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REMOTE - 105 jobs in May 2017

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bridge21 | Software Engineer & Dev. Ops | Distributed Team | Remote (or Brooklyn) | Full-Time | H1B OK

About bridge21

bridge21 is a cross-border payments service. We are the first company to offer a real-time exchange rate based on the cost of buying, sending, and selling Bitcoin in two fiat currencies at the same time, from the US to Mexico.

Our customers are individuals and businesses. We need to be brilliant and creative about how we scale to meet their needs quickly! We are a small team and are highly selective.


○ Experienced with SPAs & financial APIs, warmed up on Rails/Postgres, familiar with Bitcoin/cryptocurrency

○ Good at explaining complex concepts to designers, support, and other engineers

○ You solve problems, and are excited to fix things when they break

○ You are excited to use cryptocurrency to move money around and solve real-world problems

○ You are willing to take a culture & values assessment as part of the hiring process

○ Our team is remote but you'll need to work US business hours (if you live near Brooklyn for this role that's a plus)

How to Apply

If you are interested in hearing more, send your github and/or link to work you are particularly proud of, resume with references, and a statement on why you would like to work for bridge21.io to careers@bridge21inc.com.

Tip: we favor candidates who get an introduction from someone we know. Good luck!

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Location: Detroit, MI Company: Quicken Loans Remote: Yes (Sr. level team members) Interns: we hire about 1200 a summer, feel free to apply! Number of openings in technology: around 200

Our interview process varies depending on job. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I've been there 13 years, it is a great place to work.

Positions available? All types. Full stack engineers, Data gurus, Big Data, Analysts, Server, Cloud, PMs, QA, QE, Architects, etc.

Check out our benefits, culture (which is amazing) and details at http://quickenloanscareers.com and email me directly at keithelder@quickenloans.com with a simple resume and I'll get it fast tracked. Thanks.

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Hey, a friendly reminder. I’m parsing the thread, all job offers added here are also available on the map on

https://whoishiring.io or just HN items https://whoishiring.io/search/36.0440/-90.8984/4?source=hn

If you post here, please use the below format to help me with parsing. If you won’t, no worries, I will do my best to get all the things right.

  1) {company} | {job title} | {locations} | {attrs: ONSITE, REMOTE, INTERNS, VISA, SALARY, company-url}
  Google | Software Developer | SF | VISA https://google.com
  DuckDuckGo | Software Developer | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA, SALARY:100k-120k
  Facebook | Web-developer | Zurich | SALARY:120k CHF 
  Google | Site Reliability Engineer | London | SALARY:120k GBP, VISA, REMOTE

  2) {company} | {job title} | {location}
  Google | Site Reliability Engineer | Sydney
  Facebook | Web-developer | Zurich
I’m using this regex to test the first line, you can test it here https://regex101.com/r/relwQD/3

Check bellow for the SALARY regex.

and you can test it as well https://regex101.com/r/SRWkMz/2/

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Digital Public Library of America | Frontend Developer | Boston, MA | Full time | Remote | $80k-100k


The Digital Public Library of America empowers people to learn, grow, and contribute to a diverse and better-functioning society. We do this by maximizing public access to our shared history, culture, and knowledge.

DPLA connects people to the riches held within America’s libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions. All of the materials found through DPLA—photographs, books, maps, news footage, oral histories, personal letters, museum objects, artwork, government documents, and so much more—are free and immediately available in digital format. The cultural institutions participating in DPLA represent the richness and diversity of America itself, from the smallest local history museum to our nation’s largest cultural institutions. Our core work includes bringing new collections and partners into DPLA, building our technology, and managing projects that further our mission through curation, education, and community building.

Information about how to apply is in the jobs listing at the bit.ly link. Additionally, you can feel free to ask me any questions!

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Shopify | Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Waterloo, San Francisco | Full-time, Internships | Onsite | Remote | VISA

Shopify is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to easily setup an online store. We build solutions that empower merchants no matter what their size is. Our product help merchants who are just starting as well as established brands that need a solution that can scale with their traffic. We're always working on products that make it easier for entrepreneurs to reach their audience and help them make data driven decisions. Shopify is built in Ruby on Rails running on a stack composed of Docker, Golang, Mysql and Redis. Our data infrastructure uses Kafka, HDFS, Zookeeper and we use PySpark and Sklearn for our data modeling and machine learning tasks.

If you're interested in building tools that empower Entrepreneurs come take a look at who we are and what we're doing

- blog: https://engineering.shopify.com/

- github: https://github.com/Shopify

- job postings: https://jobs.lever.co/shopify?lever-via=XBuWsYM_Q2

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San Francisco, CA / REMOTE OK in the US | Lead Full Stack Rails Developer | Stitchfix | Full-time Hello, we're continuing to do a ton of hiring at Stitchfix, but specifically I'm hiring a developer to join my small team - "Better Data Engineering". We are a small team that is responsible for Stitchfix's famous "Style Profile", and other similar data intensive customer facing features. We work closely with the Data Science team, and our goal is always to serve our customers better using the information they provided while not being creepy :-)

               ,---.             Stitchfix is a clothing / style personalization service.
             .((___))            Search Instagram for #stitchfix, which will tell you a whole lot 
           ,'  `---' `.          about us, how much our customers love us and you'll get 
          / |========| \         an idea of our business. 
         /  |/\/\/\/\|  \        
        /  /|/\/\/\/\|\  \       Come back when you're done.  
       /__/ |========| \__\      
      ////  |________|  \\\\     
      ""'   [||||||||]   `""     
You can reach out directly to me (gal at stitchfix.com) - I'm a Principal Engineer at Stitchfix and the hiring manager for this position. Here is a job posting roughly covering this role: https://www.stitchfix.com/careers?gh_jid=455296&gh_src=r8m5v.... and Stitch Fix's "Multithreaded" Tech Jobs blog & site (http://technology.stitchfix.com) has a lot more about the team and other positions (we’re also hiring iOS, DevOps, and UX)

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Codementor | Senior Front-end & Back-end Engineers | Anywhere | REMOTE, https://www.codementor.io

Codementor (https://www.codementor.io) is an on-demand developer platform for live mentorship and freelance opportunities. We have over 6000+ vetted expert developers, including book authors, top Stack Overflow answerers, popular open source contributors, and engineers at top tech companies. Codementor is more than just mentoring. We also have a new platform where we connect top freelance developers to interesting remote opportunities. We’re currently looking for more remote developers for client projects on our platform in the following areas: - React / Redux - AngularJS - JavaScript - Ionic - Android - Python - Ruby on Rails - Node.js - Objective-C - iOS Swift - Ember.js - and more

This is a remote opportunity. We’re looking for both full-time & part-time contractors.

To apply please visit: http://codemntr.io/2oUGw56

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Wevolver | Senior skilled Full Stack Developer | REMOTE & ONSITE | Amsterdam | Full Time

• Javascript (Angular/React)

• Python (Django)

• Postgres

• Git


I’m Bram Geenen, co-founder of Wevolver. If you are skilled and keen on making a big positive impact then our team might be a great place for you!

Wevolver = ‘Github for Hardware’ Engineers globally use our platform to collaborate on open source or private hardware projects. Think brain-controlled robotic arms, electric urban transportation, and laser 3D printers. By enabling anyone, anywhere to develop hardware we aim to generate more innovation and empower people to create and solve challenges. Wevolver is mission-driven: we prioritize making a positive impact on people's lives and we are a transparent organization, heavily involved in open source.

Since our launch in 2014 we have build a great community of hardware developers, and the Wevolver platform (and to be more precise; the incredible work of our users) has been honored with awards such as the SXSW Innovation Award. Fast Company listed Wevolver in the 2016 Top Most Innovative Webplatforms, in between Facebook, Slack, and IBM Watson.

We are now developing a powerful version control system for hardware projects to take Wevolver to the next level. That’s where you come in.

ROLE: Work closely with our founders, developer, and community manager on functionality that directly impacts Wevolver’s growth. You’ll have autonomy and will be strongly involved in all major decisions. Furthermore:

  • architect and improve performance of our API and web-platform,
  • develop new features in a collaborative and test-driven environment,
  • maintain our databases and servers.
  We are currently on Angular 1 and will either upgrade or move to React (a decision which you can influence)
Salary range: $40K – $120K · 2.0% – 7.0% (depending on location & experience)

Job details: https://goo.gl/Zwkh4X

Contact: info@wevolver.com

Looking forward to hearing from you! On behalf of the Wevolver team; Bram Geenen

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Ultimate Software | Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, San Francisco, Toronto CA | Onsite/Remote | http://www.ultimatesoftware.com/careers

Ultimate Software has been building HR and Payroll software since 1990. We moved from selling licenses for on-premise installations to a cloud-based/subscription model in 2002. We are very passionate about building awesome tools to make people's work lives easier/better. Our motto is People First, which describes how we build our product, treat our customers and our amazing company culture.

Ultimate Software is hiring for a large number of full time development positions, including:

     - DevOps Engineers (San Francisco office)

     - Software Engineers (Java, C#)

     - Software Test Engineers, and more.
About 20% of our Product Development team works from home. We have an unbelievable benefits/401K package, so apply to Fortune’s #1 Best Tech Company to Work For in 2016 today.

Here is a link to our job postings! http://ulti.pro/29PRPAj

You can also email resumes to techcareers AT ultimatesoftware.com

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Infinite Food | Hackers / Mechanical Engineers / Applied Materials Scientists / Food Scientists and Technologists / Multilingual Multiplatform Mobile App Developers | Shenzhen | $neg + equity available | Full-time or REMOTE | http://8-food.com/

Work on what you want, within reason. Help define the company and take ownership of your chosen field.

Registered in Hong Kong, we are a small, mainland China based, international team in the mid prototyping phase, approaching prep-for-manufacturing on a novel series of distributed food service locations supporting automated food preparation and retail. You can look at them as scaled down factories, robotic chefs or one large distributed just-in-time custom food manufacturing system including the associated logistics network. Fresh ingredients and personalized customer orders in, tasty cooked food out.

We are in perfect unison with the largest trends in the sector (convenience, personalization, mobile ordering, commodification of last mile delivery), are already oversubscribed for our next investment round and are currently doubling down by moving to Shenzhen. We have great experience with China, less in manufacturing, lots in complex systems and emerging technology, and multiple successful exits globally.

Mandarin speakers well regarded, but Chinese knowledge is not required. Clear written technical communication in English is mandatory. Skills and experience first, qualifications a distant second. We respect execution.

Email in profile, please include 'Candidate: <Desired Job Title>' in subject. No recruiters.

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Apartment Therapy Media | Back End Engineer | REMOTE | http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/jobs/

The job posting in the link does a good job of describing what we do and how (if I do say so myself). Short version; No heros, no assholes, do a good job, and build stuff that allows you to sleep at night under reasonably high load. We are also a remote first team and have an emphasis on learning and development.

The hiring process is mostly blind and is designed to match how we work on a day-to-day basis. There are no whiteboard sessions or brain-teasers.

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Release Platform | Remote | Interns | Fulltime | London, UK

Technologies: HTML | CSS | JS | Ruby | Redis | Postgresql

Values: Honesty | Empathy | Self-awareness

We help brands to acquire new customers, by turning their existing customers into social media influencers.

We're a small team building a software platform that enables brands to understand and harness the power of their customers’ recommendations. Release is one of Collider’s 2016 cohort, and counts some of the brightest minds in tech & advertising as investors and advisors. Visit www.releaseplatform.com and check us out.

Interview Process:

1. Call to discover:

  - Who you are
  - Who we are
  - Can you code
2. Pair programming session to discover:

  - How well you code
  - Your approach to problem solving
  - Can we work together
Here are some projects you could help us with!

  - A/B testing in a multi-tenant environment.
  - Moving from Monolith -> Micro-services.
  - Using CQRS/ES in event-driven, asynchronous parts of our domain.
If you're interested send an email to jasper@releaseplatform.com

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BAMTech | New York, NY | (Sr.) Software Engineer || ONSITE or REMOTE, Full time

Join our team and help us drive the cord-cutting revolution! BAMTech, a subsidiary of MLB Advanced Media, isn’t just about streaming Baseball – we also manage HBO Now, NHL, Twitter NFL, Fox Sports Go, WWE, and several other content providers. You would be helping a team whose services act as the linchpin for video playback, handling new challenges of scale and speed in a rapidly growing industry. The company is aggressively expanding to meet increased demand, and you would be getting in on the ground floor of this new opportunity. You would help the team create new designs to meet our scaling demands, build out services in cloud infrastructure providers with exposure to AWS EC2, S3, Dynamo, and Kinesis, and help the team introduce new processes to scale. If you like tinkering with new technologies, have experience with high scale systems, or simply want to gain exposure to new tools, this team is a great fit. You’d be helping the team embrace microservices architecture with an emphasis on non-blocking, highly concurrent programming. Experience with Scala/Play/Akka is highly preferred, but not a requirement. With strong CS fundamentals and an entrepreneurial attitude, you’d be an asset to our team.

