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St. Louis - 1 jobs in May 2017

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Radialogica | St. Louis, MO | FULL TIME | ONSITE http://radialogica.com/contact | http://radialogica.com/

Radialogica is a health care analytics company focused on radiation oncology. We provide sophisticated software and robust analytics to elevate quality of care for cancer patients. Our organizational strategy, capabilities and resources are unified around a deep commitment to quality and value in oncology, and the goal of reducing the physical and financial burden of cancer treatment and survivor-ship. We are looking for others to join our team where you can start to deliver an immediate impact to the healthcare of others suffering from cancer.

For all positions we value skill-set over tool-set and ability over qualifications. The team you’re joining is small, highly skilled, and reasonably good at ping pong. Our offices are relaxed, kitchen is well-stocked, and we have fluffy dogs on site.

Our tech stack consists of: Ruby/Rails, .Net/Mono, Ember.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, SaltStack, AWS

Interview process: Phone screen followed by onsite interview with team members.

Roles Available: * DevOps * Front-end Developer * Back-end Developer

Shoot any questions or apply by emailing nathan@radialogica.com