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Berkeley - 2 jobs in June 2017

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Twindom | Computer Graphics Engineer | Berkeley, CA | ONSITE http://web.twindom.com/ Twindom is an industry leader in photorealistic body scanning. Our scanners are used around the world in the production of 3D Photography, VFX, product development, and more. We're also a profitable company.

As a Computer Graphics Engineer you will work on a small development team focused primarily on the development of new applications for our 3D avatars, though you will also be used as a general resource for relevant problems. You will get exposure to problems in graphics, computational geometry, computer vision and machine learning. You must be a fast learner, capable of hacking together prototype solutions using any frameworks, algorithms, papers, etc. you think are relevant.

This position requires a high degree of autonomy and an ability to prioritize work and problem solving according to customer feedback. Your contributions will serve as the backbone for amazing new products. Here is the full job description: https://angel.co/twindom-1/jobs/202435-computer-graphics-eng... Apply by sending and email to careers [at] twindom [dot] com

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Intact Design (https://intact.design/) | Berkeley, CA + Madison, WI | Full-time | Onsite

We're building a finite element analysis API on the web. Think of it like continuous integration, but for mechanical engineers. We're looking for experienced C++ software engineers to help build a streaming data pipeline. Experience in the Apache streaming ecosystem of tools is a plus, but not required.

Have questions? We'd love to hear from you! Email: ataber[AT]intact-solutions[DOT]com