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Northern California - 188 jobs in December 2016

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Percolate is Hiring! | NYC/SF | Multiple Openings | FTE | $120,000 - $150,000 + Equity


Backed by Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and GGV, Percolate is one of the fastest growing companies in enterprise software. Percolate’s all-in-one software platform helps marketers plan, create, launch, and analyze all of their marketing efforts. Over 800 brands including GE, Unilever, MasterCard, and IBM use Percolate to manage their global identity. Similar to what GitHub has done for engineering and Salesforce for CRM, Percolate is building The System of Record for Marketing.


Sr. Backend Engineer (NYC) - Creative Platform (http://grnh.se/u1ploj) 8+ Years of Experience - Python, Django, Kafka, ElasticSearch, SQL/NoSQL

Sr. Backend Engineer (NYC) - Social CRM (http://grnh.se/e1vgq71) 8+ Years of Experience - Python, Django, Kafka, ElasticSearch, SQL/NoSQL

Backend Engineer (NYC) - Planning & Collaboration (http://grnh.se/u3q54s1) 7+ Years of Experience - Python/Django, SQL/NoSQL

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3D Fab Light | Full-time, South San Francisco or REMOTE | CAD/CAM Developers

Join our startup laser cutter company! Build a great CAD/CAM experience that helps people make things using metal sheets and tubes. Our industrial-quality machine is ready for market, and we’re looking for:

     Frontend: JavaScript, with strong opinions about CAD and machine UI

     Backend: Geometry lovers who have shipped something using C++, .NET, OpenGL, etc.
Interested? Email a CV and GitHub or portfolio to jobs@3dfablight.com. Hiring process is phone interview, then on-site interview.

More info: http://3dfablight.com/careers

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PlanGrid (YCW12) | San Francisco | Full-time, On-Site | Visa

We’re building software that is changing the construction industry (think GitHub for construction, but our ambitions are bigger). Our users love our app because it helps them build real things more efficiently.

By joining our team you can influence product decisions and work on interesting technical challenges (our client apps work with GBs of data). Our engineering teams are small; whatever team you work on, your impact will be huge! We’re looking for new team members on our client teams: Android, Web, iOS, Windows.

We’re also hiring for various other positions. You can see our job postings and apply here: http://grnh.se/8fcutd

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Nava | Washington DC & San Francisco SF | DevOps/Infrastructure/Systems Engineers, Software/Fullstack Engineers, Frontend Engineers | Product and Project Managers | On-site - Full-time | $100k-$160k+ + equity + rad benefits

We're a small team of engineers, designers, and product builders that were brought in to help fix Healthcare.gov in the winter of 2013. Our revamped application is used by millions, converts 35% better, and halves the completion time.

It turns out there’s a lot more to reimagine within government services, which is why we’re partnering with the Department of Veterans Affairs to modernize their appeals system, making millions of veteran’s lives better through the process. Today, the average appeal takes 5 years to process; we can fix this.

It’s surprising how much can be done by a small group of empathetic people with a Silicon Valley mindset, deep technical experience, working closely with dedicated civil servants in government. We’ve started Nava as a public benefit corporation to radically improve how our government serves its people, and we believe that the services our government provides should be clear and reliable. If you feel the same way, we'd love to hear from you at jobs@navahq.com

Learn more about us: http://navahq.com/careers

Job descriptions: http://jobs.lever.co/nava




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EarnUp, Inc - San Francisco, CA Hiring - FULL STACK SOFTWARE ENGINEER & BACK END ENGINEER (both mid-senior level mandatory) ONSITE, Full time, and relocation is available.

EarnUp, recently awarded one of "Forbes Magazine's Fintech 50" for 2016, is a mission-driven FinTech startup revolutionizing the way Americans become debt-free. We are looking for the athlete that is motivated and excited about the startup environment. If you are looking to make a difference in the world, we want you! This is an opportunity to lay the groundwork for our web application, mobile web, and mobile application. You're going to be an integral part of our company's path!

Please email your resume pjordan@earnup.com with HACKERNEWS in the subject line.

Check out our job postings at earup.com/careers for more information!

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Hey, a friendly reminder. I'm parsing the thread, all job offers added here are also available on the map on


Please read the below if you are planning to post here and would like to have your offer looking good on the map.

I've been doing this since August last year, both parsing the thread and adding this comment here. But this time I would like to only slightly improve one thing: the format.

First, I would like to say that I really like that this thread is one of the few places where hard format for jobs isn't required. The format change that I'm asking for is minimal and a lot of people already post their posts in similar or exactly the same format.

What I’d like to ask is for the format of the first line to be like this:

  1) {company} | {job title} | {locations} | {attrs: REMOTE, INTERNS, VISA, company url}
  Google | Software Developer | SF | VISA https://google.com
  DuckDuckGo | Software Developer | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

  2) {company} | {job title} | {locations}
  Google | Site Reliability Engineer | London, Zurich, Sydney
  Facebook | Web-developer | London, Zurich
I will be using this regex to test the firstline.

You can test it in Python or here https://regex101.com/r/relwQD/3 (for match look right). What if you do not comply? Absolutely nothing. I will continue to do my best to parse your job post as it is.

To HN moderators. Apologies for highjacking the thread. I'm getting really positive feedback about what I'm doing here. I just want to improve this one thing.

Feedback welcome.

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Dispatch | http://dispatch.ai/ | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Full-time, onsite

We are Dispatch (dispatch.ai), a well-funded startup that is creating a platform for local delivery powered by a fleet of autonomous vehicles designed for sidewalks and pedestrian spaces.

We're bringing together a team with deep domain expertise in robotics, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence. If you're interested in joining us for work on this exciting technology and help create the future of autonomous vehicles, we'd love to hear from you. Roles we are hiring for include:

Software Engineer - Motion Planning and Controls

Software Engineer - Perception

Software Engineer - Mapping and Localization

Software - Generalist

Hardware - Electrical

Hardware - Embedded/Firmware

Contact us at jobs-hackernews@dispatch.ai!

Or apply through our listing on AngelList (https://angel.co/dispatch-6/).

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Fieldbook | https://fieldbook.com | San Mateo, CA | Software Engineer | Full time, Onsite, Visa OK

Fieldbook is a new information tool that combines the best of a spreadsheet and a database. We're pursuing a big vision to bring the power of relational modeling to non-technical end users. It's an ambitious project with deep technical challenges—but one that will transform people's relationship with the tools they use every day.

Our four-person team has backgrounds from Amazon, Google, and Facebook. We've raised a total of $2.9M to date from investors including Accomplice VC, Pear VC, Naval Ravikant's AngelList syndicate, Mitch Kapor (Lotus), Steven Sinofsky (ex-Microsoft), Eric Ries (Lean Startup), and John Collison (Stripe).

We were #1 on Product Hunt with over 1500 upvotes: https://www.producthunt.com/tech/fieldbook-2

We have a modern tech stack including a continuous deployment pipeline with a full automated regression test suite, so it's always easy to ship code to production.

This is an early-stage opportunity that is perfect for someone who wants to optimize for ownership and impact.

Apply here: https://fieldbook.typeform.com/to/MkjYOJ

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Smartcar API | Frontend, Backend, Business Development | Mountain View | Onsite | https://smartcar.com

We're a small team (9 people) making a big change in transportation. Technological additions to vehicles are kicking off a new era of better transportation which is affordable, greener, and safer. The automotive industry is undergoing the most disruptive changes since its inception. We believe the future of transportation is Autonomous, Electric, Shared and Connected. Smartcar is building an API platform to solve the "connected" part of it.

We just brought 2 more engineers on the team last month but looking to add another with 2+ years of experience. Our stack is Node.js, Postgres, Redis, Docker, AWS. In addition we are looking to fill a Business Development / Account Manager role.

If you are interested in helping us modernize transportation and enjoy working in a collaborative environment, we'd like to meet you.

$95K to $130K + up to 1.0% equity

If you want to learn more, email me at sanketh@smartcar.com or call me at 530 475 2882. No recruiters.

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Underdog.io | New York, NY | https://underdog.io | Full-Time | ONSITE

We’re looking to hire two full-stack engineers. Ideally, one would be a Javascript/Node.js Engineer, and the other would be a Python Engineer.

Today, Underdog.io is a curated marketplace for talent. We connect amazing people with founders, hiring managers, and recruiters at top technology companies.

We’re building technology to reduce the noise of the job search and match. We started Underdog.io because we experienced the pains associated with (1) hiring while working at top startups and (2) looking for new opportunities.

