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Stockholm - 3 jobs in May 2017

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Trifork AB | Full-Stack Developer | Stockholm | ON-SITE, FULL-TIME, http://trifork.se

As a full-stack developer you must be able to handle every task involved in implementing new features. Everything from the database to CSS, software architecture to operations. You must be diverse, be able to quickly pick up new technologies and languages and know when to use what. The job involves working on several interesting projects at a time, and the kind of project will vary greatly. Our company highly values automation, clean code, and testability.

Perks & Benefits: • Independence and Freedom in a fast career track. Working in a start-up like context means that you can grow and develop faster than in other environments; achieve your career goals in months instead of years. • Contrary to start-up like contexts, we offer the financial security of being part of a large international organisation. • Every now and then we gather for a Code Retreat where we go on a trip to sharpen our skills and start new 'passion projects'. These trips can take us to the wilderness of Sweden or why not the beaches of Mallorca. • You will join us for our annual ski trip where we meet and socialise with other Trifork teams from around Europe. • Knowledge is the heart of Trifork and therefor we offer you education when you want to expand your expertise in certain areas and frequently engage in Tech-talks.

Apply here: http://jobs.trifork.se/jobs/11461-full-stack-developer?promo...

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Omni (Schibsted) | Senior Full Stack Engineer | Stockholm, Sweden | Onsite | Full-Time

Omni is an award winning news app (and website) with the focus on personalization and quick and complete news coverage (aggregating all other news sources). You will be part of a small and efficient team (4 full stack devs, 1 UX, and 1 designer in Stockholm; 4 Android and iOS devs in Gdansk) who have just begun expanding the app into new markets. We're small enough that you will have a big impact, but there's still plenty of career opportunities within the rest of Schibsted. We're looking for a senior engineer that is very experienced with javascript and node.js (or so good at other stuff and willing to learn that it doesn't matter). The rest of our stack consists of Postgresql and Elastic Search, virtual-dom, Heroku, Varnish, and AWS (RDS, S3, SNS, SQS). However, we're constantly experimenting and innovating and no strangers to trying new technology when we get a good opportunity (personally I can't wait to use Elm in production; we just need more devs who knows it!). We write plenty of tests, do code reviews always, and have the ambition to do pair/mob programming more regularly. Email me at andreas@omni.se if you're interested.

PS. For The Right Candidate we are willing to help with relocation to one of Schibsted's hubs (Stockholm, Gdansk, or Oslo).

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DomainStats.com | Web Developer | Täby, Stockholm, Sweden | ONSITE, Fulltime, Interns

DomainStats collect stats and data for millions of domains and billions of links. New startup that recently secured VC money. Office in Täby.

Tech: Cassandra, Redis, PHP, MySQL

Apply at: hr (at) todaysweb.com