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Philadelphia - 4 jobs in June 2017

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Blackfynn | Engineers (Full Stack, Front End, Data) | Philadelphia | Full-time, On Site | http://blackfynn.com

We're a life sciences software startup building a data platform which integrates complex scientific and clinical data to enable therapeutics for disease.

Neurologic conditions affect one in six people worldwide. We want to improve their lives. We're a driven, curious group wielding data science and building software that meaningfully impacts humans. Our mission is bold, our team is experienced, and our product is ambitious. We're looking for engineers and data scientists to help us bring it to life.

We love individuals who are curious about domains outside of the ones we normally operate in, enjoy polyglot codebases, consider themselves a generalist, and desire to work on products that make a positive, meaningful impact. The bar for software in this field is, unfortunately, low. We want to change that in a massive way.

Today our stack includes the following (it's constantly evolving, we're right tool for the job people):

* Languages: Scala, Python, Javascript

* Frameworks: Scalatra, Akka, Flask, Polymer, D3

* Datastores: Redis, Postgres (RDS), Hbase, Kinesis

* Infrastructure: AWS, Kubernetes, Docker

* Domains: Scientific Research (Neuroscience, Genomics, Imaging), Clinical Research, Healthcare Informatics

We're well funded and have excellent traction on a number of significant partnerships. The product team is a great crew, pragmatic, super bright, without egos, and passionate about our work. Our code is well tested and structured.

* https://angel.co/blackfynn/jobs/163111-full-stack-engineer

* https://angel.co/blackfynn/jobs/163112-front-end-engineer

If you're interested, I'd love to talk. chris@blackfynn.com

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Biomeme | Javascript Developer | Philadelphia, PA | ONSITE biomeme.com

I'm an advisor to Biomeme - we make an end-to-end mobile platform allowing anyone, anywhere to test DNA and RNA using lab-grade molecular techniques. We are expanding rapidly and need to hire software developer number 3.

The role is for a mid- or senior JavaScript developer for an FT, ONSITE role in downtown Philadelphia, PA. Sorry no visa support at this point.

Responsibilities - Architect, implement and maintain a new (AWS hosted) backend serving various mobile and web apps through a REST API. - Design and implement a suitable database schema for AWS RDS - Help guide the transition to the above AWS based environment from existing NoSQL system. - Maintain and extend existing React-Redux web site for data visualization and analysis - Develop internal tools to aid in product development - Document and develop testing protocols

Requirements: - 2-5+ years of JavaScript experience - Extensive Node.JS experience - Bachelors in Computer Science or equivalent work experience - Experience with AWS Lambda - Experience with AWS EC2 - Experience with AWS RDS - Experience with React language and Redux framework - Experience with Version Control – Git

If you have any questions contact katelyn@biomeme.com or me (einar@vollset.com) - or better yet apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/HCWrGPceAA08M72A2

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HealthVerity | Philadelphia, PA | ONSITE | Permanent | Full Stack Developer, Healthcare Data Analyst, Healthcare SQL Expert | HealthVerity is a VC-funded early-stage tech startup that offers the fastest and most efficient way to explore and acquire healthcare data. We help our clients discover, license and link patient data across the widest range of top tier data providers. We empower customers to gain new perspectives on patient activity while ensuring complete privacy management and HIPAA compliance. Our stack runs entirely on AWS and some of the tools we use are Spark, Airflow, Docker, Emberjs, and Django. Our hiring process includes: phone interviews, onsite interview, references. You can reach me with any questions at: aelefante@healthverity.com See jobs here: https://app.jobvite.com/j?cj=odUm5fwi&s=Hacker_News

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Curalate | Full Stack Developer, Back-end Developer, Front-end Developer, Product Designer, Senior DevOps Engineer, Client Support Engineer | Seattle, NYC, Philadelphia | https://www.curalate.com/

Curalate is the leading visual commerce platform, connecting pictures, people and products. Our visual commerce software helps more than 850 brands tell their stories through imagery in order to drive engagement, build awareness, and form stronger, more meaningful relationships with consumers.

We're hiring developers, designers and product people with exceptional problem solving skills, creative out-of-the-box thinking, and comfort with quickly learning, evaluating, and deploying new technologies. We're not language zealots: we believe in using the right tool for the job, and are comfortable with a polyglot codebase. That said, today we lean on:

  - Languages: Scala, Javascript
  - Infrastructure: AWS, Asgard, Jenkins
  - Datastores: Cassandra, MySQL (RDS), DynamoDB, Redis, Redshift, S3
  - Data Processing: Storm, Lambda, Kinesis, Kafka, SQS, Spark
  - Microservices: Finatra/Finagle, Scalatra
  - Front-end: AngularJS, Less, Gulp, Bower
  - Image Processing: OpenCV, Caffe
  - Search: Elasticsearch, Cloudsearch
Although experience with our existing technology stack is great, we're much more interested in hiring developers with exceptional problem solving skills, creative out-of-the-box thinking, and comfort with quickly learning, evaluating, and deploying new technologies. While we're not looking for any specific industry experience you should have a CS degree and/or at least two years of experience and come prepared to join a fast-moving, high-performing team.

Check out our Engineering Blog to learn more: http://engineering.curalate.com

You can find and apply to all roles on our jobs page (https://www.themuse.com/companies/curalate), or reach out to me directly and mention HN (<my username>@curalate.com).