Apply here: http://www.mlb.com/careers/mlbam/?gh_jid=262978 Feel free to PM me for more information.

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Techincal Cofounder | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Tixit | Full Time or Half Time | Equity: 10-20% + ~$40k salary | REMOTE welcome

We're a small (9 person) team building a lightening fast extensible project management system. We're looking for a 2nd technical cofounder to accelerate the development of our product. You'd be working with me (the other technical cofounder) in designing and implementing the core backend as well the web frontend. We value our test-driven development, clear internal and external documentation, and doing things right to build and maintain momentum. Our stack is node.js and mongodb. I'm happy to chat with you over the phone or skype about what we're doing. We're just about to announce our public beta this month.

Email me at billy@tixit.me and mention you're from HN, I'd love to hear what you've been working on. Check out more info about us at https://angel.co/tixit-1 and more info about the position at https://angel.co/tixit-1/jobs/114395-technical-co-founder

Thanks, Billy Tetrud, Founder at Tixit, billy@tixit.me

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Nexiona | Frontend and backend developers | Barcelona (Spain) | REMOTE (only Europe) | http://nexiona.com

About us:

* Software development company focused 100% on professional IoT

* Young company but growing very fast (currently 17 people expecting 30 before the end of next year)

* HQ in Barcelona, office in UK and looking forward to open on GE, FR and US very soon


* Backend/frontend developers, product manager, system administrators... Open positions and apply details: https://goo.gl/EiiXGY (We are open to spontaneous applications for other positions)

* Keywords: iot, rabbitmq, mongodb, python, flask, elastic, graphite, extjs, javascript, node.js, ansible, raspberry pi, arduino, embedded, docker, cloud, agile, scrum, etc.

* Interview = culture [1h] + technical interview [1h] + coding project presentation [1h] + onsite interview [1h]

Final notes:

* g33k p30pl3 and nice atmosphere

* remote work but fully connected with workmates

* one week every 4-6 we spend time together in our Barcelona office

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Full-stack Developer & Designer | HigherMe (YC W2015 & 43North 2016) | https://higherme.com | Boston, MA, Buffalo, NY, San Francisco, CA | REMOTE/ONSITE | Full-time

HigherMe is removing the grind of finding and staffing hourly jobs. Job-seekers only have to fill out one application for thousands of jobs positions. They don’t even have to apply for jobs themselves as employers can reach out instead. Our platform helps both sides in this process with features like text-to-apply and job interview scheduling while employers can easily keep track of applicants all the way to the on-boarding process.

Our engineering department is looking for a mid/senior-level full-stack developer to begin work on a set of custom features requested by a client. Our codebase consists of React.js and PHP Laravel.

We are also seeking a designer who is able to handle both the UI and UX side of things. This position would involve crafting marketing materials, landing pages, and app flow. The designer will end up dictating a huge portion of our site's look, feel, and branding.

We’ll start the interview process with a phone interview followed by video interviews with other relevant members of the team.

Apply on Angelist: Full-stack developer: https://angel.co/higherme/jobs/235702-full-stack-developer Designer: https://angel.co/higherme/jobs/235708-ui-ux-designer

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Smokescreen | Software Engineers / Cybersecurity Researchers | India | ONSITE, REMOTE (SOME ROLES), INTERNS | www.smokescreen.io

Smokescreen brings military deception tactics to cybersecurity. We hire rockstar engineers and then get out of their way.

  - Python, Node.js, GoLang, C#
  - Windows systems programming
  - AngularJS / front-end experience
  - UNIX (BSD experience is a plus)
  - Passion for cybersecurity (past research is a plus)

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Seed (YC W15) - Online Business Banking - https://seed.co

ONSITE in San Francisco or Portland, REMOTE (US)

Role: Backend Engineer, iOS Engineer

Stack: Golang, Swift, Docker, AWS


We value core software engineering experience, so being comfortable working w/o a framework and being able to code in other languages are a big plus.


Phone intro, phone screen, onsite + technical interview, decision. We strive to complete this process within 2 weeks if a candidates schedule permits.

Apply: https://seed.co/jobs/

Please include a cover letter and mention that you found us on HN. Also feel free to reach out to me at brian at seed.co

What we do:

We’re taking on the challenge of modernizing small business banking. We’re building beautiful, easy-to-use tools for banking, invoicing, expense tracking, and more, so our members can focus on helping their businesses thrive. Those tools also need to integrate smoothly with often-antiquated banking systems, and be bank-level secure. It’s a huge challenge, but one we enjoy tackling every day.

Recent press: https://seed.co/press/

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Vector Software, Inc. | Software Engineers and Research Engineers | London, UK | ONSITE, REMOTE

Vector Software is a leading provider of innovative software testing solutions for safety and mission critical embedded applications. Software development organizations that need to solve complex quality problems use Vector Software’s VectorCAST line of products to perform dynamic software analysis.


Without sounding cliché, we offer work looking at interesting problems in the area of software engineering, compiler design and automated test. We work closely with our customers to come up with innovative (and often bespoke) solutions to problems they are facing now -- this means your work will often see immediate validation.

Within Europe, we are looking to hire:

    * Software engineers, with a focus on third-party integrations

    * Research engineers, with a focus on automated software engineering and security

    * Junior software engineers (inexperienced or graduate)

    * Interns (any duration -- reach out and we can see what we can do!)
Anyone with a background in operating systems, compiler design, formal methods or static analysis are greatly encouraged to apply! Experience with C/C++ is a must for all roles, experience with Python is a benefit.

We are predominately looking to hire for positions in our London office (the Strand, London), but we will consider exceptional remote candidates for the research engineer positions.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have an interest in any of these roles: andrew.jones [at] vectorcast.com.

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Software Engineer (Back End) | CareMessage (YC W14) | REMOTE | FullTime CareMessage is looking for a Software Engineer with Ruby on Rails experience to help build and maintain our web platform that streamlines care management and delivers interactive mobile programs to improve health outcomes. You’ll be working on exciting projects like optimizing our Sidekiq queuing system, improving and building new integrations with Twilio, building our customer analytics code, and helping improve and maintain our own API. Our engineering team follows agile principles in a test driven development process. We are a remote first team that values open collaboration and shared ownership. More Info: http://grnh.se/fhi2ql1

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Automattic (WordPress.com, Jetpack, WooCommerce, .blog, Polldaddy, Gravatar) | Search Wrangler | Full Time | REMOTE

We're a distributed company with employees in >50 countries. Help us influence search and recommendations for the 27% of the Web that runs on WordPress.

We're looking to take our search infrastructure up a few notches. A bit on what we're working on:

- We have some good distributed systems deployed that we are constantly improving: https://data.blog/2016/05/03/state-of-wordpress-com-elastics...

- Various versions of search, related posts, and recommendations have been launched over the years, but we've only recently had good enough tracking to easily test algorithm changes at our scale. Lot's of new data available for improving search relevancy.

- Billion plus unique users of our search systems each month, searching in every language that humans use.

- Search is not just about the algorithm. We're working to build great user interfaces and product integrations that engage users.

No walls around the garden. Make the Open Web a smarter place.


Our hiring process can take a bit of time. Read about it here: https://www.google.com/search?q=automattic+hiring+process#q=...

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iCetana | Software Engineer | Perth, Australia | ONSITE, REMOTE, SALARY: $100k-$160k https://icetana.com/

iCetana is an anomaly detection product for surveillance video. Our clients have hundreds or thousands of cctv cameras, and are located in 10+ countries around the world. Our onsite servers stream from every cctv camera, analyse the footage in realtime and show just the interesting events to the security operators. There's lots of opportunity to travel if you'd like to - we fly out and visit all our clients.

We've just raised a series B, and we're looking to grow our team in Perth or remote for the right candidates.

We're looking for mid to senior engineers with experience in computer vision and machine learning, and proficient with several of C++/Java/Python/CUDA/Linux.

If you're interested please email Will (will@icetana.com) and mention HN.

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Ring Leader Solutions | Full Stack Developer | REMOTE | Full Time | http://ringleadersolutions.com/

Ring Leader Solutions is a software consultancy focused on delivering excellent bespoke solutions to clients in the finance and energy sectors. We're based in London, but we primarily work remotely. We're a small team right now, looking to expand as we win more projects with our client - the UK's largest purchaser of independent energy generation and leading supplier of renewable energy.

In addition to our bespoke solutions work, we're also working on a regulatory compliance product - aimed at helping organisations in these sectors react to regulation changes more rapidly. If you're from a consultancy background looking for the opportunity to sink your teeth into a product, or vice versa, you could be the person for us!

We typically work with C# or Java on the back end, and we find ourselves increasingly building React and Redux based front ends, but we recognise the futility of forcing a hard language requirement. If you're a passionate technologist who can demonstrate skill, ambition and (perhaps most importantly) an insatiable hunger to learn, we want to hear from you.

If you're interested, shoot us an email at talent@ringleadersolutions.com. Mention HN in the subject line!

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Symphony Commerce | SF | ONSITE REMOTE https://symphonycommerce.com

Symphony Commerce builds a multi-tenant platform that hosts large online ecommerce sites for major brands (Pepsi, Fiji Water, and many more.) Our platform is built in Java, hosted in our own AWS environment, and augmented by a small NodeJS application layer for client-specific work.

We're hiring a number of senior roles, and are looking for people who have experience building multi-client platforms and who have had a hand designing the APIs, SDKs, and configurations needed to enable customers to tailor them to their own use case(s).

Open roles include:

- Principal Engineer, Platform Extensibility (API, SDK) - Principal Engineer, Content Management Tools - Principal Engineer, Fulfillment Orchestration - Principal Engineer, Platform and Infrastructure - Senior Engineer, Fulfillment - Senior Engineer, Payments and Order Management

If you're interested, apply here https://jobs.lever.co/symphonycommerce .

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Aha! (http://www.aha.io) | Rails / Front End / Security / UX | REMOTE

Aha! is looking for experienced Ruby on Rails, Javascript and front-end engineers to develop rich interactive experiences in React with a Rails backend. Aha! is the #1 tool for product managers to plan strategy and roadmaps.

In additional to core engineering roles, we are also looking for a security engineer and UX designer to join our team.

Aha! is profitable, you can work from anywhere in North America and we offer excellent benefits. We use our own product to manage our work (which is especially rewarding), we deploy continuously and we are developing in Rails/CoffeeScript/React/d3. Our entire team is remote - primarily in US and Canada.

http://www.aha.io | email: engineering-jobs@aha.io

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AlterEgo (https://cyberalterego.com) | FrontEnd Engineer | Copywriter | Bucharest, Romania | REMOTE

AlterEgo is generating aliases for personal information with a single click. We're growing our team of 5 with 1 additional engineer.

Our Stack: Microsoft Azure, C#, JavaScript, BootStrap

More info, send an email to hello@cyberalterego.com with the subject HN.

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AddStructure - https://addstructure.com - Chicago / NYC / Remote

AddStructure is an NLP company, building the future of voice-driven commerce for some of the world's largest retailers. We pride ourselves in providing a great work/life balance, and if you're interested in the future of natural language technology, you'll love the problems we're solving. You can be onsite or remote but must be located in the domestic United States (no visa sponsorship available).

If interested, please email jobs@addstructure.com.

