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Europe - 99 jobs in March 2015

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Qubit - London - Full Time

Qubit enables people to personalise their websites by connecting a data-store of visitor state to a framework for UI components that make it really easy for marketers to make use of their data.

Having recently got Series B funding, we are really ramping up our development team and are looking in particular for:

* UX designers and

* full stack Javascript engineers.

Our product is based around making technical problems easy for non-developers so we really like having UX experts working closely along side our engineers as we release new iterations of our product.

Our tech stack is constantly growing with new tools that help us work better: at the moment we are excited by Flux, React.js, SuitCSS and finding smart ways to deploy our SOA backend, based around Node.js.

We help each other grow with 1:1 mentoring, coding dojos and pairing. We open source as much as we can. We are constantly striving to improve our coding and our development processes.

If that sounds like your sort of place - drop us a line at careers+HN@qubitproducts.com, telling us a bit about yourself and what you are after.


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London, England - Full Time - Intern - Local

Brand Networks (http://bn.co/) is hiring interns for our office in Shoreditch, London.

We're using AngularJS, Javascript, NodeJS, Go, Ansible, Docker and AWS to solve interesting problems in social media.

If you love programming and would like an entertaining job with smart and friendly colleagues, a steep learning curve and a wide variety of challenges, please get in touch. You can email me personally at jmc@bn.co.


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Prezi (https://prezi.com) - Budapest, Hungary - Full time (no remote, yes relocation)

Prezi is a zooming presentation software that uses an open canvas instead of traditional slides, is available on desktop, browsers, iPads and iPhones and Android. With offices in San Francisco and Budapest, we work together with 250 employees from 24 different countries.

You’ll love to work with us if you want to: 1. create an app used by 50 million users 2. work together with people who are smarter than you, who can inspire you, 3. work in small, independent teams, 4. do something from scratch, 5. have free quality-food all day long

- We are moving towards microservices, our backend engineering team is looking for someone who can help us building a reliable system to serve our users.

- We are looking for full-stack engineers to build services around our product ranging from collaboration to payment

- Our tools team is working on making developers’ life easier. We are seeking someone who’s excited about creating a next generation CI and development environment.

See all our open positions at: https://prezi.com/jobs/

I’m working here as an engineer and I’m happy to answer questions about these positions, our challenges. Feel free contact me here or in email: attila.gazso at prezi.com


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Azarius, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Azarius is looking for a backend PHP hacker to help us develop our custom shopping software. You'll be working with PHP, MySQL, Linux, Vagrant, Ansible, etc. Azarius is an online smartshop based in Amsterdam with several online shops.

You can contact us at info@azarius.net


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Java Backend Engineer - Omniata, Helsinki, Finland - visa, full time

Founded by a team of former Digital Chocolate and EA data leads, Omniata (http://www.omniata.com) integrates analytics, CRM, user engagement and A/B testing platforms into one solution. The company is well funded (http://www.creandum.com/why-creandum-invested-omniata/) & headquartered in SF. The bulk of R&D will be done in the Helsinki office which at the moment only has a small team, so this is a great opportunity to get in early and grow with the company.

As a Java backend engineer you’ll be part of the team responsible for code handling millions of events each day. You will also get the opportunity to work on a greenfield project and build the next generation of our backend infrastructure from the ground up. This work will involve analyzing the existing architecture, its load patterns and bottlenecks. Together with other team members, you will use this data to spec up and implement the new architecture.

To apply, drop a one line email with a link to your LinkedIn and GitHub profile to careers-hl@omniata.com.

If you're not interested in doing Java, but are interested in Helsinki as a place to move to, I'd be happy to introduce you to other startups I know in the area. Here's a video to give you an idea as to what it's like around here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl7PDE7Xbds


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Patchman (http://www.patchman.co) - Enschede, The Netherlands (or remote) - Full time

Hosting providers suffer on a daily basis from the consequences of the many security vulnerabilities found in commonly used PHP applications such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. It is a frequently used entry point to deface customer’s websites and upload/execute malware. Besides this being a significant security risk, it also causes an unstable hosting platform and unhappy customers.

Patchman patches vulnerabilities before they get exploited. Best of all, customers won't even notice! Patchman helps hosting providers to achieve substantial savings in operational costs, increase customer happiness and reduce their churn rate. To support Patchman’s rapid growth, we’re looking to expand its team.

Read more: http://patchman.co/downloads/software_engineer.pdf


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Galeria Kaufhof - Cologne, Germany - Full time (no remote) - Software Developers, Web Interface Developers, Systems Administrators

Contact manuel.kiessling@kaufhof.de

We are currently building a new online retail platform for Galeria Kaufhof (20,000+ employees) as a green-field Scala/Play2 project backed by Cassandra.

You can find more info on our architecture at http://galeria-kaufhof.github.io/general/2014/09/20/jump-ein... (in German).

We are looking for Software Engineers with experience in Scala and RESTful architectures, Web Interface Developers with experience in AngularJS, and Systems Administrators with experience in OpenStack and Puppet/Chef/Ansible.

We also have a dedicated job microsite in German at http://www.wir-lieben-ecommerce.de/


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Edgefolio (https://edgefolio.com/) – London, U.K.

Lead Designer – Full Time

Edgefolio is a new platform for the hedge fund industry that connects investors and funds in a transparent, compliant and scalable way.

We are looking for a lead designer to join our team in London and shape the next generation of our webapps that deal with:

  - visualising complex data and
  - social interactions between stakeholders.
Our ideal candidate is an experienced web designer who’s confident owning all aspects of design at Edgefolio, from product to UI to visual design. Experience with (or a basic understanding of) the following is a definite plus:

  - financial data visualization
  - the requirements for front-end development
  - responsive design for different contexts.
Edgefolio is a seed funded company and part of this year’s Seedcamp accelerator program.

If you're interested in joining us, please send us whatever you'd like share (portfolio site, dribbble, github, ...) to hn@edgefolio.com.

(Unfortunately we are not in a position to help with visas, so we mostly need a great designer who is already eligible to work in the UK.)


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Nexedi (http://www.nexedi.com/jobs)

Where: Paris|Lille|Tokyo|Shanghai|Munich|REMOTE

Looking FULL TIME: Big Data Engineer

Looking TRAINEE/INTERN (6 months+): Babel RINA Research Engineer

We are:

- developing strictly open source/Free Software since 2001

- doing a lot of research, mostly via EU-funded projects

- a small team from and all around the globe (headquarters in Lille, France)

- fun to work with


- you'll be working with a Chromebook like everyone else :-)

- our website still needs a make-over, I know...

apply to: jobs(at)nexedi.com


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Platform Engineers (Python backend) Junior to Seniors, to Lifesum - Stockholm, Sweden, Europe - Full-time / No remote

Lifesum (formerly ShapeUp Club) is a Swedish digital health startup with the vision to make people healthier and happier by using applied psychology and technology. Founded in 2008 with headquarters in central Stockholm, the company is growing fast and was selected by Wired UK as one of Stockholm's 10 hottest startups. To date, the Lifesum app has registered more than 7,3 million members, with 500,000 monthly active users and a growth rate of more than 10,000 new members per day. We have big ambitions and are growing fast. Lifesum is looking for a product driven engineer, even with little documented experience. Our small team is international and diverse, so we are welcoming everyone. Focus will be on handling large amount of data in multiple formats, not all normalized, work with services integration (REST, OAuth, analytics, payment) and finally with algorithms for graphs (social, content relationship, ...), search and statistics. Product-wise, you will be taking features from the idea stage to scalable production deployments. You will work on making highly scalable solutions, get feedback from analytics and monitoring tools and be able to refine and perfect your solution at each iteration Tech-wise, our server code is written in Python (Django) and you will be exposed to distributed computing (scalable stack, queue-driven distributed processing), cloud hosting (Amazon), database optimization (MySQL, Redis), search solutions (Sphinx, ElasticSearch), test driven development, load testing, etc You have some (professional or personal) experience with Django, Python (and bonus for Amazon Web Services and distributed systems) And you love building products and work for millions of users.

To read more go to:

http://jobs.lifesum.com/jobs/427-platform-python-backend-eng... or

http://jobs.lifesum.com/jobs/1103-senior-platform-backend-py... or



I posted a couple of months ago and we got a really really good response from a lot of great people so I'm really excited to post again! My name is Martin and I work as a Platform Engineer at Lifesum myself. If you want to formally apply, please do so via the jobs page: http://jobs.lifesum.com/ I'm not the person hiring, but you will join my platform team, and with that in mind, feel free to contact me personally and ask me anything martin.lissmats@lifesum.com :) And if I'm slow to reply or miss to do so, call me out on it! Cheers, and thanks a lot to everyone that applied and contacted me with questions!


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Neurence - Cambridge, UK

We develop software that allows computers to gain human perception through machine learning.

Projects we've developed so far: Taggar (www.taggarapp.com), a mobile augmented reality app; tagme (tagme.taggarapp.com), fun face tagging and Sense (www.sense360.io), intelligence for smart devices.

We're keen to hire to work on develop and op our web stack (including three.js, backbone.js, node, postgres, ansible). We're willing to teach you if you're willing to learn!

Email me to find out more: adam@neurence.com


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Realm (http://realm.io) is hiring Android, iOS, .Net and JavaScript Engineers, in SF, Copenhagen or REMOTE.

We are a YCombinator company (S11) building a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & Core Data. Learn more at http://realm.io/jobs or email tim@realm.io if you have any questions!


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AYLIEN | Dublin, Ireland | Full-time or contract | Remote or relocate

AYLIEN [1] is a leading provider of Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics solutions. Our Text Analysis API is a package of 10 different NLP tools including Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction and Categorization.

We are looking for Simplified Chinese NLP experts to help us localize our solutions for the Chinese market.

If you're interested to hear more please drop us an email at hello@aylien.com.

[1] http://aylien.com


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The Lab by O2 - Slough / London UK

We looking for an Android Developer to join us in the Lab at O2 to work on multiple new projects. Full job spec below.



