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REMOTE - 38 jobs in January 2015

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Counterparty - REMOTE - http://counterparty.io

Counterparty is a freely licensed and open-source platform for peer-to-peer finance that lives on the Bitcoin blockchain. The network has been live since January, and it has seen over 130k transactions since then.[1] Overstock.com recently announced that it would be building the world's first SEC-regulated stock market for cryptosecurities on our platform.[2]

The non-profit Counterparty Foundation is hiring a developer to join a team of two (myself and one other) dedicated to further developing the Counterparty Protocol and software ecosystem (e.g. wallet software, block explorers). Experience with Python is strongly preferred, as much of the work will be with the protocol's reference implementation, counterpartyd.[3]

It goes without saying that this is an unconventional position requiring a great deal of independence, self-direction and creativity. More details about the position: http://counterparty.io/jobs

Contact: adamk@counterparty.io

Web Wallet: https://counterwallet.io

[1] - https://blockscan.com

[2] - http://www.coindesk.com/overstock-hires-counterparty-develop....

[3] - https://github.com/CounterpartyXCP/counterpartyd


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CircleCI (https://circleci.com/jobs) - fulltime, SF or REMOTE, international OK, VISA-transfers OK

More than anything, we try to make CircleCI a great place to work.

You might love it too if you like: - working with great people who you can learn from - to work on developer tools - building a product that customers love, and pay for - working with Clojure and ClojureScript (for developer roles) - transparent cultures (we're inspired a lot by Valve and similar companies) [1] - to work remotely, or to have your own private office in SF [2]

We're hiring lots of roles, esp in product management, design, and support engineers.

[1] http://blog.circleci.com/kindness-is-underrated/ [2] http://blog.circleci.com/silence-is-for-the-weak/

Check out https://circleci.com/jobs for details.


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Akselos (Software Engineer, Boston or REMOTE)


Akselos provides an advanced cloud-based engineering simulation platform for "accelerated Finite Element Analysis" based on over 10 years of award-winning research at MIT. This platform enables engineers to perform detailed, fully-3D analysis of large-scale complex systems in seconds, which eliminates a major pain point across a wide range of engineering disciplines.

We currently have major engineering firms from the mining and power systems industries as customers. Our software has been used by over 7000 students in an engineering course on edX. Also, we were recently featured on the Google Cloud Platform blog: http://googlecloudplatform.blogspot.ca/2014/12/mitxs-edx-cou...

We have offices in Boston, Lausanne and Ho Chi Minh City. Working remotely is a possibility.


Send job inquiries to: jobs@akselos.com (or contact me directly at david.knezevic@akselos.com)

We're looking for a Software Engineer to assist with our GUI development. The GUI is written in Python (Qt bindings) and allows users to create 3D models, send simulation requests to our cloud-based back-end and then render the results locally. For more info about the GUI see:



More info about open positions is available here: http://www.akselos.com/join_the_team.html



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RateItNow - REMOTE - http://rateitnow.com/new/

We're a small new startup that has successfully raised funding and we're looking for a mobile app developer and a back-end engineer. We all work remotely on the team - currently spread out in Australia, Singapore, and Poland. We have close ties to Microsoft (via mgmt) and are leveraging the MS stack heavily on the back-end (ASP.Net, Azure, etc.)

We're looking for:

1) Windows Phone, Android/iOS (Xamarin) Developer

We are presently working on a Windows Phone application to be deployed in a B2B type environment with consumer-facing iOS, Android, and Windows Phone applications to also be developed. We have standardized on C# and Xamarin for the app development.

Ideally you will have a demonstrated experience using .NET/C# and Xamarin for mobile app development, but developers with only native iOS and Android development experience will also be considered. Specific experience developing for Windows Phone is nice to have, but not necessary.

2) Back-end ASP.Net Engineer

You must have a strong demonstrable experience with ASP.NET Web Api, ADO.Net, MS SQL Server and be comfortable with handling devops type work within Azure (deployment, management, scaling). Your role will be to build out a fast, secure back-end and APIs in support of consumer-facing apps & website.

For both roles prior experience working remotely is a plus. Above all though, we're looking for smart people with a can do attitude.

Contact me at neil@rateitnow.com


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Mapbox, (REMOTE worldwide or LOCAL in SF/DC) https://www.mapbox.com/jobs/ Directions Developer

We’re building a routing service unlike any other. It is flexible, fast, and customizable for every use case. We are looking for people who know graph theory, efficient algorithms, and have the desire to run fast on creating a scalable API.