Our platform is currently live in SF, NYC, and LA. We work with over 250 awesome companies. Quality is key to our model -- we turn away one of every two companies that have tried to join the network. We've proudly bootstrapped and profitable.

As we scale, we’ll focus on building tools for candidates to organize, search, and discover new job opportunities. In our view of the future, job candidates don’t receive as much unsolicited outreach from recruiters. Job search is organized, and talented candidates have more high-quality options.

We use Python/Flask, Javascript/Node.js, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, AWS. We're also working on a project in Ruby/Sinatra. And we're big supporters of open source.

Link to Github: https://github.com/underdogio

Link to recent Medium post: https://medium.com/@cmuir/lessons-from-sixteen-months-of-boo...

Email chris@underdog.io to apply.

Because we're still a small team, we're not able to accommodate recent bootcamp graduates. No recruiters or dev shops, please. =/

Keywords: New York City, Brooklyn, Developer, Dev, Engineer, Python, Flask, Node.js, Ruby, Sinatra, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, Open Source, https://underdog.io/, Los Angeles, San Francisco

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Square: Developer Platform, San Francisco. Full Time. ONSITE. VISA sponsorship or transfer OK.

This is our team: Developer Platform. We are hiring! https://www.squareup.com/developers

Server Engineers - we use mostly Go and create the platform that makes Square a Platform, we also own several products, and are releasing many new primitives for devs to build businesses on top of Square https://www.smartrecruiters.com/Square/98588966

Frontend Engineers - owning eCommerce API for websites to accept payments (and do card on file) without PCI effort, dev experience, dev portal, and new not-yet-released products! https://www.smartrecruiters.com/Square/99646999

iOS Engineers - opening up Square's Hardware, so anyone can build their own Point of Sale, plus new not-yet-released products! - https://www.smartrecruiters.com/Square/96175757

Android Engineers - also opening up Square's Hardware - https://www.smartrecruiters.com/Square/100837077

Interview process is a phone screen or two, then onsite, then offer.

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ThoughtWorks | Senior Developers, Lead Developers, Infrastructure Developers (DevOps) | Full Time | On Site | VISA transfer OK | www.thoughtworks.com/

LOCATIONS: New York, New York; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; San Francisco, California

OPENINGS: Senior Developers (all locations); Lead Developers (all locations); Infrastructure Developers (DevOps) (all locations)

ABOUT US: As technology consultants, we work with a variety of clients that hire us to solve complex and interesting problems. We believe in change through delivery and collaborate with client teams to build world-class technology that breaks through traditional enterprise models.

Each client we work with gives us a new perspective and a broad exposure to different technologies, which leads to a pretty unlimited learning environment. We are constantly questioning the status-quo, innovating, and delivering. If you have a passion for exploring new technologies, chances are you’ll fit right in.

Our developers have been contributing code to major organizations and open source projects for over 25 years now. They’ve also been writing books, speaking at conferences, and helping push software development forward -- changing companies and even industries along the way.

TECHNOLOGY: We don't have a tech stack – our clients do. The nature of consulting means that the languages we code in and technical environments vary from project to project. ThoughtWorks looks for individuals with expertise in multiple technologies, but most importantly, those who are always willing to learn more. Keywords: java, ruby, javascript, .net, scala, clojure, python, ios, android, continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), cloud, docker, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Test Driven Development (TDD), agile

APPLY: Visit www.thoughtworks.com/careers to learn more and apply.

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Asana (https://asana.com/jobs/eng) | San Francisco, CA . New York, NY | ONSITE Software Engineers (generalists and specialists: mobile, web, api, infra, security)

We’re a mid-stage startup (~250 people) building a SaaS product that allows teams to track their work and achieve their most ambitious goals. After closing our Series C financing round earlier this year, we are looking to grow our team with engineers who want to build enterprise software that delights users while ensuring the highest level of security, availability and performance. We're hiring across all of our teams, each of which has 2-5 engs at a time and is responsible for projects from inception through launch and beyond. We value distributed responsibility, mindfulness, and maximizing impact, which leads to an engineering culture that focuses on shipping quickly (and sustainably) as well as mentorship.

Our interview process consists of a written test, phone interview, followed by on-site interviews. You can view our interviewing guide at http://asa.na/interview Here are a few links in case you are interested in learning more: Engineering Blog: https://blog.asana.com/category/eng/ Asana's vision doc and where we are going: http://asa.na/vision Our Engineering Values: https://asa.na/14g Our co-founder Dustin on why work-life balance is so important to us: http://asa.na/live-well Please email me at hn@asana.com if you're interested in our engineering positions.

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MapD | San Francisco (city) | Backend Developer, Frontend Visualization Developer, Technical Marketing Director (ONSITE)

MapD (https://www.mapd.com) is a Google Ventures/Nvidia/Verizon Ventures/Vanedge/In-Q-Tel backed Series A startup that builds a lightning-fast GPU-accelerated database and visual analytics platform that takes advantage of the massive parallelism and high memory bandwidth of GPUs. We can literally run queries orders of magnitude faster than other systems (http://tech.marksblogg.com/billion-nyc-taxi-rides-nvidia-tes...) and since the results are on the GPUs, we can easily visualize the result sets with the native GPU rendering pipeline. Check out our Tweetmap demo (http://www.mapd.com/demos/tweetmap) or our billion-row taxi demo (http://www.mapd.com/demos/taxis) for an idea of what the system can do.

We’re looking for:

Backend Developer - Someone with strong experience in C++ and database/systems programming. Knowledge of CUDA/OpenCL, LLVM, X64 Optimization, and/or OpenGL a major plus.

Frontend Developer – Someone with strong knowledge of React/Redux. Ideal candidate has good design sense and data visualization background.

Technical Marketing Director - Someone who can convey the technical value of our product via our website, blog, documentation, tutorials, demo videos, etc.

We’re a growing Series A company (30 people) with deep knowledge of databases and GPU Programming. Benefits and equity are competitive ($115K-$170K / 0.2+%).

Please email jobs@mapd.com if you're interested!

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Zugata.com | Palo Alto, CA | www.zugata.com | Full-Time | ONSITE

We’re looking to hire Frontend, Backend engineers, sales, and customer success associates. Our preferably candidates with Swift, javascript, react, and ruby on rails experience. But if you have worked with angularjs, python/django, or other similar frameworks, please apply!

Zugata is a more holistic approach to performance management. We are equipping employees with the tools they need to accelerate their careers at their jobs. Zugata focuses on what really matters in employee development: continuous feedback and development. We believe that feedback needs to happen regularly and not once a year during your performance review.

We just closed our series A and are entering our next stage of rapid growth.

Keyword stuffing: AWS, MySQL, ruby, rails, startup, hr, hrtech, sales, backend, sinatra, san francisco, silicon valley, california, developer, data scientist, marketing, marketer, account executive,

To apply, shoot an email to jobs@zugata.com with your resume.

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ZeroCater - San Francisco - ONSITE https://zerocater.com/careers

Help bring people and ideas together through food. Our engineers appreciate good design, whether it’s clean API or good UI. Enjoy working with Python or Ruby and have worked with Django or Rails. Here are our technical roles we currently looking for:

Full-Stack Engineers + Head of Product

The work we do is bringing tens of thousands of people together every day. Shared meals are a fundamental human experience. To us, food fosters relationships and new ideas. We’re obsessed with improving our customers’ lives by making every meal count.

Contact people@zerocater.com or https://zerocater.com/careers

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Y Combinator is hiring hackers (San Francisco, ONSITE)

YC has a very big vision. This recent article talks about how we plan to invent the future: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/10/10/sam-altmans-man...

Here's a secret most people don't know: software is at the core of our plans for how to do this.

We're looking for a couple of great hackers to join a small team in San Francisco. It's not a job for everyone, but it would be a good fit for someone who loves startups. Working at YC, you won't just write code, you'll be involved in everything YC does.

Here's an example of something interesting we built recently: http://themacro.com/articles/2016/08/investor-day-software/

If you're a hacker, send us a note here: http://bit.ly/1Od0T2l

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Second Measure | SF Bay Area (San Mateo, CA) | ONSITE (relo ok) | https://secondmeasure.com

Second Measure analyzes credit card data. We process billions of purchases to help investors (VCs and hedge funds) answer questions like:

  - How quickly is Shake Shack growing?
  - Is Lyft gaining or losing market share in Boston?
  - How does Hilton spending change after a customer's first Airbnb stay?
  - (Check out our research blog [1])
We’re an 11-person team comprising mostly engineers and data scientists. 9 of us are technical, and 3 have PhDs. We love solving hard problems with compelling data.

