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Bogotá - 1 jobs in June 2017

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VincuVentas / Polymath Ventures | UI/UX Designer with Product Feeling | Bogotá, Colombia | ONSITE, VISA, https://vincuventas.com/

VincuVentas is a data-driven marketplace for matching job-seeking candidates and businesses in the sales domain. We were founded by one of the most important company builders in the LATAM region, Polymath Ventures [0], with which we share an office. We're looking for a UI/UX Designer to join our diverse 10-person colombian-swiss-dutch-italian-german team in Bogotá. There is a strong focus on fast, iterative learning cycles and a real chance for you to impact the direction the product is going to take over the next coming months.

Some of the things you can work on here would be:

  * Design Vincu’s company and candidate facing products, including candidate profiles, subscription forms, easy to use inbox system, market intelligence, etc
  * Communicate with the tech and marketing team to continuously improve our platform and allow rapid scaling
  * Quickly design and test prototypes with real clients
  * Create wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and site maps to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas
...and much more. You'll have a lot of freedom to explore different areas of the product and thereby develop yourselves in the direction you would like to go. More info and application here: http://www.polymathv.com/join-us/706131/UI%2FUX+Designer/ Feel free to ask me any questions you might have (city, office, team, application process, ...), email in profile.

Needless to say, Bogotá is a very exciting place to live in, Colombia offers many options for getaways and exploration (think beaches, mountains, plains and jungles rolled into one).

[0] http://www.polymathv.com/