While having a background in routing is a bonus, we’re really looking for C++ coders with a deep understanding of algorithms and data structures. Knowledge in C++11, cache effiency as well as I/O effiency are certainly a plus.

Primary focus would be extending an open source routing engine.


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DuckDuckGo (REMOTE or local in Paoli, PA). If you're an avid DuckDuckGo user, please check out our hiring page at https://dukgo.com/help/en_US/company/hiring In particular, we have the following explicitly open positions but are always looking for good fits regardless:

- Site Reliabiliry Engineer (keep our systems up and fast!)

- BD (work with new & existing partners)

- Community Management (duck.co, social media, interacting with contributors)


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Web Developer - PHP / Javascript - REMOTE or Bloomington, Indiana, United States

We’re looking for a talented and passionate web developer to help improve and expand our web-based application, FormAssembly.com.

The ideal candidate can craft code that is robust and easy to maintain, switch between back-end and front-end development, and keep usability and user experience in mind at all times.

Your work will get in front of tens of thousands of users and help make data collection easier for a lot of people, from schools enrolling students to large corporations improving their business processes.

Veer West is a bootstrapped, profitable and growing company. If you're looking to make a difference, our small team, lean operation and impressive roster of customers is the perfect environment for you.

Position is full-time, local or remote. To apply, visit http://www.veerwest.com/jobs


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Front-End & UX Engineer (Veer West / FormAssembly.com, Full-time, Bloomington, IN or REMOTE)

Designing user interactions around web form building and data collection is a real challenge. If you’ve ever had to fill out a form online and cursed at your screen, you know what we’re trying to improve.

We’re looking for a user experience designer with strong technical skills (Javascript, HTML, CSS, iOS, Android) to join our team.

Veer West is a bootstrapped, profitable and growing company. If you're looking to make a difference, our small team, lean operation and impressive roster of customers is the perfect environment for you.

Position is full-time, local or remote. To apply, visit http://www.veerwest.com/jobs

oh, and Happy New Year!


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FiscalNote - DC / NYC / Remote - https://fiscalnote.com

Front-End Engineer, Ruby on Rails Engineer, Software Engineer, Software Engineer in Test

We're a Series A startup that is building predictive analytics platforms for open data that impact every corner of industry and society. We're penetrating sectors untouched by advanced machine learning and NLP methods. It's resulted in some press (http://wapo.st/1AfqNdc) and CNN called us one of the Top 10 Startups in America. The legacy competition is not pleased.

We love engineering across a cutting-edge stack, we love our customers, and most importantly, we love our team. Job descriptions and requirements can be found at fiscalnote.com/careers

Want to be FN awesome? Email arthur@fiscalnote.com


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REMOTE or local in Cologne, Germany (relocation possible if desired)

Eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus, is hiring:

- Senior Web developer (https://eyeo.com/jobs#senior-web-developer)

- Android developer (https://eyeo.com/jobs#android-developer)

- Technical writer (https://eyeo.com/jobs#technical-writer)

We're in the middle of changing the world of online advertising for the better, and there's lots of work to do.

Apply at jobs@adblockplus.org if you're up for this, we'd love to hear from you. Please include a list of notable open source projects you are contributing to or have contributed to. We're an open source project, so that'd be a very big plus.


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Remote/Anywhere in the world.

Are you UI/UX guru? Interested in Indian market?

Hi, I have a few simple web-service ideas for Indian market. Most of these ideas are lifestyle businesses, with the eventual goal of making content websites that capture long tail google searches specific to Indian context. Some of the ideas I am working on are:

1) A Q&A site that will compete with Quora 2) A content farm that will compete with Times of India. 3) A content farm to answer “middle tail” search question like “Best Schools in Hyderabad” or “How many homes were sold in Bangalore in last one month” 4) A website to track (deregulated) petrol prices, provide analysis and update its users accordingly. 5) A mobile app to make home buying decisions based on commute score (similar to walkscore) 6) A job search engine based on "commute" agony.

I am looking for someone who would like to implement these ideas along with me. You should have the following skills:

1) Expert Front end Skills (HTML/CSS/JS) and be a UI/UX guru. 2) Backend skills (Expert preferred, Intermediate Ok).