We’re looking for other strong builders, especially those who can grow into leadership roles:

  - Data Scientist / Research Scientist (stats; Python/R/Spark helpful; quantitative PhD preferred)
  - Data Anthropologist (perform novel research and write about it - see our research blog) (note: no job board post)
  - Senior Software Engineer (frontend/backend/full-stack; AWS; Python/JVM; Mesos/Spark/Lambda; D3+ReactJS)
  - Product Designer ("full-stack", from research to prototype to mockup to engineer-ready spec)
More detail: https://boards.greenhouse.io/secondmeasure

Competitive salary and substantial equity. We want our early team to have a large stake in our success.

We launched mid-2015 [2] and have phenomenal traction [3]. We're well-funded [4] by Y Combinator, Foundation Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Shasta Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, and other great investors.

We’re in downtown San Mateo, just minutes from Caltrain and 101.

I'm a founder (mike@). Submit via job board and mention HN, or email jobs@ and CC me.

[1] http://blog.secondmeasure.com/

[2] http://techcrunch.com/2015/08/10/second-measure-launches-off...

[3] http://www.economist.com/news/business/21705369-alternative-...

[4] http://www.businessinsider.com/second-measure-is-secret-weap...

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Juniper Networks | San Francisco | Full-time | Onsite

The Juniper Sky ATP team is developing new cloud-based technologies to stop and prevent damage from advanced threats such as malware, intrusions, and exploits.

Current openings are malware analyst, data scientist and software engineer.

More info and how to apply at https://blog.junipersecurity.net/careers/

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HouseCanary | https://www.housecanary.com/careers/?gh_src=82ai1f | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

At HouseCanary, we’re using big data and analytics to predict the future of the real estate market in the US. Our goal is to use this data to help people make better real estate decisions. HouseCanary platforms forecast real estate values at a local level, and every month, we forecast 36 months into the future, and our models predict more than 95% of the variation in price over time.

We're hiring for a 25 roles in Software Engineering, Ops, Mobile, QA, Sales, and Design.

I'm a Software Engineer here, feel free to email me with any questions: tjungroth@housecanary.com . If you're ready to apply, best to do it right through our website.

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Seneca Systems (YC S16) is hiring! | Redwood City, CA (ONSITE) | Ruby, Elixir, Postgres, GIS, mobile engineers | http://seneca.systems/careers

We build technology to help local government employees provide outstanding service to citizens.

Basically we're fixing cities.

Mature, values-oriented team (http://seneca.systems/values). We love what we do and are building products that matter!

Email chris@seneca.systems (no recruiters, outsourcing/freelance/consultancies, or sales)

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CloudFlare https://www.cloudflare.com/ | San Francisco, CA; London, UK; Singapore, SG; Urbana-Champaign, IL; Austin, TX | VISA, ONSITE

CloudFlare is building a better Internet -- performance and security optimization at the edge. Our long term goal is to give every site the same performance, security, and reliability that major sites like Google and Facebook accomplish, without any specialized network hardware or complicated administration. We enhance millions of sites, including this one. We're hiring for a variety of roles -- we are 350+ employees currently, and are continuing to grow in 2017.

This is a perfect time to join -- product market fit is established but there's a lot of great engineering, product, sales, and support work to be done. We've publicly said we're profitable and on track for long term independent success. You may wish to check out our blog to see the kinds of engineering work we do. (https://blog.cloudflare.com/).

https://www.cloudflare.com/join-our-team has a listing of positions. We're always hiring for operations/SRE, sales, general systems engineering (mostly in Go, nginx, and network, as well as DNS at scale), and web development. Specific roles we're keen to hire include:

0) Data Engineering(s) -- We have a ton of different technologies that our data engineers work with, and our data engineers are a really strong core team here. Kafka, PostgreSQL, Docker, Mesos, Marathon, Chronos, nginx, and so many more technologies.

1) Engineering Manager of Platform Operations -- Our Platform Operations team needs an engineering manager who is in our San Francisco or London Office. A qualified candidate is someone with a distributed systems background and can help enable our engineers to scale all of our backend operations at a fast pace.

2) Product Security Engineer -- We have a lot of internal applications and need more talented software engineers who love to break, fix, and champion security around the organizations. We need hands on engineers who are not afraid to dive in and drive improvement to completion.

3) Systems Engineer (Austin) -- We are hiring systems engineers at all of our offices, but our Austin office is growing very quickly. Our Austin office is working on some really new and innovative projects. Web and distributed systems built with Go, Node, Docker, and much more. If you're interested, please apply through the https://www.cloudflare.com/join-our-team link, our recruiting team looks at every single application from every applicant.

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10x Genomics | Pleasanton & San Francisco, CA | Onsite | 10xgenomics.com

We're a biotech company creating novel software, chemistry, and microfluidic systems to allow better understanding of the genome. While DNA sequencing technology has advanced rapidly, it’s still at a level equivalent to what assembly language was to computing. With huge advances yet to be made, we're creating products that will do for sequencing what C did for computing which enable scientists to gain higher-order clarity and meaning to what is now very low-level information. Software is a key part of that leap. There's no shortage of difficult problems due to the scale and complexity of analyzing, managing, and visualizing sequencing data. Thoughtful and elegant software engineering can yield big payoffs.

Our software and instruments are used at top research institutions and hospitals around the world. 10x Genomics has most recently raised a $55M Series C from Fidelity and SoftBank and has about 130 employees in Pleasanton, San Francisco, and in the field across the world. You can view a demo of an existing piece of visualization software at http://loupe.10xgenomics.com/loupe/, or read about (and run if you'd like) our massively parallel pipelines at http://software.10xgenomics.com. We manage our pipelines with Go, develop analysis code using the NumPy stack, and drive our front-end applications with React/Redux (previously Angular 1), but we're always open to any technology that allows us to develop faster. No previous biological experience is required; we have plenty of folks here to handle that, but there is a lot to learn about if you're curious. You'll be directly working with a team of six other engineers (one of them being myself).

We're currently hiring for several software roles, but specifically for senior generalists, senior UI engineers, and QA engineers. Our computational biology group is also always looking for bioinformaticians who are experienced with NGS, and our company is always looking for scientists and engineers (hardware included). Here are some of the job postings we have up, but feel free to email me if you think you're a good fit for another role.

- Senior Software Engineer - http://www.10xgenomics.com/careers/274521/

- Senior UI Engineer - http://www.10xgenomics.com/careers/274522/

- Software Quality Engineer - http://www.10xgenomics.com/careers/476114/

- Software Quality Engineer (Computational Biology) - http://www.10xgenomics.com/careers/472908/

Just a note that we do have a satellite office in San Francisco even though the listings only specify Pleasanton. Our full page of job listings can be found at http://www.10xgenomics.com/careers/. Reach out if you're interested in working on high impact, big data problems using modern software development best practices or even if you just want to chat. You can reach me at kevin.wu@10xgenomics.com or @kevinwuhoo.

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Cerego | SF SOMA | Full-time Quality Assurance Specialist | $70k - $110k | ONSITE

Cerego helps people learn faster, remember longer, and quantify what they know. We build software and APIs that make a real difference in the world: we help people study less but learn more. We have an incredibly impressive suite of partners, from leading publishers (Cengage, Elsevier, McGraw-Hill) to online course providers (edX) to innovative institutions (ASU) and foundations (The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

We're not just another "adaptive learning" startup: our products are based on proven research, and learning science affects everything we do. We're also not really a startup: we've run a successful business using our technology in Japan and Brazil for years, and we have a business model and partners already.

We're looking for someone who can do a mix of manual and automated testing as well as communicate directly with our users to help them solve their issues.

Please check out https://cerego.com/jobs to learn more and if you'd like to work with us we'd love to hear from you at jobs@cerego.com

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Product Manager (Agile) | Vitruvian Networks | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite | http://www.vineti.com/

At Vitruvian Networks, we create solutions that scale for healthcare. We are developing products that help deliver cures for cancer in the cell and gene immunotherapy space. Our products form a mission critical, service-oriented, auditable software platform that supports multiple client-facing applications in a regulated market. We are looking for a junior-to-mid-level agile product manager who can work in a fast-paced, professional environment. You will help create highly usable, mission-critical software for a medical cell therapy service. This position is full-time and based in our San Francisco office.

Please apply at: https://jobs.lever.co/vineti/9afbe9ae-ed9f-4ee7-92c2-65214e3...