Currently seeking:

* UI/UX designer - creatives needed to help design the future of hybrid voice/visual interfaces

* Senior full-stack developer - significant experience with any of: Node, Java, C#, AWS, Postgresql

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Gravitational (YS S15) | Devops | San Francisco & Toronto | ONSITE REMOTE https://gravitational.com

Gravitational, an early stage systems & cloud startup in San Francisco, is looking for ambitious and talented people. We are well-funded by fantastic Silicon Valley investors. We are an experienced team: we founded Mailgun[1] which was acquired by Rackspace, we created Vulcand[2] and some other cool stuff at Rackspace and are authors of Teleport[3], Telekube[4] and Teleconsole[5]

  * DevOps/Implementation services (Terraform, Linux, Kubernetes, Go, Ansible)
Locations: San Francisco, Toronto, (Remote is OK for senior engineers)

Details: https://github.com/gravitational/careers/

Contact: jobs@gravitational.com

[1] https://www.mailgun.com

[2] https://github.com/vulcand/vulcand

[3] https://github.com/gravitational/teleport

[4] https://gravitational.com/telekube

[5] https://www.teleconsole.com/

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ActiveSphere | Bangalore | ONSITE | Full Time


We're a consulting company. Most of our current work is in JavaScript (React, Angular 2, TypeScript), but we have written code in Elxir, Go, Ruby, Erlang, Haskell, Scheme, Elisp, D3. We built a tunneling solution in Go, a Chat Server in Erlang, a Font converter in Haskell, a DynamoDB emulator in Ruby, a Remote debugger (in JavaScript, and Go), a Youtube annotation extension in JavaScript and more.

Some of our client and personal work is described here.



The interview process usually involves a programming problem followed by a few rounds of telephonic/in-person conversations. If you're interested, please do reach out to us at career[at]activesphere.com.

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iC Consult | Germany (Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Essen...) | Onsite, Remote | Full-Time

We are a still rapidly growing security consultancy (about 200 persons in total), specialising in identity and access management solutions and integrations. If you've got some security background, know your way around a linux box, have some coding/architecture experience, and are not too shy to go meet a client from time to time, we would like to get acquainted.

We are looking for candidates at all levels of experience!

Fluent German is really important for us. Readiness to travel is optional (and I mean it - you don't have to if you don't want to). If you've got experience with anything IAM related (be it open source or proprietary) including but not limited to OAuth, SCIM, OIDC, even just plain LDAP, that's an advantage for you. If interested, drop an email to Georgi (that's me) with a reference to HN. My email is kehaiov at ic-consult dot com.

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Ably | Full time | Remote | Ideally Europe

Ably is a realtime data delivery platform solving distributed problems at scale for businesses like Yahoo, Offerup and Computer Associates.

We have our base in London, but mostly work remotely on flexible time. Every day we solve truly challenging distributed and scalability problems that go well beyond what common frameworks, languages and platforms address. If you enjoy taxing your brain, managing your time, having your code reviewed by like minded people, working with a range of technologies and getting shit done, then we think you might just fit in and enjoy yourself!

Find out more about Ably at https://www.ably.io

We have two roles currently we are trying to fill:

- Realtime systems engineer - https://www.wfh.io/jobs/3630-node-go-distributed-systems-eng...

- Web developer with Rails focus - https://www.wfh.io/jobs/3631-full-stack-ruby-rails-developer...

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Dgraph.io (https://dgraph.io) | Backend Engineer, Golang | Sydney, Australia | ONSITE, REMOTE | Full time

You will be responsible for the design, architecture, and implementation of our native and distributed open source graph database, Dgraph (https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph).

Apply at https://boards.greenhouse.io/dgraph

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Drivy | Android Engineer | Paris, France | ONSITE, REMOTE, Full-time, https://en.drivy.com/jobs, https://drivy.engineering

We believe shared cars are a better way to move around, offering more flexibility and more convenience. We are already the #1 car rental marketplace in Europe, and we believe the adoption will be 100 times larger in just a few years. We are present in several countries, have great mobile apps, and kick-ass hardware. And we're just getting started.

We're looking for someone who is not only well versed in Android development, but also has a strong understanding of good UX. Link to the job offer - https://www.drivy.com/jobs/57caa312-85cc-4ab2-b0ba-0402affc5...

We're also looking for Backend and Full-Stack developers.

Engineering Blog - https://drivy.engineering

Please apply via the above link and mention Hacker News!

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Silicon Valley Bank | API Banking Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite / Remote (US) http://docs.svbplatform.com

Enable the world of FinTech by building public APIs for commercial banking. We're using clojure & postgres to expose brand new, easy to use, well documented RESTful interfaces for clients. Among other projects we work on, our small team created the technical integration with Stripe that powers Atlas (https://stripe.com/atlas). Our team consists of former Facebook, Disqus, and Standard Treasury (YC S13) engineers; startups are in our DNA.

With an aggressive roadmap of new products we'd like to launch in 2017, we're looking to expand our team to help deliver new APIs. While we don't currently have any full time remote employees on our team, we are open to remote US-based engineers helping us become a fully-distributed team.

Our interview process is designed to be respectful of your time; we have a short (~1h quiz) to get a baseline assessment of your technical skills, followed by a broader parsing problem (~4h project) to understand how you solve technical problems in a more realistic scenario. Both steps can be submitted on your schedule. These code samples minimize complications with whiteboard interviews and establish a consistent sample for all applicants.

Unfortunately, we're not able to provide detailed feedback on individual submissions, and we can't sponsor visas at this time.

This is the third or fourth month in a row that we're posting this same job post, and we have met many great folks (especially those as enthusiastic about Clojure as we are!), some of whom have joined our team. We've grown and will continue to grow as we build this product into a world-class banking API. Come join us!

Separately, we have a product manager role now available as well, where you can help us define and execute against the aggressive roadmap we have in front of us. More info on that role is available here: http://docs.svbplatform.com/jobs/pm.html

Contact Mike at api-jobs@svb.com for more information and to apply.

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PagerDuty - Multiple Roles - San Francisco, Toronto, Remote - Full Time

We are hiring across the entire stack and are building a product that tangibly makes engineers lives easier. We're hiring for backend/frontend/infrastructure/security.

If you want to work on something that helps you and your peers on a regular basis, get in touch.

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Muck Rack - Remote

We're looking for a senior backend developer that's worked on a complex, high-traffic site, particularly at a startup or software-as-a-service company. Our tech stack includes Python, Django, Celery, SASS, Redis, Elasticsearch, Nginx, Gunicorn, Varnish, and Ansible.

About us: Muck Rack (muckrack.com) offers tools that help media professionals find and contact the most relevant journalists for their stories, and monitor how their stories perform.

Details: http://sawhorsemedia.com/jobs/senior-software-engineer.html

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Sourceress | Writer | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | REMOTE Full-time Contract

We're a (human-assisted) AI sourcing platform that delivers great results (customer quote: "I'd have a panic attack if you guys stopped existing"). Our goal is to help people move to employers that value their talent, and make hiring easy for companies who do work that matters. We don’t cure cancer, but we help companies that do ;) One founder previously sold a company and published NLP papers; the other was Chief of Staff at Dropbox. We have a real business, customers, and revenue, with machine learning problems that are core to our product.

Position: Writer

We're searching for writers with strong technical fluency and a sincere, enthusiastic tone to write emails to technical folks (software engineers, product managers, product designers, etc.). Our customers are tech companies with a diverse set of products and technologies, so you'll learn about a ton of different technologies.

If you'd like a great remote job that allows you to learn more about technology and you share our values (https://goo.gl/YatLLp), email kanjun+hn@sourceress.co

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Zerocopter - https://www.zerocopter.com | Amsterdam, NL | Fulltime, REMOTE / ONSITE

Zerocopter is an Amsterdam-based company specialized in helping companies secure their (web) applications. We expose vulnerabilities using a dedicated worldwide crew of white-hat hackers, advanced scanners and running responsible disclosure programs.

We are a team of 14 people based in Amsterdam and Assen. Don't let our size fool you: we are providing solutions to companies (very) big and small. Security has become a top-of-mind topic in boardrooms and Zerocopter has established itself as a trusted and highly skilled company.

Zerocopter is looking for a Ruby on Rails developer. You will be able to work on all aspects of our systems, front-end as well as back-end. We have a strong sense of keeping things simple, we don't have many meetings and each member of the dev team has the opportunity to design and contribute to important features.

@recruiters: we're not interested.


  - Solid grasp of a dynamically typed language such as Ruby or Python
  - Several years of experience with a web development framework like Rails or Django
  - Good UNIX skills
  - Sufficient git fu
  - If you are remote: your timezone should be +/- 2 hours Central European Time and you should live close to Amsterdam (less than 2 hours flight time) due to meetings.
Want to join this killer team? https://zerocopter.recruitee.com/o/software-engineer/c/new

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Viking Education | Course Mentor | Remote | Part Time | http://www.vikingcodeschool.com

Viking Code School is a 100% online development bootcamp driven by the mission of launching a million high-growth careers around the world regardless of a student’s location, prior experience or economic standing.

Our mentor-led Flex Program pairs students with industry veterans who perform weekly code reviews as part of the learning process. It is a great chance to pass on your knowledge without leaving your day job (or your house). As a mentor, you work with your mentee(s) during their full time in the course, which typically takes between 6-12 months to finish. You meet with your mentee 1-3 times per week for code review and can work with anywhere from 1 to 10+ students, depending on desire and ability.

Our back end has two tracks (Ruby/Rails or Node/Express) and our front end covers JavaScript/React/Redux. As a mentor, you have access to the course materials so you can get up to speed on anything you aren't firm on.

Check-ins are compensated.


* 4+ years of professional development experience as part of an engineering team.

* Strong grounding in CS fundamentals like Data Structures and Algorithms.

* Relevant experience with CS, Ruby/Rails, SQL, JavaScript/React etc.

Email careers@vikingcodeschool.com with your CV, links and anything else that would prove your development or teaching ability and general awesomeness.

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Heap | Software Engineer | San Francisco | REMOTE https://heapanalytics.com/jobs

Heap is building analytics infrastructure for web and iOS. Unlike other tools, which require you to manually instrument code, Heap captures all user actions automatically, and then lets you answer questions retroactively. Instead of writing a bunch of new tracking code every time you want to answer a question, the data is already in Heap waiting to be analyzed.

As an engineer at Heap, you will work on our in-house distributed system that ingests billions of events a week and processes queries over 100s of terabytes of data in seconds. To learn more about our distributed system, see our talks at PGConf[1] or our recent blog post on how we index our data[2].

We have a small eng team made up of 13 engineers, nine in San Francisco, and four scattered around the globe.

Our interview process consists of a one hour technical phone interview, a three hour takehome problem, and a full day onsite in which you'll build a fake-but-plausible Heap feature.

We offer all of our employees unlimited vacation with a three week minimum.

We enjoy talking to everyone who interviews, so please apply: https://heapanalytics.com/jobs.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJLq3GV1Dyk

[2] https://blog.heapanalytics.com/running-10-million-postgresql...

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In Numero LLC | Full-stack engineer | Zurich or Taipei | Remote

We are building the core team that will work on an innovative IoT platform to be deployed in a highly regulated environment. We need a developer with proven problem-solving skills, good mathematics/statistics background and fluent English who is familiar with (or is willing to learn) the following technologies:

Elixir and Go (Golang) Angular and/or React and Redux SQL and NoSQL databases and document stores Docker and/or LXC Message queues, distributed computing API design with Swagger/OpenAPI Data science / Machine Learning / AI

If available, please provide LinkedIn and GitHub profiles.

Contact: workwithus@innumero.com

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Zapier (YC S12) | https://zapier.com/ | Infrastructure Engineer

About you -- You can cross systems, DevOps, and application software boundaries. You have a history of shipping high-quality production code in Python. You are skilled working directly on the command line. You embrace automation and take pride in building internal tools to help your team be more efficient. You are not afraid to jump into application code to ship a new feature or infrastructure code to help scale a system.

About Zapier -- For the past five years, Zapier has been helping people across the world automate the boring and tedious parts of their job. We do that by helping everyone connect the web applications they already use. We believe that there are jobs that a computer is best at doing and that there are jobs that a human is best at doing. We want to empower businesses everywhere to create processes and systems that let computers do what they are best at doing and let humans do what they are best at doing.


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Manifold | Frontend Engineers and Fullstack Engineers | Halifax, NS | Remote, Fulltime, https://www.manifold.co

At Manifold, we help developers discover and use innovative tools and technologies; so you can focus on building, not managing, your applications. Each new cloud service we use today introduces complexity in the form of another bill, account to manage, credential to secure, and code to deploy.

Today we’re solving this problem through Torus and the Manifold platform. Torus simplifies your development workflow by enabling you to store, share, and organize secrets across services and environments. While, Manifold allows you to build and offer cloud services to developers without having to worry about billing, identity, and credential distribution (An example of one such service: JawsDB).

We’re a small, remote-friendly venture-backed company based in Halifax, Canada with teams in Toronto and San Francisco. With a shared passion for making developers lives easier and our backgrounds reflect that, having worked at the likes of Red Hat, Heroku, and Salesforce.

