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Tucson - 1 jobs in June 2017

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| Large Synoptic Survey Telescope | Senior Cloud Solutions Architect | ONSITE Tucson, AZ | VISA

Cloud engineering where clouds are the enemy! I'm at a major astronomy project to build a telescope that can observe the whole sky twice a week (lsst.org). Our Education and Public Outreach folks down the hallway from me are planning a bunch of cool projects for the general public, kids, and citizen scientists and need someone to come up with how it could all be done using current technology stacks.

So! You get to be one of the first people to learn about the earth-killing asteroid and you get to work on something that your annoying uncle can understand when you go home for Christmas and he asks "So what do you do all day with that computer?"

This is a technical leadership position and as the team is still ramping up it has to be on-site, but Tucson is a great town to live in (they don't call us "The Portland of the SouthWest" for nuthin') and you can buy a house for what it takes you to rent a closet in SV :-) If you need a visa that is fine, we're a quasi-academic shop and our HR is used to this kind of thing.

Don't let the incredibly sucky job application site put you off, it has nothing to do with what the rest of us do :-) Apply here http://ls.st/bo0 (I'm sorry, academia will have cool recruiting practices in, oh, 2045 or so). If you have questions drop me a line (email in the profile).

PS. You get to work with @astropixie in case you're a fan