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El Segundo - 1 jobs in August 2017

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TechEmpower - Los Angeles area, California (El Segundo, near LAX) - ONSITE

We're looking for good programmers with an interest in web development. If you're smart and motivated, and you want to work in a supportive environment, then let's talk.

TechEmpower is a custom software company. We help our clients understand their needs, plan solutions for them, and build software -- on time and on target. By taking away their technical headaches, we help our clients succeed.

- We're small. We have 30 employees and we work in teams of 1-6.

- We're friendly. Our office is professional and collegiate, like a computer lab staffed by adults. We help each other out.

- We're mostly a web shop. We do a bit of desktop, and a bit of native mobile, but 90% of our work is creating complex web applications.

- We work with a wide range of technologies (see Technologies below) but Java is first in our heart.

- We're established. We were founded way back in 1997, which means we've continued to grow despite the dot-com bomb, the great recession, and several hurricanes.

- We're the authority on web framework performance (https://twitter.com/hashtag/techempower)

The technologies we use vary over time with our mix of projects. Here is a snapshot of what we're using now:

Languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, C#, Ruby, PHP

Tools: Git, Docker, Jenkins, Sonar, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Ant, Maven

Web: Jersey, .NET Core, React, Django, Node.js, Go, Rails, Handlebars, Backbone, Ember, Angular, Knockout, Servlets, jQuery

Mobile: iOS, Android, PhoneGap

Hosting: AWS, Rackspace Cloud, Linux deployments

Data Persistence: ORM (Hibernate, etc.), Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL Server, NoSQL (Redis, Riak, etc.)

We don't expect new hires to have experience with all of these, but we do expect you'll learn more about them every day.