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Washington - 10 jobs in June 2017

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Capital One | Data Platform Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Engineering Manager, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Product Manager | New York, NY, Washington Dc, San Francisco ,CA | ONSITE

Capital One is on a bit of a hiring spree. My team, the TED team in SF is an implementation/quazi-labs division where we solve difficult engineering problems across several parts of Capital One, and we would love you to apply to work with us. Even if our team isn't a perfect fit, Capital One has lots of openings.

Apply here: http://rolp.co/Uyp6c

Questions: jay.zalowitz@capitalone.com and mention HN.

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UrbanStems | Mid-level Developer | Washington, DC | FULLTIME, ONSITE, https://urbanstems.com

UrbanStems, a same-day flower delivery e-commerce experience, is looking primarily for mid to senior level backend developers. We are vertically integrated with our own supply chain, fulfillment & delivery, and customized e-commerce platform optimized for a great customer experience. As you can imagine, technology plays an important part at every step of that process. We're looking for more engineers/developers to help build out features for our internal usage and for our customers' delight. You'd have a lot of say and room to experiment. Our API is primarily in NodeJS. Our front-end is a React/Redux application. We absolutely love PostgreSQL with PostGIS and Redis. Lambdas are becoming a new favorite for services. A full stack developer would be ideal but if you're more comfortable with the backend then that's totally okay (i.e. if you're focused on front end dev, this position isn't going to be interesting for you. But reach out to me in the fall).

We'll pay for relocation if you aren't in the DC area.

4+ years of experience

- Backend languages: NodeJS/Python/Ruby/<insert language here>

- Datastores: PostgreSQL (or SQL in-general), Redis, etc

- Building APIs (internal/external)

- General understanding of DevOps

(Awesome to have) 1+ years

- Front end JS (React/Backbone/Angular/etc)

- HTML/CSS knowledge

Email me with your resume and blurb about a project you love(d) working on and why. Chetan Shenoy - chetan@urbanstems.com

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Nava | Infrastructure Engineers, Fullstack Software Engineers, Designers | Washington DC, San Francisco SF, New York NYC | On-site - Full-time | $100k-$160k+ + equity + benefits

We're a small team of engineers, designers, and product builders that were brought in to help fix Healthcare.gov in the winter of 2013. Our revamped application is used by millions, converts 35% better, and halves the completion time.

It turns out there’s a lot more to reimagine within government services, which is why we’re partnering with both the Department of Veterans Affairs and Medicare. With the VA, we are working to modernize their appeals system, making millions of veteran’s lives better through the process. Today, the average appeal takes 5 years to process; we can fix this. For Medicare, we are designing and building the architecture for Medicare's historic transition towards value-based care.

It’s surprising how much can be done by a small group of empathetic people with deep technical experience, working closely with dedicated civil servants in government. We’ve started Nava as a public benefit corporation to radically improve how our government serves its people, and we believe that the services our government provides should be clear and reliable. If you feel the same way, we'd love to hear from you at jobs@navahq.com

Learn more about working here: http://navahq.com/careers

Job descriptions: http://jobs.lever.co/nava

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TrackMaven | Software Developer | Washington, DC | ONSITE, https://trackmaven.com/careers

TrackMaven, the leading marketing analytics platform, is growing rapidly and is seeking a forward-thinking, eager and skilled full-stack developer to join our pack. We are looking for someone interested in both Javascript (Angular 1.5 & React) and Python (Django/Flask).

Apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/trackmaven/jobs/701039#.WTBiAhP...

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Symplicity | Software Engineer, Full Stack | Washington, DC (Arlington, VA) | ONSITE, VISA, https://symplicity.com

Symplicity has helped guide more than 26 million students to their dream career. We build the world’s leading campus recruiting software deployed at over 1,100 colleges and also tools to help recruiters land entry-level talent at these universities.

