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Northern California - 224 jobs in May 2015

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Distil Networks - http://www.distilnetworks.com - DC, SF, NC and some remote

Distil finds and blocks bots and content scrapers from attacking our client's websites with form fraud, content theft, price scraping, and other nefarious activity. We see a significant portion of internet traffic and filter in real-time the humans from the bots.

We're hiring:

- Ruby/Rails developer - RoR runs our client-facing backend and reporting system.

- Senior Full stack Ruby developer - Support the complex real-time reporting and logging infrastructre that our customers and internal SE's see.

- Senior Javascript engineer - No frameworks. You'll be working to reverse engineer common scraping tools and finding ways to identify and block them.

- QA Automation engineer - build automatic testing systems for everything in the company.

- Front End engineer - Build out the client-facing portal where all of the customer data, charts are reports are shown.

- Data science - We use machine learning to identify bot behavioral patters.

- Support engineers - Find out what's broken or figure out why the customer thinks it's broken.

- Web developer to work with marketing

You can apply at http://www.distilnetworks.com/jobs/ or email me directly: william dot cox at distilnetworks dot com with a resume and a brief comment on your desire and ability and I'll see that it gets into the pipeline.


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Vessel - Video Focused Venture founded by founding CEO and CTO of Hulu (San Francisco, CA Full-time, Onsite)

We recently launched Vessel and are in search of entrepreneurial and seasoned engineers to join our team. Our mission is to delight consumers and content creators alike.

Our founders, former founding CEO and CTO of Hulu Jason Kilar and Richard Tom, have assembled a unique and talented team with strong experience building and innovating at places like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. As a team, we are unusually passionate about the intersection of media and technology; we see an opportunity to improve media, particularly next generation video.

We’re a Series B startup backed by Greylock, Benchmark, Bezos Expeditions and Institutional Venture Partners (IVP).

Our tech stack includes Python, Coffeescript, Objective-C, Swift, Node.js, React, Backbone, Flask, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS EC2, Docker. We want developers who love to code in a variety of languages, tackling every portion of the stack. If this sounds like you, check out http://www.vessel.com/careers and email your resume/profile to careers@vessel.com


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Shuddle - iOS & Android engineers - San Francisco, CA

We're looking for engineers to build out our mobile apps and architecture as we expand our family-oriented transportation service from the Bay Area to the rest of the nation.

Contact rob@shuddle.us with resume/links/interests/jokes/wisdom


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hiQ Labs, SF (SoMa). We're using data science and an agile stack to disrupt HR. Well funded, great product, magic sales team == a customer list Sterling Cooper would envy.

Still early enough to make your mark and be there at the cusp of exponential growth. Help us scale up our big data, back end, and UI/UX.




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Javascript Developer | UtilityAPI.com | Oakland, CA | daniel@utilityapi.com | Solar job


We are a white-label SaaS that is used by solar and energy efficiency companies to collect their customer's utility bill and usage data automatically. You will be in charge of writing tools, scripts, and libraries that collect utility data from utilities. Often these utility data formats are complex and unique to each utility (pdf bills, xml data, csv data, etc.), so you will need to be very clever in collecting and parsing a huge variety of formats. Also, these scripts can break unexpectedly when utilities change their interfaces, so being able to update them quickly is important. You will be working in our office at the SfunCube in downtown Oakland. Our current codebase is well organized, documented, and tested.

==Experience Required==

No years of experience, education, or certification requirements, but you do need to be able to convince me that you know and have experience with:

* Javascript (not JQuery, vanilla javascript)

* Regular Expressions (we use them heavily)

* Python (basic knowledge)

* PGP (basic usage)

* Other (side projects, hackathons, hobbies, stuff you do for fun)


$100k-$120k depending on experience.

==How To Apply==

Email me a cover letter and a PGP-encrypted pdf resume. Please include links to your github, bitbucket, or personal side project website (for reference, mine is daylightpirates.org).

==For Solar Skeptics==

In the last few years, the solar industry reached "grid parity", which means that the unsubsidized installed cost is now cheaper than buying power from the grid. That's why this industry is the fastest growing industry in the country. This isn't some subsidy-dependent industry anymore. We work hard and we make real money (while conveniently also saving the planet).


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AeroFS, Palo Alto, CA careers@aerofs.com https://www.aerofs.com/careers

We're hiring for software engineers across pretty every single part of the stack you can imagine.


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AmazonUI (AUI) team at Amazon - Seattle or San Francisco - Full time - On-site only - Relocation packages available

AUI is the Front-end platform being adopted on Amazon.com. We are modernizing the company's front end code base, while diving deep on latency, performance, API design, user experience, and cross browser/device compatibility. Basically, we need people who can build libraries, not just use them.

Our team is incredibly customer centric. For any given situation, we have to make the right choice on behalf of the folks using our platform -- and we have to do it at scale. That may sound cliche, but within the next hour AUI will be used to generate tens of millions of page views. And that's just in the US. Worldwide, we're used on about 90% of requests across all device categories.

It's a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of opportunity. For example, we can run experiments that change almost every page on Amazon.com. We can also impact the page load time for the entire site. Have you ever tried to figure out why your site is 6ms slower? We have.

We use these tools (but don't expect you to know all of them): HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Perl, Git

And to give you an idea of who you will be working with, the folks responsible for these articles are on our team: http://bjk5.com/post/44698559168/breaking-down-amazons-mega-... http://techcrunch.com/2011/09/02/amazon-coms-big-redesign-is...

If you're interested, drop us an email. Heck, you can even drop us an email if you're in Seattle or San Francisco and you just want to have coffee:

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Clever (YC S12) - Full Stack Engineer - San Francisco - $100k-$150k+, plus above-average equity

At Clever, we’re building a distributed platform for educational software. There are a lot of great learning applications that schools want to use, but they have some constraints that make using software difficult: for example, picture a teacher getting 30 first-graders to log in at once. Our API and single sign-on solutions help schools solve those problems. Schools are on board, and we’re now in 25% of schools in America.

Right now we’re a team of 55 (23 engineers) based in downtown SF. We’re looking for full-stack engineers who like:

-Go, Coffeescript and Python (or are willing to learn)

-hard technical problems (managing a huge, constantly updating data pipeline)

-tech talks on everything ranging from the history of hip-hop to neuroscience to exoplanets

Check us out at https://clever.com/about/jobs#engineer-full-stack, or check out what we’re working on at https://github.com/clever.


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Opsee | Frontend Application Developer | SF, Full Time, Early Stage

Opsee is looking for a talented, senior frontend engineer to be our second employee and lead development of our web application. You’ll be using your expertise in Javascript and modern frameworks to build tools developers love.

You’ll work closely with the backend team to spec and build new features, and process real-time data streams from our APIs and bastion hosts. You’ll also work with design to create a seamless and delightful product experience, and a powerful web application to notify users of problems and visualize and report on their application health and performance.

Opsee is early stage, but we're well funded and offer competitive salary, great benefits, and generous equity. Get in touch: cliff@opsee.co


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Mesosphere - [mesosphere.io] - San Francisco

We're hiring for a number of positions in both our Hamburg, Germany and our San Francisco, CA offices:

+ Engineering Manager + Frontend Engineer + Distributed Applications Engineer + Distributed Systems Engineer + Linux Systems Engineer + Solutions Architect

Full details are at http://mesosphere.io/jobs/, please apply online or email me at ryan@mesosphere.io for more information!

We've raised 40m in less than 2 years, are visa friendly, contribute extensively to open source (we're building products and services around the Apache Mesos project) and have great investors, advisors and engineers.

Work ranges from Javascript to Python to Go to Scala to C++, depending on the layer of the stack and application to hand. Get in touch!


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Lead level Developer | Tubular Labs | Mountain View, CA

Principal Engineer | Tubular Labs | Canada


Tubular is about online video, we're not ad-tech or streaming. We empower creators, media companies and brands to make better content, partnership, and promotion decisions. We've reaised $20M in funding and have long list of customers.

-- Tech Stack:

  * Python
  * ElasticSearch, Cassandra, RabbitMQ
  * AngularJS, MySQL
-- Looking for:

We're looking for folks to help us in Mountain View to be part of the core team building our SAAS application. We're also looking at starting Canadian operations (Toronto/Montreal) and looking for a key first hire.

If you're interested feel free to reach out, either via our job postings or send me email: david@tubularlabs.com


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CloudFlare - https://www.cloudflare.com/join-our-team - San Francisco (SF, SFO) and London (LDN, UK) VISA and Singapore.

Security and performance for the web, we are hiring for multiple roles in the SF and London offices, and a couple of roles for our new office in Singapore.

See the link above, but as an overview we are looking for:

+ Systems Engineers (Go or C or Lua)

+ Web Performance Engineers (JavaScript)

+ Infrastructure Security Engineers (security reviews, pen testing)

The SF office also would like to hear from a PHP engineer who is accustomed to performance tuning all components of large web app (including PostgreSQL performance, memcached performance, tracing and optimising PHP).

Please use the URL above to apply, every application is read.


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Potato are hiring project managers, Django, front end web, iOS, and Android developers plus UX designers across our offices. Freelance & fulltime available.

We're a 5yr old, 85 person agency based in London, UK with offices in Bristol, UK & San Francisco Bay Area. Our clients include Google, PayPal, Skype, a number of startups and other agencies such as BBH & Mother.

Our work spans (and sometimes defies) categorisation. Recent interesting projects include tracking an Antarctic expedition, organising the world's artworks, mapping DDoS attacks and Syrian regime defections, and aiding rapid collaboration inside companies.



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Ayasdi | Menlo Park, CA | Full Time | REST API Engineer

-- the pitch --

Ayasdi uses a pioneering approach to automatically discover insights from complex data. Founded in 2008 after a decade of research at Stanford, DARPA, and NSF, Ayasdi uses Topological Data Analysis (TDA) to unify best-of-breed machine learning approaches into a common framework without the need to write algorithms, queries or models. We’re building a platform to solve some of the world’s most complex data problems, are well funded by top-tier VCs and have a passionate team with a great culture.

-- position info --

As a REST API engineer on the frontend team you will help architect one of the most important products Ayasdi has to offer. The API allows customers to automate common processes and integrate the core Ayasdi functionality with their existing tools, in addition to being the data layer that all of our web applications use. You would be the second person on our API team, so you will have the freedom and flexibility to make large architectural decisions as the company grows.

-- requirements --

• Experience building and maintaining APIs used by demanding customers

• Ability to write comprehensive unit and integration tests

• Proficiency with the modern Java platform and patterns, including dependency injection, advanced annotation usage, and concurrency facilities

• Experience navigating the Java library ecosystem, in particular outside of JEE

• Familiarity with Jersey, Mockito, and code generation is a plus

• Familiarity with machine learning, statistics, or data visualization is a big plus

-- contact --

I'm on the frontend engineering team, but we are also hiring compute and backend engineers. Feel free to send me an email if you want to know more: danny@ayasdi.com Or head over to our careers page: http://www.ayasdi.com/company/careers/


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SwiftStack | swiftstack.com | San Francisco, CA

We build tools to help our customers build object storage based on OpenStack Swift. Our customers have big storage needs and need to store their data easily, safely, and cheaply in their own data centers. We're active contributors to OpenStack Swift, and everything we put into Swift we push upstream.

One reason I love working at SwiftStack is because it lets me see a big range of storage use cases. We've got customers using SwiftStack to store everything from backups to game assets to genomics data for cancer research.

Check out one of the things we've recently been working on: adding Erasure Codes to OpenStack Swift: https://swiftstack.com/blog/2015/04/24/behind-the-scenes-“un...

Reach out to us if you have any of the following:

  * Experience writing high-performance server software (Python/C/C++/Go)
  * A deep and abiding interest in distributed (storage) systems 
  * Vision that simplifies complex user workflows  (front end/UI/UX)
Apply at http://swiftstack.workable.com/jobs/27475, or email jobs@swiftstack.com if you have questions.


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Scalyr - Frontend, Backend, Devops Engineers - San Francisco Peninsula - $110k-$150k+, >1% equity

This thread could probably be shorter if they titled it "Who isn't hiring"? But if you like the idea of being part of a small, tight team building envelope-pushing technology, please read on.

We're rebuilding server and log monitoring from the ground up, bringing Google Search levels of power and responsiveness to operations visibility. We have a small team (lots of room for personal growth), traction, plenty of runway, a low-stress culture, and lots of meaty problems to tackle. Be part of an awesome founding team (including the cofounder / lead engineer from Writely -- now Google Docs). We’re aiming high, rethinking everything from how logs are stored to how engineers interact with their tools. Come help us figure it out!

https://www.scalyr.com/jobs, or I'd love to hear from you personally (contact info in my profile).


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Dropbox | New York City | Software Engineer

We're a dozen engineers building the foundation for Dropbox's first office outside San Francisco. We work on impactful projects that are essential to Dropbox's success.

https://dropbox.nyc or email me directly, mspitz@dropbox.com.

Also hiring in SF, Seattle, and Tel Aviv.


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Unite - San Francisco and Prague - Full time or Interns - http://unite.io

We're a data startup looking for engineers to join our small and highly skilled team in our new office in San Francisco. We are building powerful online advertising tools that everyone can use — not just big brands and agencies. We are growing incredibly fast — our servers handle 2000 requests per second and manage more than 700 million users (yes, that's 20% of the internet).

We are looking for experienced front-end developers and full-stack engineers. We use Angular/JavaScript (ES6) on the front end, and Java/Cassandra/Kafka/Storm/Redis on the back end.

Feel free to ping me anytime at engineering@unite.io.


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Developer | $125-175k | San Francisco | gerad@sagansystems.com

I figured I'd put in a word for the startup I just joined.

- We've got a pretty cool tech stack (mostly React/Node/Go/Docker), and product architecture (real-time pubsub microservices)

- We're super early (<15 people), but well-funded and growing.

- Our founding team is B2B serial entrepreneurs who have done it before, so there's a healthy culture.

It's a good place to wear a lot of hats, learn a ton, and grow with the company. I'm enjoying it. Let me know if you'd like to hear more, or check out http://sagansystems.com/#hiring

We're also looking for devops, a designer, a product manager, and an office manager (yeah, growing fast)!

on site only, interns ok


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Buildzoom (YC S12) - Full Stack Ruby on Rails Engineer - San Francisco. Visa ok but not H1B it's too late :(, no remote


The company simplifies the process of selecting a home improvement contractor and improving the outcomes of remodeling and construction projects. By gathering and analyzing information on 3.5 million licensed contractors and 50 million improvement projects, the company has brought new levels of transparency and accountability to a notoriously difficult industry.


In this role, you’ll be working throughout the stack to move our consumer marketplace site forward. Responsibilities will range from server configuration to front-end implementation and everything in between.

We're looking for someone that will jump at the opportunity to take ownership of product features that drive traction, which will be used by tens of thousands of users each day.

Here are some examples of problems you’ll help us solve:

* Build a clean and simple user interface that sifts through millions of transactional records, allows consumers to see the current remodeling activity in their neighborhood and engage with the contractors performing the work.

* Implement payment processing by integrating with third party providers and implementing a scheduling and tracking system to maintain transaction records.

* Enhance the accuracy of our machine learning classifier, which infers what types of work contractors specialize in based off their transactional histories.

* Apply our pricing analysis to help consumers understand the cost and value associated with their home improvement investments.

Please Apply here:


To know which visa you're eligible to, please use: http://www.jobsintech.io/visa_eligibility


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Quid (quid.com) - San Francisco - H1B/VISA welcome

Our product combines mathematical models with advanced data visualizations to help turn the world's information into high value intelligence. With a still small development team, every developer's contributions matter a lot (seriously).

We just rose a round of $39 million and have some series momentum with clients such as Hyundai, Microsoft, Samsung and the Boston Consulting Group.

Check out one an example of a network generated of news in the last couple of years: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9pqvtbs2bdzuy4e/quidnews.png?dl=0

We are looking for a variety of developers including:

* Visualization developer pushing web browsers to the limits with 10,000+ node fully interactive networks

* Full stack application developer with a Javascript specialty

* Infrastructure developers to make provisioning of entire clusters a push button experience

* Test automation developers working embedded in teams and keeping code quality and test coverage high

* And more!

Apply by emailing hn@quid.com with a resume/portfolio.


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Various Engineer positions | www.rallyhealth.com | on-site only in SF, DC, Chicago

  -Full stack (scala/play + angular)		-Full stack (C#/.NET MVC + angular)
  -Front end engineer (angular + SASS)		-DevOps engineer (AWS, Chef, MongoDB)
  -.NET release engineer (Jenkins, Nuget)	-QA Engineer (python/robot)
  -Mobile architect				-Mobile engineer
  -Site reliability engineer			-Director, IT Security
  -InfoSec engineer				-Data analyst
We're looking for lots of great people to join our team that's aiming to make all aspects of healthcare better for consumers. Our Wellness product (https://www.rallyhealth.com/our-product/) is the best wellness program on the market, Marketplace makes enrolling in insurance as easy (or easier) than TurboTax, and Connect helps find the doctor you need in your area (and in your plan).

We'll be growing a lot more visible in 2015 and into 2016, starting with a partnership with comedian Kevin Hart[1] which we're all pretty excited about.

Our Chicago office is on a .NET MVC stack and SF and DC are on Scala/Play with mobile teams as well. I can answer more detailed stack/tech questions if anyone is curious.

The benefits are great, including $0 deductible for employee health insurance (and dependent coverage isn't much more), catered lunch every day w/ snacks and drinks everywhere, and unlimited vacation (that we're heavily enouraged to use).

If you have any questions, you can email me (ryan.stelly@rallyhealth.com) but otherwise, all postings are available at https://www.rallyhealth.com/about-us/ Cheers!

(what other kinds of details do you all look for? I'll be sure to include them next time!)

[1] http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/rally-health-and-kev...


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[ original post ]

Duo Security (duosecurity.com, @duosec) is hiring in Ann Arbor, San Mateo, and London. We recently raised $30M to build (and market and sell) the next generation of access security. Come work with smart (and fun!) people at a fast-growing company.


- Product Designer - Ann Arbor, MI

- SaaS Scaling Engineer - Ann Arbor, MI or San Mateo, CA

- Senior Windows Software Engineer - Ann Arbor, MI

- Sr. Front End Software Engineer - Ann Arbor, MI

- Sr. Software Engineer (Integrations) - Ann Arbor, MI


- Senior/Principal Product Marketing Manager - Ann Arbor, MI or San Mateo, CA

Duo Labs

- Director Labs R&D - Anywhere

- R&D Software Engineer - Anywhere

- Security Researcher - Anywhere

- Senior Security Researcher - Anywhere

Plus many more positions in sales and customer success.

Job board (scroll down): http://grnh.se/bqvst2


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Omniata - http://omniata.com/careers/ - San Francisco or Helsinki - Full Stack Engineer - Full time, visa

Omniata enables the entire digital organization - marketers, product managers and data scientists - to run their business based on data. It creates an integrated view of consumers across devices, providing tools to optimize the user experience in real-time. Omniata integrates analytics, CRM, engagement and A/B testing platforms into a single all encompassing solution.

We are looking for a talented full stack engineer to help us take our service to the next level and change how our customers view their business critical data. As such, we hope you have keen interest in big data, data visualization & building modern web interfaces and REST APIs.

You will work alongside product managers, business analysts, designers and other engineers to spec up and implement new parts of our service. This will involve writing code for both browser and server, which interfaces with our back end event data store.

As a full stack engineer you will be responsible for creating the front end of Omniata's service that allows our customers to make the most of their data. You’ll need to have the ability to quickly go from a set of wireframes and requirements to a working web app while taking customer needs and changing priorities into account.

Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is required. Familiarity with AngularJS is a plus. Experience with any server side web stack such as: Java, Rails, Node as well as any Python or PHP framework is also assumed.

To apply, drop a one line email with a link to your LinkedIn or GitHub profile to careers-sf@omniata.com or careers-hl@omniata depending on whether you're applying to San Francisco or Helsinki.


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Mountain View, CA

Senior Software Engineer, Desktop Client

Raptr, Inc.

Raptr develops software to help game players get the most out of their games. Our flagship products are used by tens of millions of gamers around the world.



We are looking for outstanding, highly motivated Senior Engineers to join our team.

The ideal candidate has strong experience building desktop applications. You write high quality, tight and efficient code; know what it takes to ship a solid application to millions of users, and how to support those users; have excellent communication skills, love solving complex problems, and are also looking to provide a voice in product design and direction.

Required Qualifications:

  5+ years of experience in design & development of desktop applications
  BS/MS degree in Computer Science
  Strong Computer Science fundamentals
  Experienced in programming C/C++ or Python
  Tools / Frontend GUI development
  Experience in object oriented design & programming
  Creative thinker who thrives in a small-team environment
Bonus Qualifications:

  Avid PC gamer
  Qt development experience
  Experience with agile development
Please contact Chris at chris_jobs@raptr.com if you're interested


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[ original post ]

Arena Solutions - http://arenasolutions.com - SF Bay Area | Full-time

We pioneered SaaS-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), which helps manufacturing companies build better products.

At Arena, we're an open office culture with many breakout collaboration rooms. We offer a great work/life balance with perks - we a have basketball & soccer league, fully stocked kitchen full of snacks & drinks, and cornhole, ping pong, and shuffleboard table. We also like to build great products.

We're hiring a web application developer: http://www.jobscore.com/jobs2/arenasolutionsinc/senior-web-a...

If you'd like to join us, you can check out our other open positions at http://www.arenasolutions.com/about/jobs/ & feel free to drop me a note at ninja -at- arenasolutions.com


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[ original post ]

One Codex (YC S14) – Genomic search and data platform. Senior software engineer. San Francisco, CA (https://www.onecodex.com).

We’re a software and biology start-up building a platform for microbial genomics. Our first application area is infectious disease diagnostics -- where we’re already working with doctors, epidemiologists, and others at the world’s leading public health and research organizations. We were also awarded a $200,000 prize by the CDC for our work on "strain-typing" pathogenic bacteria.


* You’re an experienced engineer that loves hard problems

* You want to work on a technology product making an important real-world impact

* You’re excited about joining a small team and directly impacting the shape of its technology choices, product, and business

* You communicate well and work effectively with others

* Pluses (but not requirements): biology/compbio background; experience with Docker in production; prior experience with Flask, React, D3


* Important problem: We’re not only working to build better in silico diagnostics, but setting the groundwork for entirely entirely new clinical, scientific, and public health applications.

* Hard, intellectually interesting challenges: Amongst other things, we are 1) applying and developing cutting-edge bioinformatics algorithms; 2) developing and deploying new data structures (really!); 3) finding better ways to manage messy genomic data; and 4) and running Docker in production.

* Upside: We offer a competitive salary, meaningful above-market equity, and the chance to be an early employee in a well-positioned startup.

APPLY Please send us a note about your interest and background at careers@onecodex.com (including a resume or portfolio link). You can also email me directly at nick@onecodex.com.