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Tictail — Stockholm, Sweden

Quote from jobs page: "We're a small startup with big ambitions. We want to help everyone open their own online store, for free. We want to provide indie brands and retailers with a platform where they can build their brand and sell their products to people from all around the world. We want everything that we do to have a direct impact on the businesses of the 75,000 stores that are on Tictail today. We simply want to be the world's most used and loved e-commerce platform."

We're looking for developers, mainly Python and JavaScript/CoffeeScript.

Our open positions can be found at: https://tictail.com/jobs/

I'm not gonna bore you with benefits here, but trust me when I say that it's a really great place to be. Send me an email (erik @ tictail) and I'll be happy to tell you more.


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Impraise (YC S14 - www.impraise.com - Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Impraise is a web & mobile app for real-time feedback, recognition and coaching at work. We are fundamentally changing the way people share feedback and learn at work. We make it very easy for employees to give and receive feedback from colleagues and help managers to understand how to improve the performance of their teams.


* Frontend developer: We are looking for an experienced JavaScript developer who like to use the latest technologies and who also have a strong interest in visual and functional polish. Our stack includes React, Browserify, CommonJS, etc.. https://impraise.recruitee.com/o/front-end-developer-a19c22b...


* Backend developer: We are looking for a experienced RoR developer, bonus points for candidates with experience with AWS and Docker. https://impraise.recruitee.com/o/backend-developer-ruby


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At DotProduct, a mobile 3D Computer Vision company, we have two open full-time positions in engineering. Location is either in our R&D headquarters located in Wiesbaden, Germany (Frankfurt am Main area) or in our office in Waltham, MA.

  == 1. Senior R&D Engineer in Computer Vision ==
  == 2. Software Engineer in Mobile ==

  == About the Senior R&D engineer position:
We are looking for a software engineer with a strong Computer Vision or Graphics background and experience in GPGPU or mobile development (ideally both), to join our core technology R&D. We prefer candidates who are proficient both on a theoretical/algorithmic level and in practical implementation (mostly C++ and shader languages) of Computer Vision and Graphics algorithms, and who can make contributions to our product and core technology from the start. Candidates should be able to present relevant work experience either through previous work (employed, freelance, PhD studies, Post-Doc etc..) or extra-curricular work / open source contributions.

  == About the Software Engineer in Mobile position:
We are looking for a strong, hands-on, detail-oriented coder with experience in mobile development (Android or iOS), to join front-end and tools development. Practical skill and programming experience are preferred over academic achievements for this role. Required language skills are Java and C++. Experience in iOS technologies (Objective-C, Swift, Metal), bash, Python, Javascript and web-development are a plus (but not required). A background in Computer Vision and Graphics is not required, however the ability and interest to learn about them is. Also, candidates should have the ability to discuss, design and implement UI.

  == General information:
Our technology stack is for the most part Java, C++ and GPU languages. Platforms we target are (in order of importance) Android, Windows, MacOS, iOS and Linux. We strive to make everything we do really really fast. Our R&D team is still intimate so any new hire can have large impact on product and future developments. Both positions are local and full-time. We prefer candidates who are able to spend at least 3 full days per week together with the team in the office.

Besides the opportunity to work with an international team of experts on leading mobile Computer Vision technology and a nice work place we offer a well-above market rate salary. Significant equity is part of the compensation package.

  == About DotProduct:
We are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and Computer Vision professionals that brings real-time dense 3D capturing to mobile devices equipped with advanced camera sensors. Our current product, the DPI-8 Kit (consisting of an off the shelf NVIDIA tablet and a Primesense Carmine sensor) has been launched in August 2013 and enjoys great success with high-end 3D professionals in various industries. We are backed by Intel Capital and various angel investors. Our office locations are Houston, TX (manufacturing and order execution), Boston, MA (management, marketing, sales) and Wiesbaden, Germany (R&D). Contact is jobs (at) dotproduct3d (dot) com www.dotproduct3d.com


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Contentful - https://www.contentful.com - Berlin, Germany (VISA)

We are hiring for the following full time positions:

1. Backend JavaScript Developer - http://contentful.workable.com/jobs/14124

2. Frontend JavaScript - Angular Developer - http://contentful.workable.com/jobs/2980

3. Support Engineer with Ruby or JavaScript - http://contentful.workable.com/jobs/17960

4. Solution Consultant - http://contentful.workable.com/jobs/17959


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Full-Stack Developer // log.os

log.os is a social business, based in Berlin. Our purpose is making big (book) data a community asset and providing the best social reading experience ever. Period. You are an avid reader or sundry book aficionado. And you can’t help but writing. Unless it’s not stories you write, but code. Your ambition is to create something that stands out, that really makes a difference.

log.os is a social business, based in Berlin. Our purpose is making big (book) data a community asset and providing the best social reading experience ever. Period.

You are an avid reader or sundry book aficionado. And you can’t help but writing. Unless it’s not stories you write, but code. Your ambition is to create something that stands out, that really makes a difference.

As a full stack developer at log.os you will be in a small team of dedicated people to change the world of reading. You will be part of concept, design and development of the log.os frontend and backend applications and architecture. Closely working with other developers you will find the areas where your expertise can be utilised the most and take responsibility for that area.

You will work closely in a small team of developers building the basis for log.os from the ground up No legacy code and high involvement in the software architecture of all components The task ahead will be challenging but also offer you personal growth opportunities You will try to make the world better by going against the big guys Stock options

Sounds appealing? Get in touch!

eMail: work@logos.vision



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Chaser | http://chaser.io | Engineer | Full-time | London, UK

We're a small team building highly intuitive and effective tools to help businesses improve their cashflow. We're early stage but our (paying) customers are seeing great results and giving us hugely positive feedback.

We're hiring for a wide-ranging software engineering role but we're more interested in finding the right person than requiring specific skills. If you'd like influence, autonomy and to be solving real problems in a fast growing business then please check http://chaser.io/jobs and then drop us a message.


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Akkroo (https://akkroo.com) — London, England — App Engineer (ReactJS/JS/iOS/PHP), full-time

Mercedes-Benz, Breitling, United Airlines and Marie Curie Cancer Care are a few businesses who use our mobile apps to strip the paper out of mobile, customer data capture.

We're a smidgen over 2 years old, 8 people small, growing fast, and our mobile and web-based tools are part of the next wave of better, consumer-influenced enterprise SaaS software. We're replacing slow paper process with well-considered, scalable software and services - saving thousands of hours of work for our customers and their teams in over 90 countries. For tasks traditionally done on a clipboard, we are delivering an enjoyable, faster and smoother experience.

Our next engineer will benefit from a real opportunity to shape, influence and improve our products. As part of a small team of engineers, you will be working with new technologies to build our apps (we use ReactJS, Docker, Keen.io today, and ReactJS Native looks very promising). We love cross-discipline participation. A great fit for us will be a curious, thoughtful and smart person.

To learn more, contact me (Andy) once you have read this: https://akkroo.com/jobs/developer-engineer


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SUSE is hiring for 68 different positions. 36 in Engineering. (REMOTE OK², CAN OFFER VISA, RELOCATION SPONSORSHIP)

- Nuremberg, Germany

- Prague, Czech Republic

- Beijing, China

- any SUSE location globally or home office

We have positions open for Docker developers, Kernel engineers, Java/Linux developers, Ruby hackers, Rails developers, OpenStack engineers, and QA engineers.

SUSE is a 20+ year old company providing a rock-solid enterprise Linux distribution. You can see where we lead here: https://www.suse.com/promo/suse-leadership.html

What do we offer:

- Direct contact with representatives of free/open source software projects worldwide.

- Regular hackathons (Hack Weeks) and workshops on the company, department, and team levels.

- Five weeks vacation. (¹)

- Contributions to pension insurance or capital life insurance. (¹)

- Other common employee benefits (food coupons, health care, sports and cultural activities). (¹)

- Free beverages. (¹)

- We know how to party.

- We celebrate success.

All job postings are available here: https://attachmatehr.silkroad.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseac...

¹ Reference for the example benefits is the office in Germany. They may vary across hiring locations.

² Please note that not all positions are available for remote workers and still relocation may be preferred.


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modblock (modblock.net) ● technical co-founder/CTO ● Software engineer ● London ● full time

modblock is a startup operating in the gaming industry, looking to bridge the gap between freelance developers and actual game developers. Our product is a software, built to ease the integration of content created by freelance developers into existing video games.

Our ambitions with modblock are to provide new gaming experiences for players, empower freelance developers through monetisation and enable game developers to leverage more out of their games with new streams of content and revenues. Each of these ambitions has its own challenges, but we’re convinced that execution could represent a real turning point in game development.

We’re still at an early stage and we are looking to hire a co-founder/CTO with software development experience, to build our product and help us turn modblock’s vision into reality. More than experience, we’re looking to bring on board a true gaming passionate that wants to have a positive impact on the industry!


- building the modblock software client and ensure its maintenance for a smooth end-user experience. - working closely with CEO to ensure that modblock vision is maintained throughout the development phase. - ensure that customer feedback is taken into account and implemented to improve the experience. - having an vivid interest in innovations in the fields of software and gaming developments.

The ideal candidate will have the following skills and experience:

- 3+ years of software development experience , C++ / Java desired. - Extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS. - Experience in building an e-commerce platform a plus. - Strong passion for gaming and extensive knowledge of the PC gaming landscape. - Based in London, although we will consider remote applicants.

If you are interested, please get in touch with me at najib@modblock.net.


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Coho Data (http://www.cohodata.com) - { Vancouver, BC, Canada | Cambridge, UK | Bangalore, India }

We’re building a high-performance scalable Enterprise Storage system. We’re a well-funded startup (a16z, ignition) with a strong Engineering culture and a growing team, a customer-proven product and sales ramping. (http://a16z.com/portfolio/)

We hire very strong systems software developers. A number of our staff built the Xen hypervisor and we publish academic research, most recently at USENIX OSDI’14 and FAST’14.

Primarily a Linux shop.