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Staples SparX | San Mateo, CA or REMOTE | Full Time

Looking for:

   * Software Engineers
   * Dev Ops
   * Data Scientists
SparX is a small engineering team focused on applying online machine learning and predictive modeling to eCommerce (impacting a 24 billion dollar business). Our stack is 100% Clojure, service oriented, targeting 50 million users with 1ms SLAs. We apply engineering and data science to tough problems such as dynamic pricing, shipping estimations, personalized emails, and multi-variate testing. We are always looking for talent in data science, engineering and devops. Bonus points if you can bridge 2 of these together. We love people with strong fundamentals who can dive deep.

We're a small team, so you will have an opportunity for a high-impact role, targeting over 50 million users. But our best perk is our colleagues: a diverse and extremely talented team of seasoned engineers and data scientists. We are located in San Mateo, walking distance from the Cal-Train station. Come visit or apply online at http://staples-sparx.com.

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DevOps Engineer | Vitruvian Networks | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite | http://www.vineti.com/

At Vitruvian Networks, we create solutions that scale for healthcare. We are developing products that help deliver cures for cancer in the cell and gene immunotherapy space. Our products form a mission critical, service-oriented, auditable software platform that supports multiple client-facing applications in a regulated market. We are looking for a mid-to-senior level DevOps Engineer who can work in a fast-paced, professional environment. You will be responsible for deploying and maintaining highly usable, mission-critical software for a medical cell therapy service in a HIPAA compliant and FDA regulated environment. We work primarily with Docker, AWS, Rails, Nginx and React. This position is full-time and based in our San Francisco office.

Please apply at: https://jobs.lever.co/vineti/395f760f-9c84-4bf3-a46a-d527fdf...

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Yup | iOS, Android, Full-Stack Web Engineers | SF | ONSITE, VISA | https://www.yup.com

Private on-demand tutoring for high school kids. You help us build the infrastructure, our tutors teach the kids, the kids get better grades[1], relieve anxiety, and become better humans.

Here's how it works:

Imagine you're a high school kid and you can't do your homework. Take out your phone, snap a pic of the problem, and within 20 seconds a tutor will help you out via chat. You talk to the tutor for however long it takes[2], and by the end of the session you've learned how to solve those kinds of problems. Your life is now better.

Here's where you come in:

We need engineers to help us build the product. It's been just four of us so far and we need help. I've personally built large swathes of the infrastructure, primarily the tutor side, and I need your help. On the immediate, you can help me move the rest of our codebase from Backbone to React. We're halfway there :)

Another imminent project is rebuilding the messaging infrastructure, making student/tutor matching smarter, moving the backend to a microservice model. All the things you'd expect to do in a startup moving from small to bigger.

Why Yup:

We're not just a Silicon Valley startup trying to get big fast and loose. Our goal is to build a product that helps people, has sound unit economics, and generates real revenue, not just users. Our BD branch is finding ways to bring Yup to underprivileged youths whose families couldn't afford it on their own by selling it to schools.

I've worked with many startups before and, honestly, this is the only one that's made me feel really good about what I'm building every day.

If you have questions, I'm on twitter and here as Swizec. If you wanna join us, email the CEO -> nag@yup.com

[1] we've had parents send us really nice emails saying their kid went from a D to a B+.

[2] some of our longest sessions so far have been north of 2 hours.

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Parsable, Vancouver, BC, San Francisco, CA, Full Time Onsite

Parsable is a mobile collaboration and workflow platform (Product Video: http://goo.gl/68hyJb) Company Culture: https://goo.gl/Tw5Kq1

We're hiring the first customer support to build out the program and hire a team next year. Customer Support Manager: https://goo.gl/MdTK9I

We're also looking for a senior FE SWE in Vancouver to join the 3 person team. Frontend Engineer (React): https://goo.gl/RiyVUq

All Openings: https://goo.gl/hkVQS2 DevOps Eng - Vancouver Senior iOS Eng - Vancouver Marketing Leader - SF Solutions Consultant - SF

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Binti | San Francisco, CA | Software Engineer | Full-time, onsite, will transfer H-1B | $100K – $140K, 0.25% – 1.0%

Binti makes software for foster care and adoption agency staff to improve their daily workflow so they can make better-informed decisions and spend more of their time actually helping people. Our mission is to find a safe, loving, and stable family for every child.

Binti's software is used by private adoption agencies in 30 states. We're in the midst of expanding into serving government foster care agencies and are close to reaching two-thirds of the foster care families in the state of California.

We have sustainable revenue, fanatical customers, and ample seed funding from top investors like First Round, Kapor, and Lowercase. We work together in SF and are growing rapidly.

Binti's main SaaS web product is a conventional monolithic Rails/Postgres app that delivers value in heaps and heaps, and remains super fun to hack on. We're building the monolith up higher and higher, and looking forward to soon chipping off a service or two (perhaps in Elixir?). Some of the areas in which we are especially seeking to round out our engineering team include web accessibility, front-end development, operations/"devops", UX, and security. We do not expect you to have all these skills, but are listing them here to give you a sense of our most pressing needs. We're using Kubernetes/Google Cloud.


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Crew | San Francisco, CA | Onsite and Full Time

- Senior Software Engineer, Back-End (https://goo.gl/HMphlQ)

- Senior Android Engineer (https://goo.gl/FvU1Nc)

- Communication Designer (https://goo.gl/tFZZZ3)

- Product Designer (https://goo.gl/8JQQW7)

Crew is a messaging app that already helps thousands of businesses, schools, fire departments, and even sports leagues communicate with their teams all in one place. Managers and co-workers can easily perform fundamental day-to-day parts of their work on the app by sending messages, making announcements, swapping shifts, and assigning tasks. Today, these organizations are often using a combination of chaotic text message chains and paper to perform these actions. Crew instead presents a unified, powerful, and simple app-based solution. You can read more about what customers say they love about Crew in Apple App Store with 4+ stars and Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crewapp.an...).

Questions? Feel free to drop me a line - joe@crewapp.com

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Sourceress | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Full-time | Remote (onsite ok)

We're a (human-assisted) AI sourcing platform that delivers great results (customer quote: "I'd have a panic attack if you guys stopped existing"). We make it dramatically faster and easier for great companies to hire great people. Our mission is not just to fix hiring, but to fundamentally change the way that human mental effort is allocated.

One founder previously sold a company and published NLP papers; the other was Chief of Staff at Dropbox. We have a real business, customers, and revenue, with machine learning problems that are core to our product.

Position: Senior engineer Our stack: Python (Django, nltk), AWS (S3, PostgreSQL RDS), Javascript


- Do you love programming, working with a scrappy team, and shipping tons of code quickly? - Do you share our values? https://goo.gl/YatLLp - Do you care about improvement at both the individual and global scale?

Then at least say hi :)

email: josh@sourceress.co

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Instacart | Sr Full-stack Engineer, Sr Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Sr iOS/Android Engineer | onsite in San Francisco | https://instacart.com

Instacart (YC S12) is building the best way for people everywhere in the world to shop for groceries. Using your phone or the web, you can order groceries and have them delivered to your door in minutes. You can choose from a variety of local stores, as well as being able to mix items from multiple stores into one order.

Every day, we solve incredibly hard problems to create an experience for our customers that is magical. We aim to give our customers back their invaluable time so they can spend it doing the things they love with the people they love.

Hiring Process depends on the position, but will generally follow this flow: Phone screen + simple challenge / Take-home challenge / On-site. We're pretty flexible and can work with you on this.

We care that you can ship product and enjoy taking ownership over what you're working on. We don't really care where you went to school or what companies you've worked for.


  • Ruby (and Rails)
  • ES6+ & CoffeeScript (which we are actively moving to ES6)
  • React.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elasticsearch for search
  • Memcache / Redis

Data Analysis & Data Science: SQL, R, Python

Learn more about us and apply directly at:

  • https://careers.instacart.com/
  • http://tech.instacart.com
  • http://stackshare.io/posts/the-tech-behind-instacarts-grocery-delivery-service

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Hipmunk | San Francisco | ONSITE

Looking for Android, Site Reliability, Full-Stack, and Machine Learning engineers.


Travel is a huge industry and we're shaking it up. We consistently lead the pack in every measure of customer love (net promoter scores, app store ratings, etc) because delightful customer experiences in travel are why we exist. We value the same high standards in our code and people. We value learning and growth (and not having bored people) and invest regular time in doing so. For example, every quarter we have one week of open time for you to spend becoming a better engineer. Our stack is built on PostgreSQL, Redis, Python, nginx, HBase, Coffeescript, React/Redux, ES6, Swift, and a few more things.