About me: I am a software engineer in a semiconductor company with 10+ years experience. I have intermediate knowledge in Frontend and Backend technologies. I can write code in Python/PHP/C/C++. If interested, please contact me at

iamanonymouscoward+hn@gmail.com http://linkd.in/1CX4vjZ

Compensation will be equity aka profit sharing.


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Germany/Netherlands - REMOTE - Apply at http://nlcollect-bv.workable.com/jobs/7652

ClubCollect has created a service for sports clubs and other organizations to make invoicing of club members a breeze. Invoicing, reminding, online payments: everything is processed via ClubCollect. Since we're entering the German market we're looking for a developer who is proficient in German (speaking & writing). Reason: ability to discuss API interfaces with German developers of external accounting systems and perfecting the localization of ClubCollect.

We're a small team (just eight people), we love remote working but we also like to get together for beers and a great dinner.

ClubCollect is built in Ruby (+ Ruby on Rails) and JavaScript (+ jQuery). We value simplicity, creative solutions, and the ability to get things done. You will have the opportunity to contribute to all areas of our code base.

- B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent experience (proven ability matters more to us than degrees) - Fluent in at least one dynamically-typed, object-oriented language (e.g. Ruby, Python) - Several years experience with a modern web framework such as Rails or Django

@recruiters: please don't contact us, we're not interested.


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Blockspring. YC 2014. San Francisco, Remote is possibility depending on experience.

Looking for early hires:

- Lead designer (with UX focus, https://jobs.lever.co/blockspring/6065dd68-93dc-4341-b7a6-55...).

- Full stack dev (https://jobs.lever.co/blockspring/c425991f-62ed-4ea8-8f95-c2...)

                 /~~~~\   /~~~~\
                 \    /   \    /
                  |  |_____|  |
                /~             ~\
       /~~~~~-_|  /~~\    /~~~\  |_-~~~~~\
       \ ==== /| |   O|  |   ^ | |\ ==== /
        ~-__-~ | |_---+--+----_| | ~-__-~
               |/~             ~\|
               /                 \
              (      O      O     )
               `\              ./'
                 |   |\__/|    |
                 |   |/~~\|    |
                 | /~~~~~~~~~\ |
                 | |         | |
                 | |         | |
                 | |         | |
                 | |         | |


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Application Software Engineer (Anywhere, U.S. / Remote)

Prometheus Research builds open source RexDB (http://www.rexdb.org) software, and delivers custom applications to help medical researchers organize complex data. We're an established organization based in New Haven, CT, that has most of its staff working remotely (even those in New Haven often work from home).

We have two software development positions described at https://docs.google.com/a/prometheusresearch.com/document/d/...

Development tools we use:

* Linux/Docker for our development/deployment system

* PostgreSQL for our backend database, using HTSQL

* Python for server-side code, using RexDB platform

* Javascript for client, using Facebook's React

* reStructuredText/Sphinx for documentation

We need someone who has a passion for documentation and quality software; yet, understands that we're a consulting organization. We provide a mix of open source work and client-facing (usually proprietary) development. If you are interested, send email to hn-201501@prometheusresearch.com


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Proactive Computing -- Los Altos, CA / Remote

Hiring: DevOps, Backend, and full-stack engineers.

Our stack: AWS, Python, C

Today, computing is reactive. Users pull out their phone or laptop and start from scratch with an empty search box or a screen of apps. There is no context for the task at hand, and no history of the user's preferences. It won't be this way for long, your computer has an incredible volume of data about you stored in email and in calendar so a world where this rich context is put to use is inevitable. We are doing just this -- building rich user profiles and analyzing the tasks each user needs to accomplish in real time -- so that when a user pulls out their phone, they are proactively presented with personalized solutions.

We are moving from a world where computers are tools people engage, to a world where computers proactively engage users with targeted decisions -- simplifying and automating life's daily tasks. This is a categorical shift in how we use computers and we have found early traction and growth via converting daily tasks into actions through large scale data processing of users email and calendar data.

Contact: wferrell AT weldai.com


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Edvisor.io - Vancouver, BC Canada (http://edvisor.io) (https://angel.co/edvisor-io)

REMOTE Full-time positions available.

We've just completed a 3-month stint in NYC with TechStars and we are looking for both backend and frontend engineers to join us! We have a strong team that loves working together and getting shit done, and we're growing really quickly!

Edvisor.io is under a year old and has quickly grown its customer base to over 300+ users, at a rate of 50% month-to-month. You’ll be at the front lines of creating technology that’s transforming an $80B industry and working with customers all over the world.