Senior Front-End Engineer apply at https://jobs.alongside.com/details/senior-frontend-engineer/...

Fullstack Engineer apply at https://jobs.alongside.com/details/full-stack-engineer/21147

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handcheque | Senior Backend/Frontend/Embedded | Vienna, Austria | Full Time, Remote Possible

handcheque (https://handcheque.com/) will simplify the wallet by combining all payment and loyalty cards into one. We are currently raising a seed round and are looking for principal engineers in the three main areas of development who would report directly to the CTO (me).

We have a hardware prototype that is working and agreements with MasterCard in place.

Our stack will be:

Backend: Clojure/Cassandra/Docker

Frontend: Ionic or React(Native)

Embedded: TI MSP430 and CC2640

If you are interested just mail me at christoph.witzany@handcheque.com

At that time we are only interested in people to join the team as full time employes. Please no consultnacies :)

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We're hiring like crazy at Serverless!

Serverless, Inc. | Infrastructure Engineer, Serverless Platform | Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/EbyRmK

Serverless, Inc. | Infrastructure Engineer, Serverless Platform | San Francisco | Full-time | https://goo.gl/WazBv9

Serverless, Inc. | Product Manager (Technical), Serverless Framework | San Francisco | Full-time | https://goo.gl/4UUcgR

Serverless, Inc. | Data Engineer | San Francisco, Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/R2a6cN

Serverless, Inc. | Developer Advocate (Community) | San Francisco, Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/L0uYRS

Serverless, Inc. | Growth Engineer | San Francisco, Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/SnducQ

Serverless, Inc. | Visual Designer | San Francisco, Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/eiVzEQ

Join our fast growing team at Serverless. We’re a close-knit team with half of us in San Francisco and half of us distributed. We’re well funded and work with some of the best VCs in Silicon Valley to bring our vision to life of simplifying software down to functions and events. Perks include unlimited paid time off, paid family leave, working with an awesome team of passionate individuals, and having a ton of autonomy and ownership of whatever you are working on.

To see all the jobs we have listed check out: https://jobs.lever.co/serverless.

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Basecamp | Ops/Sysadmin| Chicago, IL | REMOTE, Full-time, https://basecamp.com/

Basecamp solves the critical problems that every growing business deals with. We say it’s the saner, calmer, organized way to manage projects and communicate company-wide.

Basecamp Ops is responsible for infrastructure across 3 colocation sites in the United States and use both Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services too. We're heavily a Ruby on Rails shop though there's a few other languages hanging around in our deployments. If you are passionate about delivering fast and reliable sites at an awesome company that will respect you and help you grow personally and professionally please get in touch: https://basecamp.workable.com/j/A5A189B311. (Oh yeah we have amazing benefits too: https://m.signalvnoise.com/employee-benefits-at-basecamp-d2d...)

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Front Row Education -- San Francisco, CA -- https://www.frontrowed.com

* Senior Backend Engineer (REMOTE): https://frontrow.workable.com/j/463B843754

* Senior Frontend Engineer (REMOTE): https://frontrow.workable.com/j/0BE3FFDE8C

Come change how 6.5+ million US students learn Math and Language Arts. Use data, advanced type systems, great product design and deep pedagogy to change lives.

World class, tight-knit colocated + distributed engineering team in continental US. One of the world's highest traffic Haskell products out there, 100% of backend and tools are in Haskell.

Big presence and stewardship of the Open Source community.

Use the best and simplest tools for the job, maintain the no-firefighting culture, sleep soundly at night.

Front Row is a venture funded, revenue generating Series-A YCombinator 2013 startup.

Keywords: Haskell, React.JS, FlowType, Ansible, AWS, PostgreSQL

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Abine - The Online Privacy Co | Full stack dev's | Boston, MA & REMOTE | PART-TIME, https://www.abine.com

Interested in working on solutions that delivery better online privacy using a "full-stack" approach that incorporates tracker blocking and anti-fingerprinting, identity/password management and e-commerce payments?

We've had good success hiring a few dev's full-time from HN - thanks HN! Now, unlike many posters, we'd like to bring on a few part-time dev's who are willing to commit 15-30 hours weekly for at least 6-12 months, probably leading to full time.

While Boston is preferred, we are open to anyone from anywhere who has both relevant skills and genuine interested in the problem. Compensation will be a mix of cash and equity and full-time employment eventually would be not only possible but ideal.

Technically we are Javascript-heavy regex-parsing heavy extension-based + ios and Android Apps, Ruby server-side with increasing attention to machine-learning and recursive feedback loops.

Please no recruiters - jobs [at] getabine dotcom.

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FreeAgent, Edinburgh and REMOTE (UK-only)


At FreeAgent we help freelancers and micro-businesses be more successful by putting them in control of their company finances.

We have built an award-winning online accounting product that offers full end-to-end compliance, from time tracking to tax return filing. We're based in beautiful Edinburgh and we're growing from strength to strength with over 52,000 paying customers and strong YoY growth. Our NPS is off the charts (72!) - customers love what we do!

We're a growing team of over 130 people, and recently became a public company listed on AIM ($FREE.L). The majority of our team are based in Edinburgh but we have staff distributed across the UK. If you want to help us make small businesses awesome at doing their finances, we're have dozens of new opportunities in our product and engineering team. Our stack is currently Ruby/Rails, JavaScript, React.js, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch.

Here's a condensed list of current vacancies in our engineering organisation:

* Data scientist

* Full-stack engineers

* Senior operations engineer

* Head of Information Security

You can apply directly via the website – https://www.freeagent.com/company/careers – or feel free to get in touch with our VP Engineering directly: maria [at] freeagent [dot] com.

(We are looking for UK-based full-time staff only right now)

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Aquila | Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer | SF, NYC | REMOTE, CONTRACT https://aquilacashflow.com

About Aquila:

We are back to who's hiring after taking on great talent from this post. Thank you for reading. We are a bleeding Edge FinTech Innovation. We automate receivables finance underwriting & collections for small, high-risk businesses that no one else will touch. We use datascience (K-Means clustering & OLS) and platform engineering to make business financing as automated and as fast as possible. We also leverage our prior expertise (SericaTrading) in bitcoin blockchain and HD wallet cryptography to do amazing new things for our customers.

Our team:

Engineers, data scientists and product experts. Our platform is built on Ruby, Go, Python Postgres & JavaScript. We hire onsite and remote. We're a fast-moving, fast talking team.

Our Requirements:

* Demonstrated passion for Fintech innovation, Opensource contributions, blockchains, and datascience

* Passion for Test driven development and continuous learning

* Enjoyment of the wild startup rodeo. Yee haw!

* No Fear of the edge of FinTech datascience and engineering

Our Stack:

* Ruby on Rails

* Python

* Clojure/Go

* JavaScript

* PostgreSQL


Our Interview Process: * Github & code review -> Founder interview -> Team interview + test -> Decision for either 2-week trial or immediate hire.


* Senior Ruby on Rails Software Engineer

* Machine Learning Engineer

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Takt | Data Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-time, ONSITE preferred, but REMOTE is an option for senior candidates. Takt also has open positions for Systems and Infrastructure Engineer, Haskell Engineer, Data Scientist, Product Managers/Designers, and more. Check them out at http://takt.com/careers. Here is the Data Engineer job description:

Takt is seeking data engineers to help develop our flagship product. Our platform learns and adapts to people's preferences, habits, and feedback—orchestrating highly relevant experiences that are truly unique to each person. Our vision will change the way people engage across multiple industries, be it retail, finance, or healthcare.

We share your passion for using data to solve complex problems. You understand that legacy code is the work you did yesterday. You'll work in small, self-sufficient teams with a common goal: deliver excellent software anchored in an agile culture of quality, delivery, and innovation. Contact mightybyte at the google mail service for more information.

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Farsight Security | Senior Distributed Systems Engineer | San Mateo, CA, USA | REMOTE | Full-Time

We operate the largest passive DNS monitoring infrastructure and database (DNSDB), among some other unique & cool Internet security products. More on the company: https://www.farsightsecurity.com/about-farsight-security/

More on the job: https://www.farsightsecurity.com/about-farsight-security/job...

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Axiom Zen is an award-winning venture studio. Our products have made “Best of the Year” lists (Apple; The Next Web), and are used by the world’s leading companies – including Adobe, Sony, Starbucks, Phillips, and SEGA. In 2015 alone, our work was featured in TIME, The New York Times, USA Today, and Wired.

We just made the cover of Canadian Business' 2016 "Most Innovative Companies in Canada".

- (URGENT) Backend Engineers - Golang (Contract OK) - http://grnh.se/g68jqn1

- Sr. Frontend Engineer - AngularJS (Contract OK) - http://grnh.se/vumlq61

- UI Engineers / CSS Experts (Contract OK) - http://grnh.se/ykc3qn1

- UX/Product Designers - http://grnh.se/1y3txb1

- Lead Project Managers - http://grnh.se/7udpje1

- Sports Product Manager - http://grnh.se/i6pjo01

Don’t see an opening that matches your skills?

Apply at http://grnh.se/j16n8w and provide us with your own job description.


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Hadean Supercomputing | RESEARCH ENGINEER (Big Data) | London, UK | Full-time | 50/50 ONSITE/Remote | VISA

Hadean is redesigning the compute stack from the bare metal up for distributed computing, allowing to run algorithms on any data set at any scale with no additional engineering.

We’re looking for a brilliant research engineer to our team.

You should:

- Live and breathe C, C++, or Rust

- Have a good CS degree

- Be able to work at various levels of stack, high-level to low-level debugging or disassembly

Please match ≥6 of the following:

You have experience with:

- Realising ambitious, self-directed projects

- Implementing complex algorithms

- Coding in a shared/distributed memory parallelism

- Parallel programming at scale

- MPI or other message-passing

- Akka

- Erlang

- Designing/implementing high-level API and abstractions

- Working on varied problems, high level and low

- Concurrency, like multi-threading or goroutines

- Low-level/assembly-linking knowledge

- Packet-level communication

Drop us an email at jobs@hadean.com

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CareMessage (YC W14) | QA Automation Engineer | REMOTE | Full Time | http://caremessage.org

CareMessage is looking for a QA Automation Engineer to help with manual and automated quality assurance of the CareMessage web application and API. You will be responsible for entire features and will be a full member of the CareMessage Engineering team. Our team believes in an Agile development environment, test driven development. Our tools of choice are Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, and we place an emphasis on open collaboration and ownership. We're using Protractor for automated frontend testing so knowledge in that is a plus. When something isn’t working, we’re not afraid to throw it out and try something new - so if you have exciting ideas about the QA process and how to make your own job even easier, you’ll fit right in. All of our developers and QA engineers are working from a remote location.

Apply here: http://grnh.se/lt3wim

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Retrium | Full-Stack Javascript Engineer | U.S. Only | REMOTE, SALARY:70k-130k, https://www.retrium.com/jobs

* U.S.-based applicants only please! *

Retrium is looking for a senior full-stack developer to help us build out our amazing agile retrospectives platform. We need someone who has hands-on experience with our tech stack (Node+React+Redux+ES6) preferably in a fast paced startup environment.

We're a startup and things move pretty fast around here. It's exciting. It's also relatively unstructured; it's on you to figure out the best way to get things done.

We care deeply about the developer experience. As a result, we regularly pay off our tech debt and review new technologies that makes development enjoyable and effective.

The team is small and close-knit. We have fun. Everyone has a ton of responsibility. And people love working here!

Retrium is a fully distributed/remote company. Work from home, or from a coworking spot. It's up to you. We Slack a lot and we love Sococo for our virtual office. Some people love the idea of working remotely; some don't. Make sure you do.

This job isn't for everyone. We're looking for a truly senior level contributor who can thrive in a fast-paced, remote work environment. Think that sounds like you? We'd love to hear from you.

Please submit your application via https://angel.co/retrium/jobs/186672-full-stack-javascript-e...

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StackShare | Full-time | REMOTE OK (U.S. only)

We’re on a mission to create the best place for engineers to figure out how to piece together their tech stack. Our vision is to transform the way that SaaS tools and infrastructure are bought and sold.

We're looking for an experienced front-end focused engineer that's passionate about dev tools: https://angel.co/stackshare/jobs/186787-front-end-react-soft.... Must be familiar with both React and Rails.

We're a small distributed team of 4, spread out across the US. Our Stack: Ruby/Rails/React/PostgreSQL https://stackshare.io/stackshare.