We hire diverse, well-rounded, communicative people we can envision being friends with and trusting. Our projects tend to be 1-2 engineers max so trust and accountability is required for us to work. Also helps us keep processes & overhead low. We appreciate that we've built a reasonably-sized, high-powered team so far (55 employees incl. 30 engineers) and are always striving to be the best place to work for them. We're looking for folks that love all of the above and will help us keep our standards high. You can go to www.hipmunk.com/jobs if you're interested!

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Credit Karma | San Francisco and Los Angeles| Full Time, Onsite | https://creditkarma.com

Credit Karma's mission is to make financial progress possible for everyone. We have over 60 million US members and are a true mission-oriented business, a rare case where our incentives are aligned with our users - we succeed by helping our members attain financial progress.

We've been growing rapidly over the past few years (hypergrowth) and are hiring across a wide range of positions. On the backend side, we are moving to Scala-based microservices using finagle and Thrift, and as well as GraphQL on node.js. Our native iOS and Android apps are #1 in finance (with a 5 star rating on the App Store) and we're rebuilding our website in React + Redux. Our data teams use Kafka, Spark and BigQuery among other technologies.

If you're motivated by growth and impact Credit Karma is probably the best place to work in tech today. We have solved product / market fit and distribution, but compared to our peer unicorns there is still so much work to do. If you look at the gap between our product today and what we are well-positioned to become - the main touchpoint for consumer finance - there is tons of opportunity for people joining now to take on responsibility and ownership and have a meaningful impact.

Feel free to reach out to me personally (scott.shumaker at creditkarma dot com) or visit: https://www.creditkarma.com/careers

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Cruise Automation | C++ Software Engineer | San Francisco | Interns, Onsite, Visa Transfers | Getcruise.com/careers

Cruise Automation is building the future of autonomous vehicles and we are looking for engineers across the entire company. We believe in improving people’s lives by making transportation safer, more accessible, and more convenient. We are solving some of the hardest problems in the world right now and building some of the coolest technology you have ever seen.

Our self-driving cars have the ability to track hundreds of moving objects and to respond to them with super-human latency; they have the opportunity to drive better than humans, but we need your help to get there.

Our office is located in SOMA(SF) and is full of cars and robots and the brilliant people building them. We are looking to fill a number of engineering roles, if any of them seem interesting to you please feel free to email me directly Asimile@getcruise.com


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Metabase | http://www.metabase.com/ | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | FULL-TIME

We're a small team building open source business intelligence tools with a strong focus on user experience.

Clojure backend, React + Redux + ES6 + etc frontend. Nearly all of the work we do is open source. We're looking to hire strong frontend, backend, or generalist engineers.

If you love open source, building beautiful products, and working with data, apply at http://www.metabase.com/jobs and feel free to contact me directly with questions.

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AltspaceVR | Software Engineers | Redwood City, CA | Onsite | Full-time | Permanent eligibility to work in US required | Virtual reality, Unity, Rails, HTML5, React, ES6, WebGL, three.js

About us: http://altvr.com

Open positions: http://jobs.altvr.com

Our team: http://altvr.com/team


- AltspaceVR is a virtual reality software company building a platform for communication in VR.

- Backed by some of the best investors on the planet (https://altvr.com/about/)

- With a team that is passionate about the future of VR.


- VR will be for everyone.

- The social connection enabled by VR will change your life (and we can show it to you.)

- We should embrace everything that is great about the 2D web.

- That we can and will invent the 3D web.

For more info: http://altvr.com For open positions: http://jobs.altvr.com

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Flexport | San Francisco

Flexport is a platform for global trade in an industry that comprises 15% of the global GDP. We are building products that are enabling anyone to participate in trade regardless of geographic, regulatory or logistical boundaries. By dramatically simplifying the process of importing goods from overseas, we aim to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs benefitting from the wonders of international trade. To do so, we need a mix of brilliant technologists and logistics experts interested in solving challenges that result in reshaping a trillion dollar industry. To keep up with our explosive growth and international expansion, we’re looking to grow the team by ~2-3 engineers per month in our downtown SF HQ.

Check us out if you:

-Want to be part of a close-knit engineering team that releases new code every day

-Take a product-first approach to building software

-Care about the real world functionality of your programming

-Desire to build scalable programs that standardize information flow and increase operational capacity

-Have amazing coding skills and CS fundamentals Our stack: Our continuous releases are integrated with Travis and Github. On the frontend, we use React for the views, organize the data flow with Flux, and test our application with Jest. On the backend, we're a Rails shop riding on AWS and Postgres RDS.

Want to learn more? Email kerianne@flexport.com or check out our AngelList at https://angel.co/flexport/jobs.

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San Francisco; Full Time; Onsite

I'm the cofounder of Figma (https://www.figma.com), a startup in San Francisco building a browser-based collaborative design tool to improve the way designers and developers work together. We're a small team (~20) and we're looking for talented engineers (https://www.figma.com/careers) who are interested in tackling hard technical problems with smart people and building a product that startups will rely on.

If you want to see what we value, you might find these interesting:

- First principles thinking: https://medium.com/figma-design/introducing-vector-networks-...

- Pushing the web to the limit: https://medium.com/figma-design/building-a-professional-desi...

Upcoming/ongoing projects:

- Develop a plugin ecosystem from the ground up

- Build a community of design content and tools from scratch

- Cross-document shared symbols

- Multiplayer editing infrastructure (realtime simultaneous editing)

Our tech stack: C++, Emscripten, Node, TypeScript, React, WebGL, Ruby, Sinatra

If you're interested in learning more about what we're working on or want to meet up to talk about any of my other projects (http://madebyevan.com/), you can email me at wallace@figma.com.

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ShareThis | Full Stack, Front End, Data Engineer | Palo Alto | ONSITE ONSITE Full-Time | H1B Transfers OK

Multiple open positions:

Senior Software Engineer Full Stack - (CoffeeScript, React.js, Node.js, Docker)

Senior Software Engineer Data - (DynamoDB, Java, Golang, AWS, Kubernetes)

Senior Software Engineer Front End - (Javascript, CSS3, HTML5) (Contract position OK)

We're hiring engineers who want to: - Work on a tech stack that includes the latest technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and Big Query. - Sift through TB's of social sharing data to provide real time insights and intelligence. - Work in a truly agile and lean startup environment. - Be inspired by talking to our customers, a/b testing, surveys, and hackathons.

Get a behind the scenes look at our:

Engineering Culture: http://www.sharethis.com/engineering.html

Hackathons: https://player.vimeo.com/video/146034661

We're backed by prominent VC firms like DFJ, Blue Chip, T-Venture - who've also funded companies like Tesla, Twitter, Skype and Box.

Most people know us for our social sharing widget which powers sharing for over 3MM sites and apps across the web - and generates a billion social events per day ( > 1.5TB of data). But what makes ShareThis a fun and challenging place to work is how we use that data to power a suite of real-time data and media products for our partners and advertisers. If you want to know more or apply to any position, email me directly at rana@sharethis.com with Hacker News in the subject name.

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Viking Education | Lead Instructor + Curriculum Architect | SF or Remote | http://www.vikingcodeschool.com

Viking Code School is a 100% online development bootcamp driven by the mission of launching a million high-growth careers around the world. Our core program is an immersive where students only pay tuition when they get a job and we're scaling to offer more flexible programs based on strong demand.

We are looking for an experienced and opinionated full stack web developer who will lead instruction in the Immersive program and spearhead the ongoing development of our curriculum. You will work with students and assistant instructors to manage the Immersive Program while architecting changes to the curriculum and supporting materials which are used by all of our programs.

Because we are 100% online, this is a REMOTE OK position which allows for a high degree of lifestyle flexibility while giving you a chance to potentially affect millions of lives with the lessons, demos, projects and posts you create.

As the leader of the Immersive Program, you will also be eligible for incentive-based compensation when the students are successful in their job search.


* 5+ years team-based development experience, 3+ in JavaScript and relevant frameworks (e.g. Angular, React...). Strong CS, testing and data fundamentals. Passion for exploring, learning and teaching new and current technologies.

* Significant experience with writing, sharing and educating (e.g. blogging, delivering conference talks, podcasting, teaching, or committing to OSS). Great communication is prized over specific teaching experience.

* Experience building and running a team

* A legitimate passion for education and, preferably, also a quirky weird sense of fun.

Apply with your CV, a description of why you are a good fit, and any relevant links to Github, conference talks, blog posts etc. to careers@vikingcodeschool.com

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Homelight | Software Engineer | San Francisco | ONSITE | fulltime | https://www.homelight.com/about-us#careers

Current Interview Process: quick chat, engineering phone screen, onsite, team lunch, reference check, offer.