Hottest positions: - Release Manager (Vancouver, BC) - Senior Director of Engineering (Vancouver, BC)

Other roles: - Storage Systems Hacker (C, git, python, bash) - Senior Software Engineer with Networking skills (OpenFlow) - Test Automation Development (our test system is ... awesome) - Optimization and Profiling (C, valgrind) - DevOps (debian, python, buildbot, git, bash)

Unsurprisingly, we highly value caffeine and beer.

If you’re interested, there are more details on our website http://www.cohodata.com/jobs or linked-in: https://www.linkedin.com/company/coho-data and you can apply by email to: jobs@cohodata.com


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Hailo - London - https://www.hailoapp.com/

Get a ride in two taps.

Using e-hail to get you from point A to B might sound simple but there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes. From the iOS, android or web app all the way through to the server side apps.

We're heavily invested in the microservices philosophy with over 170 services in production predominantly written in Go. Our client facing service exists natively on iOS, android and the web. We believe in using data to drive decisions and actively use A/B testing to validate those decisions.

Read more about our philosophy on "webapps as microservices" https://sudo.hailoapp.com/web/2014/12/08/webapps-as-microser...

At Hailo we like to work hard and then go play ping pong :D

We've raised $100M from investors including Union Square Ventures, Accel Partners, Wellington Partners and Atomico Ventures.

Check out our jobs page http://jobs.hailocab.com/

If you're passionate, ambitious and want to learn, we want to hear from you.

P.S We also love to open source stuff and speak publicly.




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[ original post ]

Your Golf Travel / spabreaks.com - London, UK - Senior Developer - Full time - No remote

We are a tech team of ~20 people (developers, designers, infrastructure) in a well-established travel company (~200 people, ~70m GBP turnover), working on customer-facing and internal web-based applications.

Things we do/use (in no particular order): pair programming, TDD, small cross-functional teams, Ruby, Rails, Python, Go, Javascript (sometimes with ReactJS), Puppet, Vagrant, Webpack, Varnish, HAProxy, Node.js, Git, RSpec, Jasmine.

More details here: https://jobs.github.com/positions/703f3fca-bdd4-11e4-913c-cd...

To talk to us: tech-jobs@yourgolftravel.com.


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Timecounts (http://timecounts.co)

  Senior Full Stack Engineer  Full-time   London, UK

  Senior Frontend Engineer    Full-time   London, UK
At Timecounts we are building the world’s best platform for community management. Our customers range from hacker spaces through to big name nonprofits. Our team is comprised of Y Combinator alumni and a CEO who's internationally recognized for her work in philanthropy and creating global volunteer-run movements.

As first employees you’ll take ownership of significant part of the application, joining the founders in everything from speaking to customers and wire-framing through to scaling the backend as takes your fancy. The app is built with a React.js frontend (Node.js and browser) to a Ruby API (Postgres db); all lovingly supported by background workers, Redis, Heroku and CircleCI continuous deployment.

We’re offering competitive salary, meaningful equity, team retreats and top spec laptops. We also have an on-site gym, showers, bike parking, a climbing wall and even a go-kart track!

This is a unique chance to be right at the start of a company that will help millions of people transform how they engage with their communities. If this sounds like you – we’d love to meet! Email us at jobs@timecounts.org for more details.



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PSPDFKit ➡ Remote ➡ Full Time

We (bootstrapped and proud) build the leading PDF Framework for iOS and will launch an Android version soon. Dropbox and Evernote (also IBM & SAP) are just some of the companies that use our framework in their Apps.

Our headquarters is in Vienna, Austria, but our team can be found all over the world in places like Raleigh, Hamburg, Ljubljana, Kiev, Mexico City, and Berlin. We are committed to having the best developers regardless of location.

★ Android Engineer -- Help us build PSPDFKit for Android, our upcoming PDF framework for Android. PSPDFKit for iOS is the leading PDF framework on iOS, it's used by Dropbox and Evernote, and we want PSPDFKit Android to match that level.

★ Frontend Engineer -- We recently started building a customer-facing product to complement our native frameworks and are looking to hire a HTML/CSS/JS Frontend engineer with experience in React/Ember/Angular to join our team.

★ Ruby on Rails Engineer --We recently started building a customer-facing product to complement our native frameworks and are looking to hire a Ruby on Rails engineer to join our team.


Send us an email if this sounds interesting: jobs@pspdfkit.com


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2wunder - Munich - www.2wunder.com/jobs

Looking for smart senior ruby devs for joining a promising and fast growing start up in Munich. Help us to drive digital innovation and bring it to the hospitality industry.


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TomTom – http://www.tomtom.com — London, UK – Mobile & Embedded Apps and DevOps roles (full time, on site, relocation available)

We're TomTom's navigation software team in London and we create the best on-the-road experiences for drivers and bikers everywhere.

The apps we make are built into Renault and Smart in-car systems, available for smartphones, and at the heart of TomTom's expanding range of consumer devices where hardware and software are conceived together. Just like this one coming soon: http://www.tomtom.com/new-rider-400 - http://www.engadget.com/2015/01/15/turn-to-page-17-for-the-t...

Developers who join our expert team are valued for their ideas as well as their skills, and we encourage both through regular hack days, plus training or conference attendance in areas that interest them.

-- Role: Mobile & Embedded Apps Developer

Our apps feature TomTom's signature design language and map-centric UI, optimised for use on the road. Working with TomTom's UX team, app development with us is a challenging mix of custom UI development and deep routing, guidance, traffic and search presentation smarts. If you join us you'll be developing with Java, C++, JavaScript, Android, iOS and Qt.

-- Role: DevOps for Mobile & Embedded

Building scaleable CI infrastructure for mobile & embedded app testing is hard, particularly when you add custom pre-release hardware and gigabytes of map data into the mix. If you join us you'll be working with Android and iOS SDK command line tools and device emulators, Jenkins, Git, Artifactory, Gradle, Ruby, Docker and a mix of local device farms and cloud computing services.

-- To find out more check out either http://tomtom.jobs (search for "London") or if you're on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/vsearch/j?keywords=tomtom+london


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Codility (https://codility.com/about/), Warsaw, Poland

We're currently looking for experienced software engineers for a full-time position in Warsaw.

Our product is a coding test engine. We're helping companies recruit by providing simple, impartial assessment of programming skills at an initial stage of the process. Currently this means basic algorithmics (e.g. "write a function that does this and this, and figure out how to do it in linear time"), but we're also experimenting with other types of programming tasks.

We're still a small company (less than 30 people) with lots of ideas on what to build next. I've been here for two years now as a programmer, and I really enjoyed seeing how far we have come and how much we have been able to learn.

Our development team has seven software engineers and two sysadmins. We have a continuous integration cycle, code reviews and some pair programming. The technology stack includes Python, Django, Postgres, Celery and Chef.

See the full job ad for more details: https://codility.com/jobs/?gh_jid=32596#job. You can also contact me by e-mail (pawel@codility.com).


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Typeform - Barcelona, Spain (full time positions on site)

We are a startup located in sunny Barcelona, looking for more people to expand our wonderful team. We are looking for people filling multiple positions, some of them are backend/frontend developers, content managers, videographers and QA engineers.

We are working on making forms easy and enjoyable to fill out. We already got what we need to grow the team, now we just need the right people.

You can see at a glance on what we are working on from our website but don't be afraid to ask if you have any questions. See it here: http://www.typeform.com/

Some of the things we are working on this very moment:

* Building a new API with Lotus (framework in Ruby) for creating forms dynamically

* Taking existing parts out of the system to be able to scale them independently

* Making the infrastructure more fault tolerant

If you are interested in working with any of these or just came up with some other ideas that you think would make filling out forms more awesome, don't hesitate to fill out the following form to apply: https://jobs.typeform.com/to/e7NNgU

My personal email if you have any questions is victor@typeform.com


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BaseCase - http://basecase.com/careers

Location: Berlin, Germany

Our primary product is a sophisticated web application which allows non-developers create interactive presentations.

We're looking for talented developers. Our technology stack is Javascript / jQuery / HTML5 on the front-end, and Python / MySQL on the back-end. But you don't need experience in our stack - we know a good developer can learn on the job.

We can support REMOTE workers, and are willing to assist in obtaining a work VISA for Germany if required.

We have been profitable for several years, so we can offer very competitive salaries, with stock options.

If this sounds interesting, please contact careers@basecase.com.


Diarmuid Glynn / CTO / d.glynn@basecase.com


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Peerby (https://www.peerby.com) - Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland) - Full time

The Peerby founders felt there's a better way to deal with all that stuff we own and barely use. By sharing stuff with neighbors, you get access to things you no longer need to own. Our mission is to give "everybody everywhere access to every thing by 2020". That's an ambitious goal but it's also what we believe is possible - and necessary!

We're looking for:

Senior marketing manager: http://peer.by/Marketeer

Javascript Developer: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/company/peerby

Our stack: Javascript for everything. That means NodeJS/Express and MongoDB in the backend and Backbone in the browser. For our Android and iOS app we use Titanium/Alloy.

Benefits include free lunch, equity, travel expenses compensated, free yoga and meditation classes, and a great and fun team of many nationalities. Peerby is part of the Rockstart community, with about 50 startups in the old center of Amsterdam.

(I work for Peerby as Member Support.)

All vacancies: http://blog.peerby.com/work/


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CloudFlare are hiring in both San Francisco (SF) and London UK. No remote, VISA sponsorship for good candidates.

We have a range of positions, most of which can be found on our website:

* https://www.cloudflare.com/join-our-team

If you happen to be great at any of the following just get in touch:

* Lua

* Go

* C

* Docker (Mesos, Marathon, etc)

* JavaScript (think of ES6 and core stuff)

You don't need all of that, we welcome specialists in a big way though awareness of how things glue together and core HTTP is a good thing. We don't welcome agencies or recruiting firms.


