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Austin - 4 jobs in August 2017

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Software Engineer | Blackbaud | Austin, TX | Onsite (Relocation Available)


Solve hard problems that truly matter with a team that's smart, experienced, and kind. What problems? Help kids afford college by making it easier for them to find and receive scholarships.


The Job: You'll be writing vanilla JS, React, HTML, CSS, and wiring things to Rails on the back-end. More technical details forthcoming—read on.

The Department: We're a 4-member product engineering team within a 13-member engineering department Technical Details: Rails, React, AWS, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Redis, Memcached, and some internal tooling in Go

The Interview Process: You'll talk to me (Product Engineering Manager), then our CTO, do some remote coding to chat code, come on-site and pair, meet the team, and meet a founder.


You're pragmatic, smart, work well with others, and take ownership of features from planning to production. Preferably, you're proficient with some of our technical stack, and you'll make the entire team better as an individual contributor, a teacher, and an occasional foil.

We take a lot of pride in accomplishing disproportionately big tasks, and to do that we treat engineers like professionals with clear expectations and regular feedback. And we're kind, respectful, and obsessed with the customer experience along the way.



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Help.com | Multiple Positions | Austin, TX | ONSITE | FULL TIME

It's 2017 and customer service still sucks. Companies have tons of data about you (what you've purchased, every page view to your site, every interaction you've ever had with them). However, that data is stuck in a bunch of fragmented systems and even the customer service systems they currently use don't connect their own data between different channels (tickets, chats, phones, etc).

Help us eliminate terrible customer service experiences by building out the world's best customer service and support platform. With workflows shaped from our time at HostGator (10M+ customers) and GoDaddy (10M+ customers), and technology skills developed from building cPanel, Cloudflare, CBS Sports apps, Node itself, and more.

We are predominantly in the JavaScript/Node.JS ecosystem, specifically a React/Redux stack on the front-end with Jest and Enzyme driving testing. On the backend, we launch Node.JS services of sizes ranging from micro to large. Everything is built and deployed in containers on Kubernetes and we're building for scale.

Our product is real time, distributed, and relies on a great user experience. Since we're a communications platform, we strive for 100% uptime (multi-zone, multi-region, horizontally scalable, cross datacenter replication). As such, simple things on a single application/server become fun challenges in a distributed system :)

Open Roles:

  - Quality Assurance Engineer (JavaScript)
  - Software Engineer (Front-end - React.js)
  - Senior Software Engineer (Backend - Node.js)
  - Software Engineer (Backend - Node.js)

  - Working with 2 Node Core Contributors and tons of other smart folks
  - Founders have helped build many successful companies before (cPanel, Cloudflare, HostGator, etc)
  - On-site lunch
  - Well tested code and agile practices
  - Your code is used 8+ hours a day by our customers so you'll gain massive amounts of experience and feedback
Currently Predominant Technologies:

  - Node.JS
  - React/Redux (Jest, Flow, Enzyme)
  - Docker / Kubernetes
  - Google Cloud Platform, AWS
  - Message Queues (NATS, Google Pub/Sub)
Apply today at https://jobs.lever.co/help.com/

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Roku | Austin TX, Los Gatos CA, Cambridge UK, New York NY | Full-Time | Onsite

Roku is looking for developers to work on a variety of problems. I'm in the new products group working on Roku TV, mostly in modern C++, and I find it to be really interesting and challenging work. We're also hiring into our web services/cloud, data analytics, mobile development, user interaction, advertising technology, and QA groups.

See https://www.roku.com/about/jobs for more details.

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Cloudflare https://www.cloudflare.com/ | San Francisco, CA; London, UK; Singapore, SG; Urbana-Champaign, IL; Austin, TX; | VISA, ONSITE Cloudflare is building a better Internet. Our long term goal is to give every site the same performance, security, and reliability that major sites like Google and Facebook accomplish, without any specialized network hardware or complicated administration. We enhance millions of sites, including this one. We believe in working collaboratively with an emphasis on personal growth and responsibility. Working at Cloudflare lets you wear many hats, spearhead new projects, and shape your career. Product market fit is established, but there's a lot of great engineering, product, sales, and support work to be done. We're starting 2017 at 330 people, with plans to double that in the next year. We're always hiring for operations/SRE, sales, general systems engineering (mostly in Go, nginx, and network, as well as DNS at scale), and web development. Here's some specific roles we're keen to hire: 0) Engineering Manager -- We're looking for an Engineering Manager to lead our PlatOps team, and also generally looking for more managers. Our engineering management team is very strong and we are looking for experienced individuals to join. 1) Data Engineering(s) -- We have a ton of different technologies that our data engineers work with, and they are a really strong core team here. Kafka, PostgreSQL, Docker, Mesos, Marathon, Chronos, nginx, and so many more technologies. 2) Product Security Engineer -- We have a lot of applications and need more talented software engineers who love to break and fix. We need hands on engineers who are not afraid to dive in and drive fixes to completion, and evangelize security. 3) Systems Engineer (Austin/SF/London) -- We are hiring systems engineers at all of our offices. Our Austin office is growing particularly fast. Web and distributed systems built with Go, Node, Docker, and much more. Check out our blog to see what's planned for 2017 (https://blog.cloudflare.com/) If you're interested, please apply through the https://www.cloudflare.com/join-our-team link, our recruiting team looks at every single application from every applicant.