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San Mateo - 3 jobs in June 2017

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Roblox | San Mateo CA | Onsite, Full Time

We're building what I'd have loved at 12 when I wanted to automate my Legos and Construx. It's a scriptable, distributed physics engine with networking support and a social network overlaid on top. Clients run on PC, mobile, and console. Devs publish their game and we spin up servers for them, make physics and networking work, support in-game currency, advertising, etc. Top games have 30k+ simul players, but the tail is very long.

We have over 40m monthly active users, and some devs on the platform are making 100k USD/month (and are still in high school, and have hired their friends to form studios).

We're hiring physics/rendering/networking C++ engineers, windows devops engineers (big scale), C# (or willing to learn) full stack engineers, and data scientists. Check it out at http://roblox.com - it's a downloadable client (to support native 60fps graphics). Make sure to try "Natural Disaster Survival".

Here's the job list: https://angel.co/roblox

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Dokkio | QA Engineer | San Francisco Bay Area (San Mateo, CA) | Onsite Only, Full time

About Dokkio: Teams everywhere use a wide variety of cloud file services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and others to share billions of files a day. Then it’s nearly impossible to find and manage all those files. Dokkio provides a better way to search your content, give it business context, organize it, work on it with others -- to make content-focused teamwork more effective. Come help us invent the future of collaboration and content management.

Responsibilities: Write and maintain automated functional test scripts. Develop testing plans and execute them against new features and bug fixes. Work with engineering/marketing/support/management to identify requirements, come up with a release schedule, and keep everyone informed of progress towards it. Prioritize and manage open bugs. Help improve our development/testing process to prevent problems before they start. Fix the occasional bug.

Qualifications: Love of high quality software, testing, writing code, and learning new things. 1-3 years of professional experience with software testing or software engineering. Strong familiarity with functional testing tools such as Selenium/WebDriver. Strong familiarity with at least one mainstream language. JavaScript preferred, but Python/Ruby/etc. acceptable. Strong familiarity with functional testing, unit testing, and other types of testing. Bonus Points: Familiarity with UX, HCI, continuous deployment, version control systems (we use git), and the command line (we use Ubuntu)

Email us your resume at jobs-qa@dokkio.com.

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AtScale | Engineering | San Mateo | Salary: very good | ONSITE http://atscale.com

We built an analytics platform that works with all the modern big data platforms both onsite (hadoop) and in the cloud (BigQuery, Athena). Our stack is Scala (back end), Go, JS. We do difficult things, actual algo implementation and stuff verging on real computer science. We desparately need more people that know a lot about Hive, Spark, Presto, Impala, etc and are willing to make it very interesting for the right person. We have a great team with no churn because we trust them to make the right decisions and execute. Thank you and good luck in your search.