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San Diego - 4 jobs in July 2017

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Millennium Health | Senior Software Engineer, Front End | San Diego, CA | ONSITE | http://www.millenniumhealth.com/ | Salary: 115K-135K

At Millennium Health we are launching our next wave of genetic testing products and we need your help to provide the customer with an exceptional experience.

We are looking for an experienced Angular developer to lead our UI development effort.

Current front-end stack is Angular 4 with TypeScript, Bootstrap, Angular Material, NgRX Store / Effects

On the server side we are using C# .NET Core 1.1 in Docker containers deployed on AWS Elastic Container Service

We have a fun and flexible work environment, passionate and experienced team, comprehensive benefit package, 3 weeks vacation + 6 sick days, and great hardware.

You can apply online here: https://mh-openhire.silkroad.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseact...

Alternatively send me your CV directly and mention HN: christian.peth [at] millenniumhealth.com

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Elation Health | San Francisco, CA | Full time | REMOTE | Engineering | http://elationhealth.com

At Elation we make tools for physicians and their patients that improve the efficiency and fidelity of their relationship, and help to make the delivery of excellent, proactive healthcare possible.

We've got a number of roles available in engineering, product, design, sales, and customer experience. See them all here: https://www.elationhealth.com/careers/

Specifically I'm closely involved with trying to fill our engineering positions. We're looking for a front-end focused developer to join our SF team, and also have a pretty interesting opening for a more senior backend / systems-design focused engineer to help us with a number of interoperability and data challenges. That position is available to folks in SF or REMOTE in the US.

Stack is Python/Django/MySQL/ReactJS/Elasticsearch/Redis/AWS. Team culture is awesome. High empathy, low ego. Lots of interactions with passionate users, and generally in the company of people who care a lot about the quality of the product experience.

Apply online or reach out to me directly if you have any questions or are curious! Also, I'm usually remote from my home in the San Diego area but I'm in SF for the next couple of weeks so if anyone's interested in Elation specifically or healthcare startups in general (I've been doing those since '99 or so), I'm particularly available to grab coffee and meet folks. Contact info's in profile.

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Nanome Inc. - REMOTE and/or VISA - Full-stack Ethereum Engineer (Solidity) - NYC/San Diego - Contract/Project Based

Virtual Reality Interfaces for STEM design and simulation, focused on nanoengineering. Launching Token Issuance Program (ICO) in a couple of months. Need engineer to assist in platform design and creation of smart contracts.

company: www.nanome.ai token: www.matryx.ai

Contact a@nanome.ai Whitepaper available upon request.

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Northrop Grumman | Software Engineer | San Diego CA, Oklahoma City OK, Melbourne FL | Full Time | Secret and Top Secret Clearance |

- C and Java development

- MASSIVE growth in the company right now

- Work on projects that are not possible in any other SW company

- Every other friday OFF (lookup 9/80 schedule)

- Work is slower paced than commercial

NG is a defense contractor and are currently growing by the thousands in the next few years. They are looking for experienced developers who have touched C and Java. You should already have a secret or TS clearance to apply for software.

PM me for more info to apply.