1) Backend NodeJS Engineer


- strong experience with NodeJS

- experience with the Loopback framework

- strong experience with MySQL

- strong experience building a RESTful API

2) Frontend Engineer

- strong experience with AngularJS

- strong experience with HTML5 and CSS3

- experience with Foundation for Apps framework

- experience with Gulp and Bower build systems

You can apply here (https://angel.co/edvisor-io)


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West Los Angeles - TigerLead - http://tigerlead.com/ - REMOTE for some positions

TigerLead is one of the most heavily-trafficked networks of real estate sites on the web, connecting home buyers/sellers with realtors. Startup-like atmosphere within a small but profitable and fast-growing division of Move Inc!

Here's a list of the current openings, but we're always on the lookout for exceptional engineers who don't necessarily fit a specific position:

- Product R&D Team Lead - http://www.tigerlead.com/jobs/product-rd-team-lead/

- Systems Administrator - http://www.tigerlead.com/jobs/systems-administrator/

- Software Engineer, Sr (front-end) - http://www.tigerlead.com/jobs/software-engineer-sr-front-end...

- Mid-level PostgreSQL DBA - http://www.tigerlead.com/jobs/mid-level-postgresql-dba/

- Junior PostgreSQL DBA - http://www.tigerlead.com/jobs/junior-postgresql-dba/

Flexible hours, open-source friendly environment, remote ok for a lot of the positions, and dog-friendly. We use a mix of Perl and Ruby, but we're branching out in Ember for new front-ends and we're more interested in using the right tool for the job than in specific technologies.

Sounds interesting, challenging, and fun? Apply to become our next Tiger!


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FoodyDirect - REMOTE (Candidates must be eligible for employment in USA) - https://www.foodydirect.com

Looking for a senior level Ruby on Rails developer with full stack experience.

We’re an ecommerce site that partners with small artisan restaurants across the United States to make selling and shipping their food online simple so they can focus on making it.

Our stack is primarily Ruby on Rails with a decent bit of JavaScript on the front-end. We are also getting into Ember.js with some of our new development so experience with it is a big plus. Other technologies/techniques that are plus to be familiar with: Heroku, CSS, HTML, Responsive Web Design, agile methodologies, remote pairing and Postgres.

Must be eligible for employment in the USA.

Contact us at jobs+yc@foodydirect.com with a short email about yourself and why you are interested. Attach your resume and links to github or code samples.


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Burlingame | Boulder | Brazil | REMOTE

Software Engineer - Web: Full Stack

Startgrid is an innovation challenges platform for entrepreneurial communities to work together to solve the world's problems.

We’re looking for an experienced software engineer who can demonstrate expert level development skills across a range of technologies including Python, SQL, JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, git. Experience with golang (or a strong desire to learn) would be excellent.

We have a small but talented team with a great working dynamic. If you’re passionate about startups, entrepreneurship, and building really cool technology, we’d love to hear from you!

This position is open to both US and non-US residents. Flexible schedule around 9a-5p California working hours

Shoot us an email at jobs@startgrid.com and let us know a bit about you & projects you've worked on


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Birmingham UK - One Black Bear - Digital Agency Junior Front-End Developer Remote Friendly

Looking for a junior front-end developer who wants to gain experience or get started in the industry. Primarily automotive work for a variety of brands including Honda, Subaru, Isuzu, Lotus and National Express.

Our office is in central Birmingham but happy to accommodate remote working as long as you can get in for team meetings occasionally (around once per month but negotiable).

Our stack includes PHP, Ruby, Javascript, HTML5, EmberJs, plus iOS and Android apps plus very open to try new tech and encourage learning.

You'll need to be motivated well organised but all experience levels and education background considered, bonus points for some open source contributions and interesting personal projects.

ross@oneblackbear.com if you're interested.


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Vox Media -- Washington DC, New York, or Remote -- http://www.voxmedia.com

Vox Media is a technology-driven media company (our brands include Vox, The Verge, Polygon, and SB Nation). We're solving the problem of developing high-value digital journalism, storytelling, and brand advertising at scale—and empowering the most talented web voices and their audiences with Chorus, our modern media platform. We develop the highest quality content, conversations, and applications for a monthly audience of over 150 million passionate people around the world.

