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Stuttgart - 1 jobs in May 2017

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iC Consult | Germany (Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Essen...) | Onsite, Remote | Full-Time

We are a still rapidly growing security consultancy (about 200 persons in total), specialising in identity and access management solutions and integrations. If you've got some security background, know your way around a linux box, have some coding/architecture experience, and are not too shy to go meet a client from time to time, we would like to get acquainted.

We are looking for candidates at all levels of experience!

Fluent German is really important for us. Readiness to travel is optional (and I mean it - you don't have to if you don't want to). If you've got experience with anything IAM related (be it open source or proprietary) including but not limited to OAuth, SCIM, OIDC, even just plain LDAP, that's an advantage for you. If interested, drop an email to Georgi (that's me) with a reference to HN. My email is kehaiov at ic-consult dot com.