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Santa Barbara - 1 jobs in May 2017

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Green Hills Software | Software Development Engineer | Santa Barbara, CA | FULL TIME ONSITE

If you want to have complete engineering responsibility for one or more major components of the Green Hills product line, this is the position for you! As a GHS Software Development Engineer, you will have personal responsibility for creating a tool used by thousands of programmers around the world that millions of people rely on daily. Our engineers are involved in Language Front Ends, Code Generators, Real Time Operating Systems, our MULTI Development Environment, our Secure Workstation, and Target Systems.

GHS is a growing global company with many opportunities for talented people to grow in their career. Our interview process is rigorous and selective, resulting in elite teams of engineers.

We seek someone who is innovative and passionate about coding and comfortable with the idea of personally creating a fairly complex 25,000 line application in about a year. The right candidate also has an understanding of tools, at least 2 years experience in C and/or C++, and a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

To apply, email your resume to jobs@ghs.com.