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Company: Alkemics Location: Paris, France Keywords: Fulltime, Bigdata, Retail, startup Technologies: JS, Python, RabbitMQ, Spark, Cassandra Positions: Several :) Frontend, Backend, System, Data Scientist... See http://www.alkemics.com/fr/recrutement/offre-senior-system-e... http://www.alkemics.com/fr/recrutement/offre-frontend-engine... http://www.alkemics.com/fr/recrutement/offre-software-engine... or contact us steve@alkemics.com

We help retailers (Groupe Casino, Groupe Auchan, Groupe Cora…) and hundreds of consumer brands (Groupe Seb, Nestlé…) to get value from their data. We provide a platform built on top of a domain ontology. This graph allows us to represent large datasets (products catalogs, retailers historical data…) into a very expressive language and develop services based upon them: semantic search engine, recommendations, advertisement… We are a dedicated and dynamic team of engineers, computer scientists and technicians passionate about statistics, machine learning and cutting-edge technologies, working closely with a business team obsessed with the product. We seek sharp and open-minded data & computer scientists.


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Lyst Ltd - London, UK - http://lyst.com/careers

Lyst is a leading fashion marketplace - we partner with the world’s top fashion brands and stores to provide people with a personalised way to discover and shop for fashion online. From launch in 2010, Lyst is growing quickly and already generates tens of millions of dollars in sales for the hundreds of brands, retailers and publishers it partners with around the world. Lyst is backed by a range of all-star of investors including Accel (Facebook, Spotify), DFJ (Skype), and those behind Oscar de la Renta, Smythson and Tory Burch.

Behind the scenes we're python & machine learning fanatics.

You may remember us from these posts:

Image Background Removal: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7340818

Color Detection: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7353102

Bayesian A/B Testing: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7815419

OpenRoss – fast, scalable, on-demand image resizer: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7931744

We're actively looking for talented people across the business to work full-time, on-site in our London HQ. Right now, we're particularly keen on strong JavaScript developers.

Dev Blog: http://developers.lyst.com/

Contact me directly if you are interested in finding out more: steve@ly.st


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Codeship - Rails Senior, Full Time, Boston, Vienna or remote in Europe

Codeship is a continuous integration and deployment service. We're running tests and deployments for thousands of teams and are growing quickly. We're currently a team of 18 and have more than doubled over the last 6 months.

As a developer tools startup we're putting a lot of effort into a great workflow with testing, code reviews and obviously continuous delivery. We've written a lot about that on our blog at http://blog.codeship.com

You can read more about the open job here: https://codeship.com/jobs


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Hosted Graphite (www.hostedgraphite.com) - UI / Front-end developer. REMOTE or Dublin, Ireland

We provide monitoring and metrics for hundreds of companies, based on Graphite, the open-source metric aggregator. People rely on us to tell them when their apps and servers are misbehaving, and we're only getting started. We've got some very interesting projects lined up for 2015, and we'd like you to be a part of it.

We've been around for ~4 years, and have a team of very smart people* who are fun to work with and enjoy what they do.

Ballpark range of €40 - €60k for the job described, more for someone who can do job++. No ninjas, rockstars or brogrammers, please.

More detail about us and the job in the full listing: https://hosted-graphite.clinch.io/jobs/ui-developer

* = sometimes that also includes me.


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local.ch - web developer - Zürich, Switzerland

We're looking for bright hackers in the EU that have good skills and a strong understanding of product development.

The official phonebook of Switzerland, and one of the most popular platforms for connecting businesses and users. Releasing new features quickly to market: restaurant bookings, turnkey website creation, social integrations, weather, maps, and more.

We have a strong team of agile developers that use Rails, Javascript, node.js, RESTful APIs, and data-driven decisions to pull it all together.

Job Posting: http://local-ch.github.io/frontend-web-developer.html

About our engineering and culture: http://local-ch.github.io/


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Udemy - Dublin, Ireland - Full-time, permanent - Full-stack Engineers Udemy's mission is to help anyone learn anything online. Our online course marketplace serves a huge, global community of five million students and includes more than 22,000 courses served up in more than 40 languages, designed by our community of 10,000 expert instructors. Founded in 2010, Udemy has raised a total of $48 million in venture capital and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Our stack is primarily MySQL, Python(3.4)/Django and Angular. We're big on testing, code quality and agile methodologies.

I'm looking for someone who can: - Build scalable, testable and robust software systems to support a high traffic website. - Operate at all levels of the stack, with strong experience in a some areas. - Work in a fast paced agile environment with rapid iteration. - Be effective in a distributed team through strong communication. And wants to: - Continue learning and developing their skills at Udemy. - Be involved in code reviews, mentorship and contributing to the development of others. - Help shape the culture of our new Dublin office. - Have a direct impact on a product people love.

Get in touch for a chat: jonathan.cremin@udemy.com


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NYC Engineering@SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world's leading audio platform, allowing everyone to share and discover unique content anywhere, anytime, on the web and on mobile. Monetization Engineering builds the platform that helps creators monetize their content and brands engage with SoundCloud's audience.We’re currently seeking an iOS Engineer to support our monetization efforts.

You’ll have 2+ years experience developing modularized applications with Objective-C and Cocoa frameworks, have experience in network programming and working with client-side data persistence utilizing CoreData. You’ll understand how to modularize applications using dependency management tools and build adaptive UIs for iPhone/iPad (Interface builder & Autolayout). Ideally you’ll have experience with unit & functional testing using tools like XCTest, Specta or Kiwi, etc. We also make extensive use of ReactiveCocoa, so understanding functional reactive programming concepts is definitely desired .

Interacting with designers, product managers and our teams in Berlin is very much part of our day-to-day, so communication skills are vital . We are looking for strong problem-solvers who can apply their engineering skills to a wide range of the platforms and environments we support.

Apply: http://soundcloud.com/jobs/2015-02-01-engineer-mobile-apps-n...


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Paris, France | Back-end developer (Visa)

We are Plume Labs (plumelabs.com) and we are on a mission to make the air we breathe cleaner. We are a multi-disciplinary team - from design to data science and hardware, and we are based in the heart of Paris. Our products and service are not released yet - the comings months will be key to defining and implementing it all! We are looking for bright and motivated developers and hardware engineers willing to work in a thrilling environment in the city of light!

Reach out for more details! david at plumelabs dot com


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Unite - San Francisco, Toronto, Prague - Full time or Interns - http://unite.io

We're a startup looking for engineers to join our small and highly skilled team in our offices in Toronto and Prague, or a new office in San Francisco. We've built a perfect platform to put the industry’s most powerful advertising technology in the hands of small entrepreneurs and people like you. Our goal is to provide independent sellers with more traffic and better conversion rates to power their online sales.

We are growing incredibly fast — our servers handle 2000 requests per second and manage more than 700 million user profiles (yes, that's 20% of the Internet).

We are looking for experienced front-end developers and full-stack engineers. We use Angular/JavaScript (with almost all ES6 features) on the front end, and Java/Cassandra/Redis/Kafka/Storm on the back end.

Feel free to ping me anytime at engineering@unite.io.


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Berlin, Germany - https://42reports.com/

Python Infrastructure Developer - Your job is to continue automating our development and operations processes. You help built and maintain the tools to develop, deploy and run our applications on AWS.

Javascript/Frontend Developer - You help maintain and extend our AngularJS application and are not afraid to venture into touching the backend code as well!

More information at https://42reports.com/career/


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Longshot Systems, London, UK.

Web scraping / data manager role. £30-50k depending on experience. This is not a traditional job offer, it's an offer to join our gambling syndicate, your pay will be a fraction of syndicate winnings. We need general familiarity with web tech, scripting languages, databases (we use postgres/mysql currently) and getting stuff done.

Hit me up on david@longshotsystems.co.uk to apply.


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STYLIGHT.com | python, java, frontend | Munich, Germany

We at STYLIGHT build a fashion website where users find inspiration and can search for fashion. We're among Munich hottest startups and quite international. English is our company language and we have colleagues from 20+ nations. We run joint engineering and business teams, to maximize the impact of each engineer.

We're hiring cross the board people with an interest in python, java, elastic search, frontend magic and scaling operations in AWS. See all listings at http://www.stylight.com/Jobs/ or find out more about us at http://engineering.stylight.com/.

Interested? Mail the CTO at sebastian.schuon@stylight.com


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Barricade - Cork, Ireland (relocation package available).


* Infrastructure Engineer [Starting at €45,000 and 0.25% equity]

* Frontend Engineer [Starting at €40,000 and 0.25% equity]

* Data Science Engineer [Starting at €45,000, and 0.25% equity]

We are working at the intersection of amazing user-experience, advanced security and cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Our approach to work is drastically different to other security companies.

Every discussion, every feature starts from the customer's point-of-view and from a design perspective. We work very hard on understanding the pains, figuring out what our customers want and ultimately give them what they need.

We don't understand why security products have to be so complex, ugly, expensive, and ill-adapted to today's application development and deployment lifecycle.

Our goal is to take these complex systems and completely abstract them from the user. Security is hard, managing and responding to security events shouldn't be hard.

See https://barricade.io/jobs.html for more information.


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Dazed Group, London - FULL TIME. Full Stack .Net Lead Developer

Dazed Group is the world’s most influential independent fashion & culture media group and with Revolution, our in-house publishing platform we are developing a unified platform that can power the creation of premium content & storytelling, melding brand advertising, to deliver that content our rapidly growing audience.

We are looking for a standout full-stack Lead Developer who can lead our development team on this journey and help us realize our goals and business requirements. You’ll be a smart team player, with great problem-solving skills, who is passionate about technology and publishing innovation and thrives on using the latest technologies in a startup type culture. You’ll believe in creating high-quality work, taking a simple and maintainable approach over a complex one, with the outlook that success is having a working product in production.



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Lumi - Mobile Designer - London

Lumi is looking for an experienced Mobile Designer to shape our Android App (lumi news). We're a startup based in Farringdon, brought to you by the folks who made Last.fm

The role requires hands-on visual design (pixel magic) on mobile. We need your ability to help shape and define our product. Experience in doing quick mocks, Android design, and designing for small real estate very useful. Your designs are likely beautiful and cool!

https://lumi.do/about/jobs/design-leader https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=done.lumi


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Full Stack Engineer - London, UK or REMOTE

Overleaf.com: We build awesome ways for scientists to collaborate and communicate. We're looking for full stack engineers — your projects will span our database (PostgreSQL), web app (Rails, Node), front end (React, Backbone) and infrastructure (Docker, Heroku, EC2, GCP) layers. We also have projects for mobile, if you're into Android or iOS.

