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Kansas City - 1 jobs in June 2017

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Neighborly.com | Senior Data Engineer (Apache Spark & Scala) | SF or NYC

Howdy, neighbor! I think we have a pretty special opportunity for someone with a strong Scala track record and ~1+ year production experience with Apache Spark.

Full job posting here on Lever: https://jobs.lever.co/neighborly/3148b5cf-ec48-4716-8b20-bd9...

Speaking from my personal perspective, here is some background on why I think Neighborly is an awesome place for civic-minded, world-positive, impact-seeking senior engineers: We're changing the game of Public Finance, putting the Public back where they belong. We're a unique company in the intersection of FinTech and GovTech, with a lot of very interesting data problems to solve, the outcome of which becomes a much more optimized system for communities to fund critical civic improvement projects responsibly through a better municipal bond financing process.

Our core business model aims to democratize the municipal bond market. Issuers (cities, states, counties, school districts, special districts, etc) will one day be able to borrow more cheaply, quickly, in more convenient precise amounts, with more of the city's nominal debt payments flowing back into the community. Investors get direct access to a relatively stable investment product for which the positive impact is a known quantity.

We have a substantial investment in our data platform already that we're very proud of, but we'd like to hire top-talent from the Apache Spark community to focus on taking it to the next level. If that's you, and our mission resonates, reach out to us on Lever, or if you'd prefer a more casual conversation, email me at jay@neighborly.com

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