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Bangalore - 3 jobs in July 2017

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BloomReach | Backend Engineer | Bangalore | Full Time | Onsite | http://bloomreach.com

BloomReach brings businesses the first open and intelligent Digital Experience Platform (DXP), designed to accelerate the path to conversion, increase revenue, and grow customer loyalty.

Backend Engineers at BloomReach own and lead the design and development of our core technology components that serve over 20% of e-commerce users in U.S.

A few of our latest Bangalore-based projects:

  • Product Search for billions of interactions and millions of products

  • A Distributed, highly scalable content indexing system

  • Real time auto-complete system
What you would have done :

  • Got yourself a B.Tech/M.Tech or equivalent degree in Computer Science

  • Built software solutions for 2-6 years dabbling in backend first languages, such as C/C++, Java, Scala, Python.

  • Loved designing and analyzing applications end to end, which communicate with each other via services and APIs

  • Used map-reduce or large-scale data processing (e.g Hadoop), Linux serving systems, databases

  • Maintained distributed systems at significant scale in a production environment.

  • Have fun stories of how you broke systems (and how you then fixed them) :)

  • Brownie points for being an Open Source contributor.
If this is you and you can prove it, we’re interested in talking to you about joining our top-flight engineering team. To get the conversation started, send along a cool piece of code, a link to something you’ve built or a hack that you’re proud of to ZGFtYXlhbnRpLmdob3NoQGJsb29tcmVhY2guY29t . We can’t wait to have a look.

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Vernacular.AI (https://vernacular.ai) | ML/NLP Engineer | Bangalore, India | Onsite, Full-time

Vernacular.AI is a VC backed startup, solving the language problem for Indian businesses by enabling them to interact with their multi-lingual customers using a state of the art NLP-powered AI engine.

We are looking for the following roles in our Engineering team.

  - Senior ML/NLP Engineer (1-3 year)
  - Junior ML/NLP Engineer (0-2 year)
Your task would be to protect the realm of the company by conjuring spells powered by Random forests, ANNs and SVMs. You shall be bestowed upon with the responsibility of protecting the holy septum (read: the ML engine) of the firm against unprecedented overfitting and treacherous trade-offs.

  - You will be a critical member of an engineering team working on architecting, developing and augmenting cutting edge AI Platform

  - Ensure that the AI layer is super scalable, fault tolerant and well documented

  - Taking ownership of NLP Problems, exploring existing research/solutions and running experiments by tweaking solutions to get the best results

  - Help improve code quality through writing unit tests, automation and performing code reviews

  - Customise and train existing AI algorithms and models in a given context
React out to us at hello@vernacular.ai if you're interested. You can drop me a line at pravj@vernacular.ai with HN in the subject.

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Wifi Dabba (YC W17) | Bangalore, India | Onsite | Software/Network Engineers

Come and help us build the cheapest and fastest wifi network in India. We've just started hiring our team and you'll be one of the first engineers.

See detailed job descriptions at www.wifidabba.com