To apply, go to https://www.overleaf.com/jobs or drop us a line a jobs@overleaf.com :)


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Research Associate in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Manchester, UK

School of MACE, University of Manchester (6 month post, £30-37k per annum).

The GAMMA project is consortium of North West Universities, BAESYSTEMS, NNL and NWAA seeking to stimulate the growth of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) industry in the UK through development of innovative mission system architectures and software.

You will join the existing team at Manchester for the last six months of the project. You should have UAV-related knowledge, skills and interest, with experience in at least one of the areas of UAV sensor integration, UAV flight testing and development of embedded software for UAV applications. A PhD (or equivalent) or an equivalent level of practical experience/skills is expected.

Ideally we're looking for someone with C/C++ and Python experience who is familiar with embedded (both Linux & metal) development. You would also be expected to advise our SMEs, meet with partners and assist with flight testing. Experience with UAVs would be a definite plus.

For more info, see http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/AKM102/research-associate-in-unman... or reply to this thread and I'll do my best to answer your questions.


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Chromium graphics engineer | Prezi (http://prezi.com) | Budapest (visa) or SF (visa) or remote (depending on your qualifications and needs)

Prezi is looking for an expert in web graphics to help us build our zooming rendering engine for modern browsers. You should have deep knowledge of the Chromium web browser and have experience building high-performance JavaScript apps using Canvas or WebGL.

Despite being a presentation tool, Prezi’s rendering needs are closer to a 3d game engine: 60fps zooming transitions, level of detail for vectors and images, and pixel-perfect rendering across platforms. On top of that, we have to provide high reliability because artifacts and dropped frames are incredibly painful for our users when they are presenting in front of hundreds of people on a big screen.

For more info, see http://prezi.com/jobs/oq2t0fwF or email me directly: laszlo.pandy at prezi dot com


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Full-stack engineer, leaning toward front-end - Diploid - Leuven, Belgium - Full time

Onsite and remote welcome.

Diploid is a fast-growing startup, providing DNA interpretation services to labs and hospitals around the world. We're looking for a software engineer to help build the next generation of genome analysis software.

Do you love building polished visualization tools in an exciting new field? Are you eager to learn new technologies and become knowledgeable in the biotech domain? Do you have working experience with Javascript, Ember and/or Ruby? We look forward to hearing from you! Give us a shout at jobs@diploid.com.


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RolePoint | (mostly) Python Software Engineers | London, UK and New York, US - https://careers.rolepoint.com

You'll play a key role in building a platform that's changing how Technology, Finance, Media, Healthcare organisations hire and access talent - and that is already implemented in the three largest employers in the world.

==New York==

You will be a key figure in the New York engineering team; the primary function will be to build and manage the integrations between RolePoint's applications and the systems that exist within our clients infrastructure (typically Applicant Tracking Systems and Candidate Relationship Management tools). RolePoint's success is dependant on the reliability and features of our data integrations, so you'll be integral to the team and involved in the management of the integration product.

From our New York office, you'll be helping to shape the engineering team based in Soho where we currently have our Account Management department. They are a group of highly intelligent, experienced and passionate people who are also expanding. You'll also be working closely with our London engineering team and RolePoint's customers.

Bonus: Created APIs used by internal and external developers



You'll be building the most advanced and user-friendly application flow that candidates go through when applying to jobs online.

Based in our London office, you'll work alongside passionate, like minded individuals, where ideas and innovation take precedent and each team member contributes equally. You'll be writing code and architecting solutions, all whilst maintaining balance between great design and shipping products.

Bonus: Functional programming, GAE



We're building a company that allows you to work on interesting projects in a stimulating, social environment. We work on flexible hours, offer unlimited vacation days, go out for weekly team activities and once a year bring the whole company together on an international gathering to reconnect outside of our work.

Check out more roles at https://careers.rolepoint.com


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Switzerland, Zurich | Full-time | DevOps, Front-end, and Back-end.

This might be a very exciting, well-paid opportunity if you are allowed to work in Switzerland / if you are from the EU. You should speak some German or be willing to learn. (My experiences living and working in Switzerland can be found here: "Eight reasons why I moved to Switzerland to work in IT" http://goo.gl/EIX4UX)

We're a Swiss software shop that is re-building an existing e-commerce solution from scratch. Our young, motivated web-team is looking for DevOps, Front-end, and Back-end people. We currently use the following tech-stack:

- Python/Flask - MongoDB - Elasticsearch - RedHat and Docker - HTML5 - CSS3 - JQuery - Gulp

We are open to other tech-stacks (e.g., NodeJS and React). We look for people who can reason about technology and contribute with their ideas.

Contact me for further info: iwang at-sign fastmail . net


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iCracked is looking for VP of Engineering to lead our Engineering team in creating the ultimate on-demand repair, insurance, and trade-in service. Initially, the VP of Engineering must have the ability to develop a relationship with a small team of highly talented engineers. This team represents a great core nucleus that our VPE should understand how to grow and push in a way to achieve great things. The VP of Engineering is responsible for delivering the company’s products on time and within spec. This role will report and work directly with me (CEO).

Our company is just over 100 strong with offices in San Francisco, Redwood City, London, and Berlin and the iCracked engineering team is currently 14 individuals and we are looking to grow that to ~35 in the next 12 months. Our system currently consists of our website, 3 sets of custom built business admin tools and 3 iOS apps (1 consumer and 2 enterprise). Our stack is powered by PHP, MySQL and Javascript (JQuery and AngularJS). We also have 5 people on our front end engineering team that are excellent (Check out iCracked.com)

We have a platform that powers thousands of iTechs that’s based on managing and optimizing, on demand workforce through a robust backend platform and network. You can think of it as an Uber-like service, but addressing an entirely different market need. The company is on fire.

Revenues have gone from $1.7M in 2012, to $>17M in 2014 with massive growth estimated for 2015. We are #83 on the fastest growing INC 5000 companies globally. Backed by the preeminent Venture Capital firms in Silicon Valley and growing like crazy. Graduate of Y-Combinator (W12) Poised to dominate a massive global market with backend technology that can be applied to a variety of different markets in the future.

We're building a complete Warranty, Repair, and Trade-In platform that should consolidate 3 multi-billion dollar a year industries under one consumer brand.

We have an incredibly talented and fun team put together and are excited to talk to new members that can add tremendous value while doing the best work of their lives. We're a lean development team that moves fast. We push to production multiple times a day and continuously iterate on the core service. This is an exciting time to join if you truly want to be involved in developing the core product at a tech driven company.

What we’re looking for in you:


Technical leadership – act as a check and balance system relative t o key architecture decisions and other key technical trade-offs.

Implement processes to deliver results – create and maintain deadline-driven processes that ensure high quality products, identify inefficiencies, create and deliver on goals.

Team leadership – clearly define individual roles and responsibilities, motivate and empower our engineers, generate engineering buy-in, manage progress as well as overall team happiness, dynamics and recruiting. Execution – work with engineering leads to plan to achieve product goals/business priorities, set priorities and timelines, help allocate engineering resources.

Customers/Users – engage and represent the company in a way that will establish credibility and confidence with our customers/users.

Coaching – mentor engineering talent to build a rich team and foster collaboration, good habits, stable code, and creative problem solving skills

With iCracked, you wouldn’t be starting a new job; you would be joining a family. We take care of all team members and provide almost all amenities to make everybody’s lives better. Salary is negotiable and we have set aside great equity packages and other benefits for you. If you're interested please connect with me at Aj[at]iCracked.com


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Mesosphere-San Francisco

We're hiring for a number of positions in both our Hamburg, Germany and our San Francisco, CA offices: + Engineering Manager + Frontend Engineer + Distributed Applications Engineer + Distributed Systems Engineer + Linux Systems Engineer + Technical Writer + Solutions Architect

Full details are at http://mesosphere.io/jobs/, please apply online or email me at ryan@mesosphere.io for more information! We've raised 40m in less than 2 years, are visa friendly, contribute extensively to open source (we're building products and services around the Apache Mesos project) and have great investors, advisors and engineers. Work ranges from Javascript to Python to Go to Scala to C++, depending on the layer of the stack and application to hand. Get in touch!


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FreeAgent, Edinburgh or REMOTE (UK)



## TL;DR

Successful UK SaaS startup FreeAgent are looking for a Senior Software Engineer and Software Engineer for our award-winning Ruby/Rails product.

## Details

We’re looking for people to come and contribute towards our mission of democratising accounting for freelancers and micro-businesses across the world!

We’re a leading UK online accounting platform with over 40,000 delighted customers and continued high growth. You’ll be working with some of the smartest engineers around, collaborating on new features and taking a leading role in solving the technical challenges that come with building a hugely popular web application, in a scalable, performant, and elegant way.

More details on the website:




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Smarkets, London, UK. Sorry, no remote.

We're always looking for generalist, python-happy software engineers. If you know, or want to learn erlang, even better.

Smarkets is a modern betting exchange with significantly lower transaction fees than the competition. We're a well-funded company with a small, agile development team, and our platform has handled over £600 million of bets since launching in 2010. Smarkets has been featured in publications such as Wired, The Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch and was recently selected as part of the Startups 100.

We are taking on the big players in the betting industry with the lean startup playbook. We think the commission charged by such players is too high, spelling for opportunity to do better.

We're building a reliable, low-latency, highly concurrent betting exchange based on trading exchange designs. We're also building a fast, modern web interface to allow for a smoother experience. Servicing our users is top priority. Whether you want to work on the trading exchange or the frontend, you'll be solving real and challenging problems - from scaling to optimising python to handling near real-time design constraints.

The Smarkets platform is written predominantly on Python and Erlang, and relies heavily on asynchronous programming techniques. We use REST where we can. Life at Smarkets circles around version control, configuration management and automated testing. We can, and do, deploy to production several times a day.