The Product team is currently hiring for the following positions:

* Editorial Tools Full-Stack Engineer - http://boards.greenhouse.io/voxmedia/jobs/42281?gh_jid=42281

* Front-End Engineer - http://boards.greenhouse.io/voxmedia/jobs/12076?gh_jid=12076

* Full-Stack Engineer - http://boards.greenhouse.io/voxmedia/jobs/11329?gh_jid=11329

* Performance Engineer - http://boards.greenhouse.io/voxmedia/jobs/37584?gh_jid=37584

* Product Manager - http://boards.greenhouse.io/voxmedia/jobs/42506?gh_jid=42506

* Security Engineer - http://boards.greenhouse.io/voxmedia/jobs/42417?gh_jid=42417

More details (including many other non-technical positions) can be found at: http://www.voxmedia.com/careers


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[ original post ]

Digitally Imported http://di.fm/ -- Senior Native Mobile Developer

REMOTE or from our Denver, Colorado office.

Digitally Imported is seeking a talented Native Mobile Developer to join our distributed Product Development group. This is a full-time remote (telecommute) development position with a close-knit distributed team.

We currently support native apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, with other devices of all sizes and shapes still to come. Ideally you’re already proficient with several mobile platforms, but if you’re rock solid in one and willing to learn others, we’d love to talk with you.

Visit http://di.fm/jobs for more info or email jobs@di.fm to apply.


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[ original post ]

ControlShift - www.controlshiftlabs.com - Brooklyn / REMOTE

ControlShift Labs is hiring a software engineer to support the improvement and continued development of our product that millions of people have used to fight for change in their communities. You will own features from concept to deployment, help shape product strategy and push for technical excellence.

We're excited about supporting a shift in how advocacy organizations are using the internet to organize -- and building tools that empower ordinary activists in extraordinary ways.

We use Ruby/Rails, postgres, etc.

Apply and read more here: https://controlshift.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0y7l/


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[ original post ]

Chicago, IL Remote - Full time Ruby on Rails Developer - http://www.engageuat.com

EngageUAT is a new service that has been growing for the last 2 years. We are looking for a Ruby on Rails developer to join our team. EngageUAT is an online tool focused on user acceptance testing. We are a small team with the opportunity to gain a lot of experience and responsibility. Our main team is located in Chicago. The position is available remotely.

Our current stack is Ruby on Rails with Backbone and ReactJS for the views.

If interested or want to learn more email us at jobs@engageuat.com. Include Hacker news in the subject and tell us a little about yourself.


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[ original post ]

Monetate - Conshohocken, PA (Philly suburbs) [REMOTE or ONSITE] - Will help with relocation to Philadelphia; also remote (Americas timezones preferred, must speak English) Monetate helps digital marketers make their content more relevant. We turn data into action on our clients' sites by doing real-time data analysis and DOM manipulation to put the right experience in front of their users. We’re looking for engineers who want to do highly visible work on great brands and solve tough problems with great coworkers.

What we're looking for:

- People who like to ship - we're focused on building and shipping great products - if you like to see your work in production quickly you'll see it here. We ship often (every two weeks), and iterate.

- Problem solvers who like to code - we take things apart, figure out how they work, then build software to solve our users' problems.

- People who like hard challenges - we have great problems across our products - huge data sets, UX, 3rd party Javascript, high volume / low latency APIs - we have no shortage of fun problems to work on.

About us:

- Respect - it's our core value. We have a great team built on trust, and we work well together. Our vacation policy is the same as Netflix (we don't have one). Our technical project teams are self-organizing and have full authority over (as well as responsibility for) the problems they work on.

- Founded in 2008

- Open source - Google Closure, Python, AngularJS, Javascript, Pandas, Redis, Hadoop, Mahout, Solr and Lucene - we're open source across our stack

- Funded by First Round Capital and OpenView

- Market rate salaries

We've hired great people from HN before, and we're looking for people not positions. We have people who have joined the team with no background in our primary languages and people from non-traditional backgrounds. Check out our blog at http://engineering.monetate.com/ Send me a message if you have questions or want to apply: karl at monetate dot com


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[ original post ]

LOCATION - Jackson, MS, Santa Monica, or REMOTE

We're a small agile team that gives our engineers a ton of freedom and responsibility in developing apps, which include a messaging product and a social intelligence product. We are very open about communication and even the most junior engineer has a voice. EdgeTheory is an Angular.js shop and our backend runs in Ruby (Sinatra).

