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Philadelphia - 7 jobs in May 2017

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Oncora Medical | Lead Engineer | Philadelphia, PA | FULL TIME, ONSITE, SALARY: $110k-$160k, oncoramedical.com

- Lead Engineer

- Security Engineer

Oncora Medical is a venture-backed startup building data‐driven clinical decision support tools for radiation oncologists. Our stack utilizes state-of-the-art data aggregation pipelines to integrate clinical data, radiation treatment data, and patient outcomes data. Our research team works directly with clinicians to develop accurate, interpretable predictive models of clinical events. We present this information to physicians through intuitive and interactive visualizations that help them make smarter, more confident clinical decisions. If you want to work on software that solves a real clinical need and directly helps cancer patients, Oncora is the place for you.

Apply online at http://oncoramedical.com/careers

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SmartStream Tech | Software Developer | Center City, Philadelphia, PA | Full-Time, ONSITE

The ideal candidate is:

Looking for fantastic work/life balance - no stress, few meetings, no overtime, no assigned work, permanent 10% weekly research time ​

Polyglot-comfortable - doesn't mind learning C#, F#, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and sometimes working in all five in one day

Loves pair-programming/TDD - is excited to work with a talented team - mentoring and being mentored 100% of the time

Tolerates occasionally grungy work needed to maintain an enormous C#/F# banking application used by the majority of the world's biggest banks

Comfortable working without a tech lead - we have no leads, every pair is trusted to design the best solutions without being told or supervised in a self-organizing team

Intrinsic desire to learn and improve - We are always learning and pushing into new areas: currently some are researching and writing proposals for an AWS-hosted version of our system. Several others are studying linear programming to better develop an in-progress optimization system using CPLEX. Others are studying dependent-typed programming with proof assistants in an experiment to formally prove parts of our system. A couple team-mates are doing broad improvements across our 4.6 million line codebase designed to make it more type-safe with fewer bugs.

Feel free to email me for more info at steven.shogren@smartstream-stp.com. The interview process is whiteboard-free, no memorization, no algorithms. We pair program together working on several small projects for a day.

We are a small team that opens up positions rarely: this is the first position we've opened up in years without a waiting list of pre-screened candidates. The pay for the current position is average for Philly for a developer with 3-5 years of experience. If you've got a lot more and are a really great fit let's talk anyway and we'll see what we can do. Worst case you get on the waiting list for the next position ;)

For more information about our self-organizing practices, see here: http://deliberate-software.com/categories/self-organization/

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HealthVerity | Philadelphia, PA | ONSITE | Permanent | Full Stack Developer, Healthcare Data Engineer, Healthcare Data Scientist |

HealthVerity is a VC-funded early-stage tech startup that offers the fastest and most efficient way to explore and acquire healthcare data. We help our clients discover, license and link patient data across the widest range of top tier data providers. We empower customers to gain new perspectives on patient activity while ensuring complete privacy management and HIPAA compliance.

Our stack runs entirely on AWS and some of the tools we use are Spark, Airflow, Docker, Emberjs, and Django. We’re always looking for team members with healthcare data experience related to: EMR, EHR, prescription and medical claims, ICD-9 and ICD-10.

Our hiring process includes: phone interviews, sample work submissions or assessments, onsite interview, references. You can reach me with any questions at: aelefante@healthverity.com See jobs here: https://app.jobvite.com/j?bj=oCAa5fwb&s=Hacker_News

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Curalate | Full Stack Developer, Back-end Developer, Front-end Developer, Product Designer, Senior DevOps Engineer, Client Support Engineer | Seattle, NYC, Philadelphia | https://www.curalate.com/

Curalate is the leading visual commerce platform, connecting pictures, people and products. Our visual commerce software helps more than 850 brands tell their stories through imagery in order to drive engagement, build awareness, and form stronger, more meaningful relationships with consumers.

We're hiring developers, designers and product people with exceptional problem solving skills, creative out-of-the-box thinking, and comfort with quickly learning, evaluating, and deploying new technologies. We're not language zealots: we believe in using the right tool for the job, and are comfortable with a polyglot codebase. That said, today we lean on:

Languages: Scala, Javascript Infrastructure: AWS, Asgard, Jenkins Datastores: Cassandra, MySQL (RDS), DynamoDB, Redis, Redshift, S3 Data Processing: Storm, Lambda, Kinesis, Kafka, SQS, Spark Microservices: Finatra/Finagle, Scalatra Front-end: AngularJS, Less, Gulp, Bower Image Processing: OpenCV, Caffe Search: Elasticsearch, Cloudsearch

Although experience with our existing technology stack is great, we're much more interested in hiring developers with exceptional problem solving skills, creative out-of-the-box thinking, and comfort with quickly learning, evaluating, and deploying new technologies. While we're not looking for any specific industry experience you should have a CS degree and/or at least two years of experience and come prepared to join a fast-moving, high-performing team.

Check out our Engineering Blog to learn more: http://engineering.curalate.com

You can find and apply to all roles on our jobs page (https://www.themuse.com/companies/curalate), or reach out to me directly and mention HN (<my username>@curalate.com).

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Stitch | Philadelphia, PA

Stitch is a fast-growing SaaS startup that provides a service for companies to consolidate their data. Our mission is to inspire and empower data driven people, and our vision is to be the conduit through which businesses take back control and ownership of their data.

We're currently hiring Engineers and an Office Manager. You can view our postings here: https://www.stitchdata.com/jobs/

Email sam@stitchdata.com with questions!

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Monetate Labs | Data Scientist | Conshohocken, PA (outside Philadelphia) | Full Time | ONSITE

Monetate Labs is currently looking to hire a data scientist. We are a small team (currently two) that are responsible for R&D on machine learning products at Monetate. We shepherd machine learning products through ideation, feasibility research, and development.

Data Scientist: http://monetate.applytojob.com/apply/ubNfk0jm3Q/Data-Scienti...

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Pilotlight | Moorestown, NJ (Philadelphia Area) | Full Time | ONSITE

Python/Django Developer

Pilotlight is looking to add an experienced, full-time developer to our team. We are a small, boutique development shop located in Southern New Jersey (Philadelphia area) focused on building web applications for clients large and small. If you have experience with Python/Django or with similar MVC-Style frameworks (Rails, etc..) and have an interest in trying something new we would love to chat.