How we work:

Every engineer owns and is responsible for the products they build. Before writing any code, the engineer tagged to the product writes a blog post announcing it to the StackShare community. From there, they spec out the product in detail and get feedback from at least one other engineer. Once the initial version of the product is built they ship it to a small group of beta testers, gather feedback, and iterate. Once the product has shipped to production, this engineer is then responsible for monitoring the metrics that matter for this product and iterating to improve it.

Interview process:

Phone screen -> technical interview -> code project -> product interview -> final interview -> offer letter!

Apply via AngelList or email us at careers+HN@stackshare.io - if you're emailing us please include your resume and/or LinkedIn profile URL!

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GitLab| Engineering and Non-Engineering Roles| Remote Only | Fulltime| https://about.gitlab.com/jobs/

We're currently hiring a recruiter, a security specialist, sales development reps, and director level positions, see https://about.gitlab.com/jobs/ We're a remote only company so everyone can participate and contribute equally. GitLab Community Edition is an open-source Ruby on Rails project with over 1000 contributors.

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ZipRecruiter - https://ziprecruiter.com - Santa Monica (LA area) - REMOTE OK for SOME positions so please inquiry.

Our goal is to create the best online services for placing and finding jobs. We bootstrapped for the first four years, growing to 600+ employees as of January 2017!

We have a number of open positions:

- Senior Perl Software Engineer, Santa Monica, CA - Senior Python Software Engineer, Santa Monica, CA - Software Engineer (Generalist Perl, Python, Java), Santa Monica, CA - Software Engineer (Generalist Perl, Python, Java), Tempe, AZ - Senior Data Warehouse DBA, Santa Monica, CA - Linux Systems Administrator, Santa Monica, CA

We're growing rapidly and have a large customer base (primarily small and medium sized businesses). We have interesting problems to solve in the areas of search, yield management, analytics, scalability and new product development.

f you'd like to learn more, please visit https://www.ziprecruiter.com/hiring/technology or email us at techjobs@ziprecruiter.com.

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Senior Fullstack Engineer | Javascript, Node, Mongo, SPA | San Francisco (SF) | Onsite / Remote | Visa

At Localize we're creating a new way for companies to expand their products and services into new markets by simplifying the translation of websites and applications. Small startup offering the perks and stability of a big company.

Apply: https://bit.ly/localize-apply | jobs@localizejs.com

3x revenue growth in 2016 (7-figure). 8 person team. We value positive work culture and sustainable business models fueled by customer growth (we love our investors as much as we love customers who invest in us).

We're looking for senior engineers with 3-7+ years experience. Expert level Javascript experience. Management experience a plus. Competitive salary, equity, 401k + 4% matching, company-paid insurance (health, dental, vision, life), 3 weeks PTO, paternity & maternity leave, plus the standard free food + beanbags ;)

You should be excited by:

  —  Working in a complex, evolving codebase written in Javascript, Node, MongoDB, Redis, hosted on AWS

  —  Large-scale applications (we reach millions of end-users per-day)

  —  Native browser APIs, deep understanding of Javascript (w/o jQuery or frameworks)

  —  Understanding of unit / integration testing, TDD, and security + user privacy best practices.

  —  Learn quickly, act autonomously, think analytically.
Learn more: https://localizejs.com/

Apply: https://bit.ly/localize-apply

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Hotjar is a young startup that embraces remote working and personal development.

Hotjar's culture is driven by transparency, respect, open discussion, collaboration and blunt and direct feedback. We have several positions open.

Hotjar | Big Data Engineer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | AngularJS Developer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | Full Stack Developer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | Python Developer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | Product Designer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | User Interface Designer (Europe) | Remote

Information about all roles can be found on our careers page: http://careers.hotjar.com/

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Kira Systems | Clojure Developer | Toronto, Canada | Full-time | Onsite | Remote | https://kirasystems.com

We're hiring Clojure developers to work in all places within our stack and welcome candidates at all experience levels. Don't know Clojure but would like to? We welcome you too. Remote is ok, we have flexible working hours, and we offer a relocation bonus for those wanting to move to our headquarters in Toronto.

Kira Systems is a fast-growing Toronto-based software company. Our mission is to empower enterprises through intuitive, easy-to-use software tools for uncovering relevant information in contracts. The Kira application is built upon our own proprietary, state-of-the-art machine learning technology. Our customers include some of the world’s best law firms, professional service firms, and corporations. They use Kira to quickly and accurately review and analyze contracts for due diligence, real estate and financial transactions, as well as contract management.

Apply at https://kirasystems.com/careers#op-162601-clojure-developer. We're also hiring for many other roles https://kirasystems.com/careers.

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Stacktical | DevOps Infrastructure Engineer | Paris, Worldwide | REMOTE, FULL TIME, CONTRACT, https://stacktical.com

Stacktical helps companies of all sizes do Capacity Planning effortlessly, using predictive technologies and AI.

We are looking for an Infrastructure Engineer in full DevOps capacity to accompany our customers in their IT management endeavours, and actively participate in building the Stacktical SaaS platform.

Key responsibilities include the following: - Maintenance of servers and microservices, including critical production environments, in Cloud and other hosting configurations (dedicated, vps and shared).

- Ensure the availability, performance and scalability of applications in respect of proven design and architecture best practices.

- Design and execute Capacity Planning strategies that ensure the scalability and the elasticity of the infrastructure.

- Manage a portfolio of applications, their lifecycle and optimize their Continuous Integration and Delivery workflows (CI/CD).

- Automate the Quality & Reliability Testing of applications (Unit Tests, Integration Tests, System Tests).

If you are interested in working using great technology, with a no-bs mindset team of digital nomads, please contact us at founders+me@stacktical.com with the subject “Working at Stacktical”.

A full description of this opportunity is available at http://bit.ly/workatstacktical-devops This is a fully remote position. As such, salary / equity / benefits will depend on location among other characteristics. Happy to have your take on this :)

Keywords: DevOps, Capacity Planning, Scalability, Performance (load) Testing, SRE, CI, CD, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure, Microservices, Python, R, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, AI, Beach

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Udacity | Lead Software Engineer - Data & Senior Software Engineer - Data (2 positions) | Mountain View, CA |FULL TIME | REMOTE, VISA

https://jobs.lever.co/udacity/5e67991b-5203-481d-88d5-49d8c1... https://jobs.lever.co/udacity/0d181f2a-6704-4e61-a176-8b0cb4...

Do you a vision and chops for architecting data infrastructure from scratch?

Data @ Udacity is an small team but we have a lot of exciting challenges. We currently have one engineer on the team and are looking for two (or possibly three) more. The team also has 9 data analysts and a data scientist. Scope of work involves architecting and building data pipelines with tools such as Kafka, Kinesis, Redshift, Airflow etc. We are at the very early stages of engineering design so there's a lot of creative freedom. Come join us and help us meaningfully impact the lives of millions of students across the world.

Udacity has about 25% of employees who work remotely including many engineers. We have a good culture of remote work; you won't be alone working remotely!

- Knowledge of Kafka and Zookeeper. Experience with writing Kafka consumers and/or producers.

- Prior experience with AWS Redshift and/or PostgreSQL preferred.

- Knowledge of Linux, network and file system, and database level troubleshooting.

- Ability to manage, mentor, and grow a team

- Experience in Python/Java.

Please email praveen@udacity.com with your resume and/or questions

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Blackstorm | Engineer | SALARY: $140k - $220k | San Francisco Bay area (SF) | Tokyo, Japan | VISA REMOTE

Blackstorm is building the world's most advanced javascript game engine, among other cool products like an IDE (js.io) We are hiring senior engineers who can tackle architecture and APIs for our game engine on a small team of 3-4 folks. Blackstorm has raised more then $30M, and we have more than a million users per engineer at the company.

For flavor: our last project was to use redux as a server state timeline for 10M+ active players; before that we used code mods to port it from our propriety module and class system to es6. There are numerous projects coming up, such as first class typescript support to facilitate better tooling and API documentation, a facial tracking/AR engine, and a react-powered webgl-based UI system.

We have projects for hosted real-time multiplayer gaming, social gaming, cross-compilation to native platforms, and many other core infrastructure tools that we would welcome your support on defining and creating.

Our technologies engine have already been in front of tens of millions of users, and we're adding millions of new users monthly. This is a high leverage position, and very senior. We welcome remote for certain folks, because we're looking to build the best small engineering team in the world.

We are also actively looking for folks across range of leadership roles in product, engineering, and operations.

Please email keela@blackstormlabs.com

Subject: Blackstorm Engineering: YOUR NAME HERE

Please include a personal note about your background and interests so we can prioritize your application!

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TalkJS | Experienced programmer | Eindhoven, the Netherlands | Fulltime | ONSITE/REMOTE | https://talkjs.com

TalkJS lets online businesses add user-to-user chat to their app or site with 0 effort. We're a young startup and looking to hire full-time employee #2 and #3.

WE OFFER: full autonomy in both code and UX design; a chance to grow into CTO-level role as the company grows; work in a senior-only product team so no babysitting interns; full architecture responsibility; super open and supportive company culture. Work with modern tech including Elixir, React, TypeScript, Postgres. No problem if some of these are new for you, you're smart, eager, and you learn fast.

YOU ARE: Full-stack attitude with a soft spot for good UX. You know at least 2 programming languages. Your friends or colleagues call you an experienced programmer. You live at most 3 hours travel away from Eindhoven so you can easily come in to the office every once in a while¹.

If you're interested, visit https://talkjs.com and hit us up on our chat.

¹) Note that Eindhoven has a great airport where many low-costers land so this includes much of Europe.

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FormAssembly | Lead Software Engineer (PHP) - REMOTE or Bloomington, Indiana, United States.

We run FormAssembly.com, a leading form building and data processing service. Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on us to capture the data they need quickly and securely.

We're lean, bootstrapped, profitable, and growing rapidly - thanks to our impressive roster of customers.

We’re looking for a talented and passionate Lead Software Engineer to improve and expand our web-based application.

In this role you will:

* Work on our PHP stack (PHP, NGINX, MySQL, JS), and occasionally on new projects with a clean slate.

* Collaborate closely with our Product Manager to streamline development and set the technical direction.

* Lead and mentor other developers, through code reviews, supportive feedback, and by involving them in technical decisions. 
 We are a remote-first company. Our team is spread across 5 different countries and a dozen US states. You're also welcome, of course, to work from Bloomington, Indiana, where our headquarter is located. It's been named one of the best cities for doing business and is the #7 in the US for best places to bike!

Position is full-time, local or remote. Compensation includes health benefits, 401K and 4 weeks paid vacations.

To apply, please go to: https://formassembly.workable.com/j/C56B721331

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Instructure | Mobile Software Engineer in Test | Salt Lake City, UT | REMOTE, SALARY:90k-120kUSD, instructure.com/careers/

I'm looking for a remote mobile automation architect to work on tools and infrastructure. The mobile apps, server, and automation are open source. On Android we're using Kotlin and Espresso with builds on Bitrise and tests running on Firebase test lab. For iOS we're using Swift and EarlGrey with builds and tests on Buddybuild. This is a great opportunity to learn cutting edge mobile technology. If you have any questions, email me at medwards@instructure.com

* Languages: Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective C, JavaScript, Ruby

* Tech stack: Espresso, EarlGrey, React Native, Buddybuild, Bitrise

Apply here:


GitHub Repos:




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TalkJS | VP of Sales & Marketing | Eindhoven, the Netherlands | Fulltime | ONSITE/REMOTE | https://talkjs.com

TalkJS lets online businesses add user-to-user chat to their app or site with 0 effort. We're a young startup and looking to hire full-time employee #2 and #3.

WE OFFER: opportunity to build up a fantastic sales & marketing organization from scratch; founder-level control over growth strategy; coaching our growing team of interns and junior sales reps; full appreciation for your experience and creativity; super open and supportive company culture.

YOU HAVE: Full-width growth attitude with a tick for both sales and marketing; proven track record for selling stuff online; affinity for technical software products - having made a website (or something similar) at some point is a plus. You live at most 3 hours travel away from Eindhoven so you can easily come in to the office every once in a while¹.

If you're interested, visit https://talkjs.com and hit us up on our chat.

¹) Note that Eindhoven has a great airport where many low-costers land so this includes much of Europe.

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ADS Environmental | Front-End Developers, Mobile App Developers | Huntsville, AL | Remote or Relo, US, Contract Part-Time or Full-Time, www.adsenv.com

ADS is helping create a cleaner and safer environment by bringing exceptional insight and intelligence to municipalities around the world through our hardware and software products. We're very passionate about the products we create because of the positive effects it will have on millions of people around the globe.