I applied via the link on the careers page, but if you have any questions, you can email me at evan@homelight.com. When you apply, make sure to mention you saw this hackernews post.

We're a small team of 7 engineers. Our stack is Ruby on Rails(4.2), and Postgresql hosted on Heroku. The javascript is well written, and we don't use any frameworks. We've got reasonable test coverage, and a very empathetic culture.

Today, we're looking to hire our next Sr. Fullstack Developer.

You Have

* Projects that you can point to that you personally (not your team) built

* Intellectual curiosity

* 5-10 years of web development experience, ideally some of which is in a startup environment

* An understanding of web analytics, A/B testing, and agile development methods

* An outstanding academic background; CS degree preferred

What You'll Do Here

* We're looking for a full stack engineer to help us build amazing products.

* We've got a full slate of interesting projects and need an exceptional engineer to help us create innovative technology that will change real estate.

* You'll be working on mission critical projects, both on our internal tools and on our customer facing products, and will be able to help shape our engineering culture as we grow.

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Kentik | San Francisco | Full Time | REMOTE, VISA considered


Interested in building a distributed column-store time series database? Crafting a sleek, intuitive front-end? Evangelizing a breakthrough approach to network intelligence? This is your opportunity to get involved in a dynamic, rapidly growing San Francisco-based startup.

Kentik Technologies is the creator of Kentik Detect, a big data SaaS for network traffic visibility, DDoS detection, and infrastructure optimization. Accessible via web portal, psql client, and API, Kentik Detect is the network visibility solution that our founders — former network operators from Akamai, Netflix, YouTube, and CloudFlare — always wanted but could never find. It lets network operators see complete traffic paths, find root causes for link congestion, reduce costs by peering with other networks, and know immediately when their networks are under DDoS attack.

In our first 18 months on the market we've landed 100+ customers including: Shopify, Pandora, DailyMotion, Yelp, Box, Neustar, Instart Logic, Cisco, Appnexus, and University of Washington plus top carriers, telcos, and hosting providers.

On the backend we're looking for folks with real-world experience building distributed systems in Go/C/C++. On the frontend we need experts at both client- and server-side JavaScript, with broad experience in monitoring, visualization, and building state-of-the-art Web applications. And in sales we need proven performers with a track record in highly technical markets (network-related preferred).

Sound like a good fit? Check us out at https://www.kentik.com/careers/, and contact us at hr@kentik.com.

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Joyent | San Francisco or Seattle (Remote Possible)

Senior Solutions Engineer


6+ years experience developing software and experience working in more than one language, one of which is Java (Node.js and Golang experience a plus) Experience in deploying and maintaining applications and systems with one or more infrastructure automation and configuration management tools (e.g.: Chef, Puppet, Terraform, Packer, Ansible) Awareness of Docker and trends in modern applications and operations, including schedulers or orchestrators (e.g., Kubernetes, Mesos, Nomad, etc.) Experience deploying and managing both noSQL databases (e.g., Cassandra) and SQL databases (e.g., MySQL) in production Experience designing the architecture of a multi-service application and have helped maintain it in an enterprise setting Experience with AWS core IaaS services (EC2, S3, DynamoDB, VPC) Familiarity with Triton and Manta products Contributed to an open source project Willingness to travel 1-2 weeks per month. Occasional extended trips.

Added Bonus

Fluent in English and Korean Experience with Node.js and JVM languages Hands on experience using Docker Experience working within a global multi-national corporation About Joyent Joyent delivers container-native infrastructure, offering organizations high-performance, yet simple public cloud and private cloud software solutions for today’s demanding real-time web and mobile applications.

Please send an email to jobs@joyent.com with a brief introduction, a copy of your resume and (optionally) a link to your profile on LinkedIn.

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Tubi TV | Backend, Data Senior Engineers | San Francisco | Full-Time ONSITE VISA (transfer H1/O1 & start GC) https://tubitv.com

We are making premium TV shows and movies available for streaming everywhere and to everyone, 100% free. Join Tubi TV and reinvent the way consumers discover and consume premium content. With over 40,000 movies & TV shows, Tubi TV has the world's largest catalog of premium content, all made available to consumers for free.

Some of our studio partners include MGM, Lionsgate and Paramount. We offer very competitive pay, full medical, dental & vision benefits, catered lunch, gym subsidies and your choice of hardware. Learning is a huge part of our culture and we frequently help non-engineers learn basic programming skills.

All positions come with stock options and full benefits. We are hiring for:

- Senior ML/Data Engineer($140k-$175k): Come and build out the next iteration of our data platform. Full autonomy and end to end ownership. The ideal candidate can do their own analysis, build ML models, write quality code and ship them to production. Leadership opportunity also available if desired. For more details see: https://tubitv.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk06xpn/?referer=hn

- Senior Backend Engineer($120k-$140k): Work with NodeJS(ES6) design APIs, architect video encoding pipelines, experiment with ad payloads and help build out our media delivery network. Previous AdTech experience is a major plus. See https://tubitv.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk067d5/?referer=hn

If you'd like to chat more first, shoot me an email and mention HN (marios at tubitv dot com). Unfortunately we do not currently offer remote positions.

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EasyPost | San Francisco | Full-time | Onsite | Senior Software Engineer

EasyPost is a fast growing startup that provides a RESTful API to revolutionize the entire shipping process for e-commerce companies.

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer with Ruby on Rails, Python, or Go experience to join the EasyPost team. If you love to code, want to build APIs, and work on a small team of collaborative developers to build meaningful products, then we’d love to meet you!

Check out our API: https://www.easypost.com/docs/api.html

We can offer you a competitive base salary, equity, comprehensive benefits, 401(k), free daily lunches, and flexible work hours/PTO.

Our interview process includes one phone call and then one onsite technical meeting with the rest of the team.

If you have any questions about the benefits of working here or want to send in your resume or Github, email us at work@easypost.com

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Mixmax | Full-Stack Engineer or intern | On-site San Francisco or Remote (w/experience) | https://mixmax.com/careers

We're a growing, fast-moving team looking for all types of engineers: full-stack, backend, site reliability, data, integration.

Check out our "Advent 2016" blog series this month to see the engineering problems we're solving: https://mixmax.com/engineering

Mixmax's mission is to reinvent the way professionals communicate for work. We're building the impossible: a rich communications platform that brings the power of the web to everyday communication. This includes easily scheduling meetings, completing surveys, making purchases, signing documents, and even interacting with apps. We’re fully integrated with Gmail and Google Inbox, and even have a Electron-based native desktop application. Already, we’re seeing phenomenal growth, with customers from Uber, Airbnb, and tens of thousands of more businesses depending on us for their daily communications.

We’re well-funded with an A++ list of investors who previously backed companies like Twitter, Heroku, Lyft, and Square. We have big plans ahead. Come do the impossible with us.

Our stack: Node, Mongo, Elasticsearch, AWS, Redis, Electron, Meteor (full stack: http://stackshare.io/mixmax/mixmax-for-web)

Our engineering blog: https://mixmax.com/engineering

Email careers@mixmax.com and let’s chat!

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Dreamable | Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer | San Francisco, CA | Remote Okay, Full-Time

We are seeking a talented Full Stack Ruby on Rails for the LettersTo brand that spans across Web, mobile, and print. The right candidate will be a talented Ruby on Rails Developer who has a passion for programming, possesses a good understanding of agile practices, and has a desire to join a team of exceptional developers working in a fast-paced environment to deliver first-class software.

We also appreciate good collaboration skills (especially remotely), and experience working with product managers, designers, and developers.


* Work in a fast paced collaborative and agile environment, following agile methodologies

* Have an extensive knowledge of the entire stack and ability to operate as a Full Stack developer

* Write clean, maintainable, reusable, reliable, and efficient Ruby code; Design robust, scalable and secure features

* Contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle - architecture, design and development, user experience development, documentation, unit testing, delivery and maintenance

* Monitoring and troubleshooting performance of the system as necessary

Please email a resume and cover letter to jobs@dreamable.com to apply!

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PubNub | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Full Time

Come work for one of the few entirely developer focused companies.

PubNub Data provides global cloud infrastructure and key building blocks for realtime apps. PubNub powers thousands of realtime apps around the world, from innovative start-ups to globally recognized brands. We manage 3 million realtime messages per second and 100 million devices per month. We support over 70 SDKs for mobile, browser, desktop and server. And we are globally scaled, with 16 points of presence and 99.999% SLAs.

