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Minneapolis - 2 jobs in June 2017

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Savvysherpa | Data Science and Research Engineers | SLC, UT and Minneapolis, MN | ONSITE Hi my name is Greg and I am a research engineer at Savvysherpa, a venture research firm working mostly in healthcare, based in Utah and Minnesota. We are looking for people to fill two different roles, a data science role (deep research) and a research engineer role (prototyping and new products). I have loved working at Savvysherpa and if you are interested in learning more see our website here: https://www.savvysherpa.com/careers.html or email me at gromrell [@] savvysherpa [dot] com and we will get in touch!

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Kipsu | Full Stack Software Engineer | Minneapolis, MN | https://www.kipsu.com ONSITE, INTERNS

Kipsu is a 4-year old, bootstrapped company whose messaging tools keep personal connections at the heart of service. Our “back in the day” is right now. These are the glory days that will be referenced with nostalgia by employees 1 - 50 after we careen well past 200.

We’re seeking a full stack developer to join our engineering team of 9. Some reasons you might want to toss your hat in the ring: • Autonomy - our engineering team cultivates a culture of trust and responsibility that empowers developers to drive meaningful changes and make their own architectural choices • Impact - small, nimble teams means that your work makes a measurable difference in the success of the business (and yes, even moving the proverbial needle!) • Evolution - our all-in, continuous improvement attitude lends itself to blameless retros; we value learning from our mistakes as individuals and as a team • Conviviality - we’re a Best Places to Work awardee chock full of smart, friendly Minnesotans (and a couple Ioweigians) who prioritize relationships and love treating our customers and each other ridiculously well • Bonus: We embrace modern DevOps practices, with a focus on collaboration from design and coding through deployment and beyond

Our ideal match is a full-stack developer with demonstrated experience building web applications with Javascript and front-end frameworks as well as a solid, scalable backend codebase by applying object-oriented principles using PHP, Node.js, Java, Go, or other languages and frameworks. Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other cloud computing platforms and experience building native mobile applications for iOS or Android are a huge bonus.

If you’re interested in learning more, please see our full job description at http://kipsu.io/2dG or reach out to resume@kipsu.com which is checked fastidiously by a human.