Tech Stack:

  Front End: Angular, TypeScript, Google Material Design

  Backend: ASP.NET Core (C#), SQL Server, Redis

  Public Cloud: Azure
Interview Process: We've hired from HackerNews successfully before. Phone call first, remote coding session, then if all goes well, we'll bring you on-site for interviews and to meet the team.

Positions We Need:

   -Someone who is strong in Angular2/TypeScript and can lead a front-end team

   -Someone who is strong at developing cross-platform mobile apps in Xamarin.


Email ADSDeveloperJobs .a.t. idexcorp.com or check us out at idexcorp.com/careers. Sorry, no sponsorship available. Every submission reviewed by a human.

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BuildZoom | Public Relations Freelancer | https://jobs.lever.co/buildzoom/ | REMOTE


APPLY FOR THIS JOB: https://jobs.lever.co/buildzoom/4af2f840-53af-4a16-bdfb-a9b4...

BuildZoom is the marketplace for general contractors. We collect and analyze hundreds of millions of building permits, licenses, property features, demographics and other data points to provide property owners with hiring recommendations and make the entire process of hiring a contractor simple and straightforward. We serve millions of monthly visitors and several billion dollars in projects annually.

In order to continue to grow, we need your help getting BuildZoom in the news. As a PR Freelancer, you will comb through information we send you about construction projects in your area in search of items that are newsworthy. Once you identify interesting stories you will reach out to reporters - ranging from local foodie bloggers to the New York Times - pitch them, and work with them to ensure stories are written. We will provide you with data in an ongoing fashion and will share our tips and secrets to guide you through the process more easily and quickly.

This is a remote freelance position. Instead of hourly compensation the position will be rewarded based on how many stories you get reporters to write that mention us as a source of information. In other words, you will be paid based on the results you produce, not the time it takes you.

The Role: - Scour data to find interesting content - Develop a clear and concise understanding of the story and angle - Write effective pitch emails - Create and manage your own system for spotting and distributing the newsworthy items in our data feed

About You: - Enthusiastic, motivated and responsible self-starter - Excellent written and verbal communications skills

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Appuri | Seattle, WA | http://www.appuri.com/

What we do: Appuri helps online businesses understand, diagnose and reduce customer churn. We provide a beautiful, end-to-end solution that makes it easy for our customers to tackle churn. By removing the need to hire data scientists or data engineers, we offer a very compelling price point. Very few products can bring Big Data and Machine Learning at the scale and price point with the results we offer. We serve both B2B and B2C customers, with strong success in both spaces.

Our go-to-market solution is backed by a world-class ETL pipeline and data platform that makes onboarding, insight generation and integration with corporate business processes many times faster than competitors or do-it-yourself alternatives. This platform is also a solid foundation for us to build future solutions.

Open positions can be found here: https://jobs.lever.co/appuri


Senior UX Developer

Remote: Contractor - Go

Remote: Contractor - NodeJS



Account Executive

Business Development Representative

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Cloud Academy | Multiple Positions| San Francisco, CA / Mendrisio, Switzerland | Full Time | On-Site/Remote

At Cloud Academy, we‘re builders. Learning new technology is just as exciting for us as building it. We do this through utilizing and developing cutting-edge technology and empowering students, developers, engineers and companies to build and grow products with robust and constantly updated cloud skills. Now is your chance to join our talented team that delivers unparalleled educational content worldwide.

We are looking for several full-stack, back-end and front-end developers, as well as a Principal Software Engineer, to join our Product Team in Switzerland. Relocation assistance is offered. We are also looking for a Google Cloud Researcher and Trainer to join our remote Content Team.

If you’re passionate about software development, engineering and cloud technologies, and love to always be learning, this might be a great fit for you.

Check out our job postings at www.cloudacademy.com or send your resume to rachel.svelan@cloudacademy.com.

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DevOps Engineer | Digitally Imported | REMOTE | Fulltime | http://di.fm

Digitally Imported (the people behind DI.FM, JazzRadio.com, and a related family of other internet radio properties) are seeking a full time engineer to join our devops team.

You'd be tasked with supporting the infrastructure and deployment for a mix of Ruby (Rails) and Golang applications powering our core APIs, internal tools, and customer-facing websites. Some specific technologies we work with are NGINX (both as a reverse proxy and load balancer), ZFS and GlusterFS, both Ubuntu and CentOS, Ansible, and MySQL (Percona XtraDB). We collocate bare metal in the northeast US, and occasional planned travel for infrastructure work may be required. We're growing, and are seeking candidates who are equally comfortable working with the constraints of an existing environment while helping us architect for a stable and scalable future.

We're a midsized (~40 full time employees) organization where almost everyone works remote from wherever they are around the globe. We don't watch the clock or mandate any set schedule outside of occasional teleconference meetings - we're just looking for kickass work. We're great about ensuring you're set up with whatever you need to make your home office work, and music isn't just our business, it runs in the blood of the company - we're DJs, audio engineers, performers, and more... all supporting streaming of great music to a fanbase who has been listening to us for more than a decade.

More details and a full list of desired qualifications here - http://www.di.fm/jobs#devops

Feel free to email seth[at]di.fm or with any questions, or see the link above to apply.

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Avaaz Foundation | full-time | REMOTE | https://avaaz.org

Avaaz is changing the world, and we’ll give you the means to change it, too. We are a nimble team working on creating opportunities to bring about the world most people everywhere want -- one of justice, peace, and freedom. Check us out here for more information about who we are: https://avaaz.org/page/en/about/ and the impact our work has: https://avaaz.org/page/en/highlights/

Our tech build comprises the latest technologies (cloud computing, distributed systems, big data) using great languages (Python, PHP, JS) with proven and cutting-edge datastores (MySQL, Redis, Memcache, Redshift).

At Avaaz, your work will have an impact on a huge scale: we have more than 40 million members, who have taken over 200 million actions, told over 500 million friends about Avaaz campaigns and donated more than $100 million online.

We value professionalism, autonomy, and healthy work-life balance. Salary is competitive in the non-profit space with generous benefits.

We are looking for:

- Junior/Senior Security Officer https://avaaz.org/en/hiring/#op-161016-juniorsenior-security...

- DevOps Engineer https://avaaz.org/en/hiring/#op-80262-devops-engineer

- Senior Software Developers https://avaaz.org/en/hiring/#op-45362-senior-software-develo...

- Technical Project Manager/Online Campaigner https://avaaz.org/en/hiring/#op-97764-technical-project-mana...

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Metabase | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, REMOTE, FULL-TIME | http://www.metabase.com/

We're a small team building open source business intelligence tools with a strong focus on user experience.

React + Redux + ES6 frontend, Clojure backend. Nearly all of the work we do is open source. We're looking to hire strong frontend, backend, or generalist engineers.

If you love open source, building beautiful products, and working with data, apply at http://www.metabase.com/jobs

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security team is hiring in Seattle (WA), Herndon (VA), Dublin (Ireland), and Sydney (Australia). We're looking for folks interested in the following areas:

* Penetration testing and general software breaking

* Application Security & Design

* Incident Response

* Compliance / Security Assurance

* General software engineering

Successful candidates are those that can not only break software, but are also able to build software. No formal education is required, but demonstrable technical prowess is encouraged.

Other particulars: Relocation is available. VISA sponsorship may be possible for qualified candidates. Remote work is not available.

Interested individuals should send their resume, professional/technical background information, and what areas you're interested in exploring career options to "b3NtYW5zQGFtYXpvbi5jb20K" (base64 decode it) and use the subject line "HN May 2017" to be considered. No recruiters.

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Prattle | Atlanta | Full Stack Engineer | Internship, Remote | https://Letsprattle.com

Prattle is creating the place where live conversations happen online. Our vision is to make real time conversations as accessible as finding a website on Google or a video on YouTube.

We have two internship positions available and are looking for superheros who want to be apart of making the world a little better. If you're looking for experience in the startup world and want to get your foot in the door this is a great opportunity for you. We are a fast growing company with a friendly and fun culture. So if you believe in diversity and want your creative input heard you will fit right in.

Experience & Knowledge | iOS, Android, Swift, PHP, EC2, Firebase and AWS

Reach out and lets prattle at careers@letsprattle.com

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REMOTE (or East Bay, CA) - LambdaSchool | https://lambdaschool.com | We're hiring instructors to teach software engineering and bio-informatics

We're trying to rewrite the rules of higher education, and will soon be (spoiler alert) rolling out a model of education that is comparable to a CS degree but is all online, 6 months, and for free up-front.

Our CS curriculum focuses on full-stack JavaScript, React, Redux, etc., and is heavy on data structures, algorithms, and CS fundamentals that most self-taught programmers miss.

Our bio-informatics program is very much a work in progress.

We're hiring both FULL-TIME and PART-TIME instructors. You will be well-compensated.

We're backed by some of the most legit investors in the Valley, and are still largely under the radar (can't talk about it too much publicly yet).

email austen@lambdaschool.com

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Rentivo | Software Engineers | Exeter, Devon | ONSITE and REMOTE | Fulltime | http://www.rentivo.com ( join@rentivo.com )

Rentivo is a forward thinking web-based software company specialising in holiday rentals. We are looking for an exceptionally talented PHP developer to join our small but growing team in our new offices, which has easy access directly off of junction 29 on the M5 motorway. (However, We are looking for both onsite and remote)

* What you will do?:

You will work in a team to create scalable backend business processes to help our customers manage their business requirements through software. Our platform is used to organise the thousands of bookings our customers receive for holiday apartments, understand their finances and create marketing opportunities for their rental accommodation.

* Who we are looking for?

- At least 4 years experience in PHP

- At least 2 years experience using Symfony

- A strong understanding of Twig templating

- A strong understanding of OO concepts and design patterns

- A strong understanding of MySQL/PostgreSQL

- Understand that on a high volume web site, efficient code counts

- Have used source control systems like Git

- An understanding of cloud-based infrastructures such as AWS

- Understanding of integrating and building Restful APIs

- Understanding of dependency management and Composer - Can create Unit Tests

* What Technologies, Frameworks and Stacks we use:

PHP, Angular 4, nginx, Solr, Symfony (+ a collection of popular bundles) PostgreSQL, Redis, JSON+JSON Schema Validators, RabbitMQ, AWS (Codedeploy, S3, EC2), Doctrine, Docker

Please email: join@rentivo.com and include a cover letter.

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EMEX | Senior Software Engineer (Ruby) | Houston, Texas or Portland, Oregon | REMOTE, SALARY:100k-120k www.emexllc.com

EMEX is a rapidly growing online energy broker. We have an innovative reverse auction platform that lets customers buy cheaper electricity and natural gas without the hassle. Our proprietary broker management system powers our internal operations and that of many of our partners.

We're looking for a full-time senior software engineer to join our small team. You'll primarily work on our extensive backend platform and our frontend auction experience. You'd be great fit if you've got strong Ruby skills, love working with large object-oriented systems, and approach your profession with excellence.

Our primary stack: Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, React.

If you'd like to learn more or apply, I'd love to hear from you. You can email me at: ives.j [at] emexllc.com.

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Vertical Sysadmin, Inc. | Sales | Los Angeles, USA | REMOTE, PART-TIME Seeking commission-only sales agent for high-quality Ops and DevOps training. We deliver on-site training world-wide. Our model is: small class sizes (12 max), expert instructors, excellent materials, tons of lab exercises. Customers tell us it's the best training they've ever had. We are partnered with GitLab and Docker. Looking for an independent sales agent. Offering 10% commission. We charge $5000 per day. www.verticalsysadmin.com

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Toronto, Canada | Full Time | ONSITE or REMOTE or RELOCATION/VISA | FreePBX/Asterisk AMI/PHP developers

Sangoma Technologies Corporation is a leader in delivering globally scalable Voice-Over-IP telephony systems, both on-site and cloud-based. Sangoma is the official sponsor and maintainer of the FreePBX Open Source project. To get an idea of what we build have a look here:





We're building new services and products and we're looking for:

1. FreePBX Web Developers (PHP, Asterisk Dialplan and AMI, Javascript, WebRTC and NodeJS) to build UC solutions, WebRTC applications for hosted and premise UC/PBX systems.

2. Core developers (C/C++/Python) to extend our protocol stacks, write telecom applications, extend and improve OSS projects such as Asterisk/FreeSWITCH, etc.

