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Edmonton - 1 jobs in June 2017

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Investopedia | Senior Web Developer, Product Team | Edmonton, AB Canada | ONSITE, FTE, VISA, SALARY:DOE, http://www.investopedia.com

The engineering team at Investopedia believes in owning their impact and fighting complexity while giving back and having fun. We believe that small, empowered, self-motivated teams can do big things. Our work crosses a wide variety of teams, applications, and technology stacks within Investopedia - collaboration and communication are as important as writing new code. We work primarily with PHP but have started to extract smaller services using Node.js and Python. We're looking for:

- Exceptional ability to work anywhere in the technical stack, delivering quality code both on the frontend and backend. - Exceptional proficiency using PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript. - Ability to leverage and integrate with third party APIs. - Commitment to continuous improvement and building a world-class engineering culture. - Demonstrated design and UX sensibilities. - Enthusiasm for leading, guiding, mentoring and collaborating with other engineers. - Exposure to architectural patterns of a large, high-scale web application. - Strong CS fundamentals, rigor in engineering. - Familiarity with Drupal, online advertising, publishing, and SEO is a plus.

Benefits: - Competitive Vacation Plan - Competitive salary - Great benefits (medical, dental, vision, RRSP matching)- Unlimited snacks/drinks - great workspace (daily foosball, dart challenges and beer always on tap)

For full job description and to apply, visit: http://smrtr.io/J0yDWQ (or e-mail jobs@investopedia.com)

About our company: http://www.investopedia.com/corp/about.aspx, For more jobs, visit: http://iac.com/careers/job-listings