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[ original post ]

Jiff - Palo Alto, CA - http://www.jiff.com/ - Ruby Engineer, Frontend Engineer (AngularJS), QA Engineer, DevOps Engineer - Full Time

Jiff is an enterprise health benefits platform that enables employers to reduce health care spending by delivering smarter and simpler benefit programs customized for each employee. We’re fully funded Series-B company currently looking to fill multiple open positions in Palo Alto. Benefits working at Jiff:

* Higher than average salaries * 100% medical and dental coverage * Unlimited and paid vacations / time off * Really fun working environment and lots of smart people

All openings are here: http://www.jiff.com/careers/

Feel free to apply to me directly at andrey@jiff.com and I make sure that your resume won’t be lost. Folks with active GitHub accounts preferred.


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Open Whisper Systems ➡ San Francisco ➡ Full Time

Open Whisper Systems is making private communication simple. Our technology is used by hundreds of millions of people, and everything we produce is open source.

★ Design Lead -- Help us shape the look, feel, and branding of all our applications across iOS, Android, and the web. Help us simplify and effectively communicate otherwise complex ideas about privacy and security.

★ iOS Lead Developer -- Help us build a beautiful messaging app that is a joy to use.

Substantial experience in the domain of iOS development or design is a must, but experience with security or cryptography is not necessary or desired. Send us an email if this sounds interesting: workwithus@whispersystems.org


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[ original post ]

Mixpanel (YC S09) | San Francisco, CA

Mixpanel is growing very rapidly - 13 people at the start of 2013, 36 by Jan 2014, 120 at the beginning of this year. Currently 170.

On the financial side, revenue is growing apace and we were recently valued at $865M by a16z.

We are hiring for many engineering roles:

  * Product engineering manager - lead a team of product engineers, building everything from APIs to user facing products
  * Lead iOS engineer - lead our iOS efforts; we build crazy things that dig deep into iOS internals
  * Product engineer - mostly python/js/less; lots of work building tools to interact with and visualize data.
  * Systems engineer - mostly C/C++/Python; lots of work on scaling, reliability, and infrastructure. This team works on our custom datastore, written from the ground up in c/c++.
  * Site reliability engineer - this is a new team, built to improve reliability and performance across our infrastructure. We have > 1K leased dedicated machines, mostly running the datastore.
  * Machine learning engineer - come help us build predictive analytics. We have 1 brilliant person working on this now, but need more.
You can find more info about what we work on at https://code.mixpanel.com, and more info about the jobs at https://mixpanel.com/jobs.

If you're interested, send me an email at tim@mixpanel.com and I'll point you in the right direction.


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Tilt (YC W12) - Front End Engineer (Tilt/Open) - San Francisco

Tilt/Open builds powerful tools to drive the world’s largest pre-order and crowdfunding projects. We’ve powered some of the most successful and well-known launches, working with companies like Soylent, Lytro, Navdy, Eero, Plastc, and many more.

We are a small “startup within a startup” team which grew from an experimental side project at Tilt, and many of us have backgrounds as former founders. We’re able to move extremely quickly, while also enjoying the benefits and support of the larger engineering organization and Tilt technology and brand.

We’re looking for team members who pair strong technical skills with an innate desire to work closely with customers to drive the product forward. Beyond our own areas of expertise, we take great pride in being well-rounded, full-stack developers (which sometimes encompasses non-technical parts of the “stack”).

Please apply at https://www.tilt.com/learn/jobs?gh_jid=62904.


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Swiftype - San Francisco, CA (relocation assistance)

The product you would help build powers the search experience on hundreds of thousands of websites. We're a product/engineering focused company and we're fortunate enough to be working at a massive scale. Everything is growing quickly and we need more generalist engineers to join the team.

Some recent Open Source releases from our team:

- https://swiftype.com/blog/introducing-meta-events.html

- https://swiftype.com/blog/web-server-uid.html

- https://swiftype.com/blog/objectid-columns.html

If that sounds interesting, email us at jobs+hn@swiftype.com or check out https://swiftype.com/jobs for more information.


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Position: Full stack engineer (Backbone / Node.js)

Location: SF

Company: Localize.js (https://localizejs.com/). We're a fast growing, engineering-focussed company building tools to simplify website localization and translation. We're redefining how companies localize web applications.

You'll have control over large parts of our product and can meaningfully impact our direction. You'll receive a huge equity grant alongside of a competitive salary with full benefits.

Apply: Email jobs@localizejs.com


We're looking for engineers who really shine in two or more of these areas:

— Experience with our stack (Node.js, Backbone.js, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, Handlebars, Less)

— Familiar with native browser APIs (ability to interact with DOM w/o jQuery)

— Understanding of MVC patterns

— Basic UI design skills

— Experience with early stage companies or building products from the ground up

— Interested or experienced in marketing, distribution, sales;

— Fast learner, autonomous, inquisitive, analytical


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MapD | San Francisco (city) | Frontend Visualization Developer, Backend Developer

MapD (http://www.mapd.com) is a Google Ventures/Nvidia backed seed-stage startup that builds a hyper-fast big data analytics visualization platform that takes advantage of the massive parallelism and high memory bandwidth of GPUs. We literally can run queries orders of magnitude faster than other systems and since the results are on the GPUs, we easily visualize the result sets or feed them into machine learning pipelines. We’re looking for:

Frontend Developer – Someone with lots of experience with D3.js, preferably also with Crossfilter.js and WebGL/Three.js. Needs to have good design sense and significant data visualization background. Knowledge of WebWorkers and WebSockets a plus.

Backend Developer - Someone with strong experience in C++ and database/systems programming. Knowledge of CUDA/OpenCL, X64 Optimization, and/or OpenGL a major plus.

We’re a small but growing team with deep knowledge of databases and GPU Programming. Benefits and equity are competitive ($100K-$130K / 1+%).

Please email jobs@mapd.com if you're interested!


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San Francisco - Full Time - iOS, Android, Design

https://imgur.com is hiring in San Francisco. We're the Internet’s visual storytelling community! Millions of people visit Imgur every day to explore, share and discuss the best visual stories the Internet has to offer. More than 60B images are viewed on Imgur each month.

Interested? Check out our open positions! https://imgur.com/jobs

If you have questions, feel free to email me at cam@imgur.com


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Say Media - Software Engineers, UI Engineers (San Francisco, Portland OR), DevOps (San Francisco, Portland, REMOTE)

Say Media is building a platform for digital magazines. This year we're scaling from 50 million page views to 500 million. Come help us do this.

Say is well funded and a fun place to work at, with great work/life balance. We're looking for good engineers who enjoy learning new technologies. Our platform is Python based with an Angular front end, but it's okay if you don't have experience with these yet.

I'm not a recruiter, just a programmer who enjoys working at Say. You can see our jobs at http://www.saymedia.com/jobs, or email your resume to me and I'll pass it to the right person (email in profile).


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Menlo Park, Ca - Full time - Frontend, Backend, Dev Ops, ML/AI

Blackbird is a stealth, ventured backed, artificial intelligence technology company focused on solving some important challenges created by the shift from desktop to mobile. Our stack is primarily in functional style Scala (we are heavy functional programming users) with most of our AI stack in Python and C++.

We're one of a few startups that do AI research above and beyond product development. We host regular talks on multiple disciplines ranging from systems to functional programming to deep learning.

The team was founded by former Stanford CS graduates that built self driving cars, search at Google and Yahoo Research, co-authored the google file system and scaled Twitter to 200 million users. Our open source code powers Snapchat, Tumblr, Wikipedia in production today.

We're currently looking to add some great engineers to our team. Have a passion for AI/ML and want to work with the bleedingist of edges? Want to write highly scalable software with the architects who scaled Twitter and Google? Want to run ops for software which is designed for fault tolerance? Want to design next generation user interfaces? jobs at blackbird.am


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San Francisco - Full Time - Marketing Director

ePantry makes it easy for busy consumers to make good choices for their homes and families. We are the leading subscription-only platform for natural consumer products. The $1 trillion CPG market is less than 4% online today, and we are shaping the transition to ecommerce.

Our team of 20 is backed by prominent consumer and technology investors. ePantry is one of 1,000 B Corps, companies that prioritize social, environmental, and community goals as well as profit.

What you’ll do

• Work closely with the CEO to determine overall marketing strategy, channel mix, and priorities • Build and manage sophisticated email marketing programs • Drive feature roadmaps and prioritization to achieve your goals – you will not find a more supportive engineering team • Own the numbers, and report directly to the CEO and Board on the growth we’re seeing • Build your team as we grow

What we’re looking for

• 4-10 years in metrics-driven consumer marketing • Experience developing and implementing consumer-facing marketing plans that drive value and build positive brand affinity • Ability to manage cross-functionally, and experience working with technology teams, Board members, and industry leaders • A desire to build something that matters

What you get

• Competitive compensation and excellent stock options • Exceptional healthcare, vision & dental • Unlimited vacation – we care about results, not face time • A beautiful office in Cow Hollow, with a stocked fridge, and great vibe (and puppies!) • A team of totally bought in A players that will help you hit your goals and grow professionally • The chance to create something that leaves a lasting and positive impact on the world


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The Climate Corporation (San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Full time, Intern) - http://climate.com/careers

Climate is using Clojure to build weather and agronomic models to help farmers maximize their profit while reducing their impact on the environment.

====== Why I love it ======

– Climate is making a huge impact in the agricultural industry.

– I am surrounded by super smart people who all share an attitude of openness and mentorship.

– I work with some of the top scientists in the fields of climatology, agronomy, data science, and remote sensing.

– I build large-scale systems that process and serve trillions of pixels of satellite imagery.

– I am using 20% of my time to work on a brand new product within the company just for the fun of it.

– I release open-source Clojure software as part of my job.

===== Who we’re looking for =====

Engineers of every kind. Our positions are listed here: https://hire.jobvite.com/j?bj=oTPo0fwQ&s=Hackernews_Satshaba...

If you apply through that link you should get priority.

I am really excited about the work I've been doing, I am happy to talk in length about it over email at skhalsa@climate.com. If you are interested, please email me directly at skhalsa@climate.com.


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Company: Enlitic http://www.enlitic.com/ Location: San Francisco

Positions: Front End, Data Science / Machine Learning, Full Stack, Ops, Business Development

If you have world-class machine learning, math, programming, stats, or physics skills, and want to use them to positively impact a billion people, please read this. We believe that what we're working on is the biggest financial and social impact opportunity in the world today. Enlitic uses recent advances in machine learning to make medical diagnostics faster, more accurate, and more accessible. Founded by Kaggle's past president and chief scientist, its mission is to provide the tools that allow physicians to fully utilize the vast stores of medical data collected today, regardless of what form they are in - such as medical images, doctors' notes, and structured lab tests. To realize this vision, we are building on state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms and partnering with top research hospitals and medical device manufacturers. We've raised $5m funding and have a small team of 10 applied machine learning experts.

If you're interested in playing with cool hardware and data, we're a great place to come. We use a cluster of hundreds of Tesla K80 GPUs, and have many millions of medical images - some single images are over 10GB in size. Many are 3d, which makes for some really interesting engineering challenges.

We use a wide range of tools and languages, including Python (Theano, Pandas/Numpy/etc, Flask), Meteor, CoffeeScript, and C++ (Caffe). We have regular journal club talks (mainly recent deep learning papers), and a good mix of research and applied work. Our day to day work covers a lot of cancer detection and treatment planning, as well as a wide range of other high impact medical issues - the consistent underlying theme is using a data-driven approach to improving patient outcomes. There are particularly big opportunities (both financial and social impact) in the developing world. We're working with many of the top academics in the medical diagnostics field, and are partnering with some of the top hospitals around the country and around the world. We are looking for people that have an in depth understanding of linear algebra, convex optimization, algorithm design, and software engineering, to join us as data scientists, full stack and frontend engineers, and dev ops engineers. No medical or life sciences background is necessary. Python, C++, and CUDA experience is helpful - but the proven ability to learn quickly is more important. We're also looking for MD/PhDs with physics or comp sci backgrounds to help us brings the worlds of medicine and machine learning together. In addition, we’re looking for a senior business development person.

Have a look at our team to see whether you think you might be a good fit http://www.enlitic.com/team.html . We're interested in building a diverse team, so if you don't fit the standard Bay Area "ninja rock star programmer" mold - great! For more background on the company and technology, see our founder's TED.com talk here http://www.ted.com/talks/jeremy_howard_the_wonderful_and_ter.... . For more information about careers and how to apply, see http://www.enlitic.com/careers.html or https://angel.co/enlitic/. If you're not sure whether you have the right skills or background, just shoot us an email anyway and we can figure that out together...


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MATASANO SECURITY - Chicago. New York City. Sunnyvale.

Application Security Consultant

Full-Time, work visa sponsorship available


The security of computer systems has increasingly become an everyday concern. The news all too often brings word of yet another compromise, exposing financial information, personal details, or simply salacious pictures. Whatever the impact, it's clear the technology industry has a problem, and there are few easy solutions.

Some seek legislation to impose harsher penalties on the responsible parties. This ignores the fact that many of those responsible are outside the jurisdictions which seek to punish them. In some cases, they may have tacit approval of their own government, or even be operating on their government's behalf. Others turn to established security products looking for antivirus and network filtering technologies to add protection. This is an also an imperfect solution. It places the defender in a reactive posture, responding only to those threats which have been previously detected, and for which countermeasures have been developed. There's no perfect solutions.

At Matasano, we believe the best way to combat security weaknesses is at their source; by discovering and remediating software vulnerabilities before others leverage them for ill effect. Our clients see the value in this approach. We're engaged to work on some of the most interesting and important software on the planet. Aside from identifying vulnerabilities, we help our clients identify the root cause. Through this, they can adjust processes to reduce the likelihood of similar problems in the future, while increasing their ability to identify and correct them. The goal is more resilient software.

We've assessed hot startup web applications, low level device firmware, mobile platforms, and everything in between. With this breadth, we have need for employees skilled in frameworks like Node, Rails, Django, and Spring. We need people comfortable with x86 and ARM assembly, reverse engineering, and binary protocol analysis. If you're skilled in a programming language with the letter 'C' in it, that's desirable. Newer safer languages like Rust and Golang are in demand. In short if you share our focus on helping secure our software ecosystem one piece at a time and want a chance to do something about it, we should talk.

Learn about our hiring process at http://www.matasano.com/careers or contact us at careers@matasano.com Get a taste for some of what we do at http://www.microcorruption.com and http://www.cryptopals.com Check out our blog at http://chargen.matasano.com

Next month, you'll notice a change in these posts. Since being acquired by NCC Group in 2012, Matasano has been working increasingly closely with our peers at iSEC Partners and Intrepidus Group. The time has come to formalize this, by adopting a common name; next month I'll be posting under that name.



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Kinsa | New York or San Francisco

Full Time iOS, Android, UI/UX, QA, Data Science, Machine Learning

Join our team of world-class entrepreneurs, engineers and designers in building the world’s first real-time map of human health and the worlds smartest medical thermometer.

Work at the intersection of hardware and software design and technology to push the limits of global health. See your hard work on store shelves, and in the hands of delighted consumers. Get ready to be inspired to do your best, every day.

Sound exciting? Check out our current openings at https://www.kinsahealth.com/working-with-kinsa/


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Thumbtack - San Francisco - Software engineer and data science

Our mission is to help people accomplish personal projects by matching their needs to the right service professionals in their area. From wedding photographers and DJs to home contractors or French tutors, Thumbtack can help.

We are backed by Sequoia and Google Capital. Great offices in SoMa with daily home-cooked food and a friendly, ambitious team of 30 engineers. We're looking for expertise in Python, Go, AWS, the full web stack, Android, iOS, machine learning, and data science.

Current projects:

* New data pipeline (Hadoop/Spark) to support customer and business needs

* Advancements to the matching algorithm so both sides of the marketplace are better served

* Migration of all backend systems to AWS

* Shipping an Android app to make our customer experience faster and more efficient

For more information:



Also, feel free to email me (chris at) with any questions!


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Collective Health, ( http://collectivehealth.com/ ), San Mateo, CA (Full time, on-site only)

We're tackling the employer-sponsored healthcare industry (our favorite analogy is how Tesla takes on several verticals at once, such car makers, dealers as well as the oil industry). We can lower both the first and second derivative of the rising health care cost curve, nationwide. There's some compelling evidence for it, if you'd like to chat.

The company just under a year and half old. We punch well above our weight-class with experienced founders, 50+ team members (~ one quarter is engineering), and paying customers.

We've got a ton of interesting problems to solve around distributed systems, data analytics and predictions, system reliability, security, privacy and more. We're looking for experienced SW engineers up and down the stack, front end, back end, infrastructure, data, dev ops, test, generalist, etc.

Our tech stack is a mix of Go and Java components with Angular on the front end. We use a custom service bus to tie our SOA together, microservices style. We love docker, postgres, riak, automated testing, and continuos integration.

As a company, we're strong believers in transparency, trust and balance. As an engineering team, we believe good code is easy to read and should have a short "time to understanding". We expect all of our engineers to continually teach as well as learn. We also believe that everyone should write good code, yet balance that against the need to ship.


We're super proud of the company mission, engineering culture and tech stack we've put together and would love a chance to explain it all in detail!


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Realm (YC S11) — San Francisco, Copenhagen, some REMOTE (read for details)

Realm is hiring Android Developers, iOS Developers, C++ developers, .NET developers, JavaScript developers, Designers, QA Engineers and more. See all positions at http://realm.io/jobs

Realm (http://realm.io) is building a mobile database: a replacement for SQLIte & Core Data. In 9 months, we became the 2nd-most deployed database in the world, running on well over 100M devices. Our headquarters are in San Francisco, but we also have a big office in Copenhagen, Denmark, and more employees distributed around the world. We just announced we raised a $20M Series B last last month.

We have 2 Android positions that can be filled remotely from either Europe or Brazil, China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea. Read the jobs page for details.

See positions, locations and how to apply here: http://realm.io/jobs

If you have any questions, I’m VP Product at Realm and always happy to chat: tim@realm.io.


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San Francisco | Full-Stack Engineer | Bright

Bright is a distributed solar utility for the developing world. We're funded by YC, First Round Capital, and the founders of PayPal, Sunrun, Stripe, and Twitch, and we're looking for our first engineer (full-stack) to build a platform that will enable millions in the developing world to get access to cleaner and cheaper electricity. As one of our earliest and most important hires you'll work directly with our CEO and play a critical role in building the company's DNA.

Apply: Along with your resume, please include links to any projects you've built to jonah@thinkbright.mx.

Check out www.thinkbright.co/jobs


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GoPro | San Francisco | Full Time | On Site Only | Senior Backend Engineer

Come work with us!

You will:

* build massively distributed, scalable, durable, and fault tolerant communication systems and backend services for millions of software and hardware clients

* be obsessed with performance, code quality, and test quality

* be coding in whatever language/framework/platform it takes to get the job done right

Sweet skills:

* distributed messaging and real-time/stream data processing systems such as Apache Kafka, Storm, Spark, etc.

* experience engineering for embedded devices (you understand resource limitations of them)

* experience handling large amounts of inbound and outbound data on distributed platforms

* experience with multiple types of datastores (SQL, noSQL/KV, the ether)

* experience with machine to machine communication protocols/platforms/languages (MQTT, TinyMQ, XMPP, CoAP, cups connected with a string, etc.)

This Job: http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/JobIntroduction.acti...

All Jobs: http://gopro.com/careers


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Addepar is hiring a Security Engineer. On-Site only in Mountain View, CA

This engineer will be responsible for reviewing our current code and future code, suggesting improvements to ensure that we are using secure engineering best practices, implementing security mechanisms in our software, finding security bugs and potentially fixing security bugs that have been discovered. If you review code through the eyes of a hacker and have a passion for building with a security bent, we’d love to tell you more!

Here is the job listing : https://jobs.lever.co/addepar/7d09481c-d1f4-4271-a385-95f0e9...


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RINSE - www.rinse.com - Design District, San Francisco, CA

Rinse is a technology-enabled dry cleaning and laundry delivery service. We've been growing our service at an exponential rate for the past year, and our customers love us! We have a number of open positions, and have hired a significant portion of our team via Hacker News.

Rinse is hiring a senior Software Engineer to develop our functionality across the stack. We have hybrid mobile apps for both Android and iOS for our customers AND our drivers. We also have sophisticated web-based tools for our customer service team, internal operations staff, and vendors. Laundry is a surprisingly-complex logistical process, and so our customer-facing software is just the tip of the iceberg. We're solving problems like the Traveling Salesman and image classification, too. Our tech stack is approximately HTML5 / Backbone.js / Django / Python / Postgres / Heroku / AWS / Ubuntu, but we're a tiny tech team, so any newcomer will be able to shape architecture.

We'd also be interested in taking on a summer intern if the right student is still looking for an internship.

Interested? Contact sam (at) rinse.com!


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Transitmix | San Francisco | Front-end and Back-end Engineers


We're rebuilding urban planning tools -- the stuff cities use to plan the streets, zones, and transit. We launched a better bus route planning tool in January and already have 28 cities using it plan their transit networks.

We're hiring for two roles:

- Software Engineer. Someone to dig into bus optimization algorithms, wrangle gps and ridership data, and manage geospatial web services. You'll have a lot of leadership around this and we're flexible about the language (our existing codebase is ruby and python).

- Product Engineer. Blend javascript and design to build great UIs. We've put a lot of effort into building an easy, beautiful app for a complex domain, and you'll be in charge of keeping that standard.

Email us at jobs@transitmix.net


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About us www.honest.com

Locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin

The Honest Company passionately believes in creating not only effective, but also unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable products for babies and homes. While e-commerce direct-to-customer shipping has been our largest success, our retail partnerships are rapidly growing with our products now in Target, Costco, WholeFoods, and Nordstrom.

====================== Our stack:

-- Ruby on Rails backend for our E-Commerce Site (Python and/or Node.js experience perfectly fine) -- Angular.js and themed Bootstrap on the front-end -- Our warehouse currently runs off an in-house created Ruby server -- TDD with rspec, capybara, and jasmine tests keeping things stable -- RabbitMQ is our main queueing system -- Datastores - MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached -- iOS app in the app store - Honest Baby ==================== Positions Available:

--Full-Stack Engineers (Jr., Mid. Sr.) http://thehonestcompany.theresumator.com/apply/xP2fAG/FullSt...

--Back-End Engineers (Jr., Mid, Sr.) http://thehonestcompany.theresumator.com/apply/2S988b/Senior...


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Product Hunt (YC14) - Lead Product Designer - San Francisco or close by.

Product: www.producthunt.com - Imagine if reddit and the appstore would have a baby - that's Product Hunt

Vision: Nowadays the tools and knowledge to build awesome things are available to everyone online. The only thing stopping people from reaching a significant audience is distribution. We want to enable people worldwide to build awesome stuff and be able to reach the right people.

Right now we are a mix between reddit and the appstore but On the long run we want to rethink how new products get launched and distributed in general. At the moment our main focus is tech/startups but we are expanding into other areas like games, books soon and more in future.

Role: We are looking for a product (not just visual) designer who wants to have a say in how this could happen.


* You have a very strong visual design background (web and mobile)

* You have a very strong product thinking background

* You can write basic frontend code (nice to have)


More infos on that role: https://angel.co/product-hunt/jobs/55058-senior-ui-ux-design...