Our software stack is built around Linux, Vagrant, Flask, Eventlet, Postgres, RabbitMQ, Git and Chef - but we are not resistant to change as needed.

To see all our jobs, visit: http://smarkets.com/about/jobs/


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[ original post ]

Giant Swarm (Cologne, Germany) / www.giantswarm.io / Support Engineer (m/f)


We are looking for a passionate Developer (remote workpossible) who wants to be the voice of our customers, who are using Giant Swarmfor architecting and deploying didtributed systems.

More jobs (DevOps, Dev, Web Dev) are available at http://giantswarm.nimble.hr

You can apply through the website, but if you have anyquestions, feel free to email Anna at anna@giantswarm.io


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[ original post ]

Lead Node.js Developer - Starcount, London UK.

Starcount helps businesses to better understand their customers through analysing social media data. It is lead by Clive Humby and Edwina Dunn, the founders of DunnHumby, and the creators of the Tesco ClubCard.

We're looking for a Lead Developer to join us and help us deliver a new audience analytics platform, as well as take our new content curation platform to market.

This is an opportunity to take an important role in a small company during an exciting period of growth and help build a business with the leadership of one of Britain's most successful business couples.

For more details, see the posting here: http://lnug.org/jobs and here: https://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/80693/lead-nodejs-dev...


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Senior/Junior Clojure Developers + Angular developer - London, UK - Social Superstore

We're a small startup based in Aldgate, allowing people to create online shop-fronts containing products from a selection of thousands of retailers. Store owners can then review, endorse and promote their products to their social networks and blog audiences, earning a commission in the process.

From a store-owner's point of view, it's a cost-free, risk-free and logistics-free way to set up their online business - they manage the sales and marketing of their stores, we manage the technology.

We are looking for good Clojure developers with an interest in the retail industry to take our product from a working proof-of-concept to a thriving business. Being part of our first in-house team, you'd be a big part of shaping what we build, and how we build it.

Our technology stack is 100% Clojure on the back-end, Angular/ClojureScript on the front, on an AWS infrastructure.

There are several roles available, with salary ranging from £35k to £70k depending on experience, and share options.

If this is something you'd be interested in, great! To apply, or if you have any questions, e-mail me at james [dot] henderson [at] socialsuperstore [dot] com


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JustYoyo - London, UK - Full time / Not remote


JustYoyo is a FinTech startup building a marketing platform for modern retailers powered by mobile payments. We're looking for diligent and enthusiastic software engineers to join our engineering team and help us with:

- Scaling out our platform as daily transaction volumes grow

- Monitoring and alerting

- Robust fraud detection

- Statistical analysis of transactional data

Our product comprises iOS and Android apps and a set of Python microservices hosted on AWS. We currently use Puppet, Django, Celery, RabbitMQ and Postgres amongst other things, but are starting to rebuild components in Go.

We use Sprintly to manage our Kanban development process, with mandatory peer review and test coverage for all work.

Our current vacancies: http://yoyo.workable.com/


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iMedicare - Cluj-Napoca, Romania / REMOTE / $24K - $48K / 0.0% - 1.0%


iMedicare services over 3,500 pharmacies across the US, helping them efficiently retain and manage their Medicare patients. The company aims to help small-time business owners retain their customers and adapt to and utilize new technologies in order to stay successful.

We are looking for an experienced Python developer to help us build our new version of the product and automate our existing operations. Experienced generalists are encouraged to apply!

Skills we are looking for: Python, PostgreSQL/Redshift, DevOps, Amazon Web Services, RESTFul APIs, TDD, SaltStack.

We offer a competitive salary and equity options. We have a great office in downtown Cluj-Napoca, but you are free to work from home if you want. Most of our team is distributed.

To apply, email me at stas@imedicare.com or ping me on twitter: @Suscov

P.S.: Sorry for the AngelList profile, but our team page is still WIP.


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Vienna - Lead Developer, Product Manager, Startup CTO - Full time / Not remote - Java, REST, C#, Full Stack

We at Tablet Solutions are planning to develop a new mobile SaaS-Solution(tablet based) for the engineering and construction industry.

German is a an advantage.

To find out more go to (german): http://www.tabletsolutions.at/join-the-team/


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Dashlane | Paris, France | Full time

Dashlane (located in NYC and Paris) is dedicated to solving the web drudgery associate with password management, identity and online payments - aka filling those damn web forms and generating passwords more complex than "hackernews1".

Now hiring for various dev positions: #1 BACKEND DEV - Experienced with backend stuff that stays up and is, you know, webscale®. Node.js, MySQL, Mongodb, Redshift, Ansible, AWS... #2 IOS DEV - iOS engineer who wants to build innovative UX/UI features. #3 WINDOWS UI DEV - Because not everything is web, and Qt can be fun, build the UI of our windows app (C++ mainly).

More info at https://www.dashlane.com/jobs.


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3 positions | London, UK | Full Time | Not remote

1/ Platform Engineer 2/ Mobile DevRel 3/ VP of Engineering

All the info here: https://pusher.com/jobs


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Dutch Domotics / Sensara | Rotterdam, Netherlands

We build wireless sensor networks to improve assisted living / ageing in place for elderly. The solutions are deployed both in nursing homes and at private homes.

You get to work on interesting technology (Domotics, sensors, internet of things, cloud computing etc) and a useful product that improves people's lives.

We have a small team where you will have freedom and responsibility. Looking for enthusiastic professionals that can work autonomously and in teams.

Looking for

1. Backend engineer. Our stack is Java based. Experienced building distributed systems / linux / mobile.

2. Sys admin. We run on debian linux. Configuration management with Ansible. You will help with improving perforance, availability and security.

Have a look at http://dutchdomotics.nl/ and http://mysensara.com/website/ Email me: roland.deboo@dutchdomotics.com

edit: Dutch speaking not required (we have two international colleagues). Fulltime positions, in our office.


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Digital Marketing Assistant | London Gatwick

Global Aircraft Charter company - great benefits and opportunity for global travel.

The role is perfectly suited to an online enthusiast looking to develop a career in this dynamic and specialised field. A proactive outlook and hunger to develop your existing skills in digital is a must, and may be considered more important than your formal experience. If you live and breathe digital marketing blogs, forums, social media etc. this role will be a perfect fit.

Salary: up to £25k



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Intelligent Reach :: London, UK (No remote or visa sponsorship sorry)


:: C# MVC/JavaScript Web developer [£40-45k] ::

We are an on-line product distribution platform that helps connect on-line retailers to more consumers. We help our clients get a better return on investment with their chosen channels and increase profitability.

We have always been profitable and grown organically over the last 5 years. Recently we closed a series A investment round which is enabling us to ramp up growth. So this is a very exciting time to join the team as we grow and build out the product.

Job description: http://hire.jobvite.com/m?3kRR5hwT

You can contact me directly steve.ayers@intelligentreach.com or apply via the link above.


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Import.io - London, UK

We are a young startup that’s shaking up the world of data. From our homebase in London, we’re working hard to give people a totally new way to access data from the web. We have an amazing user base and were most recently voted Best Startup by O'Reilly Strata Santa Clara, GigaOM and Web Summit. Backed by top European VCs and Valley-based angel investors, our aim is to make a big impact in the world of data.


We are looking for:

1) Machine Learning Engineer - https://www.import.io/jobs/ml-engineer.html

You will be the lead of the our Machine Intelligence team that creates and evolves our data identification and intelligence technology, powered by data from our data extraction technology like https://magic.import.io/. We have begun to utilize the latest techniques in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (including Deep Learning) and Natural Language Processing, and want someone to accelerate this.

2) Data Extraction Engineer - https://www.import.io/jobs/de-engineer.html

We're looking for someone with commercial experience in data extraction, web crawling and data indexing.

3) Dev Ops Engineer - https://www.import.io/jobs/dev-ops-engineer.html

We’re looking for someone who will help our complex and challenging systems evolve and grow! You will be responsible for the overall health and well-being of our mission critical infrastructure.


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New Bambooo | Ruby / Ruby on Rails developer | London UK

New Bamboo is looking for experienced ruby / ruby on rails developers to join our team.

We're a development agency building apps and products for a wide range of national and global clients including RedBull and Which? We predominantly use Ruby, but Javascript, Redis and various other languages and tools often make their way into our projects.

We pride ourselves on our developer oriented culture where we put the developers at the centre of everything we do. Our offices are based in the Barbican area of London.

To find out more details and how to apply visit https://www.new-bamboo.co.uk/careers/senior-ruby-dev/


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Interface Designer @ Studyflow

We're an Amsterdam based educational startup.

Studyflow is a great place to work - together with designers and educational specialists we are rethinking what education means in a digital age.

Our mission is to build the most personal and motivating learning experience in the world. To fulfill this mission, we are looking for passionate people with the drive to contribute to something greater than themselves to join our top-notch team.



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Thought Machine - London, UK

We are working on revolutionary technology to bring Machine Learning and Big Data to the world of personal finance, and to do so in a way that provides a beautiful intuitive user experience.

Formed in May 2014 by serial entrepreneur Paul Taylor, we have quickly grown to a team of 25 and expect to expand to 50 people by the end of 2015. Our team is first rate, with an eclectic mix of backgrounds from Google to some of London’s top design agencies.

TOP ROLES - Security Engineer - Senior HTML5 Application Developer

You can check out additional Dev roles at http://thoughtmachine.workable.com/


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TripAdvisor, Oxford UK, are looking for full stack engineers to join the team.

Have some Java/.net experience, along side some Python/PHP/Ruby and build stuff for the web then we're interested in you :)

We have senior and mid/junior positions open:

* Senior (Salary: £60-100,000): https://tripadvisor.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobdetail.ftl?...

* Mid (Salary: £40-60,000): https://tripadvisor.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobdetail.ftl?...

Why join us? Well other than the highly competitive salary and the perks such as share scheme, bonus, family health care, life insurance etc....

You'll join us at the start of a new project building the new supply platform for the Vacation Rentals side of the business, using microservices, CI and CD... working with some of the smartest engineers from across TripAdvisor.


