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Toulouse - 1 jobs in May 2017

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PwC Advanced Solutions Delivery | Fulltime | Toulouse or Paris, France

Technologies: Python | Django/Jupyter | Javascript/Typescript | R | Scala | Spark | Docker | Kubernetes

Topics: customer experience for IOT, auditable/interpretable systems (CQRS/ES, XIA), domain-driven analytics, event processing for business

We are helping our customers solve their most complex problems, in all verticals: health, air/land transportation, logistics and supply chain, e-commerce, finance... Being in the tech/consulting branch of a large audit firm, we focus on both transparency and performance to reach the highest standards possible with technology.

We are a growing team inside PwC building next-generation data platforms and machine learning capabilities for our clients. We are looking for talented individuals for a variety of roles (frontend and backend developers, architects...). We expect architects to code, and everyone including developers to help drive the design phases. We have tight interactions with business analysts and consultants to turn every project into a product or service.

Each team member joins a core project (the Datalab, the App Factory, the Data Academy...), and is expected to take responsibility of his/her product, and ship key features to internal and external clients.

Knowledge sharing, empathy, system thinking are key qualities for applicants.

If you are interested please contact me (personal email in HN account) or "francois.royer" at "fr.pwc.com"