If you are interested feel free to reach out to me directly (andreas%%producthunt.com) or submit via AngelList - whatever is easier for you :)


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MyFitnessPal (San Francisco, CA) and MapMyFitness (Austin, TX) are hiring for a number of engineering roles (backend, frontend, mobile, data).

Check out our opportunities here and help millions of people live happier, healthier lives:


Feel free to email me directly: rtassano at myfitnesspal dot com.


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Galvanize, Inc. (http://www.galvanize.com) San Francisco, CA | Denver, CO | Seattle, WA

We are looking for a data scientists and software engineers with teaching experience to join our instructional team.

Practical, industry-based education is hard to access in the exciting and growing field of data science and software engineering. Galvanize has a tight-knit team of established professionals, educators, and community builders that are creating pathways into industry’s most demanding data science and engineering teams.

We are growing our instructional staff across all of our campuses. Our instructors train technical professionals with programming experience to solve real-world problems utilizing innovative educational techniques. We’re looking for passionate educators and practical problem solvers with demonstrated flexibility and curiosity.

Join us in building the world's hub for education in data science and software engineering.

Interested in working at Galvanize? Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/galvanize


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Tint (http://www.tintup.com) — San Francisco (SOMA), CA - INTERN

Looking for Summer Engineering Intern, with full-time possibilities after



Tint's mission is to help organizations drive deeper relationships with their customers through social media. We are a group of 23 engineers and customer happiness heroes with a profitable, sustainable business and a great working environment.



• on the position: https://jobs.lever.co/tint/87af6c15-46fa-4b3a-91e6-f7a84f6ca...

• on Tint company culture: http://www.tintup.com/about

• on our profit sharing: http://www.tintup.com/blog/restructuring-your-sales-commissi...

• on a few of our customers: http://www.tintup.com/clients


BENEFITS (besides the competitive salary and equity...)

• Profit Sharing - We split 20% of all revenue made over payroll and fixed costs and distribute it among the team.

• Team Transparency - We calculate compensation based on a formula that we all agree on. Cap table is made available to all employees. Business financials are known by all teammates.

• Personal Autonomy / Consensus Driven Culture - We foster consensus-driven rather than top-down decision making when it comes to important business decisions.

• Customer Driven Culture - We're very in-tune with our customers and they love us. For example, we decide what features to build based on surveys we send directly to customers.

• Personal Development Program - A monthly stipend and program designed for self-improvement. Every month, we individually choose goals to accomplish and are given a stipend to accomplish them.

APPLY HERE: https://jobs.lever.co/tint/87af6c15-46fa-4b3a-91e6-f7a84f6ca...


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The RealReal - San Francisco, CA

Looking for a Platform Engineer to work our next generation platform. Experience building REST APIs in Ruby and/or Go is required.

Apply at: https://www.therealreal.com/careers/1F23F16459


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CodeHS | CS Curriculum Engineer | San Francisco

Want to help change the face of computer science education around the world?Join the CodeHS team as a curriculum engineer. As a curriculum engineer, you’ll be responsible for helping to create curriculum and build the tools around it. You’ll be responsible for projects from end-to-end: You’ll make the videos, the exercises, the lessons, the quizzes, write the autograders, and build tools to make it all work better.

We’re planning to make courses for the high school level and beyond, so extensive familiarity with many programming languages and web development is required. You are someone who could be or already is a professional engineer, but really wants to write curriculum too.

You like to bring creativity to your job every day, and likely have experience teaching programming, either at the high school or college level. You will have creative freedom to create the best possible learning experience for students.

Why should you work at CodeHS specifically? We are a small team working on a big problem. We already have a program that students and teachers really love, and we’re making it better every day. You’ll have an opportunity to make a big impact on education. Thousands of students will take your courses.

A few more details: We work in SOMA, near lots of public transportation, get lunch every day, provide health benefits, and have great team activities like a monthly hackathon and weekly team recess (yes, to play games, juggle, learn new skills, etc).

If this sounds like a role you’d be interested in please apply at codehs.recruiterbox.com


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Aclima - http://www.aclima.io - San Francisco, CA


Aclima is an early-stage company based in San Francisco that designs and deploys distributed, large-scale sensor networks to empower people with actionable environmental quality data. Our end-to-end solutions collect, process and analyze real-time streaming data from thousands of sensors, enabling a level of environmental awareness that has never been possible before. We believe our technologies can redefine the way we imagine and manage our buildings, communities, and cities, helping us improve our collective well-being. We are looking for passionate engineers to help build, scale, and improve our platform. We have no required list of skills or years of experience. Instead, we’re looking for engineers who are smart and get things done. Our engineering culture values rapid iteration, continuous improvement, and as much automation as is sensible. We work in a relaxed, purpose-driven atmosphere with flexible hours and competitive perks.

Positions open:

* Full-time Backend Engineer

- great coding skills

- solid understanding of distributed systems

Our stack includes: Python, Git, MariaDB, Cassandra, Nginx, NSQ, Redis, Ansible


If you’re up for the challenge, apply directly: http://boards.greenhouse.io/aclima


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AdRoll - San Francisco

If you like Python, JS, C, D, Lua or Erlang, and petabytes of data, this is your dream job. AdRoll is one of the fastest growing adtech company, already producing $100M+ in revenue with a small engineering team.

Analytics is so critical to us that a large part of the stack, including our high-performance, in-memory data backend, is developed in-house in Python (Numba), Erlang, and C. Read more here



I'm happy to tell you more by email (ville@adroll.com) or over coffee in SF. PS. Btw, we write our own convex optimizers, if machine learning is close to your heart - ping me for more info.


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ReadMe.io (YC W15) - San Francisco - Local

We're looking to make our first hire! Come help us change the way developers consume APIs and code libraries. We're looking for front/backend developers with a huge product focus to help shape our company.



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Nomiku | San Francisco | Engineering, Design, Marketing | Full-time / Internship

    - Full-Stack Developer
    - iOS Developer
    - Mechanical Engineer
    - Junior Graphic Designer
    - UI/UX Designer
    - Part-Time Video Editing Intern

    We are building a new team to focus on our eattender.com
    sous vide app. You will be one of our first software 
    engineering hires. 

    Nomiku (YCW15) is changing the way people cook by 
    making great, restaurant-quality food easy. In fact,
    Nomiku is used by the best restaurants in the world. 
    From our humble office and production space in the    
    Mission district of San Francisco, we are making the 
    best cooking tools the world has ever seen, and making
    them accessible to everyone.  Our kitchen churns out new 
    recipes daily, and we regularly consult with top chefs 
    and food scientists on producing better quality food. We 
    have family meal served daily and share food together all
    the time.


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Mixmax | Web or Cloud Engineer | San Francisco | https://mixmax.com

We're a growing, tight-knit team looking for a full-stack engineer.

Mixmax is a communications platform that brings the power of the web to email. With Mixmax, anyone can build an interactive app that works in all email clients. We’re 8 months old, launched a Gmail add-on a couple of months ago and are growing extremely fast. Here's our Twitter wall of love - https://twitter.com/MixmaxHQ/timelines/560278179810533376 - and we recently won at Launch Festival - http://www.launchfestival.com/. Already thousands of customers depend on us for their daily productivity. We have an A++ list of investors that previously backed companies like Twitter, Heroku, Lyft & Square.

We’re an incredibly mission-driven, diverse and fun-loving team. We value personal and professional growth equally and have built multi-million dollar products together in the past. We're based in downtown SF.

Current tech stack: Node.js, Express, Meteor, Redis, Mongo, Handlebars

Check us out at mixmax.com. Email hello@mixmax.com and let’s grab coffee!

   _____       _                      _   _               __                _ _ 
   \_   \_ __ | |_ ___ _ __ __ _  ___| |_(_)_   _____    /__\ __ ___   __ _(_) |
    / /\/ '_ \| __/ _ \ '__/ _` |/ __| __| \ \ / / _ \  /_\| '_ ` _ \ / _` | | |
 /\/ /_ | | | | ||  __/ | | (_| | (__| |_| |\ V /  __/ //__| | | | | | (_| | | |
 \____/ |_| |_|\__\___|_|  \__,_|\___|\__|_| \_/ \___| \__/|_| |_| |_|\__,_|_|_|


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Khan Academy — Mountain View, CA (remote possible)

We're a small, non-profit tech startup bringing a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

Millions of people in all walks of life use our free platform to learn (check out testimonials at https://www.khanacademy.org/stories). Most of you reading this are probably familiar with Sal's videos, but we also have hundreds of videos by other teachers and a huge library of interactive exercises.

A few things we're currently working on building right now:

– Mobile apps to help students learn on the go and increase access to those who might not have access to a computer [1]

– Improved knowledge models so we can better predict what you know and what will help you [2]

– Infrastructure to make the site more reliable and faster for our millions of visitors every month [3]

We're especially looking for dev ops engineers, but we have a handful of other positions open. Unfortunately, we've filled up our slots for this coming summer internship, but we'd happily talk to intern candidates for future terms.

Apply at https://www.khanacademy.org/careers

[1]: http://www.kasrak.com/writing/khan-internship/

[2]: http://data.khanacademy.org/2015/03/helping-students-learn-a...

[3]: http://www.alangpierce.com/blog/2014/07/07/bigbingo-khan-aca...


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NSFWJobs : Seattle : on-site only

We have several development and sysadmin positions, but in particular we are looking for lead developers and engineering managers.



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Be a full time DB Rethinker (rethinkdb.com) - Mountain View, CA.

As a core part of the development team you will be applying deep computer science and software engineering knowledge to solving a new breed of data management problems. You will be responsible for enhancing the existing product with state of the art features to address scalability challenges for our customers.

Core tools: Linux, C/C++, Emacs/vi, gdb, Python.


  * Design, implement, and maintain database internals and distributed systems code.
  * Implement state of the art algorithms to solve real customer challenges.
  * Write code that is robust even under the most hostile workloads.

  * Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen and Leiserson is your trusty friend.
  * Strong understanding of C/C++.
  * Strong knowledge of at least one additional language (Python, Java, Lisp, etc.)
  * Experience shipping high quality systems software.
  * Familiarity with distributed systems is a plus.
Send your resume to jobs@rethinkdb.com.


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mPath - http://mpath.com/careers - Palo Alto / San Francisco / Remote

mPath is a new type of productivity app for businesses. Most people don't need all of their business data on their phone – just the pieces that matter to them. With mPath, regular folks can modify the app for their needs (without coding). All of this takes between a few minutes and a few hours. We connect to existing data sources like Salesforce and Box.

Right now, we have a small but very talented team. We're looking for a few more folks:

1. iOS Engineer - Swift/Objective C

2. Startup CTO - full stack engineering leader

3. QA Automation Lead - build a testing program

4. Devops Engineer - Docker, AWS

5. Web Services Engineer - Dropwizard, Phoenix

6. Web UI Engineer - Sinatra and React

Check out our careers page or ping me if you want to know more. http://twitter.com/asagray


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Nylas | https://nylas.com/ | San Francisco, CA (Mission) | Frontend (JS), Backend (Systems+Ops)

Hi! We're Nylas and we're looking for help building the next generation email platform. We're building a missing piece of Internet infrastructure and are looking for frontend application engineers and designers and backend systems and infrastructure/operations engineers to join us.

Companies are building their core businesses around our email API right now, and that means we have to be reliable, up all the time, and fast. We have more data for a single user than in most startups' entire database. We're scaling heavily and if you have experience with automated deployments, debugging running systems, release engineering, and on-call schedules, but are still comfortable writing code, this job might be for you. :)

Many people spend their entire days buried in mail clients which haven't significantly changed in years. Yet have you ever met anyone who really loves their email experience? We want to change that. We're building a frontend framework to power the next generation of mail apps. Sound exciting to you? Apply here.

== We're particularly looking for folks who ==

* Take personal pride in their work and value autonomy and ownership.

* Want the chance to step up and lead a team.

* Put the work before ego. We've got each others' backs, and we want you to be with us on that.

== A bit more about us ==

* Our backend is built on tools like Python, Flask, gevent, nginx, MySQL, AWS, and Debian. We've been careful to keep our architecture componentized.

* Our frontend projects use Coffeescript, React, (Re)Flux, SQL for offline caching, Electron (Atom Shell), and no jQuery.

* Tons of our code is open source. Check it out: https://github.com/nylas

* We're 40% women on our team of 13 (12 engineers), including 1 of 2 cofounders. We want to make that number 50%.

* We have an open vacation policy and value personal responsibility and ownership. Benefits include full health, dental, vision, commuter, and lunch at the office every day. Some remote work / work-from-home is OK too.

Apply at https://nylas.com/jobs. Include a cover letter letting us know what draws you to the job. We welcome and encourage applications from women, LQBTQ folks, and people of color. (We even have some already on the team!)


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Endgame | DC | SF

Join Endgame in Building Next Generation Cyber Security Products! We are looking for a highly technical, creative and motivated software engineer who is excited to work in a fast-paced, innovative, and agile development environment, while solving critical cyber security problems. Ideal candidates have experience in rapid and early product lifecycle development.

Some Open Positions: Python Engineers, QA Automation Engineers, Front End Engineers

Sound like fun? Checkout our current openings https://www.endgame.com/careers and get in touch - jbrown (at) endgame.com


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Scalus, San Francisco, CA: Product Designer

What You Will Do

As a designer at Scalus, you will work across the entire design stack. You'll be wireframing concepts, designing polished visuals, and gathering user feedback. You may even find yourself designing a t-shirt, event material, or a landing page if it interests you!

We work as a team, but play to our individual strengths to produce the best possible products. Product development at Scalus is design-driven, so your work will have a huge impact on our company. We believe good design is the only way to satisfy our customers' needs.

Who You Are

- You are experienced in designing highly interactive web experiences.

- Your work is equal parts functional and visually appealing.

- You have a powerful portfolio that you're excited to show us.

- You test your work pre- and post-launch to ensure that your designs are working for users.

- You design details down to the pixel, and can communicate with developers to see your vision realized.

If you've read this far and you're excited to take on a new challenge, then Scalus is the place for you! We're interested in a local or someone willing to relocate.

Salary range $100-$140K, 0.1%-0.33% Equity

Apply: http://www.jobscore.com/jobs2/scalus/product-designer/chhWlS...


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Segment – Engineering | SF (local)

Segment is building the analytics routing layer for the world. We transform data into over 150 different services, adding new ones every day. We’re processing billions of events each month, and maintaining the analytics infrastructure for companies like Rdio, Bonobos, and Atlassian.

Where we're at:

- built with Go, Node, NSQ, Redis, AWS - a little over 40 people, and growing actively - we <3 open source [1]

If that sounds interesting, we'd love to hear from you.

Apply: https://segment.com/jobs/

[1]: https://github.com/segmentio


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ZeroCater, San Francisco

The marketplace for company meals. We help companies feed their employees by sourcing food from awesome local restaurants and caterers. We’re profitable, doing 10s of millions in yearly sales and growing quickly.

- VP of Engineering https://jobs.lever.co/zerocater/9488d8f8-4697-4c14-9528-6375...

- Full Stack Engineer ($100k - $150k, plus above market equity) https://jobs.lever.co/zerocater/4a587a80-c04f-4f74-88f9-d9c8...

- Product Manager https://jobs.lever.co/zerocater/79e4b5f9-f67e-4422-8836-3f80...

NO remote, NO visa


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PacketZoom | SF Bay Area (San Mateo) | INTERN | VISA:

We're looking for interns with skill-sets (or just desire to learn) ranging from Network Protocols (TCP/HTTP/UDP based protocols etc), mobile programming (iOS/Android), Unix System level programming in C/C++ to Big data analysis and front-end technologies (HTML/JS/CSS/mysql etc.). Connect at jobs@packetzoom.com or directly with me (my user info is in the profile).

PacketZoom was started with the goal to completely change how mobile devices communicate with the cloud. We've created a tech stack and cloud service to upend the tired old TCP/HTTP stack with a more mobile friendly networking protocol built on top of UDP.

Read this for the background and our motivations: https://packetzoom.com/blog/

Discussed here on HN: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9354279

We ran an Intern program for the first time last year with two amazing interns from Harvard and CMU respectively. One of them wrote a review:


Come join us in the beautiful Downtown San Mateo, CA for a summer of fun combined with occasional hard work and learning.. or the other way round.

Connect at jobs@packetzoom.com or directly with me (my user info is in the profile).


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Shyp - San Francisco, CA. Data scientist

We're looking to hire our first data scientist. We just raised $50 million from Kleiner Perkins, and we're working on allocating our fleet of drivers more efficiently. A few months ago the routing algorithm was "pick the closest available driver by distance", so there's definitely a lot of room for improvement.

We did just start logging the positions of every driver at the time of every pickup, and making guesses about how long it's going to take. Hoping you can help us make the most of this and our other data.

We have a ton of other interesting optimization problems - how/when to get pickups from drivers to the warehouse, how to optimize the warehouse, how to route packages to people once they are in our possession, etc.

Our founders are Canadian and we can help with visas. Any workstation setup you want, really generous healthcare and dental programs.

Also hiring for mobile engineering positions & a warehouse engineering lead. Contact me - burke@shyp.com


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Watsi, San Francisco

Watsi is a global crowdfunding platform that enables anyone to directly fund healthcare for people around the world.

    “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”
We’re a team of developers, designers, doctors, and marketers working at Watsi because we believe that everyone, everywhere deserves access to healthcare. We move fast, take risks, and come to work every day excited about building an organization that matters more than we do.

We’re looking for a full-stack developer to join our six-person team in San Francisco. The ideal candidate is an experienced, product-focused generalist who wants to use their skills to bring healthcare to the world. Some of the technologies we use: Rails, Backbone.js, SCSS, Postgres, Redis, Sidekiq, Heroku, RSpec, and Jasmine.

If you’re interested in learning more, please send whatever info you have (linkedin, github, personal site) to jobs@watsi.org.


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Fetch Robotics - http://fetchrobotics.com/ - San Jose, CA - Full Time

Fetch is a small team of experienced engineers working on cutting edge mobile robotics. We launched publicly on Wednesday and you can now see videos of our robots on our front page!

We’re well funded and growing quickly. We’re looking for experienced and deeply talented people who want to solve real world problems.

Front End Developer (React / Backbone) - http://bit.ly/1HjmhNn

Robot Perception Engineer (lasers / vision) - http://bit.ly/1NBOVuY

Robot Manipulation Engineer - http://bit.ly/1I5rZpz

Robot Navigation Engineer - http://bit.ly/1NK5DKA

Robot Application Engineer - http://bit.ly/1IRcoHI

Our stack: Ubuntu/ROS/C/C++/Python/JavaScript

We’ve got awesome robots, a disruptive price point and we're poised for significant growth. Simply put, we’ve built something that people want.


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FileRight - https://www.fileright.com - Las Vegas, NV

- Front End UI Developers - Front End Application Developers (React) - Back End Java & Ruby Developers

FileRight is a profitable, fast growing company with offices in Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Think TurboTax for U.S. Citizenship or Green card applications. We created FileRight.com because government forms are confusing, the risk of rejection for making small mistakes is high and help from attorneys can be expensive. We have streamlined the immigration process with a focus on beautiful interfaces, transparent policies, modern technology, and extraordinary customer service.

The FileRight Engineering team is a small but growing group. Individual knowledge and opinions are valued within the team as a source of discussion and perspective. Visit https://www.fileright.com/pages/about/our-story to read more about FileRight and our story.

See a list of open positions here:

- https://www.fileright.com/pages/about/careers

If you think you might be a fit for either role, take a moment and get in touch.


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CrowdFlower - Mission District, San Francisco, CA INTERN REMOTE VISA

We are looking for front-end devs, back-devs, data engineers and dev ops roles.

We work with the world's leading data science teams to clean and enrich their data to help companies make better decisions. We use a combination of the best of AI and human intelligence and bring meaningful work to people that need it the most.

Our stack is mainly rails/postgres/AWS.

Email me directly at lukas at crowdflower.com if you are interested.


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Fitbit, Inc | Boston and San Francisco | on-site only

Boston jobs include full-stack web software engineers, iOS, Android, firmware, and miscellaneous other jobs, 21 in all: http://hire.jobvite.com/m?3efqghwV

San Francisco has over a hundred open positions. Some of them are site engineering: http://hire.jobvite.com/m?3Goqghww mobile engineering: http://hire.jobvite.com/m?3aoqghw0 hardware engineering: http://hire.jobvite.com/m?3pqqghwh and more.

I've been a Principal Software Engineer at Fitbit since November 2013 (previously Senior Software Engineer at Google) and Fitbit is an awesome place to work. The company culture is fantastic. The people are great to work with. The Boston office feels like a startup because it's relatively small (40 people), yet we're well-funded and secure. Everywhere I go people tell me they love our product or know someone who loves it and talks about it.

In Site Engineering, we're using jQuery, Bootstrap, underscore, Handlebars, Backbone, Stylus, Buster, Selenium, requirejs, and Highcharts on the front end, with new technologies introduced as needed. We're only using node as part of the build system for now. The back end is tomcat with a lot of Spring and Hibernate in front of mysql. Some big data projects I'm aware of also use Python. Beyond that, check job listings to know what tools might be used.


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Instacart | San Francisco | Engineers, Data Scientists, PMs

Listed by FastCompany as one of the most innovative companies of 2015, Instacart is building a better way for people to shop for groceries. We're passionate about the user experience and solve incredibly hard problems every day to create an experience for our customers that is absolutely magical.

We can only do this with an exceptional blend of designers, product managers, engineers, data scientists, and our operations teams.

All of our jobs are listed here: https://www.instacart.com/jobs

More about our data science team: https://medium.com/job-portraits/the-data-team-behind-instac...

We are located in San Francisco and well-funded by some of the greatest investors in the world -- Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, Andreesen Horowitz, SV Angel, and Y Combinator.


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GoDaddy - http://www.godaddy.com - Sunnyvale CA

Rails Software Engineer

GoDaddy is building out an experience for Web Pros (https://www.godaddy.com/pro) which helps technical freelancers and agencies connect with and manage small business clients.

We're looking for someone experienced in Rails (we're on 4.2) and embraces full stack development.

We do accept candidates with VISAs.

Email lwang@godaddy.com if you're interested.


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Syapse (Palo Alto, http://www.syapse.com), a startup that helps doctors treat cancer, is hiring DevOps, UI, and Semantic Web engineers.

We are a part of the genomics-based personalized medicine revolution that's taking medicine by storm. Our customers include some of the world's most prestigious hospitals such as Stanford and UCSF, as well as large hospital chain, such as HCA, the largest hospital chains in the world: http://blog.sfgate.com/techchron/2015/01/29/syapse-brings-pr....

Yet we are still a young rapidly growing startup!

You do NOT have to be a biologist or a doctor to work for us. Instead, we are looking for a DevOps Engineer, hard-core lead UI engineer, and a Semantic Data Platform engineer. Enabling doctors to make better decisions for each patient saves lives.

Our technology stack includes AWS, Semantic Web (SPARQL), Python, Java, and heavy Javascript.


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Coinbase (San Francisco)


Help build the future of finance, in a fast-paced startup environment in downtown San Francisco. We offer salary, benefits, meaningful equity, and free lunch + dinner every day.