Our stack: PHP, Typescript, Slim, MySQL, Angular, ElasticSearch

Interview process is a phone screen, then onsite interview with a take-home coding exercise.

Learn more at https://www.symplicity.com/about/join-us

Interested in chatting? Email engineering-careers@symplicity.com

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Engage, LLC| Web Developer, Wordpress, Contract | Alexandria, VA, Remote | Remote http://engagedc.theresumator.com/apply/LjUbUMePiB/WordPress-...

About the Position

Engage is looking for a highly motivated, experienced full stack web developer to contract on a part or full time basis. The ideal candidate is a problem solver, capable of working within given parameters, and works well in a team. You'd be working with our back-end and front-end web developers building websites and applications.

Our office is located in Alexandria, VA (in the Washington DC metro area) and we'll give preference to local applicants. Ideal candidate profile would include the following skills:

Strong WordPress theme or plugin development experience Ability to take a PSD or Sketch file and turn it into a pixel-perfect, responsive website HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and JQuery PHP/MySQL background Experience with a PHP framework—Laravel, Symphony, CakePHP, Zend, or CodeIgniter—a plus. Vue.js, React, or Angular experience—a plus. A love of creative problem solving Enjoys working with deadlines and in a team environment Comfortable with version control—Git Extremely responsive, especially if working remotely A passion for the open source community In general, a nice person to be around who enjoys tackling challenges, learning new skills, and using new skills In order to be considered, you must submit work samples. Please link to your GitHub profile or portfolio/website.

About Engage:

We are a full-service digital agency that is dedicated to impacting the world around us through bold strategy and innovative technology. With clients that range from political campaigns to top level associations and advocacy groups, we use cutting-edge technology to tell the most compelling story for our clients.

About Our Work Culture:

We take pride in producing high quality and award winning work, but we always find time for Nerf gun fights and team lunches. We love coming to work and think that you will too!

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Ogilvy | Creative Technologist (full-stack developer) | Washington, DC | ONSITE

Small team, in need of a self-driven person who can help grow the team with me. Working with large brands and government clients to produce interesting new experiences using web, VR, AR, iOS, IoT, and experiential technologies to create unique marketing campaigns that stand out. Bread and butter is still web development, but looking to move beyond that. Just directed a VR experience for FEMA out of this office.

Interested? Apply here: https://social.icims.com/viewjob/po14963349242767795f

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Kensho Technologies | Data Scientists/Engineers across the stack | Full-time/Onsite | Cambridge/NYC/DC

Kensho is a leading analytics and machine learning company serving the financial, healthcare, and national security sectors. We are backed by investors as diverse as Google, Goldman Sachs, and In-Q-Tel (the venture arm of the CIA).

We recruit world-class engineers, data scientists, designers, scientists and researchers, many of whom have PhDs in scientific disciplines. We have a spectrum of opportunities in Harvard Square, New York City, and Washington, D.C. for individuals with the right scientific and computing skills.

To see all open positions visit: https://www.kensho.com/careers

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Opportunity@Work | Software Developer | Washington, DC | ONSITE

As a full-time software developer, you will work with our small in-house product team to help us realize our vision of a multi-sided labor marketplace designed to enable skills-based, inclusive hiring that reaches millions of Americans. You will:

  - Develop technical solutions according to specification
  - Help translate broader product vision into possible technological solutions
  - Inform technical trade-offs and possible product paths for development strategy
  - Help interpret feedback from user testing sessions into actionable advice
  - Help define interfaces with the diverse array of relevant tools and players (e.g., job boards used by job seekers, applicant tracking systems used by employers)
  - Collaborate with technical and nontechnical teammates across Opportunity@Work
  - Help chart the technical course from MVP to reliable scale

You are passionate about using technology in service of the most pressing and complex social challenges. You are experienced in working in agile product development teams. You have experience with and a track record of demonstrating excellence across the following skills and technologies:

  - Front-end web development (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap)
  - Back-end data architecture (API design)
  - Object-oriented programming and at least one modern web framework (we use Rails)
  - Managing the software development lifecycle within a team; agile development
  - Making smart tradeoffs of efficiency/speed/reliability/maintainability
  - Following software development best practices (automated testing, code comments, etc)
  - Collaborating with nontechnical partners to effectively communicate technical outcomes
  - Taking a user-driven approach, finding effective solutions for users of diverse socioeconomic and educational backgrounds

You should also have:

  - Passion for our mission: You care deeply about workforce, social justice and inclusive training/hiring related issues.
  - Clear communication: You have good written and verbal communication skills with the ability to synthesize complex information into simple and engaging terms with your audience in mind.
  - People-centered approach: You enjoy engaging with people and have a talent for building and managing strong relationships that achieve outcomes. You are comfortable working in teams and can build rapport with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives and use a human centered design approach to your work.
To apply, visit https://opportunityatwork.org/join-our-team/#software

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RINSE | San Francisco, CA, Culver City, CA, Washington, DC | Full Time

Rinse is a technology-enabled dry cleaning and laundry delivery service. We've grown at double-digit month-over-month rates for about four years now, our business fundamentals are solid, and our customers love us! We have a number of open positions:

1) We have open marketing positions for all levels of experience at our San Francisco headquarters:

- We're seeking a Head of Growth to lead our marketing function. This is a great opportunity, as we are a high-growth consumer brand, and our planned marketing budget and team are significant. As such, we're keeping the bar high: qualified candidates will have experience with online and offline media campaigns, 'guerrilla' and hyper-local marketing, brand marketing efforts, people management, agency management, analytics, and strategy. This position reports to the CEO. https://www.rinse.com/careers/head-of-growth/

- We're seeking experienced Marketing Managers with a number of different specialties:

      - Email Marketing Manager
      - SEO Marketing Manager
      - Performance Marketing Manager
For each of these specialties, we're seeking individuals with relevant industry experience, an analytical mindset, and enough depth in their specialization area that they will add to the company's aggregate skill set. https://www.rinse.com/careers/marketing-manager/

- Finally, we're hiring a few entry-level Marketing Associates to round out the team. An attention to detail, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and analytical or quantitative capability are all important skills for this role. If you'd like to break in to the startup scene, this is your chance. https://www.rinse.com/careers/associate/

2) We're also hiring a Head of Product or Product Manager to steer our user experience, website, mobile apps, and other customer touch points. We're looking for an individual with significant product management experience, solid project management skills, a strategic perspective, and the soft skills to work with our designers, software engineers, and marketers. https://www.rinse.com/careers/product-manager/

3) We're always looking for qualified Software Engineers of all degrees of experience. We're primarily a Django / Python shop with React Native, but an individual with solid systems engineering fundamentals will succeed, regardless of technical specifics. We're building tools and for our customers, our drivers, our internal staff, and our vendors. It's a "target rich" environment with plenty of opportunity to make a direct and meaningful impact on the business! We're solving problems as varied as demand forecasting, route optimization, QR tagging for inventory control, SMS automation, and a suite of mobile apps for our customers and staff. See https://www.rinse.com/careers/software-engineer/

4) We're hiring our first Data Analyst or Data Scientist to augment our data-driven management culture. The ideal candidate will span Data Engineering, Data Science, and Business Intelligence roles, and be familiar with enterprise data warehousing technologies. Important technical skills include SQL and Excel, with Python familiarity a plus. We have an interesting and growing data set; this position will enjoy considerable executive visibility and a significant influence in the direction of the company. See https://www.rinse.com/careers/data-analyst/

See https://www.rinse.com/careers/ for even more open positions!

Want to join a rapidly-growing startup that actually has a sustainable business model? Perhaps your family ran a dry cleaner or laundromat when you were growing up? Delighted with our service? Let's talk!

Email sam <at> rinse.com with questions, or contact jobs <at> rinse.com directly to apply.