3. Lab automation developers (Python) to extend our infrastructure and automation testing frameworks.

All positions require strong Linux knowledge and great communication skills. Experience with telephony and/or audio/video is not required but a great asset. It does not matter where you live (even disparate time zones can work, we have remote people in USA, Africa, Spain, South America and Asia). If you live in Canada or want to immigrate to Canada, that's even better, we can help with the immigration paper work (just last December we brought over a couple of devs from Argentina).

If you have questions or would like to apply email softwarejobs@sangoma.com and preferably mention HN in the email subject.

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Aclaimant, Inc | Software Engineer, Clojure | US | Full-time, REMOTE, aclaimant.com

Aclaimant is looking for a Clojure developer to join our small team. Aclaimant is redefining the way companies and employees work together to manage risk. Our SaaS platform is built using Clojure and ClojureScript. We work remotely from the comfort of our own homes. Pair programming is important to us; it helps us build culture and share knowledge. If you're interested in learning more, contact us at jobs@aclaimant.com or visit https://aclaimant.com/work-with-us#developer.

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FarmLogs (YC W12) | Ann Arbor, MI and Des Moines, IA | Onsite/Remote | https://farmlogs.com

FarmLogs is inventing the future of farming. We build software to help farmers grow more with less.

Our stack is predominantly Clojure and Python. Our domain involves data from all over: soil samples, satellite imagery, radar, telematics from tractors, temperature data, the list goes on.

We run 100% on Kubernetes, Docker, and AWS.

We have a strong preference for onsite candidates, but would accept a remote candidate if they have experience working remotely before and are in the US.

We've got a handful of open positions, notably:

- Android Developer

- Engineering Manager

- Senior Backend Engineer

- Senior Frontend Engineer

- Executive Assistant

- VP of Operations & Finance

- Product Manager

Come take a look! https://farmlogs.com/jobs

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MotionMD | Software Developers (Ruby/Rails) | San Diego, CA | Remote (US only), Contract

MotionMD is a clinical workflow application for Orthopedic practices. We help automate the paperwork for healthcare billing and inventory management so that doctors can spend more time delivering great care to the patient. MotionMD is a small software team inside of DJO Global, a 40 year old Orthopedic bracing and surgical company. We are not a startup! :-)

The development team works remote all across the US with team members in every US time zone. The app is built using Ruby (2.3) and Rails (4.2, soon 5.0!) with primarily Backbone and Bootstrap on the front end. Our Rails app is going on 9 years old and is very well maintained and continuously undergoing new feature development. This is not legacy software!

We’re looking for people who value writing and reading maintainable code and enjoy working on software that makes an impact. We're open to anyone with at least 1 year of professional work in Ruby/Rails.

Our app is deployed on AWS and makes use of a lot of neat tools such as Terraform, Ansible, and Packer.

We’re looking for people with the following traits: - An approach to problem solving that always starts and ends with the customer in mind

- Ability to clarify or gather additional requirements

- Familiar working with other people's code that might not be well understood and taking the initiative to understand the problem and make it better

- Uses frustrating code or development tools as an opportunity to make them better

Here are some of our upcoming challenges:

- Incrementally refactoring a significant amount of Backbone and CoffeeScript to something (TypeScript? ES6 + Flow?) more maintainable

- Helping our implementation team speed up the process of onboarding new customers

- Implementing a search index solution for encrypted patient data

Please email richard.bishop@djoglobal.com if you’re interested!

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EventCollab | Software Engineer AngularJS/Angular | Florida,USA | REMOTE | https://eventcollab.com

EventCollab is seeking an experienced AngularJS/Angular programmer to develop new features in Angular(4+) & migrate/rewrite existing AngularJS app to Angular.

Email your resume and links to code/repo/example projects/portfolio of AngularJS & Angular projects to ng-job@eventcollab.com Please mention you saw this on HN

EventCollab's event project management app is a transformative cloud-based platform for event professionals to improve the way they collaborate, manage and produce their events.

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Stripe | Partner Engineer, Support Engineer | San Francisco, Dublin, Tokyo | ONSITE, REMOTE

Interested in increasing the GDP of the internet? My team is looking for strong technical generalists to join us in three locations for two roles. Looking for people who are comfortable in multiple programming languages, interested in working with our users, and delving into complex integration problems spanning time, currencies, and alternative payment methods.

Check out the roles here - https://stripe.com/jobs#field-engineering

Email me directly: dalan chr(43) hn chr(64) stripe chr(46) com

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Cover (YC W16) | Senior Rails Engineers | Toronto | FULL-TIME | REMOTE OK | SALARY:90k-130kCAD

We’re looking for a senior developer to help our team architect, build, scale and automate across our product pipeline from user experience to insurance data reconciliation and reporting. As an early engineering hire, you'll be expected to be a proficient generalist, capable of taking on and managing through a wide array of technical challenges. Founders and scrappy early employees fit this profile especially well.

Apply at: https://cover.workable.com/jobs/422563

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Auth0 | Seattle, US; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Remote | Full Time | https://auth0.com/jobs

We are hiring many positions. Check out the posts on our site.

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QED-it | Zero Knowledge Proofs for Blockchains | Looking for strong developers | Full-time, ONSITE or REMOTE | http://qed-it.com/jobs | Tel Aviv

If you’re looking to join a small, experienced team doing Big Things © :-)

Why join QED-it

* We’re at the heart of the private Blockchain industry. The founders built and sold successful businesses in the space, and are focusing on privacy as the key to blockchain deployment, impacting industries from banking to space & defense.

* We are tackling the hardest and most interesting problems in the blockchain space - solve the consensus/privacy paradox, using zero-knowledge-proofs. ZKP is a new technology, with deep roots in the Israeli academic world.

* We are funded by smart money from top tier angels, and have assembled a team of experts in cryptography, computer science, security and distributed systems. We are looking for C++, algorithms and backend developers

- take a look at http://qed-it.com/jobs for detailed descriptions.

About you in general

* You have at least 3 years of work experience in tech roles

* Entrepreneurial spirit and a hands-on mentality

* Diverse environments and programming languages experience

* Good communication skills and able to quickly adapt to new challenges when needed

* Ideally you previously worked in a startup and/or in a dynamic environment

* Excellent analytical, logical and critical thinking skills

* You enjoy work in a fluctuating environment, dealing with (some) uncertainty

* Without using Google, you know what Q.E.D. means, possibly even 2 different meanings What you get

* Competitive full-time compensation

* A front seat at a rapidly expanding, global technology company in an exciting, emerging industry

* Great office location in Tel Aviv

* Sharp, motivated co-workers who can’t wait to meet you :-)

To get in touch, send your CV/drop an email to jobs@qed-it.com, we promise it will be worth your time...

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Getaway (http://getaway.house) | Full Stack Developer | Brooklyn, NY | ONSITE/Remote considered/Full time

If you’re reading this job description, you’re probably someone that spends a lot of time on the computer and the internet. Although we leverage these tools like any other business does, our our product seeks to physically take our customers away from these things in an effort to find the magic and relaxation they’ve so desperately been seeking. We’re putting tiny houses on camp sites in remote locations so our “users” can get away and set up a high-speed interface with their humanity. We create and maintain technology that, in some cases invisibly, enables a mystical experience for our guests and removes stress from their lives.

Getaway is a small but rapidly growing team that just raised a $15M Series A financing round. Our offices our located in Downtown Brooklyn but we are open to remote candidates that can visit our offices at least twice a month.

The Full Stack Developer will focus on the following areas: - Building new features for and maintaining the current functionality of our website, written with a React/SASS front end and Ruby on Rails back end, in an Agile working environment - Some minor developer operations tasks ensuring the website is serving our customers well and performing to our expectations - we’re hosted currently on Heroku - Supporting the cabin automation effort, working on software to make the guest experience seamless and magical - currently written in Groovy and Ruby - Writing internal tools to support our Guest Experience team and make it extremely easy for guests to get the things they need to have a wonderful time on their Getaways - Continuing to find efficiencies and ways to leverage software to improve our team’s workflows and the way we do business - Occasionally writing code in front of a fire, if you so desire (for real)

We’re looking for someone with around 2 years of experience but don’t want anyone to shy away from applying if they think they’re a real “rockstar/ninja/etc”. This is not a junior development role and those straight out of school or bootcamp need not apply, unfortunately we just don’t have the resources to support such a candidate at this time.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at zach (at) getaway (dot) house about this role!

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Coveo | JavaScript Developer | Montreal & Quebec City, Canada | Full-time, ONSITE or REMOTE

We're looking for programmers to join our team working on our new, cool JavaScript UI search page framework. Our goal is to create a framework that developers like you will love. We want to enable creation of great custom search experiences backed by our awesome index technology, and have fun doing it.

If you're curious, check out our dev documentation here (https://developers.coveo.com/display/public/JsSearchV1/JavaS...). You can even download and play with it, so you know what you're getting into. We primarily use (and love) Typescript to help grow our codebase without losing our sanity in addition to recent libraries and tools.

While we offer all the perks people come to expect of a job (great new offices, top of the line equipment, competitive salaries and insurance, unlimited cappucinos and snacks, nerf gun battles), we think the best part about working with us is simply being excited about going to work every day. On a day to day basis you'll continually face interesting challenges, have great autonomy and you'll be able to bring your ideas to the table knowing that your team genuinely wants to hear them.

Coveo is positioned as the top leader for Insight Engines in Gartner's 2017 Magic Quadrant (http://blog.coveo.com/coveo-leads-gartner-magic-quadrant-for...). We're growing quickly and hiring talented, passionate developers to join our worldclass team. Our Montreal offices are brand new (http://blog.coveo.com/coveo-montreal-finally-home/) and we've also rebuilt our entire Quebec City office to accomodate all our new hires in a great environment.

Interview Process: phone screen - interview - tech test - offer.

To get in touch : aasanovic@coveo.com or simply take a look and apply here http://careers.coveo.com/open-positions

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Code4Good -- https://www.engageSPARK.com - "Twilio (Voice IVR & SMS) for Everyone" | REMOTE or ONSITE (Cebu, Philippines) | Full-Time

engageSPARK, a social enterprise, is the world's EASIEST Platform that empowers professionals (marketing, sales, hr, operations, project managers, etc) at NGOs & Businesses to easily & quickly build interactive Automated Phone Calls (IVR) and 2-Way SMS campaigns in any country. We're especially focused on emerging markets, where 66% have no Internet and another 15% who have smartphones can't afford data plans regularly. Interactive automated phone calls are the most cost effective and scalable way to engage anyone anywhere with any mobile phone. People opt in by sending an SMS or doing a Missed Call, which trigger an automated call back to them.

Customers such as Google, Facebook, Intel, UNICEF, Noora Health (YC W14) Asian Development Bank, International Rescue Committee, Innovations for Poverty Action, MedAir, Mercy Corps, and US Institute for Peace use the engageSPARK platform to interact with people for a variety of use cases, including social change in the areas of Agriculture, Health, Finance, Elections, and Disaster Planning & Response, as well as for sales, marketing, customer feedback, and operations.

Forbes says we're "A Leading Startup" and a "Notable Social Enterprise". Since launch a little over a year ago, engageSPARK has become the global leader in our space - we've already been used in 100+ countries.

Adventure Fellowship (1 year): https://goo.gl/YA8ENR | Full-Time Full Stack: http://goo.gl/Pljcgr

Our stack: Go (GoLang) Microservices, Python/Django, Java, Docker, Redis, Thrift, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, AWS, Android

Located in tropical Cebu Island, Cebu City is the second largest city in the Philippines. It’s a safe place to live with a variety of malls, restaurants, shops, beaches, and activities such as scuba diving, running, hiking, rock climbing, and snorkeling. It has a busy international airport with cheap flights to domestic and regional destinations. Check out Google Images: https://www.google.com/search?safe=off&site=imghp&tbm=isch&s...

Email us at Jobs at engageSPARK.com

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nebenan.de | Backend Developer | Berlin | Full Time, Onsite-REMOTE-Mix | https://nebenan.de

Nebenan.de is a free local online service to strengthen neighbourhoods: neighbours can connect to exchange recommendations, things, help and news. We are looking to fill a senior developer position to help us with the backend part of nebenan.de.

Our stack: ruby + rails json API, postgresql + postgis, redis, elasticsearch

Your Profile:

* You write software.

* ruby + rails experience is required, you should have worked on some bigger projects.

* Broad experience and exposure to many different languages and programming concepts is a big plus.