We're hiring:

- Backend engineers: We're looking for experienced engineers to build systems which securely store our bitcoin, and interface with banking and other financial networks. Our backend teams work on API design, integrating new payment methods as part of our global expansion, designing secure systems to securely store bitcoin private keys, and detecting fraud and identity theft using ML. Experience with Rails + Node.js (or similar languages/frameworks) preferred.

- Frontend engineers: We're looking for forward-thinking frontend engineers to help us build new payment methods as we expand globally, improve our onboarding experience, and build real time exchange visualizations, using the latest client side technologies such as React.

- Devops engineers: We're looking for senior devops engineers to build a fully automated, stable + secure cloud environment in AWS, using technologies such as Docker, CoreOS, ELK, plus a lot of our own software.

- Security: We're looking for outstanding security professionals to help secure our bitcoin and sensitive customer data. This involves securing our production systems, development environments, corporate networks, and devices, as well as managing intrusion detection and incident response.


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  Swift Navigation is looking for an embedded electrical engineer
  and an esimation algorithms engineer to work with us on
  open-source (https://github.com/swift-nav/), high-precision GPS
  receivers (H1B welcome). Questions? Email Buro (mookerji@swiftnav.com).

  * Technical details:

  0. Embedded development (electronics design and schematic
  capture, embedded software, FPGA-based DSP):

  1. Algorithm design and mathematical software
  development (statistics, estimation/controls) through
  prototyping, performance analysis, and implementation on
  production hardware and web services.

  * Organizational details

  0. 13-ish people in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco,
  spread across analog/RF/digital hardware design, statistics/
  estimation/controls, (purely) functional programming, and web

  1. Interdisciplinary work, with an environment emphasizing
  effective communication, collaboration, and inclusion.

  2. Flexible working policy, relevant for those with families and

  3. Some non-traditional benefits: thoughtful management, a
  backyard with a banana tree, and a gas stove and well-seasoned


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Tophatter - Engineering, Backend Rails & Full Stack | Palo Alto (local)

We're a rapidly growing mobile commerce platform, think eBay but live. 3mm+ mobile app downloads. We started in 2012 and we're experiencing 100% year over year growth. Funded by leading SV investors.

Compensation is competitive with a benefits package and as much paid time off as you need. We offer catered lunch daily via EAT Club, subsidized Equinox gym membership, and subsidized public transit/shuttle.

You can reach me directly at jared at tophatter.com.


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Expedite Financial, San Francisco (and remote)

We're building a modern mortgage bank. Currently a seed-funded team of 16, 7 engineers with 3 Ph.D's. - Harvard/Stanford/Duke/Michigan

    back-end: scala, rails, neo4j, postgres
    front-end:  rails, angular, react, coffeescript, sass
    dev-ops: chef, ec2
http://expeditefinancial.com/jobs (or email me - kevin@expeditelabs.com with subject "HN")


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Bolt - San Francisco - Full time - https://bolt.com/

We're hiring:

- Platform Engineer (Backend / Ruby Engineer)

- Bitcoin / Blockchain Engineer

- Designer

- Infrastructure Engineer

- Infrastructure Security Engineer

- Product Security Engineer

Join us to spark the next generation of digital payments. More details on each position here: https://bolt.com/jobs


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NoRedInk in San Francisco (or remote, up to 6h time zone difference from Pacific)

Full stack rails engineers wanted to make sure that grammer is taught good. Every one's revolutioneyesing educaton but while some student's cant even right the write words.

Then there was NoRedInk.

NoRedInk helps students quickly improve their grammar and writing skills. We've got a small, technically excellent engineering team. We extensively use React.js and Flux in production. I work here because I get to learn about my practice (as well as my failing grammar skills) every day. I work here because I care about education. I work here because existing online tools for teaching grammar and writing are pathetic. Join us as engineer #7, and improve how grammar is taught.


p.s. Other people think we're awesome, too:



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Outbound (YC W15) - https://outbound.io

San Francisco, CA | on-site only | relocation possible.

Looking for server/devops engineers to be engineer #3. We write Go and AngularJS. Store data in MongoDB. Use Firebase, AWS, Twilio, Mandrill, Mailgun, Sendgrid, APNS and GCM.

You will be in the ground floor and responsible for building the foundation of our system. No legacy systems to support. Come in, design and then build.

We're funded, have paying customers and very good growth.

Email travis[at]outbound[dot]io if you're interested.


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Entelo - San Francisco (SOMA), CA - Full-time - http://www.entelo.com/ ; we're unfortunately are not hiring remote or part-time at the moment as we're committed to building a strong internal engineering culture at this stage before opening the doors.

Entelo's mission is to help organizations build great teams. Our goal is to help any organization recruit for any of their open roles. We've currently built a powerful people search engine that indexes hundreds of millions of social profiles and looks for signals to predict who may be more receptive to a career change. It's our belief that the the HR/Recruiting world deserves many of the same powerful tools that sales and marketing organizations have had, and it's our responsibility to deliver.

The Hacker News community has been great to us as we've made 4 engineering hires through the HN community. We care about building a thoughtful and considerate engineering environment with true work-life balance and personal flexibility (no one works more than 50 hours in the office and we're flexible with work schedules).

We're currently looking to rapidly expand the engineering team. Here are a few of our open roles:

-Sr. Data Engineer. Salary Range: $130k-180k

We're looking for our first data team hire. The ideal candidate will have had experience building out analytics frameworks for which we can run large scale data analysis on. The person that fills this role will work alongside our VP of Engineering to build the data team long term and will be expected to have their own opinions on how to build an analytics framework from the ground up. We're currently using a combination of Scala, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, AWS, Amazon Redshift and are open to "big data" technologies such as Hadoop, Storm, Kafka, etc.

-Sr. Backend Engineer/Architect. Salary Range: $140k-180k

We're looking for someone to own our backend infrastructure. We index hundreds of millions of profiles, and this requires crawling, parsing, normalization (data is semi-structured) and matching of these social profiles. We're currently using a stack that includes Scala, MongoDB, Golang, Java and AWS although we've been considering using Amazon's new Postgres solution.

-DevOps Engineer. Salary Range: $110k-140k

We're looking for our first dedicated DevOps engineer as we've currently been doing DevOps by committee. We're looking for someone that isn't rigid in thought and is open to using tools/technologies to solve our internal upkeep problems. We take a software-centric approach to DevOps and do try to use a modern stack here: Docker, New Relic, Loggly, PagerDuty, Rails, ElasticSearch but we're open to those that may have more traditional DevOps experience but open to using newer technologies.

-Full-Stack Rubyists. Salary Range: $100k-$170k (wide range depending on experience and ability to play some of the other roles)

We're always in the market for talented full-stack engineers. Our stack includes RoR, MySQL, AWS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Redis, ElasticSearch

If you're interested, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at vivek at entelo.com. I head up recruiting here and will make sure to get you in touch with our VP of Engineering as quickly as I can!


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Slice | http://careers.slice.com/featured-jobs/ | Palo Alto | FULL-TIME| Software Engineering, technical lead, data science, sales and marketing

Slice is building one of the most powerful e-commerce data sets in the world from email receipts. We're challenging assumptions and transforming businesses along the way, and we’re just getting started.

Slice was founded by Stanford GSB professors and entrepreneurs who have built, sold, and taken multiple companies public. Last year Slice was acquired by Japan's largest internet company, Rakuten. As a result, we offer the best of both words: a start-up mentality with the backing of an established global company.

We are a curious, creative team of people who love to solve fascinating, challenging problems. We foster a culture of learning and thrive on continuous improvement through teamwork to build better products and a better company.

We are growing rapidly and hiring world-class software engineers, data scientists, data analysts, sales directors, sales, and marketing communications managers.

Website: http://careers.slice.com

Company video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY8OKR85KMk

Please send resumes/portfolios to sean+resumes [AT] slice.com and mention the HN Who's Hiring thread when applying! Thank you!


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associate.io | mobility for the hourly employee | Oakland

We're still in "stealth", funded, beta clients but early stage. Tackling the mobility problem for the non-professional employee. Founding team has "done it before" and has successful exits under their belts.

We're looking for:

iOS engineers

Python (full stack) - experiance with django (we only use it for presentation) and twisted would be awesome

But first and foremost we're looking for smart people, who play to win.

We've also got a very cool digital nomad work policy for folks that want to travel the world after they've been with us for a few months.

Shoot us an email to learn more: helloworld@associate.io


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WebAction | Downtown Palo Alto, CA | Big Data Platform Engineer (Java), UI Engineer (HTML/CSS/JS/Backbone), UI/UX Designer


WebAction is a Big Data Analytics Platform providing end-to-end real-time, streaming analytics. We mask complex, scalable analytics behind a visual, interactive web-based experience and a familiar declarative SQL-like language. Today, our end-to-end product is used to solve some of the toughest analytics challenges at large Telco, Finance, Retail, and Cloud companies.

Big Data Platform Engineer (java): Using open source tools like ZMQ, Elasticsearch, and Kafka in harmony with platforms built-in house you will build cutting edge data processing infrastructure

Senior Front-end Engineer: http://chj.tbe.taleo.net/chj04/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?o....

Front-end Engineer: http://chj.tbe.taleo.net/chj04/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?o....

UI/UX Designers: We don't have a job post up yet, email me at john@webaction.com if you are interested! Bonus for you design unicorns who use code to build prototypes

WebAction is founded by a team of Silicon Valley executives with a track record of creating multiple successful enterprise products including WebLogic (now Oracle WebLogic) and GoldenGate software (now Oracle GoldenGate). We've raised north of $11m since 2013 and our advisors/board have done amazing things like creating the Apple logo and founding one of the top VC firms in Silicon Valley. With every product release, we delight our customers and engage new ones at an ever-growing rate. We're based in Downtown Palo Alto, minutes away from the caltrain, philz coffee, and everything you need to make your work life convenient and comfortable.


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Urthecast (http://urthecast.com) | SF, CA | DevOps/SRE Roles

We are a growing company looking to map the globe from cameras on the ISS. I'm the Lead DevOps Engineer looking to grow the DevOps and SRE teams at Urthecast. If you love space and want to come help me deal with a lot of interesting problems of scale and data collections please get in touch with me.

We pay very competitively for the area. The benefits are pretty great also.

Some things for you to think about

* We are 100% AWS

* We use sensu for monitoring

* We are going to setup a giant graphite install and have TVs all over the office for fun dashboards.

* We will be heavily using Salt for config management

* Automate everything

* We are using CentOS 6 right now and soon moving to 7

Here's the offical job description for the SRE role.


Please ping me at mzupan@urthecast.com if you have any questions.


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Final (YC W15) - Mountain View, CA - Full Time, On-site

Final is building the next generation of credit cards and is looking for:

Full Stack Engineer / Generalist (https://getfinal.com/jobs/fullstack/)

Frontend Engineer (https://getfinal.com/jobs/frontend/)

Final is a credit card that gives consumers total control over their merchant relationships and transparency in their spending. Rather than a single card number, Final generates multiple card numbers the consumer can restrict, and manages them automatically.

It works everywhere you buy; online, and offline, and implements with digital wallets like Google Wallet and ApplePay with zero updates to the payment infrastructure. With Final, you’ll never lose access to your spending ability from a breach, fraud, cancelled or stolen card ever again.

You can read more here: https://www.getfinal.com/jobs/


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HouseCanary (http://www.housecanary.com) | San Francisco, CA

We're a startup working on price forecasting for US housing markets. We're a rapidly growing team (went from 7-26 in 4 months) looking to fill the following roles:

  * Python Engineer (pandas/statistical work a plus)
  * Frontend Developer (we use AngularJS)
  * Test Automation Engineer
  * Data Scientist
For more info: (http://www.housecanary.com/about.html#section-work-with-us-a...). Some available positions are not yet listed on the site.

Email me at joey@housecanary.com to talk more.


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TubeMogul|Emeryville, CA (SF Bay Area)

TubeMogul is the global leader in software used by brands and agencies to plan, buy and measure their brand advertising. By reducing complexity, improving transparency and leveraging real-time data, our platform enables marketers to gain greater control of their video advertising spend.

We're looking for engineers with experience working on large-scale, distributed systems.

Some of the roles we're hiring for:

Web Application Architect: http://bit.ly/1E29MlR Principal Software Engineer: http://bit.ly/1KAexbQ

You can also check us out at http://www.tubemogul.com/company/about-tubemogul/careers/

Email me if you're interested at michelle.galan@tubemogul.com


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CareerVillage.org | Palo Alto, CA | Product Manager I'm the founder of a non-profit tech startup that crowdsources career and college advice for low-income students. We're sort of like StackOverflow, for careers, for low-income youth. We've raised a round of funding recently and I'm looking to bring on a product person to help us build mobile apps based on the successful website we already run, and take our entire platform to the next level of user delight (especially for the students). Apply by emailing us at the email address on the bottom of every page of our website :)

p.s. This job is PERFECT if you're looking to do something with real social impact and PURPOSE! p.p.s Please don't contact us if you're a recruiter. We're looking for direct applicants only at this time. Thanks!


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STORYWORTH (YC, seed) | San Francisco, CA | Full stack web engineering lead

StoryWorth (www.storyworth.com) is a service that makes it super easy to record family stories. We're launched and have paying customers. We've been covered in the NYT and recently swept the RootsTech Innovator Challenge.

NYT: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/16/business/preserving-family... RootsTech: https://familysearch.org/blog/en/storyworth-sweeps-rootstech...

We're a team of 4 – technical founder (myself), community, marketing and iOS eng. You'd be joining us as the full stack web lead, taking over development of new features from me. Our stack is Python (Tornado) and Mongo on Heroku (+Stripe, Twilio, Mailgun...).

This role is for you if you're a generalist looking for a lot of responsibility on a small team, and want to work on a meaningful consumer product with a real business model.

If that sounds like you, get in touch at nick@storyworth.com.


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Pachyderm (YC W15) - SF Bay Area

We're building an open source ecosystem of infrastructure tools for collaborating on large-scale data analytics. Learn what we're about: https://medium.com/pachyderm-data/lets-build-a-modern-hadoop....

Looking for our first hire (company is just founders right now). Smart, ambitious engineers who think there should be a better alternative to Hadoop. Our codebase is written in Go, but Go experience isn't required.



Email: jobs@pachyderm.io


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Benbria (http://benbria.com) — New York NY, Ottawa ON, SF - Multiple positions — VISA, INTERN

We are looking for full stack Node developers, data scientists, and interns (starting around Sep 2015). We have various openings across the US and Canada. We will help with your visa process and your relocation.

Benbria builds customer engagement solutions for large enterprises. Our product, Loop, is changing how businesses and consumers interact with each other. We are looking for developers to join our new NYC office. You will be working with some of the largest enterprises and organizations in the world and have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of many.

We use and enjoy the following: Node.js, CoffeeScript/JS, Backbone, Mongo, Cassandra. You'll be joining our small team and helping us enhance the product by designing and implementing new features.

Who are we looking for?

  * Strong JavaScript knowledge, Node.js, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js
  * Front-end web development knowledge (HTML5/CSS3/JQuery)
  * Web development & full stack experience
  * Preference for simple, elegant solutions to complex problems
  * A history of getting things done

  * Experience with scaling web applications
  * Experience building fault-tolerant systems
  * Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, Erlang
We also have multiple other job positions available. To find out more or to apply, please visit: http://benbria.theresumator.com/apply


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TaskRabbit: TaskRabbit is one of the early pioneers of Sharing Economy (2008) and still going strong! We are a small, close-knit team team trying to help people get stuff done (and helping others make a living).

We've got full-time roles open for Android, iOS, and Backend engineers (all roles in SOMA San Francisco)



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Airphrame -- San Francisco

Drone startup hiring full stack web developer.

We’re looking to hire a Full-Stack software engineer with solid foundational programming skills and at least 4 years professional experience and has built several large web apps using different front end frameworks.

--Interesting Technology-- Scala Backend. Technologies include http4s, Slick, Postgres, PostGIS Statically typed languages front end. (ie. typescript) AWS skills a plus. Linux System Admin a plus. Devops skills a plus.

--Interesting Business-- At Airphrame, www.airphrame.com, Our goal is to deploy a fleet of fleet of flying robots, potentially 10,000’s across the world, that are constantly updating geophysical data (such as 3D point cloud sets) for mapping platforms, environmental & civil engineers, and other business who can utilize such data. We’ve been in business 3 years, have recently raised 5M serA, and have paying customers who love us. In the present, our data is invaluable to maintaining utilities infrastructure (dams, powerlines, highways, rail, etc). In the future, robots (for delivery, cars, etc) will depend on good mapping data to navigate the physical world - and we will be an essential part of that.

--Interesting People/Place-- We’re a small and highly skilled group who prefers working with top talent than at a big company. Founded by three engineers: Mechatronics, Unmanned Systems, and Software, you’d be in the first 10 employees. We have a young environment with offices in MidMarket SF and a robotics laboratory (aka adult treehouse) in Oakland.

APPLICATION PROCESS Please send an email to: jobs at airphrame.com, subject: [Position Name] Please include github account or code samples Career Page: http://www.airphrame.com/careers/


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We're hiring like crazy at Hipmunk in San Francisco:

* Engineers (frontend, backend, mobile)

* DevOps/SRE

* Bizdev

* Marketing

* Product Manager


* Customer service

Good pay, good benefits. https://www.hipmunk.com/jobs Feel free to ping me at the email on my profile page, or use the contact info on the jobs page there.


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Vurb - San Francisco, CA (H1B OK) - http://vurb.com

We launched in February on the iTunes Store ("Best New Apps") - http://techcrunch.com/2015/02/26/mobile-search-david-vs-goog... We also won TC Disrupt and raised over $10M with a small team

WHAT WE DO: Vurb is creating a single app mobile search and sharing experience - partnering with services like Yelp, Foursquare, Rotten Tomatoes, etc. Rather than jumping between different apps to find something, we're delivering a cohesive experience in one place - an app you'll use every day.

INVESTORS: Max Levchin, Drew Houston, Naval Ravikant, CrunchFund, Redpoint + others.

APPLY IF: You are looking for a rapidly growing small team and the opportunity to take on significant responsibility and ship quickly. Examples of challenging problems that you could help us solve include:

- Manage and index millions of objects around places, events, movies, etc with blazing fast read-write access

- Develop search relevance and content discovery infrastructure on millions of objects and TB’s of data

- Develop mobile apps for not only scaling app performance but architecting the app to support a growing number of services and verticals


* Full-stack Engineer / DevOps - generalist opportunities across the stack: backend, frontend, devops. JavaScript, node.js, backbone.js, AWS

* Mobile Engineer - iOS / Android engineers (2+ years experience)

* Search / Data Scientist / Data Engineer - search, classification, ranking, ML, graphs, data crawling/processing. Advanced CS degree required.

* Product Designer - UI/UX

* Growth Lead - experienced growing consumer products.

INTERESTED? http://vurb.com/careers | jobs@vurb.com


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Robinhood (www.robinhood.com) - Full-Time in Palo Alto, CA

Data Infrastructure Engineer - We're seeking an experienced data infrastructure engineer to architect and build our real-time data analytics and event pipeline.

iOS Engineer - We’re looking for an experienced iOS engineer to help build the Robinhood iOS app, for both iPhone and iPad. This is truly a next-generation trading app that takes advantage of all the newest iOS 8 features, while featuring a highly custom UI. Extensive experience with CoreData, UIKit, and RestKit is a big plus.

Web Engineer - We are seeking an experienced frontend web engineer to help build the Robinhood web app, for both desktop and mobile. The product features real-time, live-updating data and context-dependent interfaces, so you’ll be building a very rich client-side web application.

Please send resumes to careers@robinhood.com with subject line HN:[Title of Position]


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Funding Circle, San Francisco

We're (seriously) building a better financial world! Our marketplace approach gives small businesses a fast, simple, and fair way to get the capital they need to continue to grow. We've lent over $1B globally, recently completed a $150MM funding round, and are investing heavily in technology.

We primarily develop in Clojure and Ruby (not so much Rails). We can do TN visa and H1B transfer and are focusing on growing our on-site team at the moment.

It would great to talk to people interested in working in Clojure(Script), React, Angular.js, and Mesos for frontend, backend, data science, or infrastructure roles to help us build a collaborative, professional, and diverse team.

You can reach me at rob@fundingcircle.com if you're interested in learning more.


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ShareRoot - Lead Developer - Berkeley, CA

We work with: Python, Django, Nginx/uWSGI, AWS, jQuery, Backbone.js, Jade, Sass, Gulp.Js, Java (Android), Objective-C (iOS) https://angel.co/shareroot/jobs/18378-lead-developer


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orangecaffeine, Sunnyvale CA

We help companies with mobile and big data strategy, planning, and execution. Our clients include large billion dollar corporations, mid-market as well as well funded startups. We work with a distributed team of iOS / Android / Web engineers, UX designers, and data scientists on a full time basis as well as freelance basis.

Learn more at www.orangecaffeine.com.

If you’d like to work with us, please join our talent community by expressing interest in an area of your expertise here: https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/?company=OrangecaffeineInc


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DoubleDutch - www.doubledutch.me - San Francisco, CA

We’re looking for talented engineers to join our team! Check out our website; take a quick look at us and see if there are any job openings you want to apply to. We’ve got an agile team of engineers here who are solving challenging issues such figuring out the best way for us to scale. Below is a bit out our company… _______________________________________________________

At DoubleDutch, we build social mobile event applications. Our aim is to build a highly adopted and engaging application for the attendees of conferences. By using the app as a tool to learn about attendee interests and intents, we provide analytics and tools to the organizers and (and soon to be) exhibitors of the events to help them use data to understand and affect the outcome of their event.

We were recently voted one of San Francisco's top 10 companies by Forbes, recently raised $19 million in funding, and are continuing to accelerate our growth. Last year we powered ~1500 events, and are estimating powering 5000-7000 events this year.

All Jobs - http://doubledutch.me/jobs.html Android Developer - http://doubledutch.me/jobs.html?nl=1&jvi=oyNYXfw0,Job&jvs=Ha... Data Engineer - http://doubledutch.me/jobs.html?nl=1&jvi=ohp8Zfwx,Job&jvs=Ha... DevOps Engineer - http://doubledutch.me/jobs.html? nl=1&jvi=oWFw0fwR,Job&jvs=Hacker_News Engineering Intern - http://doubledutch.me/jobs.html?nl=1&jvi=oniPZfwd,Job&jvs=Ha... iOS Developer - http://doubledutch.me/jobs.html?nl=1&jvi=ovNYXfwX,Job&jvs=Ha... Software Developer - http://doubledutch.me/jobs.html?nl=1&jvi=oGNYXfw8,Job&jvs=Ha...


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Synthego | BioTech | Redwood City, CA | On Site

At Synthego, we are looking for people who want to help build a fully-automated, research facility that moves, mixes, manipulates, and analyzes molecules and cells. We're looking for badassery in the following areas: 1) software engineers - mostly Python

2) mechanical engineers

3) wet lab technicians with experience in chemistry or biochemistry labs

4) Operations folks to help setup our our automated lab

5) Anyone else who kicks ass in significant technically deep ways in an engineering or scientific discipline. In general, we have—and are continuing to—build a team of extreme technical and scientific ass-kickers, in a joyful, bullshit-free, you-own-it kind of environment. We are backed by Founders Fund, and located in Redwood City, CA

email us at join@synthego.com for more information.