[Front End Engineer]

Skills we're looking for

* CSS compiler knowledge (Sass, LESS)

* Responsive Design (Twitter Bootstrap, Bourbon Neat, etc)

* Experience with a version control system

* JavaScript Frameworks (Angular, Ember, Backbone)

Bonus Points

* Strong design sense and excellent taste

* Rails - know your templates (ERB, HAML, etc)

* Visualization Experience (d3.js, etc)

Interested? Send us an email at jobs@edgetheory.com


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[ original post ]

Masswerks - Remote - Rails CTO

http://masswerks.com is design/dev shop for startups, high growth & enterprise companies.

We're a small team and up until this point have been mostly focused on the front-end with coding & design. We're looking for a motivated and hungry CTO to help us build, launch and maintain full software apps for clients.

- Have experience building web apps

- Proficient with Ruby, Rails + JS & front-end technologies

- Can deploy, monitor, maintain and launch web applications for clients

- Fully remote

Email your portfolio of apps you've built and bio to marco@masswerks.com


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DataStax - https://hire.jobvite.com/j?cj=oVGf0fwA&s=Hacker_News:_Matt - REMOTE

DataStax, the company that powers the online applications that transform business, is looking for a talented full-stack Developer to work on the OpsCenter team.

We hack in Python, Clojure, and JavaScript. And Cassandra of course.


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Snowdrift.coop - REMOTE - Lead Programmer - Full-Time

We're looking for someone to replace me on Snowdrift, except for you it'll be a paid position.

Haskell/Yesod/PosgreSQL backend, HTML/CSS/JS frontend

Most recent info here: https://snowdrift.coop/p/snowdrift/w/en/jobs


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[ original post ]

Hike (http://get.hike.in/) Gurgaon/Bangalore,India

Remote : Yes

Java/Python Backend Engineer

See following link for more details: http://bsb.theresumator.com/apply/Uesnxd/Server-Side-Enginee...


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[ original post ]

Viking Code School -- SF / Remote

Growth for Code swap. We'll teach you to code for some help on the growth/marketing side. For details, please see http://www.vikingcodeschool.com/growth-for-code


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[ original post ]

Lumi - Mountain View / Los Angeles / Remote

Backend / platform architect engineer.

Lumi makes tools that enable anyone to print on any object or surface. We just started a big new platform project (similar to Shapeways but for printing tools) and looking for a talented lead engineer.

Email me: stephan@lumi.co


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[ original post ]

Company: Marketo

About: Marketo helps marketers master the art and science of digital marketing.

Locations: San Mateo, Portland, Atlanta, Tel Aviv, Dublin, Tokyo, Sydney, REMOTE

Roles: Software Engineer, Solutions Consultant, Account Executive, Sales Development Representative, Technical Consultant, Product Manager

Apply: http://jobvite.com/m?3IzZMgwN


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[ original post ]

Viking Code School -- SF / Remote

Design for Code swap. We'll teach you to code for some design help. See http://www.vikingcodeschool.com/design-for-code for details.


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[ original post ]

OMsignal Full Stack Software Engineer [REMOTE or LOCAL]

Headquarters: Montreal | http://www.omsignal.com

Link to Job Offer: https://github.com/OMsignal/omsignal-job-offers/blob/master/...

OMsignal is made possible by the expertise of Smart Textile experts, Data/Bio Scientists, Hardware, Firmware and Software Engineers. Please note that this offer is mostly focused on Full Stack Engineers, but we are also looking to hire smart Data Scientists who have an interest in biodata and possibly people who could help bridging BLE/MSP firmware and driver development.

    What we do
OMsignal is an exciting Montreal start-up developing a revolutionary line of bio-sensing clothes that connect seamlessly to smartphones. The company is at the intersection of the wearable technology, well-being and fashion markets.

We are a well-funded startup [1] working to deliver a smart biometric shirt. You can read more about our mission on [2]. And for those who followed the US Open 2014, we are the technology behind Ralph Laurent Polo Tech.

We just shipped the product to our first customers.

    What we are looking for
We are looking for Full Stack Software Engineers who can help us to architect, design and implement a complex system based on bleeding edge technologies (Scala, Akka, Spray, Reactive Programming [3], iOS, Swift, Docker...), a modern architectural style (Micro Services, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Eventual Consistency), and a clean codebase (Clean Code, Domain Driven Design…) -- emphasis on the “Engineer” over the “Full Stack” part.