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Smartly.io - Helsinki, Finland

At Smartly.io we build tools for largest European eCommerce-sites and Ad Agencies to automate and optimize their Facebook advertising. We're about 18 months old, currently 24 (8 devs) people strong and growing fast. We have actual paying customers (see our frontpage), have raised funding from top investors in Finland like Lifeline Ventures (e.g. Supercell) and our team is a bunch of experienced startup veterans (founders of Startup Sauna, worked previously in SF etc.).

We're looking for full stack developers. There's plenty of interesting challenges to tackle, ranging from designing and building UI to handling large amounts of data and designing models for automatically optimizing bid levels.




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Senior Data Scientist - App Annie - Utrecht, The Netherlands

App Annie is the industry leader in app ranking, app store analytics and market intelligence supporting iPhone, iPad, Mac, Google Play and Amazon. We're creating a new generation of innovative data products, designed for the needs of tomorrow's businesses. Our people are passionate about data, and enjoy building new things with algorithms, numbers and paper mâché.

In our Utrecht office we are looking to add a Senior Data Scientist to our team. You should be passionate about everything to do with data and already have top-level experience working in data modeling and quantitative analysis. If this sounds like you we would love to hear from you!


We are growing our operations across the globe. For other roles please visit www.appannie.com/jobs.


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App Annie - Engineering roles available in Utrecht, Beijing and San Francisco!

App Annie is the industry leader in app ranking, app store analytics and market intelligence supporting iPhone, iPad, Mac, Google Play and Amazon. We take care of all the work (and the math), keeping you up-to-date with your own app's metrics and the latest app store trends.

We have challenging roles available across the globe covering the following areas - Backend Engineer, Data Scientist, IT Operations, Mobile (iOS and Android) Engineers, DevOps, QA Engineers and more.

If you are looking for a challenging role in a dynamic international environment using the latest technologies then we would love to talk with you. Check out our openings at: www.appannie.com/jobs.


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Upcoming.nl - Amsterdam, NL (No remote, but we'll relocate you) - Full Stack Engineer

Upcoming is a Dutch 'listicle' website (a listicle is an article consisting of a list of funny/informational/sentimental/whatever stuff). We've been growing continuously since we launched in 2013, already reaching 15% of the Dutch population with zero € spent on marketing. We're (an independent) part of Telegraaf Media Groep, one of the biggest publishers of The Netherlands.

We use python in the backend (Flask, Celery+RabbitMQ), and manage the frontend with Jinja2, jQuery, LESS and Grunt; persistence is done with MySQL and Redis. The deployments are automated, in a Continuous Integration environment. Our backend is developed in-house, with state-of-the-art publishing related features (monitoring of 1000's of feeds to detect trending articles, headline and thumbnail A/B testing, advanced CTR optimizers...).

Since we're part of a big media group, some of these tools are now being used by other teams, reaching tens of millions of users every day.

We'd love to bring on board a pragmatic developer. A CS degree helps, but relevant web experience is more important for us. We'd love it if you have spent some time across the whole stack, but if you consider yourself "just" a frontend or backend developer, we'll hear you out too.

We offer:

- A perfect balance between working on innovation projects and “regular” web development, both with short and iterative development cycles.

- The flexibility and dynamism of working in a startup, with the strong stability of being part of a big company.

- An international environment

- Relocation assistance

- A competitive salary

- 25 vacation days

- Amsterdam! You’ll be living in one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

If you’re interested, drop me a line: m.neustadt(at)tmg.nl


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Permutive (YC S14) — London, UK — http://permutive.com

We’re focused on understanding and recommending content at scale using first-party behavioral data. Our first product is an intelligent native ad server for sponsored content.

We’re solving hard problems in engineering and ML/NLP research, and are looking for:

• full-stack engineers with interests and experience in functional languages (we use mostly Scala, some Haskell), large-scale distributed systems (AWS experience preferred), and front-end dev;

• research engineers with interests and experience in natural language processing (particularly Bayesian approaches and topic modeling), personalization and recommender systems, and more-general ML (deep belief nets and computer vision particularly welcome).

We’re a VC and Y Combinator-backed startup hiring our early team in London. As an early employee, you’ll be an integral part of the team and have direct influence on the direction of product and tech, and the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the business.

Interested? Feel free to reach out to us at jobs@permutive.com


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PHP Full Stack Developer - DeskPRO, London UK

We're looking for an expert PHP developer to work on an advanced, MVC-based helpdesk platform that's used by millions of people every day in a wide range of organizations, including Valve Software, Xerox, T-mobile, Fujitsu, Tumblr and AT&T.

Skills required: expert in OOP/MVC/ORM programming techniques and PHP (v5.3+) frameworks; MySQL; solid front-end development experience with XHTML, CSS, and Javascript. Technologies we use include doctrine, Symfony, less, Angular.js, MySQL, github, jQuery, CoffeeScript, elasticsearch and PHPUnit

What you'll be doing: helping to design and implement new communication channels in our software (voice/SMS, Facebook/Twitter, screensharing); integrating our software with 3rd party services; improving and refining our product; working on our backend systems; working on our mobile apps built with our API/HTML5 + PhoneGap

For more details and to apply see: https://www.deskpro.com/jobs/php-developer/


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GlobalSign is looking for Mid level to Sr Backend Software Developers as well as Product Managers located in Boston, MA - Portsmouth, NH - or Maidstone, UK

GlobalSign (www.globalsign.com) - one of the Internet’s original Certificate Authorities. Over the years we have issued millions of trusted Digital Certificates to people, servers and mobile devices for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enabled solutions and applications. Our identity and access management portfolio includes access control, single sign-on (SSO), federation and delegation services to help organizations and service providers create new business models for customer and partner interactions.

We operate in small teams - tightly integrated with product management. In these development roles, you'll be working to build out new products and services to expand our PKI services portfolio. We're looking for individuals with solid fundamentals - exposure to lower level coding like C/C++ is important - but also looking for those who have skills to build scalable systems in higher level languages. Interest / experience in internet security is a huge plus as well. For more info, please see the postings here (note, the posting only mentions Portsmouth, but we're looking for roles in Boston and Maidstone as well):


We don't have a formal posting for the Product Manager role yet, but we're looking for a junior to mid-level Product Manager who will help evolve out IoT portfolio, contributing to customer and product development, go to market strategy, and other supporting duties. The right candidate for this role will have experience and strengths in the enterprise software & security market, technical sales and business development experience, and a strong technical background.

Any questions you can email me at lancen.lachance@globalsign.com


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Coolblue - The Netherlands - Rotterdam - Relocation offered- Senior C# WPF Developer who loves TDD, SOLID & Scrum! As a Senior C# WPF Software Developer you will make Coolblue (Booming e-commerce company in the Netherlands) work using brand-new Vanessa applications. 800+ colleagues use your applications on a daily basis. You will be working in a dedicated and smart team with three to five other developers, each of them with their own specialization, ranging from XAML, the ins and outs of the upcoming C# 6, Unit tests and somebody who knows Git inside out. Your team will be complemented by a Scrum Master and a Product Owner. Each of these roomies will challenge you, both technically and in a game of Nerf.

To apply go to www.careersatcoolblue.com or email b.bloemsaat[at]coolblue.nl

We're looking forward to you!


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San Francisco | Amsterdam | Famo.us | Full Time

We're a team of 30 in SF and have a few different openings:

- JavaScript & WebGL experts to join our Platform Team - Distributed Sys + DevOps (AWS, deployment, docker, ruby) Hub Team - Interactive Design + JavaScript for our Creative Team

More info here: www.famo.us/jobs and you're welcome to email me for more info m{at}famo.us


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London Trust Media, Inc. - Downtown Los Angeles, CA (REMOTE Considered)

- Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers - Hiring DevOps Engineer

We pay very competitively and one of the many unique perks is VIP at our night club in Los Angeles (one of the major night clubs). We also offer benefits.

Email: jobs AT privateinternetaccess.com

- Please send resume and github at minimum to be considered


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Front End Developer (JS, HTML, CSS) - Budapest (Hungary) - Full Time

Powered Now is currently looking for a front end developer to join our team in Budapest, HU.

As a Front End Developer, you'll be a key cog in our growing team. As a startup we have a level of flexibility you'll rarely find in other roles and your influence will be huge. We are changing an industry and if you have the ambition for it, we want you to join us.

We are looking for someone that relishes a challenge and has an instinctive grasp of how things work. You'll be working closely with the rest of the development team as well as our Digital Marketing group. Your focus will be to continuously improve the user experience while hitting an aggressive roadmap for 2015 and beyond.

We operate a mobile first policy and during the next quarter you'll be a critical part of our next big project, our cross platform and multi browser compatible release. Its a great time to join.

* 2-4 years of experience of the following areas: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, compass, responsive design, javascript. * Portfolio that represents a range of developed websites or mobile apps * Strong knowledge of website development * Passion for emerging technologies and hunger to innovate * Excellent written and verbal communications skills * Strong organizational skills and an attention to detail

Read more: https://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/81537/high-growth-sta...

Apply: ben@powerednow.com


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Front End Developer - Internship - Paris, France

OpenDataSoft is searching for a new front-end intern to join its 9-people team (including 5 R&D people). We are looking for someone to join our R&D team to work on our product (in short, a SaaS platform dedicated to helping companies and cities share their data in a usable and understandable way). This includes working a lot with AngularJS, Python (Django), and dealing with data in various ways, especially datavisualization.

We have a good history when it comes to interns and you'd be our third front-end intern in more than 3 years of existence.

You can find a much more detailed description here, including how to apply (in french): https://gist.github.com/richterb/f9415f8c31ab84fcd111

If you're around on March 28th, we'll have a stand in the Paris Startup Job Fair: http://jobfair.rudebaguette.com/


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Front-end engineer at growing fintech startup in London, UK [£35-50K + options - thought I'd take the hint]

I’m CTO at FundApps, recently recognised as one of the top 50 fintech startups in Europe. We help investment managers comply with regulation - it's a product in a complex space that we're trying to make simple. We're looking to hire our first front-end engineer and designer (2 roles!) who can help us tackle this as we grow.