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Navdy Inc. (www.navdy.com) - Full-Time in San Francisco, CA

Navdy is a Head-Up Display (HUD) for your car. It connects to your phone and lets you use all the apps you love while keeping your eyes on the road. Navdy sit on your dash and works in the car you already have. We are currently hiring:

Senior Software Engineer - You love writing beautiful functional apps for a living. You’re part engineer, part visual artist, part interaction designer. We’re looking for software developers who could build beautifully designed apps without help from our designers.

Senior Mobile App Developer - We're looking for skills in each of these categories: Web environments: Rails, Node, Javascript, Angular, ... Programming languages: C, C++, Java, Objective C, Python, Ruby, SQL ... Mobile programming: iOS, Android Miscellaneous: Linux administration, SQL, etc.

Please apply through https://www.navdy.com/jobs


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Listrunner (YC s2014) - San Francisco.

Improving doctors' workflow and communication in hospital.

Looking for:

- Senior backend engineer (experience in sys admin, devops, writing clean and robust code, security, compliance.)

- Frontend / Fullstack designer (systematic about understanding the core problems, user research, wireframing, UI, html/css)

Our stack is Python / Postgres / Angular / React


Contact me directly phzbox at gmail


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Recurly (www.recurly.com) - Full Time in San Francisco & Boulder

We're growing fast and hiring a bunch of engineering talent:

- Front End Developers

- Support Engineers

- Sr. Ruby Developers

- Ruby Technical Leads

- Lead Systems Engineer

- Payment Rails Engineer

More info on our jobs page: https://recurly.com/jobs/#positions

Anyone with questions can contact: rich@recurly.com


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GoDaddy | Product Manager - Managed WordPress | Sunnyvale, CA or Phoenix, AZ | Local

GoDaddy is investing heavily in their people, culture and products but we have a long way to go.

We launched our managed WordPress hosting product a year ago and have had hundreds of thousands of customers sign up since, making us the biggest hosting company for WordPress in the world.

We're looking for sharp product managers with knowledge of the WordPress product and industry to help us continue to build a world class product.

I'm also hiring for a senior rails engineer on the marketplace team.

Email me direct at ned@godaddy.com


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Theranos - Palo Alto

Visit a lab for a Doctor’s appointment recently? Two vials of blood is a lot isn't it? Theranos is looking to completely redefine healthcare by solving speed and accuracy issues of current lab testing by combining SW engineering and life sciences using 1/1000 less blood than what is typically drawn today; our process have results in Doctors’ hands in as little as 2 hours allowing them to provide significantly more accurate treatments in a timely manner.


An advanced stage startup, Theranos primary stack is .Net - We are looking for engineers who want to make a positive impact in healthcare. Also looking for embedded, Senior iOS & Android developers.

VISA & Relo assistance (for those already in the North America) - Sorry No remote – No International Relocation.

What’s it like working @ Theranos? http://vimeo.com/107759726

For more about each position: http://www.theranos.com/careers/software-development

email michaelw at theranos dot com


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Baltimore, San Francisco, London, UK, and NYC - RedOwl is hiring Sales Leads, Acct Mgrs, Data Scientists, and Sales Engineers. Please email careers@redowlanalytics.com if you're interested!



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Okta Inc - SF, CA We are defining Identity as a Service. Think login with Facebook but for business applications. People who use products such as Adobe Creative Cloud, log into Okta, when "logging into" Adobe.

Looking to hire for a variety of positions: https://www.okta.com/company/careers.html#okta-positions

Personally, I would love to get someone on our new Analytics and Reporting team. Send me a resume or any inquiries at rgupta@okta.com


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San Francisco: the vision of Alpine Data Labs is to make data science so straightforward that it becomes a tool for business users as well as data scientists. Alpine's data-mining software scales to huge datasets, but it is driven through a simple graphical interface. We deliver on the promise of Hadoop, Spark and big data by providing a collaborative and intuitive visual environment for teams to quickly create and deploy analytics workflows and predictive models.

We are a well funded, rapidly growing startup backed by major venture firms. Our customers include Bosch, Sony, Morgan Stanley, and GE.

1) Platform Engineers: http://jobsco.re/19TQM1n

2) Applications/Front-End Engineers: http://jobsco.re/1DvTIi9

3) Data Science Engineers: http://jobsco.re/1bUp5qw

4) Senior Data Science Engineers: http://jobsco.re/19TRxr3

5) Big Data Integration Engineer: http://jobsco.re/1NHaQAW

6) Data Science Advisors: http://jobsco.re/1bUphpv

7) Technical Writer: http://jobsco.re/1DvUBas

If you have any questions, please email me: emily@alpinenow.com.


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Experiment (YC W13) - San Francisco, FT

We're a platform for discovering, funding, and sharing science.


Designer - http://experiment.com/jobs/designer

Engineer - http://experiment.com/jobs/engineer

Scientist Whisperer (community team) - http://experiment.com/jobs/scientist_whisperer

http://experiment.com/jobs or denny@experiment.com directly with questions!


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Chute (YC W2012) - http://getchute.com - San Francisco, CA or Itapema, BR or REMOTE (US time zones)

Hiring full-stack engineers to build our marketing technology platform that is used by Nike, Condé Nast, Starbucks, Benefit, Vogue, ESPN, NBC, NYT among others, as well as many independent developers. We're working with the latest technologies and <3 open source. We analyze images and videos from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to discover the best, most-interesting content for our customers and then enable them to use those images in their own marketing.

We're using Ruby/Rails/Sinatra, Node.js and Go on the backend (plus Python on the data science front). We're running on AWS, Postgres, Mongo, Elasticsearch, Redis, Storm. On the front-end we're using React/Flux/ES6 (transitioning from Backbone/Marionette).

For more info: http://getchute.com/jobs or email us: hiring [at] getchute [dot] com


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Venmo - https://venmo.com - New York, NY; San Francisco, CA, or REMOTE

Since 2009, Venmo has been connecting and empowering people through payments. Venmo has been hailed as “the crown jewel of all finance apps” by Forbes, and nominated “#1 app college students should download right now” by Buzzfeed. With Venmo, you can make and share payments instantly on your iPhone or Android device (or online), for free. Pay for dinner, split rent, or just say hello. Venmo makes sending and receiving money fast, simple, and fun. At Venmo, we believe that innovation is fostered in an environment that values intellectual curiosity and the joy of learning. We are changing the world from our offices in New York and San Francisco, and we'd love for you to join us!

Platform Engineer (Python): http://grnh.se/ghj2na

Web Engineer: http://grnh.se/dlaqy3

Lead Security Engineer: http://grnh.se/vy4ew6

Android Engineer: http://grnh.se/s6jb1a

iOS Engineer: http://grnh.se/kyr102

DevOps Engineer: http://grnh.se/jyf8et


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Samba TV - San Francisco, CA or Austin, TX

Hiring full-time front-end engineers (HTML5, JS, CSS), backend engineers (Python, PostgreSQL), embedded engineers, data scientists, product manager, QA manager.

We started Samba TV in 2008 to with one goal: To improve the TV experience for the people who watch, broadcast and advertise on TV. Our team has deep experience in digital media, algorithms, large-scale Web engineering, big data & design.

At Samba TV, we work together to make television the best it can be.

Samba TV's technology is built into connected devices like Smart TVs, Set Top Boxes, Smart Phones and Tablets. Across phones, tablets, and TV, Samba TV delivers a personal television experience. Our data and insights are transforming the way stakeholders across the media landscape are thinking about their business. Given the dramatic growth in streaming services, connected devices, time-shifting, and multi-screen viewership, our data products solve real problems and create tremendous competitive advantage for our clients. TV advertisers and TV broadcasters can now better understand and execute media plans using our insights on viewership. From post docs and PhDs working on complex video and audio algorithms to hackers and designers working on insane web and mobile problems – we’re looking for the best and brightest. Bonus points if you don’t hog the remote.

We were recently written up in the New York Times! http://nyti.ms/1bid5Pu

For more info: https://www.samba.tv/jobs/


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Tempo Automation -- San Francisco, CA


Front End / Back End

No one went to engineering school to write boring e-commerce websites. Come help Tempo Automation build the future of manufacturing robots. We are hiring engineers number four and five as front end and back end developers. These two engineers will assist us in building robot infrastructure and putting a user interface on the robot. No robotics skills are required. Candidates should roughly have the following skills:

* College degree in CS/CE/EE or equivalent experience.

* Good python back-end chops -OR- decent front end JS skills.

* Flexible software generalists are our preferred applicants.

* We're a Linux shop, so candidates must be able to navigate a command line.

* Experience with MongoDB, OpenCV, iPython, Pandas, Numpy, and similar packages are a big plus.

Please send a resume and a portfolio of past work to katherine[at]tempoautomation.com.


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Survata, San Francisco, CA

Survata sells consumer datasets to businesses. We’re a San Francisco startup attacking the $40 billion market research industry by making a complex & bureaucratic process into a simple & painless one.

Full-stack Software Engineer Our systems are are more complex than they originally seem. From a survey-building tool, to an ecommerce platform, to an ad network, to a data analysis tool, our systems have to do a lot to deliver big value to our clients. You’ll add a lot of features in a short amount of time. You’ll build them quickly, but you’ll make sure you’re keeping the code base clean. You’ll build them from the DB all the way up to the CSS, with the bulk of the heavy lifting being in Javascript. Our focus is on keeping things simple for our clients, so you’ll take that to heart. You’ll work with our entire engineering team to bring our systems to the next level.

About you * You love to build software that drives the bottom line for a business. * You want to work with other smart, hard-working engineers to solve big problems. * You have strong opinions about what makes a good API. You not only help build ours, but you’re a customer of it, so you’ll help keep us in line. * You’ve probably used several Javascript frameworks, and can rattle off their strengths and weaknesses. (We use Angular, which we sometimes like and sometimes hate.) * You thrive on the energy of operating in a fast-paced, ever-changing startup atmosphere.

Senior Backend Software Engineer Our systems are are more complex than they originally seem. From a survey-building tool, to an ecommerce platform, to an ad network, to a data analysis tool, our systems have to do a lot to deliver big value to our clients. You’ll help set up our systems for the growth to come. It might be using memcached when deciding what survey to show to on our network. It might be automatically determining what relationships are statistically significant. It might be augmenting the data we provide with data from other sources. No matter the project, you’ll jump in with both feet, architecting it just enough to deliver in the short term and set us up for the long term.

About you * You’ve built big systems that drive a business. * You love data & analytics and can build systems that help shine a light on the story behind that data. * You understand that your software runs on computers (but you architect things so you spend the minimum amount of time possible thinking about that). REST, JSON, and APIs make you happy (even though the capital letters are annoying). You’re not afraid to build all the way from the DB up to the CSS (even though you’ll spend most of your time on the server). * You’ve used a lot of AWS services. You love some, are frustrated by others, and can’t wait to try the next one. * You thrive on the energy of operating in a fast-paced, ever-changing startup atmosphere.

To apply, send a resume or LinkedIn profile to jobs@survata.com.


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Originate - San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, NY, Las Vegas, Boston

We are a team of nearly 150 hackers, designers, venture pros, and entrepreneurs. We invest Software Development, Design, and Strategy in exchange for equity in startups. Tech stacks are mostly Scala, RoR, Node.js, iOS, and Android, but our primary hiring criteria is being smart and understanding software development at the highest level.

* Engineering - Experienced & Entry Level * Dir of Engineering roles in NYC, Boston and SF * VP of Engineering located in SF, NYC or LA * Creative - Visual Designers, UI/UX specialists, User Researcher

Check us out...https://angel.co/originate or http://www.originate.com/ ======

I've been an Engineer here for 12 months, here are a few reasons why it's the best job I've had: * Extreme flexibility when it comes to time off, working from home, etc. * The smartest, most driven team I've met. * Engineers can have an impact on every part of the organization. * 20% time to work on your own startup, of which you retain 100% ownership (seriously, this is better than google's 20% time!)


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YesGraph - https://www.yesgraph.com/ Redwood City, CA

YesGraph is hiring for machine learning software engineers.

YesGraph helps your app grow. We do social graph analysis to find your close friends. We then suggest which contacts a user should invite. Advanced growth teams at Facebook and LinkedIn have done this, and we want to bring it to every app.

We have funding from some of the best investors, like A16Z, Accel, Y Combinator, Founder Collective, and 500 Startups.

I used to run growth at Dropbox. Email me ivan@yesgraph.com


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Alation (http://alation.com), Redwood City, CA

Looking for UI and data Software Engineers, DevOps, Demand Marketing, and Sales Development Representatives. VISAs welcome, though we can't relocate international candidates right now.

Alation is democratizing access to data by tackling one of the most universal challenges in analysis – the challenge of context. We analyze petabyte-scale data warehouses at companies ranging from eCommerce to online radio to improve the way data is accessed. Alation has brought together an incredible team of engineers, designers, and executives from Google, Apple, Oracle, IBM, one-man startups and top schools. Just announced: a $9m Series A, and our customers include eBay, Square, and Hipmunk.

We've got a great product in a huge market with the right people for the job, and we have a hell of a lot of fun. Come join us!

http://jobs.lever.co/alation or contact joanna.leon@alation.com


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goBalto.com - Full Stack Software Engineer and DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer - San Francisco, CA (Near Embarcadero/Montgomery Bart Station)

Technologies we use - Node, Angular, Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Github, AWS, Chef, Ansible

Not Just Another Social App - we’re building a meaningful product with the potential to speed the delivery of new medicines to market. Right now it can take over a year to start up a clinical drug trial, and our team is building software with the goal of bringing that time down to a matter of months. By working with us you'll have a direct impact on helping real people get medicine that could potentially save their life.

Agile Bones - A collaborative team of 10 engineers, we emphasize code reviews, testing, daily standups, retrospectives, etc.

Email jobs@gobalto.com with any questions. H1B VISA friendly. Job listings can be found here: http://www.gobalto.com/careers.html


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Slant - San Francisco, CA - FULL TIME

Slant tells people what they should buy. Our vision is to own the consumer experience for discovering products and deciding which one to purchase.

We’re currently a small team of three: two experienced developers and a “non-technical” founder whose last job was building satellites for NASA. A major revision to the current product is in the works, but you can see a live version here: www.slant.co. Some info on our investors/advisors: https://angel.co/slant

Our tech Backbone-based front-end, with improvements to allow it to run on both client- and server- side, and as both a single- and multi- page app. RESTful backend written in functional Coffeescript on Node.js, with a temporal postgres database that allows for rewinding to a previous state. The codebase is written in Coffeescript, Jade, and Stylus. Entertaining git history. Gratuitous use of Monads.

We're a multidisciplinary team, so we'd love to hear from full-stack/frontend/backend engineers as well as designers familiar with html/css. We're optimizing more for hiring someone talented, rather than for a specific role. If you’re interested in learning more, email me at stuart@slant.co


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Zenefits Hottest startup of the year http://www.zenefits.com/jobs SF bay area/Canada VISA/Remote

This is Radhakrishnan working as Software engineer at Zenefits, San Francisco USA. We are building a kickass engineering team in SF to work on hard and totally new kind of technical problems. We are disrupting the whole Heath Insurance industry which is taking off in US now by providing free software.

We have penetrated only 0.6% of the market. This is without considering international growth and upselling to big companies.

We are looking for engineers who can take a concept from inception to market. The process is extremely autonomous, with little to no, management. You are the PM, tester & developer, building full-stack, who coordinates with our in-house designers. Our revenue model is one of the best in the world and we have seen the hyper growth like no other company in the world.

More info: http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/14/zenefits-financials/

Startup of the year 2014: http://onforb.es/1IoK3aU

Our Tech Stack: Website running on Django/redis/RabbitMQ/Celery. Backend: Python/AWS

We're hiring for engineering offices in San Francisco, CA, USA and Vancouver, Canada

For more info: https://www.google.com/#safe=off&q=zenefits

To apply for job: www.zenefits.com/jobs To learn about the company and challenges: rad@zenefits.com


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Medallia - Palo Alto, CA - http://engineering.medallia.com

Medallia is hiring engineers to build our micro-service platform. World-class companies (Apple, Mercedes, Nordstrom to mention a few) use Medallia to create awesome customer experiences. Our platform is already used by hundreds of thousands of people every day, but we need your help to handle the next 10X of growth.

Dividing our codebase into independent micro-services will make it easier for new engineers to get up to speed, enable much faster deployments of new code (by the engineers themselves) and make it easier and cheaper to scale with much better resiliency.

Despite the popularity of micro-service architectures, and plethora of available frameworks, there are still many unsolved problems (especially around RPC performance, storage and freely moving processes around) in operating at scale in production. We not only want to solve these for ourselves, but share our findings and tools with the wider community.

We are using a blend of the best tech out there: Docker for containerization; Aurora/Mesos for data center / server management; CEPH for fully redundant storage and putting it together in a way we haven't seen anyone else do. We held a tech talk about it at a recent Docker Meetup:


Please send me a note at kristian@medallia.com if any of the above sounds interesting to you.

Kristian Eide, Software Architect


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* Django or Node.js Experts -- San Francisco

Textur is an automated data pipeline. We collect unstructured data from a variety of sources and automatically build and maintain a relational data warehouse in near real time.

We are hiring web backend engineers to own a UX that involves rich interactions between a web application and our customer's data pipeline. The product this dev builds is a UX that directly interacts with tens of billions of events per month.

Interested backend devs, please send github & linkedin links to: helen [at] textur [dot] com.


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PicnicHealth (YC S14) - San Francisco, CA - Full Time, Intern picnichealth.com, demo.picnichealth.com

PicnicHealth helps patients achieve better care by centralizing and streamlining all their medical information.

We're looking for a full-stack and front-end web hackers. Ideally, we want to find an engineer who also wants to take ownership of our product's UX.

For interns, we want CS students (or equivalent) who are entering their 3rd or 4th year at school, and are able to quickly build out web applications.

We run Node and postgres on AWS, and Backbone, Browserify, and React on the client.

Checkout picnichealth.com/jobs for more info, or email jobs@picnichealth.com.


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Clara Labs (https://claralabs.com/, YC S14) - San Francisco, Engineering, Full-Time

Clara is building the simplest possible interface to getting work done. Every person on our team is involved in the thinking that creates their work - full stack in the broadest sense of the term. This means identifying, owning, and driving projects to completion.

We believe shipping early and frequently builds better products. An extreme example: we scheduled thousands of meetings entirely manually for our first Clara customers before building any software at all.

Accepting human dependency is the fastest way to building useful machine intelligence. The failure of intelligence products to date has fundamentally been a failure to build trust. It is the consequence of unreliability and lack of focus (think: Siri). Conversely, Clara has delivered a highly reliable, focused, and useful natural language interface from day one.

We’re looking for frontend, backend, and machine learning engineers to join our early team. Check out our full descriptions for each role [1], and feel free to ping me directly at stephen@claralabs.com if you have any questions!

[1] https://jobs.lever.co/claralabs/


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Good Eggs - San Francisco, CA, Full Stack Engineers


=== About us ===

Good Eggs brings local, farm-fresh groceries right to your door! We are a technology focused company with a CTO who previously founded Carbon Five, an exceptional agile development shop. See our Engineering Blog and Github account:



We have a great mission (https://www.goodeggs.com/philosophy) - to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide - and everyone here is deeply committed to it. We have expanded to 4 cities - New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles and San Francisco - and our investors include Sequoia Capital, Harrison Metal, Baseline Ventures, Collaborative Fund and Westly Group, among others.

There are ~20 of us on the engineering team and we’re actively growing. We’re building next-generation web and mobile applications with JavaScript across the stack, including Node.js, MongoDB, AngularJS, Backbone, and CoffeeScript. The team has been built from the ground up with practices around test-driven development, pair programming, and continuous deployment.

== About you ===

Ideal Candidates Will Have:

* 3-5+ years full-stack web application development in Ruby, Python, Java, or JavaScript

* TDD experience / experience with pairing / Continuous Deployment

* Domain expertise in: e-commerce, billing, payments, or warehouse distribution software



I’m happy to field any questions - feel free to e-mail me: daryl(at)goodeggs.com


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Scribd (YC '06), San Francisco - VISA, FULL-TIME, and INTERN are all welcome

Scribd ("Netflix for eBooks", top 100 website, 50 people) is hiring talented hackers of all kinds to help us build the library of the 21st century.

We've hired EIGHT full-time people and TONS of interns from these "Who is Hiring" threads ... it really works!

We're looking for people who want to work with:

* Ruby on Rails (we're the #2 largest rails site, after Twitter)

* Javascript (well, we use Coffeescript)

* iOS OR Android (we're a top 10 eBook app with more reviews than Wikipedia, with a small mobile team)

* Data science / data analysis (using big data tools like hive to analyze an amazing proprietary dataset)

* Machine Learning / data mining / recommendations - think Netflix prize, but for books!

* Product manager and design (UI or UX) roles too

* Internships: junior standing or above for all areas of engineering. We hire several interns every summer and year-round.

That said, we care way more about your personality and general hacking skills then what languages you've used so far, so if you haven't used these but want to break into mobile or web development, this could be a good opportunity for you. We've hired people from these threads with everywhere from 0 to 10 years of experience.

We're profitable, very well funded and have a really fun office environment (go-karts + a rock climbing wall!) in the center of the startup world in San Francisco. Scribd alumni have gone on to found 4 other YCombinator companies, more than from any other startup. We think this says something about the kind of people that we like to hire, and we love hiring people with entrepreneur and startup ambitions. We are also always looking for international people interested in moving to the US and can help you secure a visa.

You can read more about our "Netflix for Books" service here http://wrd.cm/1dJquzz or check out our tech blog at http://coding.scribd.com. Last month we launched the first "Netflix for Comics" - really exciting stuff! More here: http://wrd.cm/1MbaBA6

More info is at http://www.scribd.com/jobs, but as a HN user, feel free to apply directly by emailing me at jaredf at scribd.com.


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BabyList - Oakland, CA

BabyList is making it easier for expecting parents to prepare for one of the biggest events in their lives. These parents-to-be look to us to help them make decisions about what to buy for their baby and where. We have an extremely engaged user-base, we’re growing quickly, making real money and building new products that will take us to the next level.

Frontend Developer - Lead the development of our website. Obsess over user-experience, A/B testing, code maintainability and page-speed. Our stack is Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and Backbone/CoffeeScript/Javascript.

Why should you consider BabyList? We offer: - fascinating work that users actually notice and love

- extremely smart, diverse team

- actual work/life balance

- benefits of an early stage startup (autonomy, fast pace, many hats...), without the risk of the an early stage startup (i.e. our revenue is paying for our growth)

- great office location - Old Oakland neighborhood (3 blocks from 12th street BART)

- we're a team of 8. Everyone has a big impact and is great at what they do.

If you’re interested in hearing more, email me at natalie@babyli.st


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Fig - San Francisco, CA - Full Time

Fig is a new venture-backed take on crowdfunding in the most popular vertical for crowdfunding.