In-depth knowledge of the technologies we use is not required, but having strong Software Engineering foundations is (Algorithmics, Design and Architectural Patterns, …). Understanding that code is read much more often than it is written is an absolute must.

You should be willing to face the upcoming challenges (Machine Learning, Predictive algorithms, Opening the platform/iOS SDK/API, -- who knows the rest?…).

And of course, you need to speak/write english fluently (we need to understand each other, right ?)

     The Technologies we currently use

 - Backend : Scala, Akka, Akka Persistence, Spray, ReactiveMongo, SBT, Kafka, ZooKeeper
 - Web : NodeJS, AngularJS
 - iOS : Swift, Objective C, ReactiveCocoa, Core Bluetooth, CocoaPods`
 - DevOps : Ubuntu, Docker, Ruby, Amazon AWS/EC2
 - Project management: git/github
The `iOS` stack is more sophisticated than the average iOS App. It includes a Pub/Sub system similar to `Apache Kafka` (that we call iOS Kafka internally), makes heavy use of asynchronous programming + `CQRS`/`Event Sourcing` and computes biometric algorithms and reports.

    Our culture
We get some inspiration from the Open Source model to achieve high-cohesion (within teams) and low-coupling (between teams) : small, empowered teams, systematic pull requests, developer autonomy.

Our software engineering practices are also influenced by Antifragile [4] principles (Small is Beautiful, Less is more, Hormesis principle, evolutionary darwinism, over-compensation ...)

And if you are on the Paleo diet, like hiking/camping or enjoy a good raclette you will certainly find friends here!

    Next step
If you are curious about the project and want to explore opportunities working with us, you can - reach out to dev@omsignal.com - come hang out on IRC (irc.freenode.net #omsignal) to ask your questions

If you have a `github`/`bitbucket` account, we would love to take a look at what you like doing (even if you feel ashamed of it in retrospective -- explain us what you would improve now)

[1] http://www.omsignal.com/blogs/omsignal-blog/14669049-omsigna... [2] http://venturebeat.com/2014/04/16/brave-new-wearable-world-c... [3] http://www.reactivemanifesto.org/ [4] http://www.amazon.com/Antifragile-Things-That-Disorder-Incer...


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Data Science Retreat - Berlin or Remote

Data Science Retreat is the only bootcamp in the world with Chief-Data-Scientists as mentors. We train pretty good people with technical backgrounds into fully-employable data scientists, probably the fastest growing profession right now. We are about to start third second batch, profitable, and growing. If you have an exceptional network of companies, in the Valley or in the EU, we need you. Bringing companies to our hiring day, and getting them to happily leave with their new data science hire will be your job.

Does your network include lots of companies hiring data scientists? We need you. You have lived and worked in the US, preferrably in the Valley, and are plugged in.

The director of DSR cofounded a startup with a Ycombinator alumn, so it's not like we have zero network in the Valley, but this requires far more effort than we can allocate right now with the current team. If you are reading this from SF, and thinking about moving to Berlin, this is a good opportunity.

There are about 10x more data science jobs in the US than in EU, so our goal for the next batches is to serve the US market. We think the education we provide is top-notch, we just need to get noticed by companies hiring from the US.

If you are well-connected in EU, and know how to get to talk with exactly the right person at the right company: we need you. Even if you don't have a good network on the other side of the ocean. Prior start-up experience a plus.

We're looking for someone to take charge of operations, accounting, and event coordination at Data Science Retreat.

You will get to meet lots of interesting people and companies, and be at the center of the data science action in EU.

Find out more about DSR and apply at http://datascienceretreat.com/

We are profitable from day one and growing.

What makes you a strong candidate in our eyes?

-You have a network with the type of companies who are looking for a data scientist right now. -You can talk to anyone, get access to the decision maker, and get him on the phone -You identify with data-driven companies, and can speak their language -You have worked at a company that was data-driven, or whose main product was data -You have been in teams that included a data scientist

If you are applying for the EU position, you need good spoken German (native or close). You don't need to live in Berlin, but it'd be a plus

What we offer:

-Meaningful work, with a huge effect on people's lives. You will help people make a career change into arguably the fastest growing profession today. -Market rate pay, sizeable commission per company you brought that hired from DSR -A friendly and intellectual atmosphere, and a tight-knit and supportive team. -A warm and welcoming office (near lots of good food and transit). -You can sit on our classes when you are not busy; that is, you can start your path to become a data scientist yourself if you are interested -Lots of interaction with famous data scientists who come to teach or give talks. Examples: Ted Dunning, Drew Conway, Adam Blake, Mikio Braun, etc -Potential for growth. If you get things done, you will be a permanent hire. If you generate exceptional value, you can be a cofounder. If you understand the business side of DSR, and help achieving objectives, you will be a crucial part of it

What your day-to-day will look like:

-Contacting companies looking for data scientists, and introducing them to our program -Attending events, meetups, conferences -Giving talks -Connecting people -Following up with companies that expressed interest -Making sure companies are happy with their hires


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VCE -- http://vce.com Richardson, TX USA / Durham, NC / Cork, Ireland / Marlborough, MA USA / REMOTE

VCE is an EMC Federation Company with investments from Cisco and VMware. VCE recently surpassed a $2B annualized demand run-rate and a sixth consecutive quarter of greater than 50% year-over-year demand growth. Want to ride the rocket ship and work on interesting things?

Here is just a sample... more available by going to http://UnicornJockey.com

- Senior Software Engineers http://rolp.co/UfyK6 http://rolp.co/rmlH6 http://rolp.co/8ex27 http://rolp.co/Ga6z6

- Manager, Software Engineering http://rolp.co/3Be17

- Principal Product Manager Systems Management Software http://rolp.co/dQiU6

- Consultant Program Manager Software Products and Operations http://rolp.co/pKwa7

- Software Quality Assurance Engineer http://rolp.co/pKwa7

- Principal Program Manager Software Products http://rolp.co/eWeG6

- Consultant Product Marketing Manager Software and Systems Management http://rolp.co/sQHh7

Keyword soup: analysis, design and development of service based components using SOAP, WSDL, RESTful, using XML/JSON standards; performing front-end development using JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX; in performing back-end development using SQL, PL/SQL and stored procedures in Oracle; in Java/J2EE, JPT (Java Performance Tuning) technologies and ORM frameworks including iBatis, Hibernate, JPA, Struts, Spring and Spring AOP/MVC; in using Web and Application Servers including WebSphere and Tomcat; and in performing, building and deploying software components using Jenkins, Maven. OpenStack, CoreOS, Docker, combinatorial optimization, VMI algo, unicorns, turtles, rainbows, self lubricating sea slugs, etc...

p.s. If you are a currently at a startup working in Data Center Infrastructure Management, OASIS SCA / TOSCA, DMTF OVF / CIM / CIMI, OGF OCCI, and/or ODCA PEAT please contact me: jay dot cuthrell at vce.com


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MaxMind - https://www.maxmind.com/ - REMOTE (US and Canada)

Email careers@maxmind.com. See https://www.maxmind.com/en/careers for more information.

= Frontend Software Engineer

The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate strong experience and knowledge in each of the following areas. We'll give you a homework assignment that will give you an opportunity to show us your skills.

* Strong knowledge of JavaScript, including at least one framework such as AngularJS, Ember, or Backbone

* Experience writing unit and integration tests for frontend JavaScript code

* Extensive knowledge of modern CSS and HTML

* Experience with CSS frameworks like Bootstrap as well as CSS preprocessors such as Less or Sass

* Experience with responsive web design

* Experience with revision control, preferably Git

* Excellent written and spoken communication skills

* The ability to work with a geographically dispersed team

It's also a big plus if you have any of the following:

* Experience with CMS tools such as WordPress or Drupal

* Working knowledge of graphic design tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator

* Backend development experience, especially with the implementation of RESTful APIs

* User interface and experience design skills

The salary range for this position starts at $110k/year and is negotiable depending on experience.

= Senior Software Engineer

Minimum Qualifications

* Dynamic language programming experience. We use Perl but we're happy to hear from Javascript, PHP, Python, or Ruby developers as well.

* Web development, especially RESTful web services.

* Experience developing for deployment on a Linux or BSD platform.

* Experience writing tests and documentation.

* Experience doing code reviews.

* Excellent written and spoken communication skills.

* The ability to work with a geographically dispersed team.

Bonus skills

* Data mining, number crunching, and math skills.

* Experience writing C, especially libraries.

* Experience writing Go.

* FS/OSS contributions. Tell us about them!

Compensation includes a starting salary of $120-150k/year and participation in a performance-based bonus plan.