Interview Process: Phone / hangout, a couple interviews, build a realtime app.

We're looking for:

* Core Architect

* Core Enginee

* Core Engineer - Entry Level

* Full Stack Engineer

* API Course Creator

* Partner Marketing Manager

* Senior Art Director / Digital Creative Director

* Software Developer and API Course Creator

* Software Developer and Trainer

* Senior Product Manager - Microservices

* Senior Product Manager - Platform


Email ian [at] pubnub.com if you're interested.

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Factual | Engineers and data lovers | Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai | www.factual.com/jobs#openings

Factual is currently hiring engineers and data lovers of all levels in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Factual’s location platform enriches mobile location signals with definitive global data, enabling personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences. Built from billions of inputs, the data is constantly updated by Factual’s real-time data stack. We were named one of "50 Disruptive Companies in 2013" by MIT Technology Review. We have a terrific team that is still fairly small and an incredible CEO who was previously the co-founder of Applied Semantics (which was bought by Google and became AdSense). Factual has venture funding from Andreessen-Horowitz and our partners/customers include Bing, Apple, Facebook and Groupon.

There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, storage, deduping, serving, APIs, improving data using machine learning, etc. A great example is one of our most recent products, Geopulse Audience, which stands at the intersection of high quality places data and large scale analysis of user geo-data: http://www.factual.com/products/geopulse-audience . If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Our main criteria are that you're smart and get things done, but you'll get bonus points for experience with Clojure (http://www.factual.com/jobs/clojure), machine learning, NLP, algorithm design, or Hadoop/Spark.

You can email me personally at alexr@factual.com, or view our job postings here: https://www.factual.com/jobs#openings

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Pandora | Sr. Software Engineer (Fullstack - Java) | Oakland, CA | Full-time | http://pandora.com

Pandora has a great opportunity for seasoned engineers with several years of diverse experience, and a passion for learning and applying new technical knowledge. You should have outstanding analytical and programming skills, with a deep understanding of large-scale application development. You should have a track record of building robust, scalable, multithreaded applications. You place a high value on automated testing and have experience writing your own unit, integration, and acceptance tests.

We have two openings at Pandora for senior software engineers with expert level experience developing Java, and working with backend SQL-style databases.


- Expert level experience developing Java - Experience working with backend SQL-style databases - Experience developing for Linux-based deployment platforms - Significant experience with test driven development - Experience in HTML/CSS and JS development

Bonus Points:

- Experience working with Apache or Nginx - Experience with modern build tools (e.g. Gradle) - BA/BS or better in Computer Science or equivalent

Core Technologies: Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jetty, Nginx, Apache

Check out the full job description and apply here: https://app.jobvite.com/j?cj=ozOo3fwy&s=HackerNews

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Quizlet | Android Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, https://quizlet.com/

Android Engineer

Want to build useful and intuitive Android apps for one of the top education brands in the world?

Quizlet is a pioneer in education technology with tens of millions of active users and HUGE growth ahead. We’re seeking talented and experienced developers who want to build learning tools that empower students and teachers globally. We’re backed by Union Square Ventures, Costanoa Venture Capital, Altos Ventures and Owl Ventures. Our business model is strong and got us to profitability before raising venture capital money. Come join a small team of engineers building and deploying new products to over a million users per day.

The Role

Quizlet’s Android app is already in the top ten education apps in the Google Play store and we’re just getting started. You’ll drive the Quizlet experience on Android devices, building out cutting-edge features accessible to millions of users around the world. You must care passionately about product design and user experience, and develop a deep understanding of how users interact with Quizlet. The intuitive UI features you build will drive user engagement and thus directly affect the magnitude of Quizlet’s impact on education.

Qualifications and Experience

The ideal Android team member for Quizlet should:

  - Have proven experience building his or her own high quality apps, ideally in the Google Play Store
  - Have solid foundation in Java and with strong working knowledge of the web stack
  - Be well-versed in performant, extensible network API design
  - Have a dedication to code quality and software reliability
  - Have a strong understanding of networking, memory management, and concurrency
  - Be deeply excited about the impact his or her work could have in the lives of students and teachers every day
Quizlet’s Team Culture

We’re extremely proud of the powerful impact our study tools are having on people’s lives across the U.S. and the world. Our focus on quality, usability, and performance across all platforms has helped Quizlet grow organically to a top U.S. web brand with top-ten education apps on iOS and Android. We regularly visit classrooms across the Bay Area to see Quizlet’s users in action. We believe in teamwork and communication, and we believe in each other — every member has the confidence and flexibility to take a stab at new problems across functions. We love technology and we love helping people. Come join us!

How to apply: email tim@quizlet.com with your resume and link to your Github profile.

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Periscope Data | San Francisco, ONSITE | https://www.periscopedata.com/ Senior Full Stack Engineer (Ruby, Go, CoffeeScript): http://bit.ly/2gqRhXp

Periscope is the fastest, most powerful data analysis suite on the market. It's the platform of choice for professional analysts, who spend 5+ hours a day using the product. We're growing revenue about 10X per year, while growing the team about 4X per year. If you have a proven track record of delivering results and shipping great products, we would love to meet you! Join our team of 67: Email melanie@periscopedata.com

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Angaza | Android Developer | SF | ONSITE https://www.angaza.com/jobs/android-developer/

Angaza enables businesses to bring off-grid energy to emerging markets. Your day's work means more families turning on electricity for the first time that night:

- http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/23/angaza-raises-4m-to-make-cl....

We're a for-profit company, post-series A, with our technical team based in San Francisco. Right now, we're looking to add a developer focused on Android. Our mobile software is used by agents selling and servicing off-grid solar installations in more than a dozen countries. You can lead its development as we continue to rapidly expand.

- https://www.angaza.com/jobs/android-developer/ [San Francisco]

We're also hiring a number of other roles in Nairobi, e.g.:

- https://www.angaza.com/jobs/director-of-sales/ [San Francisco + Nairobi]

- https://www.angaza.com/jobs/senior-account-manager/ [Nairobi]

Our hiring process typically involves a phone conversation, a small home project, and an on-site interview. We don't believe in gotcha logic puzzles or adversarial whiteboard exercises, and we give you specific constructive feedback wherever possible.

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Skuid | San Francisco, CA/Chattanooga, TN | Full Time | On Site

Skuid is a platform that allows you to design and develop bespoke web applications with an engaging user experience, incorporating data from almost any other platform, declaratively without code. The company culture is top-notch, we're growing at a rapid rate, and hiring for multiple positions:

* Software Engineers - (Node.js, Postgres, with frontend)

* Systems Engineers - (Manage multiple cloud platform environments)

* Developer Evangelist

* QA Engineers

* Sr. UX Designer

* Technical recruiter

For engineers, the interview process consists of a few phone screens, a 2 hour at-home programming challenge, and an in-person interview. Apply at https://www.skuid.com/careers/

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Viv Labs | Sr. Frontend DevTools Engineer | San Jose, CA | Full-time | http://viv.ai


Viv is the next-generation virtual personal assistant, brought to you by the team that created Siri. In addition to being far more capable and intelligent, Viv will provide a truly open platform and marketplace that lets any developer extend Viv's capabilities for new domains and services. VentureBeat (http://bit.ly/1NSHobJ) named Viv one of the top 15 interesting startups to watch in 2016. Check out this demo (http://www.theverge.com/2016/5/9/11639992/viv-digital-assist...) from TechCrunch Disrupt NY, and watch the power of Viv in action.

Viv's Developer Center provides a set of tools that make it easy for a third-party developer to create AI capabilities on top of their web services, and then publish the new functionality to a marketplace accessible by many users across a variety of devices and experiences. As a Sr. Frontend DevTools Engineer, you will be building a new kind of web-based IDE for a new kind of platform. In this new paradigm, developers write programs to teach Viv how to write its own programs. Come help us pioneer a new way of writing software, one that is a collaboration between the developer and the AI.


You are excited about our vision and want to collaborate with our team to build an amazing product Intimate knowledge of JavaScript, DOM/browser, and Node.js APIs Experience with React or similar view-binding/reactive or functional UI frameworks Experience collaborating closely with designers in an iterative environment Able to quickly build out web UI from specs/sketches


Experience optimizing and writing performant client-side code Previously built web-based developer/expert tools Familiarity with ACE, CodeMirror, and/or lexers is a plus Experience building Electron apps or browser extensions is a plus

Apply here: https://viv-labs.workable.com/jobs/98839

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TapFwd | Full-stack Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Full-Time | Tapfwd.com

You're a generalist in the true sense of the word. You don't know what challenges tomorrow may bring, but you're happy to hack away at them - from high performance back-end applications to sophisticated web apps.