Fig is hiring a gamer with experience as a front end engineer. This is an opportunity to join as one of the first employees at Fig and shape the stack and the product from the ground up. We have already built much of the MVP and need someone to join us as we sprint towards an exciting set of opportunities this summer. Our tech stack (familiarity with any of these is a plus but not required, we’d rather work with fast learners!):

- Front end development in Angular/React - Yes, we unit test :-) Tests written using RSpec and ran automatically using Travis.CI

At the end of the day, we are looking for someone with some or all of the following skills:

- Rapid product prototyping - Ability to learn quickly and take on new challenges - Adapt to a dynamic startup environment

If you’re interested, contact our Head of Product, Freeman White, freeman@playfig.com. Please send us a link to one of your GitHub repos and let us know the most recent game you downloaded on Steam. We look forward to getting to know you.


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Cuff - San Francisco, Android Lead, Mobile Designer, Electrical Engineer


We are a fashion technology company, bringing beautiful hardware enabled solutions to the world.



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Make School (https://www.makeschool.com, YC W12)

We're building a university replacement for computer science. Students spend two years learning CS theory, shipping products and interning at a tech startup. The program has no upfront cost for students, they pay tuition through future earnings. Our founding class graduated to Snapchat, Pandora, Edmodo, etc. Our investors include YC, a16z, Tim Draper, and Mitch Kapor.

We're looking for:

Curriculum Engineer with Rails focus (SF - https://www.makeschool.com/jobs/ruby-on-rails-instructor)

Summer iOS Instructor (NYC, SF, Palo Alto - https://www.makeschool.com/jobs/ios-summer-instructor)


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Intercom! https://www.intercom.io/

Hiring for many different types of roles in SF and Dublin.



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Coho Data (http://www.cohodata.com) - { Vancouver, BC, Canada | Cambridge, UK | Palo Alto, California | Bangalore, India }

We’re building a high-performance scalable Enterprise Storage system. We’re a well-funded startup (a16z, ignition) with a strong Engineering culture and a growing team, a customer-proven product and sales ramping.

We hire very strong systems software developers. A number of our staff built the Xen hypervisor and we publish academic research, most recently at USENIX OSDI’14 and FAST’14.

Primarily a Linux shop.

Hottest position: - Software Engineer - Storage Core

Other roles: - Storage Systems Hacker (C, git, python, bash) - Software Engineer with Networking skills (OpenFlow) - Test Automation Development (our test system is ... awesome) - Optimization and Profiling (C, valgrind) - DevOps (debian, python, buildbot, git, bash)

Unsurprisingly, we highly value caffeine and beer.

If you’re interested, please head to our website to learn more about us and our open roles, we'd love to hear from you: http://www.cohodata.com/jobs


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San Francisco, CA - Jobr - Senior Software Engineer - http://www.jobrapp.com

Jobr is the leading mobile-first jobs application combining a Tinder-style interface with a Pandora-like recommendation engine. We were founded just over a year ago, and all key metrics are growing 100% MoM. We’ve raised $2M in funding from a group of strategic investors and advisors including the Tinder founders, Redpoint Ventures, Lerer Ventures, Lowercase Capital, and Eniac Ventures. Our platform now has over 1M jobs across virtually every industry and covers the entire US and Canada, and we’re planning to expand further later this year.

We’re looking for a hungry, analytical Software Engineer to help us continue to move quickly and scale engineering operations. You should be comfortable in all parts of the stack, from writing CSS to querying databases to managing instances.

* All major systems are written in Go, accessing data in MySQL with a Redis layer

* Redis MQ for message queueing

* Skala data processing in Spark

* Job search via Elastic on Found

* Mixpanel for tracking (track everything)

* Table tennis - for stress relief and friendly competition

We treat employees like founders, compensate very competitively, have a really cool office space, and just generally like each other.

Send over an introduction if you’re interested! intro@jobrapp.com


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Palo Alto, Ca - Branch Metrics - Full Time - Solutions Engineer

As a Branch Solutions Engineer, your job is to inspire and equip customers to build transformational app experiences using the Branch SDK and API. As the primary technical contact for a diverse customer base, Branch Solutions Engineers are highly competent IT/software generalists who share knowledge during all stages of the customer’s lifecycle.

A few of things you'll find yourself working on:

- Educate customers, from developers and product managers to C-level executives, on what is possible with Branch. - Understand customer requirements and communicate the business value of solving technology problems using mobile deeplinking technology. - Create technical content to show customers how to implement specific use cases or best practices for new technologies. - Prepare demos and proof of concepts to demonstrate various use cases for Branch's SDKs and API. - Distill and communicate customer needs and product feedback to Product Management, Engineering, Marketing and Sales. - Develop feature requests for high value partners. - Document the architectural solutions that customers have designed and deployed for internal use. - Position yourself as a thought leader in the mobile growth space. Prepare talks for industry events. Collaborate on blog posts, technical articles and other content with Branch's marketing and sales groups.

We're Looking for Someone With:

- iOS and Android programming experience (building apps or SDKs) - Three to ten years professional experience in a client-facing technical role. - Professional software engineering experience preferred. Experience in the design, configuration, deployment and debugging of mobile applications and SDKs is a strong bonus. - A firm understanding of the technology stacks common to the mobile and web ecosystem. - A world class communicator. Confident dispensing knowledge to a highly skilled and experienced audience including C-level executives.

Branch (branch.io) is a deeplinking and tracking technology that helps mobile developers attribute app installs, optimize and create invite systems, and do smarter in-app sharing through our unique device fingerprinting and deep linking technology. We dynamically generate short URLs on the fly that pass and track data from the originating source through install, across devices, and across platform. We use this technology to provide brands a deeper insight into app installs, more personal customer acquisition, and better engagement of users with our variety of SDK features. Our business is growing rapidly, is loved by our customers, and would provide a very rare opportunity for someone looking to get the true entrepreneurial experience. You’d be joining at a time when we're growing from 25 to 50 post Series-A.

Email sahil+hn@branchmetrics.io if you're interested. Please attach a resume.


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IFTTT - San Francisco

IFTTT is looking for engineers to help build the next generation of its platform. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the core architecture of one of the web’s most innovative and exciting services. You’ll get to work on challenging technical problems alongside a small but driven group of developers, and play a key role in shaping both the product and team culture.

IFTTT’s mission is to help people to create connections between the services and devices they use every day. We’ve built a system that enables users to set up simple “if this, then that”-style recipes, which allow activity from one web service to trigger activity in another. The current system supports over 150 unique services and runs hundreds of millions of recipe-handling tasks per day, and we plan to dramatically expand on our flexibility and scalability. Under the hood, this translates to building a platform that can talk to and move data between virtually any API you can think of, all in realtime and at massive scale.

We're well funded, and we work hard to do right by our employees. New hires at IFTTT enjoy competitive salary and equity, full benefits, and a flexible vacation policy. Much more than that, we offer interesting, deep projects and an amazing team experience. We operate on the philosophy that the best job perk is fantastic teammates, and to this end we’ve assembled a staff of intensely curious, well-rounded, talented people who happen to be great engineers. We’re hoping you can be the next one.

Visit https://ifttt.com/jobs for more information.


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iSEC Partners/NCC Group - San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, New York City - Job Title - Security Engineer

Like the old adage goes, April showers bring May jobs.

That was lame, but our jobs and client engagements are not. If you love security and research, iSEC/NCC just may be a perfect fit for you.

At iSEC, part of NCC Group, you will spend most of your day thinking about security systems and how they can break. This is a very creative job that gives individuals a lot of freedom to be clever while learning new technologies at a very fast pace. Typical engagements will pair you with another experienced security consultant who you will learn from and teach along the way. Engagements are usually 2-4 weeks long. In a year, you will be exposed to 15-20 products and technology stacks. Your work will typically initiate person-months of security improvements in products millions of people use. You will have access to senior engineers/architects and your findings/ideas will be heard by senior decision makers. You will have enormous impact in making the software people use safer. All of our consultants are also security researchers, with dedicated research time.

We like to let our research speak for itself: https://isecpartners.github.io/

Check out all of our career opportunities here: https://www.isecpartners.com/about/careers.aspx

We're always looking for folks passionate about what we do. We'd love to hear from you!


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San Francisco, CA & Amsterdam | Full Time | On site | Famous

DevOps Engineer Full Stack Software Engineer Framework Engineer Designer (Amsterdam) WebGL Engineer Office Operations Manager Controller Product Manager Technical Program Manager


We're working on many new projects this year. Watch a short video here: Famous.co

We're hiring for front end, back end, full stack, devops, QA - you name it and every team is hiring.

Glimpse into our SF office: http://techcrunch.com/2014/11/18/tc-cribs-famo-us-the-startu...

Amsterdam office: https://famo.us/blog/famo-us-creative-opens-amsterdam/

Feel free to msg me here or at m (@) famo.us if you have questions.


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Blend Labs - https://blendlabs.com - San Francisco, CA - Hiring: Software Engineers, Implementation Engineers, Data Engineer, UI/UX Designer, Visual Designer

Blend Labs is fixing the buying experience for one of the most important purchases people make - their home. Home lending is a $10 trillion vertical that hasn’t kept pace with technology, so we’re bringing banks and their customers the consumer-grade tools they deserve.

At Blend, top engineers and designers from Palantir, Google, Stanford, and Caltech have joined forces with industry experts to disrupt the archaic systems in use today. We're founded by former Palantir engineers and backed by Peter Thiel, Andreessen Horowitz, and other prominent investors.

We're a team of 38 and growing quickly. We care about helping people be productive, set a high bar for success, and focus on building a product with far-reaching impact. Of course, we also like to balance intense sprints with ping pong and scotch. We love sharing meals, brewing our own coffee, and working in our light and airy industrial office — along with dogs, motorcycles, and our eclectic mid-Market neighbors.

For more information, visit https://blendlabs.com/jobs/ Feel free to reach out with any questions - sarah@blendlabs.com


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Aclima - http://www.aclima.io - San Francisco, CA


Aclima is an early-stage company based in San Francisco that designs and deploys distributed, large-scale sensor networks to empower people with actionable environmental quality data. Our end-to-end solutions collect, process and analyze real-time streaming data from thousands of sensors, enabling a level of environmental awareness that has never been possible before. We believe our technologies can redefine the way we imagine and manage our buildings, communities, and cities, helping us improve our collective well-being. We are looking for passionate engineers to help build, scale, and improve our platform.

* Full-time Frontend Developer

- a solid understanding of core JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3

- experience building well-structured, modular web applications

- a passion for user-driven interaction design and delightful user experiences

- excitement about data visualization, mobile design, and responsive design

Our current frontend tools and frameworks include React, Webpack, D3, LESS, & Grunt.


If you’re up for the challenge, apply directly:



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Gradescope - https://gradescope.com Berkeley, CA | on-site only

Learning has been assessed in the same way for decades: instructors give out paper-based assignments, tediously grade them by hand, and return them to students. With this process, instructors gain little insight into their students’ knowledge. Simply measuring the frequency of a specific mistake requires painstaking tallying. Answering the question “What concepts are my students struggling with?” is practically impossible.

Gradescope lets instructors give out the same paper-based assignments, but then grade them online, while keeping track of the exact mistakes made by every student on every question. This enables unprecedented data analytics: for example, we can reveal which concepts a student needs help with, or which questions are too difficult. To top it off, instructors get grading done in half the time.

Our product has been used to grade over 3 million pages of work belonging to over 30,000 students. We’ve raised a seed round, and are making our first full-time hires to join the founding team of two PhDs and professor from Berkeley CS. Over the next few months, we’re looking to expand our user base tenfold, and roll out advanced features including autograding, analytics, and more. We offer market-rate salary with generous equity.

We’re currently hiring for two positions: Full-stack Engineer UI/UX Designer

If you’re interested, email jobs@gradescope.com


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Datanyze - San Mateo, CA | Product, engineering, sales and everything in between!

Jon from Datanyze here. We grew our ARR over 500% in 2014 and our headcount 10X in the last year. We just released a new product into the market (http://venturebeat.com/2015/04/29/datanyze-give-us-your-sale...) and the response has been amazing. We're looking for talented people to fill many roles and would love to hear from you! Email me directly at jon@datanyze.com with your resume, etc. for more information.


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If you're looking for jobs in SF, why not grab lunch with them? We just launched Lunchcruit a few months ago, give it a try:

Zenpayroll - http://www.lunchcruit.com/zenpayroll

TubeMogul - http://www.lunchcruit.com/tubemogul

Autodesk - http://www.lunchcruit.com/autodesk

Crowdbooster - http://www.lunchcruit.com/crowdbooster

Bannerman - http://www.lunchcruit.com/bannerman

ProtonMail - http://www.lunchcruit.com/proton

Apportable - http://www.lunchcruit.com/apportable

WePay - http://www.lunchcruit.com/wepay


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Bromium | Cupertino, California | Cloud Server Developer


If you're interested, please reach me at arunkoshy[at]rocketmail[dot]com


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Color Genomics | Burlingame, CA | Full Stack, Backend, Bioinformatics

Color Genomics is democratizing access to high-quality genetic testing. Our first product, a breast and ovarian cancer risk test that's 1/10 the price of existing offerings, launched 2 weeks ago and was covered in Fast Company, Forbes, and the New York Times[1].

We're lucky to have a team that represents the best from of the worlds of software development and next-generation DNA sequencing, and a scientific advisory board that includes the scientist who discovered the BRCA1 gene.

If you're an engineer who's willing to learn about biological problems, or have experience in next-generation sequencing, feel free to contact me directly: nish@getcolor.com

More info on our mission: https://getcolor.com/#/blog/2015/04/cancer-touches-everyone

[1] Press coverage:

- http://www.fastcompany.com/3045249/most-creative-people/ex-g...

- http://www.forbes.com/sites/matthewherper/2015/04/21/start-u...

- http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/21/business/more-accurate-aff...


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Mango Health | San Francisco, CA | Mobile (iOS or Android), Data Engineer, Backend (Django)

Mango Health makes mobile apps that help consumer end users remember to take their medications on time and build healthy everyday habits. We are looking for mobile developers to join the iOS team, the Android team, or work across both teams according to the engineer's skill set. We are also looking for a mid-level backend engineer who is comfortable with Django, and a senior backend engineer who is interested in the opportunity to own the architecture of the data pipeline and to help us scale as we grow.

I'm 1 of 2 people on the Android team. Please contact me: ari@mangohealth.com





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Radius - San Francisco - is hiring!

Data Engineer:


Front-End Software Engineer:


Integrations Engineer:


Senior DevOps Engineer:


Senior Python Engineer:



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PipelineDB (YC W14) | Systems Engineers and Frontend Engineers | San Francisco | Full time | jobs@pipelinedb.com

We're on a mission to build a new type of database for a modern world in which information is constantly moving, and moving fast. PipelineDB runs SQL queries continuously on large volumes of streaming data, giving companies the capability to easily develop scalable, realtime applications and services using only a familiar SQL interface. No application code is required. This inherently involves solving a lot of big problems, many of which are novel. We’re looking for creative engineers who appreciate the value and freedom of choosing their own projects, approaches, and working with other top talent in a low distraction, streamlined work environment. Our small team has backgrounds from Berkeley, MIT, Facebook, Locu and AdRoll, and we're all doing exactly what we want to be doing: building a groundbreaking new product out of thin air. As an early stage engineer you'll ultimately own a very large part of the product. Which part of the product you take charge of depends on where your interests are, but there are several different potential areas of focus. You'll be entrusted to make sound architectural decisions as well as implement your vision effectively. We are well funded by top investors including SV Angel, Susa Ventures, Data Collective, Paul Buchheit, and more. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this, please send your resume and a quick blurb about yourself to jobs@pipelinedb.com.


* Full medical/dental/vision insurance * No set work hours--work when you feel smart * Choose your own setup * No vacation policy other than that it is strongly encouraged * Large equity ownership


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reddit - Lovely San Francisco, CA

For the first time, reddit is building product! We have numerous mobile and web projects underway. We're looking for mobile engineers, data engineers, infrastructure engineers, front-end engineers - you name it. Please check the listings here: https://jobs.lever.co/reddit

reddit is #9 on the web (if you count page views) with 7B last month. Ellen Pao is our CEO and Alexis Ohanian is back as Chairman. We're a small, diverse, close-knit team (around 70 people), that values collaboration and creativity. We have unlimited vacation days, provide free breakfast and lunch (there is such a thing), and pay for things like the gym and your mobile phone bill. We recently raised $50M from Sam Altman (YCombinator), Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Peter Thiel, Ron Conway, and Snoop Dogg.


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RealScout - Mountain View, CA - Full-time - Full-stack (Rails) & iOS engineers

Thousands of real estate agents have chosen RealScout to help convert $20 leads into $10,000 commission checks. We amass hundreds of data points on every single property, track buyer preferences and behavior, and expose analytics and insights to agents so they can appear super-human to their clients.


Earlier this year we inked our largest brokerage deal with Sereno Group at 250 seats and we’ll double our addressable market by end of year by moving into SoCal.


We're backed by Formation 8/Joe Lonsdale (co-founder of Palantir), DCM Ventures ($2.5B under management), Ken DeLeon (#1 Realtor in the US 2012) and Matthew Moore (former EVP at Realtor.com).

Along with our recent announcement of $6m in funding, we’ve attracted some amazing people:

* Duke Fan, former VP Product of Mobile at Realtor.com * Pierre Cadzilla, one of the first employees at Trulia * Betty Kayton, former CFO of Dropbox


We value continuous improvement and having fun. We have a small team focused on shipping great product and being the #1 engineering team in real estate.

We recently upped our game by spending 3 months at Pivotal Labs in SF and our team is cranking - from engineers to design to product. We also recently launched our engineering blog: http://eatcodeplay.com.


Feel free to email me at chris at realscout.com with any questions or to apply. https://www.realscout.com/team http://eatcodeplay.com/careers


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FixStream - San Jose, CA - Big Data/Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Field Engineer


At FixStream we’re building an advanced operational analytics and visualization platform which gives leaders and practitioners the ability to see, troubleshoot and plan complex cloud data center environments in ways not possible before.

Detailed Job descriptions



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Coupa is looking for many Rails engineers of all levels in San Mateo: http://www.coupa.com/careers/openings/


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UX/UI Designer at Mozilla Foundation, Remote for the right candidate or in Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco, Portland and NYC; note we can only hire for this position in the US, Canada and UK.

Come join a world-class team of designers who care about making the world a better place. Just submit your portfolio – that part is pretty important. Show us what you can do. Longer posting here: https://careers.mozilla.org/en-US/position/oCLY0fw5

Contact @cassiemc or cassie@mozillafoundation.org


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Spire Global | San Francisco / Glasgow | VISA OK

Spacecraft Hardware Engineer | Spacecraft Software Engineer | Distributed Systems Engineer


Linux, C, Python, embedded systems, RTOS, microcontrollers, aerospace, hardware, EE, PCB, FPGA, etc.

Spire builds and launches small satellites (cubesats) to capture valuable data which we then offer to companies (AIS tracking, weather/climate, etc.). We’re expanding across the globe and will have 20 cubesats in orbit by the end of 2015.

We are a fast moving, energetic start-up applying agile development principles to a traditionally sluggish and overly-burdened industry (and having fun doing it).

You will never be bored at Spire!

Please email Darin@spire.com if you are interested in learning more. Previous work in satellites not required.


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Verdigris | Mountain View, CA | Full-time [VISA]

Imagine a world where buildings are smart enough to be responsive to your energy usage needs; a building that comes alive and responds to its occupants. What was once considered impossible or cost prohibitive, advancements like Big Data and machine learning technology and the rise of Internet of Things (IoT), we can now actually make buildings smarter by being able to monitor every inch of your building efficiently at unprecedented levels.

Verdigris is a fast growing startup whose mission is to sustain and enrich human life through responsive energy intelligence. Our patented technology separates devices through unique patterns in electrical signals, learning to recognize them as devices: from huge HVAC systems down to smartphones and space heaters — all in real time. We utilize smart sensor hardware, data science, distributed networks, and modern web technologies to bring the highest levels of energy understanding to our customers.

We value process innovations, transparency, embracing challenge, seeking feedbacks, and getting proof to make decisions as heart of our core cultural values.

We are seeking talented, passionate engineers like you to join our team of engineers who care about making an impact to the success of our mission and passionate about energy sustainability and climate change.

We are currently hiring for these positions:

• Web Developer - Frontend developer

• Professional ME - Building engineer

• Hardware EE - Board developer

Verdigris Careers FAQ: https://goo.gl/tQOkUd

Visit us at http://verdigris.co/company/careers to see the job listings


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LiveRamp | Back End, Full-stack Generalist, Data Scientist | San Francisco | Full time | http://liveramp.com/careers/

At our core we are a technology company, and we are constantly solving challenging problems in distributed systems, data analysis, massive scalability, human interfaces, and much more.

LiveRamp is the leading data onboarder, enabling marketers to unify their customer database across disparate online marketing applications and leverage it for analytics, targeting, measurement, content optimization, and more.

If you are as respectful, collaborative and driven as you are brilliant, consider joining our team. We are looking to double in size in the coming year and are actively hiring full-time engineers and interns (summer or any time of year).


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VMware - Palo Alto, CA - Full-time Data Architect for Product Analytics

We are looking for a Chief Data Architect to lead the architecture and design of our Data Analytics Infrastructure.

If you have experience building end-to-end back-end data infrastructure (ingestion, modeling, processing) that uses scale-out architectures to deal with large amounts of data and numerous access patterns, we would love to have you in our team!

You will design v1.0 data infrastructure for product usage analytics with the most appropriate technologies to suit existing and to-be-discovered customer use-cases. Knowledge of Hadoop and Hadoop-related projects, NoSQL and MPP databases is very important, and so is a passion for building great software systems.



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Company: Postmates

Location: San Francisco

Visa: offer visa transfers and green card sponsorships

Roles: Software Engineers (backend, front-end, Android, iOS, data, generalist)

Job Descriptions: check out our website at https://postmates.com/jobs

About the company: Founded in 2011 and located in San Francisco right next to Caltrain, Postmates is transforming the way local goods move around a city by enabling anyone to get any product delivered in under one hour. Our revolutionary urban logistics and on-demand delivery platform connects customers with local couriers, who purchase and deliver goods from any restaurant or store in a city. With the largest on-demand delivery fleet in the country, we currently operate in 22 cities across the country and continue to expand each month. We are well-funded by Spark Capital, Founders Fund, and Matrix Partners (full list below), and our Series B was raised earlier this year. We also just announced major partnerships with Starbucks and Chipotle.


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SF-Based Company: Heavybit seeks a FT onsite event manager with 5+ years experience to help design and plan developer community events and rally the community. If you've got a background in tech event management, developer evangelism and/or community building we're looking for you. We can do H1-B transfers + Greencard transfers.

About Heavybit: Started by Heroku founder James Lindenbaum, we're a 9 month program for developer co's like RainforestQA, KeenIO and Iron.io.

Job Listing: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/60157128?trk=biz-overvie...


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Sparkcentral | San Francisco | Sr Software Engineer & QA Engineer Sparkcentral is expanding its young and motivated team to help build the future of customer service. We've developed a platform which allows customer service teams to reduce response times, increase engagement, and improve the customer experience. http://www.sparkcentral.com/careers or email taek@sparkcentral.com


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Evertoon - San Francisco - Engineer with 3D Games Experience - $100k-$150k with founding-team level of equity

Hiring an engineer with games-engineering experience. Bonus if you worked on a mobile game or with Unity3D.

