paris, LA and >60 other cities to music lovers all over the world. It started as a webcam taped to a warehouse wall in East London – in five years Boiler Room has grown to become the online home of underground music, and also a complex broadcasting and editorial platform in its own right.

We are currently looking for a Full Stack Developer to join our team.

Apply/info at https://boiler-room.workable.com/jobs/406548

Please email george+hn@boilerroom.tv with any questions

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Stacktical | DevOps Infrastructure Engineer | Paris, Worldwide | REMOTE, FULL TIME, CONTRACT, https://stacktical.com

Stacktical helps companies of all sizes do Capacity Planning effortlessly, using predictive technologies and AI.

We are looking for an Infrastructure Engineer in full DevOps capacity to accompany our customers in their IT management endeavours, and actively participate in building the Stacktical SaaS platform.

Key responsibilities include the following: - Maintenance of servers and microservices, including critical production environments, in Cloud and other hosting configurations (dedicated, vps and shared).

- Ensure the availability, performance and scalability of applications in respect of proven design and architecture best practices.

- Design and execute Capacity Planning strategies that ensure the scalability and the elasticity of the infrastructure.

- Manage a portfolio of applications, their lifecycle and optimize their Continuous Integration and Delivery workflows (CI/CD).

- Automate the Quality & Reliability Testing of applications (Unit Tests, Integration Tests, System Tests).

If you are interested in working using great technology, with a no-bs mindset team of digital nomads, please contact us at founders+me@stacktical.com with the subject “Working at Stacktical”.

A full description of this opportunity is available at http://bit.ly/workatstacktical-devops This is a fully remote position. As such, salary / equity / benefits will depend on location among other characteristics. Happy to have your take on this :)

Keywords: DevOps, Capacity Planning, Scalability, Performance (load) Testing, SRE, CI, CD, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure, Microservices, Python, R, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, AI, Beach

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NEXEDI | Lille/Munich/Paris/Plovdiv | ONSITE | 4/12 months INTERNS

We are looking for new colleagues to help improve our FOSS software solutions and contribute to research and industrial projects. If you are passionate about open source software and like one of our topics on http://www.nexedi.com/jobs get in touch with us! Candidates will do a programming challenge followed by an interview. We're currently looking for:

    - Nexedi | Web Mesh Network JavaScript Developer | Lille | INTERN    

    - Nexedi | Artificial Language Processing Python Developer | Lille | INTERN    

    - Nexedi | Connected Cars JavaScript Developer | Lille | INTERN  

    - Nexedi | Site Reliability Python Developer | Paris | INTERN   

    - Nexedi | Out-Of-Core Numpy Python Developer | Munich | INTERN  

    - Nexedi | Big Data Machine Learning Python Developer | Lille | INTERN     

    - Nexedi | Linux JavaScript Port Developer | Lille | INTERN  

    - Nexedi | AI Business Bot Python Developer | Munich | INTERN  

About Nexedi: We are a small international team of about 30 programmers (headquarters in Lille, France) creating free software since 2001. We run our own stack with ERP5 (Business Suite), SlapOS (Cloud Deployment) and Wendelin (Big Data/Machine Learning) being the main solutions for which we provide customization services (our code is free, our time isn't). We have time to tinker, need to think out-of-the-box/ram/space and work mostly autonomous. We all use Chromebooks, our hierarchy is as flat as the area around Lille, our offices are paperless and we have no meetings. We mostly hack in Python and (vanilla) JavaScript. If you're looking for fame or gain, we're not the right place. For purpose and leverage, we might be worth considering. Join us!

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Facebook | Solutions Engineer | Menlo Park, NYC, Paris, Dublin, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Austin, Seoul | Onsite

Solutions Engineers at Facebook spend roughly half their time working with product engineering teams and writing production code. The other half of their time is spent working directly with partners to develop and execute their Facebook technology strategy.

We find that this setup is great for engineers that want to spend more time on the business side of things or have more people interaction while still being hands on with code.

This allows large advertisers to work directly with people at Facebook that have a knowledge of the ads codebase, and Solutions Engineers can implement great suggestions made by partners.

More about the role is available at https://www.facebook.com/careers/life/solutions-engineering-... .

Facebook | Solutions Engineering Manager | Menlo Park, Berlin | Onsite

We also have some great opportunities for engineering managers that would like to support a team in Menlo Park or Berlin. You would support a distributed team, so some travel would be required. Roughly half the time would be spent on people management, with the other half on Solutions Engineering work.

We will consider very experienced tech leads that would like to make the transition into people management.

For the position in Berlin, we are looking for people fluent in German.

If you would like to apply or have any questions, feel free to send me an email at rcheng@fb.com .

You can find the job listings at https://www.facebook.com/careers/teams/engineering/ , under “Solutions Engineering”.

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BidMotion | BackEnd Engineer | Paris, France | Onsite, Full-time | VISA, http://www.bidmotion.com/careers#op-102102-backend-engineer-...

We are looking for a backend engineer experienced in distributed systems. You would be working on our current platform - which has already gathered several TB of data and scaling -, and on our new product: our own DSP.

This might be the job for you if:

- You have experience with programming high performance systems in either Core Java, C#, Python, Go, Scala or Rust

- You have worked with ZooKeeper, Kafka, Consul or any of the other usual suspects

- You grin a bit with pride every time your system scales to new levels

- You’re fluent in English

We’re a 2 years old growing AdTech company based in Paris with a team of roughly 20 international talented people, out of which 8 are engineers. We have achieved $40M in revenues this past year as well as being in the Top 25 worldwide within the mobile advertising industry.

On the other hand, what do we offer you?

- Rebuilding components from scratch (you know, the way you always wanted to ;))

- Wish list – choose your own equipment

- Latest technology

- Personal space: 1 engineer - 1 desk

- Be part of a team with very ambitious goals

- Balance between your professional and personal life

- Playstation and other perks (Snacks, team events, etc...)

- And of course, very competitive packages

tl;dr: We’re small, but shooting for the stars. If you are looking for a place where you can make a huge impact and grow, come join us.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us hr@bidmotion.com