We have a great customer base and are growing the company on the basis of actual revenue (who'd have thought it).

You can find out more about us & the other roles we’re hiring for at http://fundapps.workable.com/ .


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Java Developer - Digital Shadows - London, UK

Digital Shadows provides cyber monitoring services to high profile organisations. We're an award winning start-up, and since being founded in 2011 we haven't stopped growing. Our application covers 80 million sources of data in more than 26 languages, everything from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to content hosted on the Tor network, IRC channels and insecure home devices. We de-duplicate, enrich and analyse this data in near real time to produce a rich set of intelligence for our clients.

We are looking for a Java Developer with experience in building high-performance, scalable commercial applications. You will be a key member of our team and be primarily responsible for Java application development though the role will involve all aspects of product development and engineering and have scope to influence the product roadmap, technology choices, architecture and much more.

To apply go to http://digital-shadows.workable.com/jobs/32292.


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Spatch - London, UK - Full Time (CAN OFFER VISA / RELOCATION SPONSORSHIP) - DevOps, Front-end, and Back-end

We’re creating a new form of communication. Email is over 40 years old and doesn’t support many modern use-cases. Most messaging alternatives aren’t decentralized or federated. We think there’s an opportunity to create a modern, federated messaging platform with mutable, collaborative objects being at the heart of it (i.e. tasks, events, etc -- but the objects could be anything). What would happen if you took the best components of email (IMAP/SMTP), chat (IRC/XMPP) and collaboration (Wave)... and created a federated platform and new set of open protocols around it? That’s what we’re building. Spatch is backed by some of the top US and European venture capital investors. Spatch is an equal opportunity employer.

We'd love to get to know you fellow HN'ers. Just wrote this post last week: https://medium.com/@mickhagen/the-spatch-hiring-guide-7a40b4... -- Does it resonate with you? Email us: jobs@spatch.co

The job specs are here: http://spatch.co/careers


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Qriously (www.qriously.com) - London, UK - Full Time - Backend Software Engineer

We've developed a data platform for serving questions to billions of people in real­time for use in mobile advertising, research, and business intelligence. We're looking for a backend software engineer to help us build our platform and develop new products.

As an ideal candidate... * You know that 1ms is an eternity, and 10^9 isn’t big yet. * You know a single line of code can save or cost a lot of money * You love to make yourself and others more productive * You know that you can learn anything if you want to (which probably explains a weird skill or two!)

A few of nice things we offer include a competitive salary, unlimited holiday, gym membership.

For more information … http://qrious.ly/1DEvxvO


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Front-end/Full-stack Web Developer - DTU Biosustain - Copenhagen Area, Denmark - VISA

Our research institute genetically engineers microbes for the production of chemicals that might otherwise be produced using petroleum-based feedstock. (We work with fine chemicals, not biofuels). Our aim is to apply an engineering process to something that used to be a slow and expensive scientific workflow. For that purpose we are building a mostly web-based platform to automate the engineering process and collect and analyze experimental data. We are looking for another developer to help out with this; someone who can take ownership of what they build and potentially grow into a lead developer position in the future.

Our web stack currently, in no specific order: AngularJS, ECMAScript2015, Redis, Python 3, Flask, PostgreSQL 9.4, Socket.IO, Docker. The application is very front-end centric so most of the work will always be done in JavaScript. The API is written in Python and our scientists write most of their algorithms in Python. We currently use AngularJS for the front-end, however this is not set in stone.

We will help with getting a VISA, as well as with administrative issues related to relocation. Our working language is English. We are a very diverse workplace; 70% of our staff have an international background.

The salary depends on qualifications and needs to be agreed by your union representative -- so I cannot give an official range -- but a rough personal estimate is DKK 450k-600k.

To read more and apply, go to:



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Software Engineers - Cardiff, South Wales, UK - Sorenson Media

We're looking to hire multiple Software Engineers for roles which will be mostly writing Javascript, both server side and client side. You do not need any Javascript experience to apply (we've hired many people without it) we find it easier to teach good engineers Javascript then to teach Javascript developers good software engineering skills.

We're hiring developers for 2 products, Spark Enlight: http://www.sorensonmedia.com/spark/enlight/ and Spark Enhance: http://www.sorensonmedia.com/spark/enhance/

We work in an Agile environment with daily Scrums, Retrospectives and 2 week sprints (though some teams have been experimenting with Kanban) and a real focus on the Engineering department owning the Engineering processes which means you get to spend your time writing code and have the autonomy to try changes to the processes and see if they work.

We're looking for multiple engineers with a range of experience levels (from recent grads to Senior Developers) so I can't specify specific salaries but I think they tend to be higher than most other Cardiff companies.

If any of this sounds interesting then feel free to contact me at mgrover@sorensonmedia.com with any questions, CVs, github profiles etc.

Thanks - Matt


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Python Developer, London, UK [£35k to £55k]

We’re looking for a Python Developer to work on our real-time football data platform.

We are well-funding, doubling user numbers every month and looking to hire employee number 15.

Some of the things you be doing at CrowdScores:

  * Writing auto-scaling microservices  - we love them and if you work here you soon will too
  * Processing large amount of data real-time
  * Doing DevOps - you will get to deploy and administer servers as well as write code for them
  * Influencing architectural and workflow decisions - these decisions are all made by the team as a group
  * Working with: nginx, RabbitMQ, Salt, Vagrant, AWS, Slack, PostgreSQL, redis, MongoDB, Linux (Ubuntu), ZeroMQ, Flask, Django (though much of our code doesn’t touch it), GitHub, Sentry, Travis - knowledge of these is not essential, they can be picked up when you get here
  * Using continuous integration, frequent deployment and auto-scaling
Some things we offer:

  * Your choice of top of the range laptop (OSX, Windows, Linux)
  * Hack days
  * Unlimited holidays
  * Competitive salary and share options
  * PS3 (FIFA15 - we have heard that you can play other games, but we haven’t tried yet)
  * Loads of social activities
More details: http://crowdscores.com/careers/python-developer/


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[ original post ]

One of our offices: Shanghai, China

We build products at the intersection of technology around data. Lots of data visualization, big data and infrastructure. We work with large organizations on challenging problems (the World Bank, the United Nations, CNN) OR on our own products (mostly developer tools, things like http://devo.ps or http://sweepboard.com).

We are a multicultural team with French, American, British, Chinese, Korean, Dutch and Finnish colleagues. We are about to settle a third office in Berlin this year. We work a lot with Javascript (node.js, AngularJS), Python, occasionally Go and Erlang. Lots of single page apps, APIs and infrastructure automation.

- Designer director; you have design chops, understand technology (HTML/CSS...) and do more than nice pictures (content,strategy,color,theory,...).http://careers.wiredcraft.com/jobs/design-director/

- Online marketing intern; we'd love some help with growth hacking our products and marketing our services like there's no tomorrow. http://careers.wiredcraft.com/jobs/online-marketing-intern/

Drop me a line at job@wiredcraft.com, or go to http://wiredcraft.com/careers.html


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quasardb | Paris, France | Several INTERN positions available!

We have a digital marketing and a software engineering slot available for people passionate about technology looking for some great experience.

We are a bunch of crazy people building a simple, reliable and scalable database.

Just to make things clear: the internships are paid.

To apply: https://www.quasardb.net/jobs.html


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Java JEE Developer (£40k to £60K depending on experience)

http://www.imperatives.co.uk/ Based in Staines (West London)

We are successful, ambitious and dynamic organisation providing innovative SaaS solutions to many of the UK communications providers.

Our developers are talented, enthusiastic and adaptable who are truly valued and empowered with the freedom to take control. We solve challenging problems in an agile way mainly using Java.

For this role, there is no long list of requirements and buzz words and we are flexible as to how much experience you have. If you can demonstrate your passion for excellence, how well you will fit in with our team/technology stack, your interest in new technologies (particularly open source/Cloud/AWS) and of course your Java prowess then we want to hear from you.

Our technology stack includes Java, Hibernate, Spring, Grails, ZK, MySQL and ActiveMQ and our applications are deployed into the Amazon AWS/EC2 cloud.

Our environment is friendly with flexible working hours. You will have the option to choose between a PC and a Mac, help yourself to the fruit & snacks bar and join the team on their regular Wednesday expedition to find the ultimate Thai curry.

We truly value those who contribute to our success and offer a superb career opportunity with an excellent salary to the right candidate.

Please email jobs@imperatives.co.uk with your details/CV if you are interested


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Berlin, Germany - DreamCheaper is looking for a lead developer and a CTO.

DreamCheaper.com is a service that reduces the price of hotel reservations after(!) they've been booked. Users simply forward their booking confirmation via email to hotel@dreamcheaper.com and we continuously check across hundreds of sources if the room they booked is available cheaper anywhere. If so, we rebook it. As a result they sleep in the same room they initially booked, but pay less. 

Please check out http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/10/dreamcheaper/ for more info.

Due to a tremendous boost in demand we’re looking for an experienced CTO to set up a small team and help us scale and improve our efficiency.

Your Tasks:

* You set up and lead an international team of dedicated developers and have an eye on the back- and front-end development process

* You are responsible for the development & growth of our team

* You shape our vision from both the business- and technology perspective and add new features by working closely with the founding team

Your Haves:

* At least 4 years of relevant experience (travel industry is a +)

* Deep knowledge of Symfony2 and API technologies (REST, SOAP…) & web scraping

* Excellent communication skills, and the ability to recruit and lead international teams

* Passionate about clean code

* Self-driven & result oriented

* Most importantly: You’re passionate about the idea itself and growing this startup to disrupt the industry!

* You are based in – or are willing to move to – Berlin, Germany

We offer:

* Flat hierarchies

* International team

* Room for your own ideas

* The opportunity to contribute to an amazing product and disrupt the hotel industry

* A salary adequate to your experiences and skills

Please get in touch if you're interested: info@dreamcheaper.com