Evertoon lets users create 3D animated videos by taking regular text and automatically turning it into a movie with avatars acting it out, in just a few minutes. YouTube has proven the vast demand (and money-making power) of online video, but most uploads are still webcam monologues. Evertoon takes it further by allowing users to create a visual world with interesting avatars, animations, and personalized photo backgrounds.

You will be part of a small team with experience from Disney, Moonbot, and Google.

Job description: http://evertoon.com/jobs/games

Email jobs@evertoon.com!


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Airphrame -- San Francisco

Drone startup hiring full stack web developer.

We’re looking to hire a Full-Stack software engineer with solid foundational programming skills and at least 4 years professional experience and has built several large web apps using different front end frameworks.

--Interesting Technology-- Scala Backend. Technologies include http4s, Slick, Postgres, PostGIS Statically typed languages front end. (ie. typescript) AWS skills a plus. Linux System Admin a plus. Devops skills a plus.

--Interesting Business-- At Airphrame, www.airphrame.com, Our goal is to deploy a fleet of fleet of flying robots, potentially 10,000’s across the world, that are constantly updating geophysical data (such as 3D point cloud sets) for mapping platforms, environmental & civil engineers, and other business who can utilize such data. We’ve been in business 3 years, have recently raised 5M serA, and have paying customers who love us. In the present, our data is invaluable to maintaining utilities infrastructure (dams, powerlines, highways, rail, etc). In the future, robots (for delivery, cars, etc) will depend on good mapping data to navigate the physical world - and we will be an essential part of that.

--Interesting People/Place-- We’re a small and highly skilled group who prefers working with top talent than at a big company. Founded by three engineers: Mechatronics, Unmanned Systems, and Software, you’d be in the first 10 employees. We have a young environment with offices in MidMarket SF and a robotics laboratory (aka adult treehouse) in Oakland.

APPLICATION PROCESS Please send an email to: jobs at airphrame.com, subject: [Position Name] Please include github account or code samples Career Page: http://www.airphrame.com/careers/


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LaunchKit | downtown San Francisco

We're looking for versatile full-stack web developers interested in JavaScript frontend development using skit, a unique frontend framework we built that was on the HN homepage a few weeks ago. (http://skitjs.com/) The developer should be comfortable adding to an existing REST API written in Python, using Django 1.7, Postgres, and Redis.

Job listing: https://angel.co/launchkit/jobs/61325-versatile-full-stack-w...


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Zoomer is building a new take on food delivery - a platform to handle an extraordinarily high volume of concurrent deliveries from restaurants that already deliver (i.e. pizza, wings, sandwiches, etc.). We’re bringing much needed change to local high-volume delivery restaurants that are still doing delivery the way they’ve always done it. Our restaurants and their customers love the service, and our order volume is surging. You’ll make a real impact working to build and scale Zoomer as we continue to grow to new restaurants and territories.

We have amazing investors behind us, including Y Combinator (S14), First Round Capital, SV Angel, CrunchFund, Eric Ries, Gabriel Weinberg, the founder of DuckDuckGo and others. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground-floor - we’re making key hires to build our core team. You’ll have a ton of impact – lots of freedom to evolve our platform, stack, and apps. We follow strong dev practices, put an emphasis on testing, and deploy rapidly.

Help us build cutting-edge technical solutions to:

  - tough logistics problems, quickly routing orders to optimal drivers in near-real-time.
  - on-demand prediction and forecasting models
  - scalable compute and data infrastructure
  - multiple mobile apps - for restaurants and drivers - on both iOS and Android
  - range of complex real-time frontend interfaces
Our stack: We have an AI backend service that handles order routing, multiple mobile applications – for our drivers and restaurants, and several Ruby on Rails applications for customer-facing/internal services. We’re using Angular.js and CoffeeScript on the frontend. Our data team uses Python.

The roles we’re hiring for:

  - Ruby on Rails and Frontend engineers
  - DevOps engineer
  - Artificial Intelligence engineer
  - Data engineer
  - Data scientist
If this sounds interesting and you'd like to learn more, please apply here: http://www.zoomerdelivery.com/#jobs


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Mapzen >> New York City, San Francisco, Berlin >> https://mapzen.com

Mapzen is an open source mapping lab building and supporting open data and software to promote a healthy mapping ecosystem. We support the geo community through building tools and collaborating on open source mapping projects. We believe that a healthy mapping ecosystem is one that is diverse, sustainable, and accessible to all.

We're focused on core components of geo platforms, including search, rendering, navigation, and data. We take a radical approach to working on these components—-we give them directly to you, for free.

Here are current positions:

* https://mapzen.com/jobs/developer-transit/

* https://mapzen.com/jobs/ui-engineer-sf/

* https://mapzen.com/jobs/ios-engineer/

* https://mapzen.com/jobs/android-engineer/

* https://mapzen.com/jobs/web-engineer/

* https://mapzen.com/jobs/mobile-web-application-engineer/


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Quartzy (YC W2011)- Accelerating Science in Palo Alto, CA (www.quartzy.com)

Quartzy is working to change the tools scientists use to manage their labs from post-it notes to something a little more in line with the world class research they’re doing. We are well on our way to radically changing the way a $100B industry does business.

We are looking for exceptional engineers. What you build will impact hundreds of thousands of scientists on a daily basis. You’d join a closely-knit team that works hard and has fun doing it.

Tech we work with: php(laravel), mysql, ember-js, redis, beanstalk, nginx, vagrant.

Front-End Developer: http://grnh.se/76onl2

Full-Stack Engineer: http://grnh.se/s4q63l

If you’re interested or would like to chat about the positions, shoot me an email - jane.eisenberg@quartzy.com

We also have a handful of ops positions open that you can check out here: www.quartzy.com/careers


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Human API - Redwood City, CA & Vancouver, BC http://humanapi.co/

== What you will build ==

Human API is the easiest way to integrate health data from anywhere. Users can now securely share their health data with any application or system, regardless of how that data was recorded, processed or stored. As an engineer on our team, you'll tackle the challenges that arise as we build a large-scale system for data processing and distribution.

== About us ===

We're a small, product-centric team focused on opening the world of health data. For us, life is all about moving fast, crushing hard problems, and enjoying the journey. Our investors include a16z, Eric Schmidt, Blue Run Ventures, Max Levchin, Scott Banister, and Alex Payne.

== Open roles ==

You can read more about the Dev Ops, Full Stack, Front-End, Sales, and Marketing roles here: http://humanapi.co/company/join We'd love to hear from you even if you don't "fit" one of the job specs -- we hire for people not roles. andrei@humanapi.co


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Zenefits - http://www.zenefits.com/ - HQ in San Francisco, CA, Zenefits is being called one of the fastest growing SaaS businesses ever. We provide free cloud HR software to any business below a thousand customers, and make most of our money selling health insurance.

• San Francisco, CA - Software Engineer, full stack (Full Time) - Python, Django, JavaScript, and CSS. 2+ yrs exp.

• San Francisco, CA - UI Engineer (Full Time) - JavaScript, Ember.js, CSS, and MVC with Django.

• San Francisco, CA - Lead Application Security Engineer (Full Time) - 5+ yrs exp.

• Vancouver, BC - Senior Software Engineer (Full Time) - Python, Java, C++, OOP, XML/JSON, REST API, Agile, Git. 5+ yrs exp.

More info on these openings: http://www.zenefits.com/jobs


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Rackspace - San Francisco, CA (will relocate and remote possible)

TLDR; email me if you want a great job writing software to change the world: laureen.edmiston@rackspace.com

We are changing the future of cloud computing at Rackspace and collaborating with OpenStack, Docker, CoreOS and anyone else that wants to joint the OSS cloud party. Just check out our latest offering, OnMetal [1], which is a combination of open source software (OpenStack) [2] and open source hardware (OpenCompute) [3].

If you are passionate about OSS/cloud/distributed systems, we would love to have you be part of our team in SF. We have positions available in a startup environment with recent acquisitions Mailgun and Exceptional.io, as well as big, hairy distributed computing problems to solve at Rackspace. So there is something for everyone.

We are located in the SoMa neighborhood in San Francisco on 2nd St. and Folsom.

Below are the offerings currently available:

* All: Get stuff done, people that are motivated to make an impact.

* All: Excited to build new products, passion for new technology, new programming models.

* Backend Engineer: Distributed systems experience, passion for large scale systems.

* Frontend Engineer: Architecting interesting fully client side apps, dashboards, live updates, etc...

* Senior Interaction Designer: Skilled practitioners who design and deliver solutions that amaze our customers with every detail.

I run recruitment in the SF office, so email me directly if you are interested: laureen.edmiston@rackspace.com

[1] http://www.rackspace.com/cloud/servers/onmetal [2] https://www.openstack.org [3] http://www.opencompute.org


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Technical Cofounder Near Oakland, CA.


We’re looking for an ambitious, full-stack javascript developer to join our team.

The product is a database in the cloud. But, it’s not for applications, it’s for people.

Instead of apps storing people’s data, people bring their own personal database for apps to use. That's this database.

Apps can read and write data to it, and multiple apps can be connected to it simultaneously.

The owner of the database can disconnect it at any time, without losing their data, and finally use one set of data everywhere.

It’s a paradigm shift. Once you open this door, tons of neat things are possible.

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me.

https://www.servant.co austen @ servant.co


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Bina Technologies | Redwood shores, CA | Software engineers, DevOps

We code to cure! At Bina, we have a passion for improving lives by accelerating the science of personalized medicine. This is where Life Science meets Computer Science.

The science of interpreting the genome is an exciting work in progress. Next-generation sequencing and genomic measurement technologies are providing us with unprecedented visibility into the origins of health and disease. However, the main challenge is enabling the analysis and management of massive datasets being produced by scientists and researchers around the world.

If you have no clue about genomics, don't worry, none of our software engineers did before they joined Bina. you can learn the basic from this meetup we gave: http://www.slideshare.net/amirhkiani/code2cure

To apply, visit our website at http://www.bina.com/openings or email careers@bina.com


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Videopixie (YCS11) | San Francisco | Front-end Software Engineer

At Videopixie we are building the largest community of video creators and the tools to hire and collaborate with them online. We are backed by the co-founder of YouTube (Jawed Karim), Jason Calacanis, YCombinator, 500 Startups, and many other great angels…. and we’re growing quickly.

We’re looking for people who are smart, self managing, and fully proficient in HMTL, CSS3 and Javascript - so you can hit the road running. Experience with AngularJS is a bonus. There will be opportunities to do full stack work if interested. We use: GAE, python, S3, AngularJS, Firebase, Git, and Grunt.

We wrote and open sourced a popular file uploader - check it out: https://github.com/TTLabs/EvaporateJS As engineering hire #1 you will work directly for the CTO. You will get real ownership on specing, implementing and shipping features. You’ll get guidance and mentoring from experienced software developers.

If you like building UIs and want to help the world be creative, we have a great journey for you, and we’d love to hear from you at jobs@videopixie.com Please link to samples of anything you’ve built.



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Opendoor.com - San Francisco, CA - Front-End Engineer

Work with a talented, close-knit team to change the way homes are purchased and sold. We've raised $32m from Khosla and GGV and are looking to grow the front-end engineering team.

Here are a few reasons to spend an hour with us:

1. We're doing something very ambitious that touches 2/3rd of Americans and over $20 trillion of assets.

2. We're early so you'll have the opportunity to grow, help steer the direction of the product and company and have a seat at the table.

3. Buying and selling real estate is a painful process and one of the most difficult, complex and lengthy transactions.

Email us (jobs at) opendoor.com.


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Treasure Data | Mountain View, CA & Tokyo, Japan | Full-time

We are a Big Data cloud company (16 trillion rows of customer data so far) that provides data warehousing powered by Facebook's Presto query engine. Users query their data through our API (built with RoR) or web app, which we are currently rebuilding with Flux+React. If you want to build a beautiful user experience with the latest and greatest in frontend tech, talk to us!

This is a list of Engineering positions we currently have open:

  * Fullstack Team Lead (RoR, AngularJS, ReactJS + Flux)  Mountain View
  * Senior Fullstack Dev (RoR, AngularJS, ReactJS + Flux) Mountain View
  * Integrations Engineer (Java, Ruby)                    Mountain View, Tokyo
  * MPP Software Engineer (Java, Scala)                   Mountain View, Tokyo
  * Distributed Systems Engineer (Java, Ruby)             Mountain View, Tokyo
We also have these other technical positions open:

  * Data Scientist                                        Mountain View
  * Director of Sales Engineering                         Mountain View
  * Technical Support Engineer                            Tokyo
A description and full summary of the open positions is available at https://jobs.lever.co/treasure-data?by=team

We are currently hiring only for on-site and full-time and we're open to people needing Visas.


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UserTesting | Mountain View, SF | VISA | REMOTE (maybe)

Come make the web a better place! UserTesting.com is the premier usability-testing-as-a-service and is used by over 30,000 companies, including the top-10 web properties. We are a team of ~20 engineers.

We're looking for DevOps engineers who have the mindset of a good developer (keeping things simple, reducing coupling, averse to all things “fiddly” etc) who also enjoy building automated, stable, scalable infrastructure. You should be enthusiastic about fostering DevOps culture amongst our engineering teams and helping developers help themselves. We are migrating our infrastructure over to AWS OpsWorks so AWS and Chef experience is ++. You will be our 2nd fulltime DevOps hire and will be playing a huge role in designing our systems and leading our DevOps efforts.

Also looking for senior engineers to iterate on our Rails/Angular/Grape/MySQL/Redis stack, or those interested in managing engineering teams. Backend candidates should have good architectural design sense and be interested in contributing to DevOps work. Frontend candidates should be comfortable working in JS frameworks such as Angular, and have an eye for design. Manager candidates should have a Servant Leadership attitude.

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple and being NICE - there are no egos here. "We're a team of leaders" in the sense that each engineer is expected to take stories from start to running on prod with little/no oversight. We have huge clients and hence are obsessed in ensuring good customer experiences!

Interested? Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/usertesting/

If you have more questions about our culture, day-to-day, etc, I'd be happy to answer: suan at usertesting dot com


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Verbling | San Francisco | Full-time | Engineering (Node.js, React, iOS)

Full listings at https://www.verbling.com/jobs (summary below)

Verbling (Y Combinator) is helping the world learn foreign languages.


Javascript is crucial to Verbling. We use Node.js on the backend and a Backbone/React-based framework on the front-end. Looking for someone who's excited about getting their hands dirty in all part of the stack.

Requirements: Experience in Node.js; front-end JS development, preferably in a framework like Backbone, Angular, etc. Bonus: interest in spoken languages, open-source contributions, experience in NoSQL; MongoDB, Couch, redis, or similar; React.


We’re looking for someone who is not only well versed in iOS development, but also has a strong understanding of good UX and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty in backend code.

Requirements: Experience developing, releasing, and maintaining native iOS applications in both the App Store and Enterprise Distribution; Deep knowledge of Objective-C, Cocoa, and Xcode; Experience collaborating on software projects and working in a team environment; i18n experience; Strong debugging skills; Knowledge of algorithms and data structures Bonus: Open-source contributions; Experience in Android development. VISA ok


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Technical Account Manager/Engineer | San Francisco, Singapore, Boston | Full-time

Nanigans is looking for a Technical Account Manager / Business Operations Engineer to join our growing teams worldwide. Everyday Nanigans processes hundreds of millions of mobile installs, purchases, and other actions across thousands of websites and mobile apps. The Technical Account Management (TAM) team is responsible for ensuring that incoming data is integrated correctly into the Nanigans platform to allow our clients to make real-time data-driven advertising decisions.

What you will be doing You will be an expert at the inner workings of our advertising automation software, and will advise our users on how to seamlessly integrate our SaaS solution into their website, mobile app, and/or measurement system. You’ll consult with a variety of companies, from small, savvy venture-backed startups to the largest eCommerce, gaming, and digital brands on the internet. Example engagements within this role include–but aren’t limited to–configuring Nanigans to ingest real-time events from websites and mobile apps, supporting our mobile SDKs and other measurement solutions, and leveraging SQL to troubleshoot integration issues.

What makes you perfect for the this role 2-5 years experience in a related role or industry. New grads with technical coursework or side projects are also encouraged to apply. Familiar with HTML, Javascript, and/or Web Development Concepts (REST/GET/POST/HTTPS). Experience extracting data from relational (MySQL/SQL) or big data (Hadoop/Hive) data stores helpful. Don’t know SQL? That’s okay. Tell us why you want to learn it. Comfortable reading source code and/or programming in languages such as Python, PHP, Objective C, or Java. If you can code (you’ll have that opportunity) or want to learn how to do so, a big plus. Passion for fast-paced, start-up environments. If you use Reddit, Hacker News, or have a grab bag of GIFs ready–a big plus. Occasional travel. We have offices in Boston, New York, San Francisco, London, Seattle, Singapore, and Sydney and clients in over 25 countries. A few extras that would really put you on top Experience with advertising technology and tracking, preferably in both mobile and desktop environments a plus. Familiarity with digital advertising industry concepts and terminology a big plus, although you can also learn this at Nanigans. What is does CTR, CPM, or CPC stand for? What’s the difference between an SSP, DMP, and DSP? Big Data experience an added bonus. Familiar with attribution / server / measurement / etc advertising solutions such as DoubleClick, MediaPlex, BrightTag, Adeven/Adjust, or Omniture a big plus. Fluency in another language (such as Mandarin, German, Portuguese) a plus.

Interested? Apply here: http://www.nanigans.com/jobs/?p=job%2FoOsS0fwS


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Zaption (http://www.zaption.com) || San Francisco, CA

Full-Stack Web Engineer (Node.js, MongoDB, Knockout.js) || Full-Time

Zaption is an education-technology startup that's fixing video learning. Teachers and trainers use our web app to turn online videos (from YouTube, Vimeo, etc) into interactive learning experiences that engage students and deepen understanding. We're a very small (6-person) team that is funded, growing, and has real customers and revenue. We're looking for a dev who's interested in education, besides being good with JavaScript, having some experience with Node.js/MongoDB, and being able to wrangle HTML/CSS.

If you're interested, email charlie@zaption.com


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Mountain View, CA

Contastic (getContastic.com) is an IDG-Accel/Lightspeed funded company building a recommendation engine that uses ML/NLP to automate sales (customers include Splunk, Epic Games, and Proterra).

Join us to pioneer the science of sales by analyzing millions of data points to figure out what makes a sale happen. As research engineer at Contastic you will be responsible for the design and implementation of the machine learning engine that powers our content recommendations. You will lead our efforts to decipher the data we have. This position reports directly to the CEO.


Experience writing production quality, performant code in at least one language Advanced Degree from top tier Engineering School Deep expertise in ML, NLP or AI

Nice to Have: Experience with email/CRM data sets Familiarity with PHP/Python Enterprise SaaS experience

Apply at https://angel.co/contastic/jobs/40242-research-engineer


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Magoosh -- Berkeley, CA

We’re looking for our third full-stack developer to help build the future of test prep.

Magoosh’s Engineering team is small, but we have a huge impact! We already help millions of students around the world study and prepare for their standardized tests with our popular web and mobile apps, and more are signing up every minute.

From day one, you’ll own projects and contribute directly to code running in production and we highly value collaboration, positive feedback, and mentorship.

Read more here: http://magoosh.com/jobs/junior-developer/


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Eaze | San Francisco, CA | Node Engineers At Eaze, we're building the future of marijuana delivery. We're only 8 months old but are by far the largest in the space and recently raised a $10MM round in funding from significant Silicon Valley VCs.

We're rebuilding our application on a Node/Angular/Ionic stack. We're currently looking for more Node engineers to join an already strong team with contributors to top open source projects.

Email shri(at)eaze(dot)com if you're interested.


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San Francisco, CA | Web Developer (frontend, backend, sql)

Brain Health Registry

We're working to accelerate the development of cures for brain disorders by driving down the time and cost of finding research participants through an innovative online registry.

Seeking a developer who excels at Javascript & UX/UI and is no slouch when it comes to backend or SQL. Bonus points if you know our stack (C#/MVC/Azure), but experience with any similar stack is a-ok. Should be smart, get things done, and have some fun.

We'll be building dashboards, apis, and ever more features on the registry and backend portals. Opportunities to work on data analysis (we use R & Python).

Decent salary, solid benefits, awesome coworkers, laptop, stunning location (Lands End)

Email the pertinent details to derek@brainhealthregistry.org



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IdeaPad.io | Palo Alto, Boston | Software Engineer Full-time or INTERN hard-core Web/mobile devs, and NLP/ML programmer. Contact: jcole@mit.edu

Whitepaper and demos: http://about.ideapad.io We're a team of MIT AI and web programmers (advisees of Tim Berners-Lee and Patrick Winston) building a shared brain for organizations and the world. Our first product is a collaborative UI for graphs that enables enterprise analytics teams to discover and visualize the patterns and connections trapped within their spreadsheet data.

We're mega-passionate about personal information management, the intersection of philosophy and AI, and connecting people with related ideas!

We are early-stage (have paying enterprise customers, investment committed) and offer sizable equity, or competitive salary.


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Upstart (Palo Alto)

We take a radical approach to lending by using nontraditional data to evaluate borrower creditworthiness. Our goal is financial fitness for all. We're 30 person team and we're looking for 1 or 2 few full-stack engineers passionate about building robust systems and moving fast.

Technologies: RoR, AngularJS, Django/Python, Postgres, Redis, RabbitMQ




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HERE maps | Berkeley, San Francisco Bay Area | Web Developer / Tools Engineer

Nokia HERE is a global leader in the mapping and location intelligence business. HERE Reality Lens (https://realitylens.here.com) utilizes advanced reality capture technologies to collect, process, and publish petabytes of street-level, aerial, and indoor spatial data to customers in over 72 countries around the world. These software and data services, the sixth largest on AWS, allow users to visualize high-resolution 3D panoramic and oblique imagery while interactively measuring, mapping, and modeling.

As Web Developer / Tools Engineer, you would help Reality Lens execute on our product vision, create great products, and share a great work environment.

You will:

- Create Canvas/WebGL and DOM-based solutions integrating 2D maps, 3D imagery and LIDAR point clouds.

- Design and implement web-based tools for managing live operations and other shared platform services using a Node.js technology stack.

- Integrate software with HERE platforms, processes, pipelines, and products.

- Design data models for SQL and NoSQL databases and caches. (MySQL, MongoDB, Redis).

Please have:

- Experience with Cloud Computing platforms and Linux (e.g., Amazon AWS).

- Experience with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/TypeScript using client-side frameworks such as Angular.js, server-side frameworks such as Express, and full-stack frameworks such as Meteor.

- Experience modeling and implementing scalable and robust data storage in any of MongoDB, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

- Experience achieving quality and user satisfaction metrics for customer facing web applications.

- A thorough understanding of all things HTTP, including patterns for RESTful design, scalability, and security.

- Good computer science fundamentals including an understanding of data structures and algorithms, their runtime and storage complexities.

Please check out our job post at http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/sof/4990198312.html .