* You care about security


* modest enough to listen to crazy ideas

* strong enough to push back against crazy ideas

* Bonus: you’ve worked as a freelancer or ran your own company at some point in your career

* Bonus: you also speak German

What we offer:

* To join a small and excellent team with QA support

* Responsibility for a product with meaning that a lot of people will use

* Open company culture, leadership based on competence

* Flexible working hours

Sounds interesting? Send us your CV and links you consider relevant for us (your GitHub profile, websites you worked on, Blogs) to: jobs@nebenan.de

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Aspiration - Marina Del Rey,CA - Full Time Remote and Onsite

* Full Stack Engineer * IOS and Android Engineers * Devops

Modern infrastructure utilizing Java, RoR, Postgres, Redis, Rabbitmq, Rancher, Docker,

We're one of the fastest growing US based financial companies. Help us break the banks. Email tlehr@aspiration.com for more information.

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Open Energy Market | Full Stack Web Developers | Surbiton UK | Remote or Onsite

How would you like to join a company that is actually disrupting an industry that’s still based on faxes? The UK commercial energy brokerage industry is stuck in a bygone age. Relationships and paperwork still dominate. We use technology to modernise the industry and empower its customers. We focus on trading only large volume contracts. Our software automates the procurement process offering direct access to the UK’s suppliers. Customers can forecast their portfolio allowing greater control over their use and costs.

For more information about us and our company, visit https://openenergymarket.com.

We are seeking intelligent and creative people to join us as Full Stack Web Developers.

Our development team is cross-functional and is currently fully remote. We have an office in Surbiton from which you can work if required. You will be comfortable working in a mature and collaborative environment. Liaising with non-technical employees across multiple time zones will be required. The role provides a high level of autonomy and you will be reporting directly to the CTO.

You will be responsible for the development, deployment and support of our software. This will cover the ongoing support of our current software and the development of our new platform. You will be expected to contribute to all areas of the Devops process including support of our mixed Azure and AWS environment.

Our software is currently built using ASP.Net MVC and standard web technologies. Any experience of these technologies would be highly preferable and you will have strong HTML, JavaScript and CSS skills.

All new development work will be undertaken using .Net Core and we are evaluating Vue.js as our preferred frontend framework. However, we are constantly investigating other technologies that would benefit our product or speed up our development process. Skills such as Powershell or Bash scripting experience would also be welcome.

About you

- You are a craftsman and take pride in all aspects of your role.

- You leave the code in a better state than you find it using a pragmatic, boy scout, approach.

- You program for fun as well as your day job.

- You like to break things while finding out how they work.

- You engage with the wider developer community and are involved in open source.

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Nectar financials | Backend-Engineer, Devops | Altendorf, Switzerland | Salary: 90k-120k CHF | Remote or onsite

Based on NodeJS and Angular we are building a CRM system for wealth management companies. The product is rather young and the codebase small. Remote work is okay. We have employees in Switzerland, the US and Slovenia.

Our hiring process:

1) Resume / code-check

2) Phone call (getting to know each other, technical interview)

3) Onsite (half a day)

Send a mail with a short intro about yourself (video or written) OR a Github-link OR a resume to:


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deepstream | Sales Engineer | Berlin, Germany | REMOTE/ONSITE, FULL or PARTTIME / VISA

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Our fast growing Open Source Technology startup (https://deepstream.io/, https://deepstreamhub.com/) is looking for a Sales Engineer who loves to travel and work with customers on implementations and usecases.


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Snowplow Analytics | Open-Source Engineer | Remote, INTERN.

Snowplow Analytics is looking for 1-2 open source software interns this Summer (May through August), for a 8-12 week paid internship. Our interns will work directly on and contribute to projects within the Snowplow open source stack (https://github.com/snowplow). A Snowplow intern loves coding, enjoys experimenting with new technologies and is happiest working "in the open" on community/team projects. Technologies we use at Snowplow include Scala, Rust, Go, Hadoop, Kinesis, Redshift, Spark, Akka and Kafka.

This is a paid internship; we will consider remote candidates who are up to UTC +/- 5 hours maximum. Interested? Please email intern@snowplowanalytics.com, and tell us about a piece of software you are proud to have written. (And don't be afraid to suggest specific projects/initiatives/features that you would like to work on in your internship.)

For background on two of our recent internship programs check out:

Snowplow Analytics | Sysadmin | ONSITE London, UK

Snowplow is building out a dedicated Technical Operations team in 2017, and is looking for experienced systems administrators to join it. Initially this role is open only to candidates based in London or the South-East of England.

The sysadmins within our Technical Operations team will have four key responsibilities:

1. Handling deployments, upgrades and other maintenance of Snowplow-related infrastructure (load balancers, Redshift clusters, ASGs etc) for our Managed Service customers, across over 100 AWS accounts

2. Responding to customer issues and questions concerning Snowplow-related infrastructure, as escalated to you by our L1 Support team

3. Working with Snowplow SREs to design, deploy and operate Snowplow’s internal infrastructure, responsible for running the Snowplow Managed Service, the Snowplow website and other services

4. Being on call rotation to triage and resolve operational incidents relating to internal or client infrastructure

For more information: https://snowplowanalytics.com/company/careers/systems-admini...

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drchrono | Software Engineer | Mountain View, CA or Baltimore, MD or Remote | VISA


drchrono is a medical platform for doctors and patients. We are crafting only the best mobile healthcare experience, with a focus on iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and web. The driving force of our efforts is in changing the way people engage and experience healthcare through electronic health records.

You will be part of an entrepreneurial, sharp, capable and curious team. Since our inception, we have attracted over 85,000 physicians, 5.5 million patients. So far we've booked 19 million patient appointments and processed 1.2 billion dollars in medical billing per year.

We’re hiring Python/Django Devs! Take our healthcare hackerchallenge here!!


Steps to getting hired

Step 1: Take our Hackerchallenge

Step 2: Phone call with our People Operations Manager

Step 3: On-Site Healthcare Hackathon

Step 4: Join the team & change healthcare!!!

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Airtame (https://airtame.com) | Copenhagen, Denmark | Full-time, Onsite or Remote

Airtame is a fast-growing startup in the heart of Copenhagen. Our wireless streaming solution helps people work better.

We're currently hiring:

* Embedded Linux Engineer (https://airtame.com/jobs/embedded-linux-engineer)

* UI/UX Designer (https://airtame.com/jobs/ui-ux-designer)

* Web Developer (https://airtame.com/jobs/web-developer)

* Senior Software Engineer in Test (https://airtame.com/jobs/senior-software-engineer-in-test)

* Senior Application Engineer (https://airtame.com/jobs/senior-application-engineer)

* Full-Stack Engineer (https://airtame.com/jobs/full-stack-engineer)

* Infrastructure Engineer (https://airtame.com/jobs/infrastructure-engineer)

* Technical Support and Network Specialist (https://airtame.com/jobs/tech-support-network-specialist-dk)

Our talented engineers are given significant ownership and responsibility over projects. We value rapid iteration, continuous integration and testing, and we are serious about producing high-quality, maintainable software. Frequent code reviews, linting, and pairing are all integral components of our engineering culture. We encourage experimenting with new technologies and constantly challenge ourselves to improve our code, processes, and systems.

You can read a bit about our values on our Company Culture Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/ZXs2YYy6/culture-airtame

Send an email to tech-jobs@airtame.com if you're interested. We sponsor work visas for non-EU applicants.

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Latently | Deep Learning Engineers | Boulder, Co | Remote

If you have some time on your hands and are interested in gaining industry deep learning experience on a cluster of nVidia P100s click here: https://goo.gl/HhvxLO

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NoRedInk | Frontend, Backend, Infrastructure Engineer | San Francisco, CA | REMOTE Pacific Time (PST) to Central European Time (CET)

We’re an ed-tech company on a mission to help all students become strong writers! Our team may be small, but NoRedInk is used by 1 in 2 school districts in the US, and students have answered over 2 billion questions on our platform.

We’re a group of friendly people who listen to and learn from each other. We discuss past mistakes openly so we can adapt our processes to the challenges that come with progress. Puns flow freely across our San Francisco office as well as on Slack, and we have remote engineers spanning six different time zones.

Our engineering team [1] prides itself on code quality and innovation. We use the cutting-edge Elm programming language for all our new front-end code, and have been migrating legacy React code to Elm as well. We started with Ruby on Rails on our backend, and have lately been working to introduce Elixir to our stack. You can read about our experiences with these technologies on our team blog! [2]

In addition to spending work hours open-sourcing useful libraries we develop [3], we also invest financially in open source. We hired the creator of Elm, Evan Czaplicki, to develop Elm full time. [4] Evan discusses his plans for the language with the team every week, periodically pairs with other engineers on Elm, and cracks up members of the sales team with his lunchtime jokes.

We use Amazon AWS for our infrastructure and automate all of our deployments using OpsWorks and Chef. We write a lot of tests, and use Jenkins for continuous integration. Our process for new features begins with our product team and in-house visual designer, continues with a GitHub pull request from a feature branch into master, and ends with our in-house QA specialist trying to break it before it reaches production.

We’re hiring both engineers who have been around the block many times, as well as those who started their careers just a couple years ago. We’re looking for engineers who want to work on a mission that makes a difference and who are the type of collaborators that value kindness and open-mindedness, over convincing the group they’re right.

You can learn more about what to expect through blog posts about our interview process [5] and on-boarding experience [6].

If you’re interested, please apply through our jobs page! https://www.noredink.com/jobs

[1] https://www.noredink.com/about/team

[2] http://tech.noredink.com/

[3] https://github.com/NoRedInk/

[4] http://tech.noredink.com/post/136615783598/welcome-evan

[5] http://tech.noredink.com/post/145260396603/our-engineering-h...

[6] http://tech.noredink.com/post/143787279069/on-boarding-as-a-...

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PolySync Technologies | Chaos Engineer & Distributed Systems Engineer | Portland, OR | Fulltime | ONSITE/REMOTE | https://polysync.io

PolySync is working to build the most advanced safety-critical runtime for autonomous vehicles. Working with our existing customers across the industry (automotive OEMs, tier 1 & 2 suppliers, and silicon makers) PolySync is pioneering the best-practices for process, architecture, and implementation for software interfaces that tie together the sensor and control capabilities of autonomous vehicles. PolySync's engineering efforts focus on three key performance indicators: high-assurance, fault-tolerance, and mechanical sympathy. Join us and help shape the definition of safety and reliability in this emerging mobility marketplace. Email us at jobs@polysync.io to get things rolling (pun intended).


Chaos Engineer - We're looking for someone to help us advance the state-of-the-art in chaos testing and auto-remediation/recovery for our on-vehicle fail-operational runtime.

- Ideally you're especially skilled at characterizing the operational semantics of a physical system and measuring them against expected behaviors and the known limits imposed by physics.

- When you see something new your first thought is, "I wonder what catastrophic way this thing fails to do what it promises to do." and your second thought is, "How can I prove how broken it is and then fix it so that it's no longer lying to me?"

- The sight of a by-wire vehicle bucking about & spazzing out as its perception sensors and control actuators drop in and out of operation fills you with a sanguine zen instead of paralyzing anxiety.


Distributed Systems Engineer - We're looking for someone to help us improve the distributed architecture and implementation of our on-vehicle autonomy middleware.

- Ideally you maintain a healthy distrust of wall-clock time and your wristwatch displays a dotted-version-vector-set tracking all the instances in your life you received a response to the question, "Hey, what time is it?"

- You see the insights derived from the CAP theorem as living on a spectrum, but you're keenly aware of where the bright lines are drawn which keep you from offering specific guarantees, and you step over them with deliberate and well communicated intent.

- At all times you assume _any system_ is in a degraded state and you work well within the constraints of continual uncertainty while ensuring that high-level behavioral properties are stable.


We place a high emphasis on expressing and fostering a growth mindset both in the engineering team and throughout the company. We believe that cultivating improvement and growth as individuals & professionals, with the support of our peers and the support of company leadership, is the best way for us to improve and grow as a business.

If that paints a picture of how you approach things, then send us a message to start the conversation. jobs@polysync.io

We currently use C, C++, Python, Elixir, and Rust in our development efforts. Existing experience in any or all of those is helpful. A willingness to become an expert in them is essential.

PolySync Technologies' singular vision is to simplify and accelerate the development of self-driving cars. Founded in 2013, the company has developed a software platform that enables automakers and autonomous vehicle startups to seamlessly build, test, and deploy safe driverless vehicle applications. Our team of 26 is building the future of the software-defined car currently in Portland, OR and Detroit, MI.