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Amsterdam & SF | Full Time | On site | Famo.us

WebGL Creative Engineer && UX/UI Designer

www.famo.us/jobs Open source JS framework building a team in Europe: Watch a short video here: Famous.co

Glimpse into our SF office: http://techcrunch.com/2014/11/18/tc-cribs-famo-us-the-startu.... Amsterdam office: https://famo.us/blog/famo-us-creative-opens-amsterdam/

Feel free any questions: art (@) famo.us


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Mirror | San Francisco | Software Engineer, Interface Engineer (Web, QT), Product Designer

Mirror is a smart contracts platform. We are leveraging blockchain technology to provide hedging and risk management tools that are more accessible, affordable, and globally available than their contemporary counterparts, and with minimized counterparty and clearing risk. Our vision is to realize the promise of the Bitcoin blockchain as a global, decentralized, cryptographically-assured fiduciary system. Headquartered in San Francisco, we are making peer-to-peer contracts, available to everyone everywhere.

We have raised $12M and are assembling a team with capabilities in cryptocurrency, cryptography, distributed systems, functional programming, cross-platform desktop application development, comprehensive software assurance, and design to build new kinds of financial platforms and decentralized p2p markets. If this interests you please contact us below and reference this post.

Details: https://angel.co/mirror

Apply: https://jobs.lever.co/mirror


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Sauce Labs - San Francisco - Core Services Engineer

We're looking for backend hackers to help us scale our massive cloud of Windows, Mac and Linux virtual machines. If you're, like me, bored by all the media sharing rails/django/express webapps out there and want to solve complex problems, like horizontally scaling a highly available backend service, shoot me an email at santi at saucelabs. We're looking for SENIOR engineers with experience and interest in distributed systems. DevOps is a smaller part of what we do, but experience is a plus.

About Sauce: Sauce Labs is a SAAS+E2E series C startup in the bay area. We provide an automated testing cloud service so other companies don't have to build their own Selenium or Appium grids. We pride ourselves about our values and transparency (https://saucelabs.com/our-values). Oh, and a nice to have these days: we have a real business model!

About the Team: Our CORE team is currently 8 people and we plan to grow in a controlled fashion this year, hiring only excellent people who are excited about what we do. Most of the team is in SF, with some members in EU working on a re-location. We build a highly available service that runs thousands of customer Selenium tests in real time using VMs hosted in our own infrastructure. We own all our hardware and we collaborate tightly with our Ops team to manage it.

About our Stack: Sauce Labs runs on a Python + Twisted stack and we're currently discussing technology changes to take it to the next level (Go is a clear option). We use KVM, LXC and VMWare for virtualization, MySQL, Redis, Ansible and other fine tools.


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VSCO (Visual Supply Co) | Oakland, CA | Software Engineers

(Can help with visas. Relocation provided.)

VSCO is an art and technology company empowering people everywhere to create, discover, and connect. Our goal is to honor art and artist while fueling a worldwide creative movement through innovative tools and experimental projects.

We're the people behind VSCO Cam, Grid, Journal and Film. We also acquired Artifact Uprising late last year to help get images off of your device and into your world.

We are looking to grow our engineering team with thoughtful, passionate and curious engineers who want to make an impact in the world they live.

We're hiring across our engineering team: DevOps, Full-Stack, iOS, and Android.

Apply at http://www.vsco.co/careers or email me directly: aidan@vsco.co.


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Yuzu / Mountain View, California / DevOps Engineer Yuzu is a digital education platform from that breaks down the barriers between students and knowledge by enhancing the everyday learning experience. For students, Yuzu combines a next-generation reading and note-taking experience in a simple app, with access to a catalog of rich and immersive content. For educators, Yuzu makes it easier than ever to engage students with inspiring course materials. For everyone, Yuzu makes learning more friendly, organzied, and enjoyable. Acces Yuzu on your iPad or Windows 8 device, or online with your computer. Check us out at www.yuzu.com To learn more about the DevOps Engineer role, email jmorse@yuzu.com


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Coin | San Francisco | Software & Firmware Engineers

We are a consumer electronics company focused on creating things that make life better. Our flagship product, Coin, is a connected device that allows you to carry fewer cards in your wallet with security and utility beyond what a plastic card can offer. We recently started shipping Coin to our hundreds of thousands of pre-order customers and have big plans for the future.

Founded by a payments industry expert out of PayPal and a Stanford rocket scientist, the 40-person team behind Coin has a passion for building products that improve and fit seamlessly into your life. We believe that even a minor change in thinking can reap big rewards. Join us at the intersection of software and hardware as we strive to make people’s lives (and wallets) a little simpler and smarter.

We are hiring for: Mobile Developer - Android or iOS Platform Developer - Ruby Embedded Software Developer - C

To apply or find more info on our open positions, check out our jobs page <http://hire.jobvite.com/m?3XhWghwc> or email me directly: allison@onlycoin.com.


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https://www.futureadvisor.com - http://nyti.ms/X3N7r2

== Experienced infrastructure engineer, San Francisco == (CONTRACT OR FULL-TIME)

FutureAdvisor is an automated investment manager backed by Sequoia Capital. We help our customers cut their investment fees, avoid excessive risks and save on taxes, so that they and their families will face better choices down the road. We have grown 40x in the last 18 months, and manage $600 million in assets for thousands of customers. We also help families save for college, for free.


We're seeking an infrastructure/DevOps engineer. Your job will be to keep FutureAdvisor running smoothly. It might be deploying and maintaining server clusters on EC2, building tools to automate our deployment pipelines or designing and implementing a new piece of the request pipeline. Your job will be to make FutureAdvisor as fast and reliable as possible. You'll work on building out more tools to manage and track our server cluster using AWS technologies like EC2, S3, OpsWorks, and VPC.

Skills you'll need:

    Experience working with AWS
    Experience provisioning and maintaining VPC instances on AWS
    Knowledge of service oriented infrastructure
    Knowledge of working with Linux and Bash scripts
    Experience w/infrastructure mgt tools like Chef or Puppet
    Bonus Experience launching Ruby on Rails apps


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Pandora | Oakland, CA | Backend java developers at all levels, prefer noSQL database XP and multi-threading XP

Do you love music? Want to see your work impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people? If so, our music engineering team at Pandora could be a fit! This team works with the data of our 250+ million users to maintain and improve our listeners' experience. We're backend Java engineers, are highly visible within the org, and make a direct impact on our product by partnering with our scientists and product managers analyzing huge amounts of user data. We owned Pandora's integration with Google NOW and are generally working on interesting and exciting tech.

We deploy on Linux, code primarily in Java, use Python for scripting, Postgres for traditional DB and Redis for noSQL DB solution, interact with Hadoop/Hive (so any exposure to big data tech is a plus).

We're based in Oakland (and love it here) and have a very flexible remote work environment combined with a more traditional onsite setup. A good example: the team I work on is in the office M-TH 10am-4pm and Friday is an unofficial everyone work from home day. WFH because of kids, pets, doctors appts, etc. is normal and expected; this is not your normal clock-punch corporate environment.

Competitive comp, equity packages, bonus structure, good benefits, 40 hours of paid volunteer time each year, and all kinds of other work/life oriented perks come with our full time gigs. Happy to talk to anyone who is even remotely curious about this (or other engineering roles)! We're hiring!

Contact: adoyal@pandora.com for more info!


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Lyft - https://www.lyft.com/jobs - San Francisco, CA With the tap of a button, passengers in need of a ride are instantly connected to nearby drivers. We currently operate in 65+ cities all across the country, and with your help, we’ll take Lyft worldwide! If growth excites you, this is the place to be!

We're looking for: - Software Engineers - Android Engineers - Product Managers - iOS Engineers - DevOps Engineers - Data Engineers - Data Analysts - Senior Web Developer - Lead Product Designer

Stack: AWS, MongoDB, PHP, Python, Go, AngularJS Interested? kiana a/t lyft d/o/t com. Open to coffee/tea or whatever to discuss. Incredible team, top medical & dental, open vacation policy, 401k, catered lunches, snacks, dogs, equipment, Lyft credits, support Visas, etc. -----


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Point | Palo Alto, CA | Software Engineer | existing H1B VISA holders welcome

Point (https://point.com) takes the biggest single asset that most folks have in their lifetime - the home - and makes it liquid, divisible and tradable. Point's first product lets homeowners "sell" fractional equity in their home. There are no monthly repayments -- instead, homeowners get a tax-deferred lump sum now and the investor “exits” when the homeowner sells the property.

We’re using Rails and will build services in Go as we scale. The ideal candidate is comfortable with back-end design + implementation, has the potential to be dangerous on the front-end, can build micro-services, and is thoughtful about product and design.

Andreessen Horowitz led our initial 3M seed in January; Bloomberg, Greylock, Ribbit Capital, SV Angel and a few others also participated. We're super-early -- five folks as of last week -- and looking to build an exceptional team that wants to change how folks think about homeownership. If you are passionate about a ground-zero engineering role with us, would love to chat, contact eddie@point.com with your info!


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Backend Senior Software Engineer (python) * Data Engineer * Data Scientist | SAN FRANCISCO

We have an opening for a senior level data engineer who is entrepreneurial and passionate about leveraging big data and search technologies (e.g Hadoop, Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Web Crawling) to build out a unique product that will transform how businesses are able to analyze relationships in their network to uncover new opportunities. We're looking for fast learners who can get their hands dirty, quickly; who know when to duct tape and when to have 100% test coverage (think like a hacker, ship like a pro); who don't mind being wrong occasionally; and who are intrigued by the overall space we're in. You'd be single-digit employee and have a significant opportunity to influence our culture and growth, as well as immense impact on the product itself.

For the past 12 months we have been heads down building Node and running a successful private beta. Now we're looking to build out our core engineering team that will shape the foundation of our company. We are a stealth startup comprised of ex-Google, IBM, and Salesforce players and backed by a reputable list of investors including NEA, Mark Cuban, Felicis, and Dave McClure. Here is a recent article written by our CEO which speaks to the evolution of network intelligence and our ability to harness this data to transform the way business gets done: http://recode.net/2015/03/31/the-network-intelligence-moveme...

Are you interested in hearing more? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Email falon@node.io


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Brigade Media | San Francisco, CA

ROLES: Senior Data, Software Engineer-- Senior Web, Software Engineer-- Principal Engineer-- Senior iOS, Software Engineer-- Infrastructure Engineer-- Director of Engineering, Data and Messaging

ABOUT US: Brigade is an early stage startup working on solving a fundamental human problem: how to build and sustain an effective democracy. The same democracy that enables life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for us and those around us. We want to use technology to create a vibrant and responsive democracy in which citizens build movements that influence policies, elections, and the world around them. Silicon Valley heavyweights Sean Parker, Marc Benioff and Ron Conway have participated in our Series A ($9.5M) and we're filling a few key roles to tackle some of the biggest problems facing our society.

Our engineering team is building (alongside native Android and iOS apps) a modern web app using React.js with JSX, webpack, CommonJS, ECMAScript 6, Sass, Ruby and other technologies that help us move fast.

TO APPLY, visit www.brigade.com/jobs (Be sure to mention the job board in application)


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Iterable (https://www.iterable.com) - San Francisco, CA

Come join Iterable. We are bringing the growth hacking tools that consumer Internet companies like Twitter/Facebook build internally to other e-businesses. We aim to build the best user growth engine on the planet. It's crazy how messaging and email usage are changing, but the technology and capabilities haven't caught up to the 21st century. Our team of hackers and thinkers is from quant finance/Twitter/Google, (we built large parts of Twitter's growth systems). One of our top level goals is to build a uniquely fun and growth oriented company culture. We pair program, design together, and generally create a learn-and-teach environment here. If you're interested in coming on board, you can help with some challenges we face:

  - Scale our messaging API 
  - Design and write performant, beautiful, asynchronous interfaces 
  - Write software to build machine learned user models 
  - Make data visualizations for our email and user data 
  - Design an immutable deployment infrastructure for our platform
Some aspects of our culture that make us different:

  - We are all very focused on self improvement 
  - Our company has egalitarian and transparent values (work when you want, on what you want) 
  - We are chill and empathetic people 
  - The company is completely transparent
Technologies you'll work with:

  - Scala
  - ElasticSearch
  - Postgres
  - Redis
  - AngularJS
  - Play Framework
  - RabbitMQ
You'll get to work with us at our office at 5th and Market in San Francisco. If this sounds like an interesting and fun opportunity for you, please email me: girish at iterable.com


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Narvar | San Mateo | Noida | Onsite Only | Fulltime | Frontend Engineers | Java Developers We're an early stage start-up working towards improving customer experiences and maximizing customer lifetime value for businesses through a smart, engaging, and technology-and analytics-driven approach to supply chain using open APIs, SaaS technologies. http://corp.narvar.com/jobs/ or email me directly daya@narvar.com

We will do Visa/GC transfers Please make sure you meet the min experience for each location :)


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Course Hero, located in the San Francisco Bay Area (Redwood City, CA), is looking for a Senior Software Engineer

Course Hero is creating a platform where students and experts can share and access great academic content they need to succeed at any time, from anywhere. Today, millions of students take advantage of our educational resources including study guides, flashcards and tutors.

Course Hero is looking for a Sr. Software engineer who can hit the ground running. Our engineering team releases code every day to millions of people, so we're looking for someone who can take on challenges, build new features, and iterate quickly.

As compensation, we're offering a competitive salary, stock, full benefits, 401k, regularly planned team events and outings, Free Friday lunches, endless snacks & drinks, plus on-site amenities including a day spa, full-service cafe, and free membership to a 7500 sq ft fitness center.

For more information, visit: http://www.thesourcery.com/jobs/793


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Course Hero, located in the San Francisco Bay Area (Redwood City, CA), is looking for a Software Engineer

Course Hero is creating a platform where students and experts can share and access great academic content they need to succeed at any time, from anywhere. Today, millions of students take advantage of our educational resources including study guides, flashcards and tutors.

Course Hero is looking for a software engineer who can hit the ground running. Our engineering team releases code every day to millions of people, so we're looking for someone who can take on challenges, build new features, and iterate quickly.

As compensation, we're offering a competitive salary, stock, full benefits, 401k, regularly planned team events and outings, Free Friday lunches, endless snacks & drinks, plus on-site amenities including a day spa, full-service cafe, and free membership to a 7500 sq ft fitness center.

For more information, visit: http://www.thesourcery.com/jobs/792


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Course Hero, located in the San Francisco Bay Area (Redwood City, CA), is looking for a Software Engineer

Course Hero is creating a platform where students and experts can share and access great academic content they need to succeed at any time, from anywhere. Today, millions of students take advantage of our educational resources including study guides, flashcards and tutors.

Course Hero is looking for an experienced MVC engineer and architect to join our growing team. You'll be expanding our core applications architecture, lead new product architecture and a team in software design & development, and help us scale as we go global.

As compensation, we're offering a competitive salary, stock, full benefits, 401k, regularly planned team events and outings, Free Friday lunches, endless snacks & drinks, plus on-site amenities including a day spa, full-service cafe, and free membership to a 7500 sq ft fitness center.

For more information, visit: http://www.thesourcery.com/jobs/911


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HandStack | SoMa, San Francisco, CA (remote, intern ok) | Mobilize thousands. Fast. | handstack.com

Are you passionate about politics, community organizing, activism, or connecting people?

HandStack is Meetup + Trello. We provide an unprecedented ability to mass-coordinate people for political campaigns, events, projects, and causes.


We'll be part of a SF accelerator in June-Sept. Looking for developers with experience in one of the following: Ember JS, Firebase, and Cordova.

Reach out to jess (at) handstack dot com. We're happy to chat!


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Anyone Can Learn To Code | Chicago | PT Marketing Manager

Anyone Can Learn To Code is ranked among the five leading professional web development coding bootcamps by Tech Cocktail. Our students emerge from a broad range of backgrounds and are all invested in pursuing ambitious futures in web development. ACLTC is a part time full-stack web dev program so that students retain their full-time jobs while studying weeknights and Sundays. We’re now entering our second year in Chicago and will begin our first cohort in San Francisco this Fall.

We are now seeking a Marketing Manager that will coordinate all online marketing efforts. This is a part-time contract position that has potential to develop into a more permanent role.

The Marketing Manager will lead and develop various marketing strategies not limited to:

Manage social media accounts Handle marketing our events and meetups Create, plan and execute email marketing campaigns Excellent communication, professional and interpersonal skills required. Must be self-motivated and a self-directed professional, requiring minimal supervision for successful execution. 3+ years experience in marketing and teamwork.

For more details and to apply - https://angel.co/anyone-can-learn-to-code/jobs/65185-marketi...


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Yeplive | San Francisco, Toronto | Video Systems Engineer

REMOTE is perfectly fine.

We're a super-early, pre-launch livestreaming startup looking for a video systems engineer. Someone who's familiar with streaming and scaling H.264 video over protocols including HLS and RTSP, to potentially millions of viewers. Experience with loadbalancing, autoscaling and the like are preferred.

Reach out to me at colin@yeplive.com for more info or to apply.


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Anyone Can Learn To Code | Chicago & NYC | Lead Web Development Instructor

Anyone Can Learn To Code is the only immersive part-time web development bootcamp in the country that makes its students job ready. After its success in Chicago, it has begun national expansion starting with a new course offering in San Francisco in Fall of 2015. ACLTC has also been recently ranked one of the five best code bootcamps in the world by Tech Cocktail. While our stack includes Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, AngularJS, SQL, and Git, we first and foremost train our students to be engineers who can learn any new technology. Our graduates are proficient in creating APIs and SOA systems, along with dynamic AngularJS clients that consume those APIs. Classes are held from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00pm on Sundays.

You are the right fit for the Lead Instructor role if you are both an educator and developer who cares to make a difference in people’s lives as you help them to launch new careers in web development. You should have a minimum of three years of web development experience, a successful history as an educator/mentor, and have the skill of effectively communicating technical concepts in plain English.

If you fit the bill, we want to talk to you. From a development standpoint, you should have significant experience with: Ruby Rails HTML/CSS JavaScript SQL Git

To apply, please check out our posts on AngelList: https://angel.co/anyone-can-learn-to-code/jobs/65380-lead-in...


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Atlassian | SF or Austin |Full Time

Team Lead - Bitbucket Sr Python Developer - Bitbucket Sr Systems Engineer - Bitbucket (SF only)

Please email cmcgrath@atlassian.com if interested.



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BetterWorks | Palo Alto | Fulltime Senior Fullstack Engineers https://boards.greenhouse.io/betterworks/jobs/25738


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Translation Exchange | Los Angeles & San Francisco | Backend & Frontend engineers, UX/UI Designer

We're a small venture-backed team working on an advanced localization platform for mobile & web applications.

Email jobs@translationexchange.com if interested.



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Agate Group | Sacramento California | Software Engineer

We are a group of web developers that specialize in Salesforce (Apex) development and are currently expanding and looking for developers who are willing to work locally or semi-remotely. contact eric@theagategroup.com for more detail.


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Nickel | Palo Alto, CA | iOS Frontend Developer

Our attitudes and behaviors around money are formed early on and via our parents. That's a tall order for most parents. Nickel is giving parents the superpowers they need to raise money-smart kids.

Longer term, our vision is to disrupt financial services by focusing on people rather than money.

We're early stage (pre-launch) and we're well-funded.

We're looking for a lead iOS developer with exceptional skills in UI implementation.

We're building in Swift because it's awesomer. A penchant for functional programming would fit right in.

Here's more about the role: https://angel.co/nickel-2/jobs/63215-ios-developer

Here's more about Nickel: https://angel.co/nickel-2

Here's our web site: http://nickel.co/

Reach out with questions or to apply: work@nickel.co


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New York City - Moat San Francisco - Moat

Moat is a growing analytics startup with products in two core areas:

1) Analytics

Moat Analytics analyzes content and advertisements for many of the most trafficked websites on the Internet. We give customers metrics like ad viewability, attention and user engagement. We were one of the first companies to begin measuring viewability and we helped make these metrics a standard in the online ad industry.

2) Search

We scrape the Internet for online ads. This allows us to give advertisers, publishers and adtech companies an overview of the entire online ad ecosystem. This is hugely valuable information - our customers can see their competitors' ad campaigns, find prospects by seeing the clients of similar sites or see trends in the industry before anyone else. We have a free product, moat.com and a premium product, Moat Pro.

Both technical and non-technical openings can be found at jobs.moat.com


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Sauce Labs (San Francisco, CA)

About Sauce Labs: We are a tight-knit team working to transform how software testing and development gets done. Our platform makes Selenium testing, JavaScript Unit testing, manual testing, and mobile application testing hassle-free. Sauce lets you test your mobile and desktop web apps instantly across 350+ OS/Browser platforms & debug easier with videos and screenshots.

We are currently looking for:

Core Engineers

Software Engineers (Full-Stack Web)

Software Engineers (Mobile R&D)

Senior Software Engineers (Core)

Senior Software Engineers (Web Frontend)

Senior Software Engineers (Web Backend)

System Administrators

Senior Systems Engineers, Operations

Solution Architects

Senior Ecosystems Engineer

If you’re interested in joining Sauce Labs and would like to learn more, please visit: https://saucelabs.com/careers


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Engineering Internships – Summer 2015 - Sauce Labs (San Francisco, CA)

Sauce Labs makes testing awesome. Developers from startups to Fortune Global 1000 enterprises use our cloud-based service to automatically or manually test mobile and web apps on 350+ browsers and platforms.

Our 10-16 week internship program provides interns with the ability to explore and improve upon their interests in a growing start-up environment. Interns should be passionate about problem solving and using computer science fundamentals to collaborate with managers of their team and contribute directly to our product.

We have multiple disciplines within our Engineering team:

Ecosystems & Integrations

- Contribute to open source projects in the automated testing space, including Appium

- Learn how to pitch and give technical talks at meetups or conferences

Web Development

- Actively contribute to the Sauce Labs user experience that enables customers to be successful at test automation

- Gain full exposure of the web stack all the way from the frontend, APIs to the backing database

- Power our front-end development with exciting technologies such as Angular.js, Backbone.js, WebPack and Grunt


- Currently pursuing a Bachelor's or above in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent experience.

- Software development experience using Python.

To apply, send us your resume, a quick introduction and links to your projects at: recruiting@saucelabs.com


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Customer Support Engineer | Sauce Labs (San Francisco, CA)

Join the Sauce Labs Customer Support Team and work with customers big and small who are changing the way software development is done. If you love solving problems and helping people, then read on!


- Help customers solve technical problems, answer questions about the product capabilities

- Reproduce customer issues and determine where the issue is (Sauce Labs Cloud, Selenium/Appium, the network, language or platform configuration, the customer’s test script)

- Collaborate internally with Development Team (provide feedback, file bugs) and Sales Team (respond quickly to high priority issues)


- At least 6 months as a developer or supporting developers

- Programming experience with at least one of the following languages: Javascript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, C#

- Proficient at the Unix/Linux command-line

- Knowledge of HTML, Javascript

- Experience working with customers, comfortable working with developers

- Intrinsic desire to help customers (and the patience to do so)

- Experience with Selenium and/or Appium is a huge plus

For the full job description and to apply, please visit: http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?c=qDz9Vfw0&...