You love the uncertainty and ownership that comes with working at an early stage startup. If you need someone to hand you a well-packaged engineering puzzle, then this job isn't for you - you'll see projects through from concept to production to iteration.

Please apply at Tapfwd.com/careers

Requirements: - Master of at least one scripting language (e.g., Ruby, Python, etc.) and at least one compiled language (e.g., Java, C/C++). Bonus points for Java and Ruby experience. - CS degree from a top school (or equivalent experience and talent). A strong background in CS fundamentals is a must for this position. - An appreciation for the delicate balance between expediency and elegance. You're a detail-oriented perfectionist who understands that sometimes "perfect is the enemy of good." - You must be incredibly smart and a fantastic engineer. - An all-around nice person who wants to surround themselves with other nice people. No jerks allowed. - Excited to work in downtown San Francisco. We will relocate you if necessary.

Bonus Points: - Hadoop/big data experience. Experience building high-performance, reliable distributed systems. - Entrepreneurial blood. We’d love it if TapFwd were a stepping stone on the path toward starting your own company.

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Hiring onsite engineers for Yup (edtech startup based in SF that connects students to tutors in 30 seconds over a mobile app). Focus is on education, not answer giving.

Team of 12 including world famous Swizec Teller + 11 other homies. Hell of a lot of La Croix and other goodies in the office. Amazing team, good times!

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Pacifica Labs Inc. | Business Development Manager | San Francisco | http://thinkpacifica.com

Pacifica Labs Inc. | Marketing | San Francisco, San Diego, Madison, WI | http://thinkpacifica.com

Pacifica is the fastest growing stress and anxiety management application in the world. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness, over a million people have signed up since our public launch in January 2015. We're expanding our team as we continue to provide services to mental health professionals and other organizations. Please see additional information here: https://angel.co/pacifica-labs/jobs.

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Grove | Full Stack Engineer | San Francisco

Grove is a small seed-funded company with a bold vision to democratize access to quality financial advice and redefine the multibillion dollar financial advising industry using technology.

We're looking for a generalist developer to be our 2nd engineer and help create our infrastructure, client-facing apps, and internal tools. We're looking for someone who has 4+ years of full-stack experience and ideally has an interest in fintech and personal finance (more info: https://angel.co/usegrove/jobs/192926-full-stack-engineer).

We offer competitive salaries, generous equity, full benefits, 401(k), daily lunches, and flexible work hours/PTO.

Please email me, Arsenio Santos (VPE), if you'd like to chat more: arsenio@usegrove.com

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Gladly | San Francisco; NYC | Customer success, Engineering, Sales | Fulltime onsite only

We've had a lot of great folks find us from this post on HN, and we just opened up a bunch of new roles: platform engineer, front end engineer, customer success manager and account executive (NYC).

- We have a modern tech stack (React/Node/GoLang/Docker) and product architecture (real-time pubsub microservices) and tons of interesting frontend problems to solve

- We're small (30 people) but well-funded with an experienced founding team of B2B serial entrepreneurs

- We have an environment of mutual respect, mentorship and learning from peers

I'm an engineer at Gladly and I'm enjoying it a lot! Feel free to email me with questions (alice@gladly.com), or apply directly at https://www.gladly.com/careers/

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Shogun Enterprises, Inc. | Software Engineer | San Francisco | Interns, Visa

Shogun Enterprises is an online loan and insurance marketplace for the home improvement segment. The company is founded on a core belief that networked financial services allow for more competitive underwriting, a point of differentiation enabled by our technology-driven instant decisioning platform and informed by the bundling of currently divorced credit and insurance products.

Our stack consists of: Ruby/Rails, React, PostgreSQL, nginx, Ansible, AWS

Our product team joins us from tech companies such as Palantir, Facebook, Slack, and OpenGov whereas our operations team joins us from stints in venture capital at 8VC, Formation 8, Summit, and Bessemer. As our culture takes shape, we are always looking to add fresh talent to our early DNA.

Please apply at https://jobs.lever.co/shogunenterprise

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Rollbar | https://rollbar.com | San Francisco or REMOTE | Lead SDK Engineer, Product Marketer

About Rollbar:

* We help tens of thousands of developers find and fix errors faster.

* Our backend handles billions of errors with low latency and high reliability.

* Our front-end allows developers to discover and drill down across millions of errors in real-time.

* Our open source libraries are used by some of the best engineering teams in the world, including Kayak, Twilio, Heroku, Zendesk, Instacart and Twitch.

* We're an 18-person team (SF, Las Vegas, Fort Worth, Barcelona, Nomad) building tools that make developers' lives better.

* Benefits and perks: competitive salary and stock options, medical, dental and vision insurance, annual conference budget, generous hardware and software allowance, casual work environment, inclusive team oriented culture, rapid career growth opportunities, have fun and have an impact.

We're looking for:

* Lead SDK Engineer

* Sr. Product Marketing Manager

To get in touch, please apply via https://rollbar.com/jobs

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Apple Inc. | Sr. Security Solutions Developer | Cupertino, Ca | ONSITE, REMOTE, https://apple.com

Job Summary

Apple Information Security is seeking a talented and security conscious developer to determine, design, develop, and deploy secure software solutions across the company.

Key Qualifications

Significant programming experience with two or more of the following: Java, Swift, Ruby, Python, Golang, and/or Objective-C programming languages Strong experience with coding techniques and best practices for security, performance optimization, and ease-of-use Strong object oriented programming and design skills Experience with one or more web frameworks Experience with reading and writing hand-crafted SQL Comfort with macOS, Linux or other Unix-based operating systems Strong test-driven approach to writing code Excellent problem solving skills Phenomenal Debugging skills


As a member of the Security Solutions team you’ll work closely with internal development teams to help them build platform differentiating, next generation solutions, with a focus on common frameworks. You'll use your development expertise and experience to communicate secure application architecture, secure design, and secure programming best-practices. You'll work closely with engineering organizations on new technologies, new frameworks, and enhancements to existing ones. You'll work closely with multiple teams throughout Apple to drive the adoption of key technologies.

Apply: https://jobs.apple.com/us/search?#&ss=52668860&t=0&so=&lo=0*...

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HealthLoop | Frontend Engineer | Mountain View, CA

HealthLoop is the leading digital health platform for patient engagement and care coordination. We are changing the way patients manage their health and connect with their care teams.

We are looking for a creative and highly motivated Frontend Engineer to change the healthcare industry with us. You only need to love Javascript (Backbone, React) and CSS.

We offer competitive salaries, good benefits, 401(k), Wednesday lunches, and flexible work hours/PTO.

Please email me, Javier Ayala (Lead Frontend), if you are interested in the position: javier@healthloop.com

You can check more here --> http://healthloop.com/front-end-engineer/

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Long Game | Software Engineer | SF | Full-time

We’re building a savings app for people that struggle to save money. How you ask? We’re using a new form of investment called prize-linked savings (new to the US as of 2014). The simple explanation is that you trade part of your interest for the chance to win from a prize pool of everyone's interest.

As a software engineer at Long Game you’ll be joining a team of 3 other engineers and will have full exposure to all aspects of our engineering and product processes.

We’re looking for developers that enjoy building fun mobile UX and/or engineers with considerable finance experience.

Our stack: React Native, Node, Postgres, AWS


adam at longgame.co

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Nylas | San Francisco | Engineer | Full-time | On site

We're building a new email platform here at Nylas. Over 30TB of data, AWS stack built on top of Python & Flask. Front end stack on ElectronJS, and React. Looking for engineers who love tough scaling challenges, open source, and working with lots of data.

* Infrastructure - https://jobs.lever.co/nylas/2acf52e8-54b1-4593-b269-3e7f64a4....

* NodeJS - https://jobs.lever.co/nylas/3c688d62-4985-4224-b59f-ab0a4f48.... Some of our recent writings:

* https://nylas.com/blog/technical-debt/

* https://nylas.com/blog/growing-up-with-mysql/

Would love to tell you more. Shoot me an email at 'tomasz' @ 'nylas.com'

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Glassdoor | Mill Valley, CA (near San Francisco) | Senior Software Engineer (and other roles) | Full-time | Onsite | https://www.glassdoor.com/glassdoor

We’re on a mission to help people everywhere find a job and a company they love. In the process, we’re transforming an entire industry through the power of transparency. Join us!

We have excellent benefits and perks: free catered lunch and snacks, 100% health care coverage with 90% dependent coverage, unlimited PTO, dog-friendly office located in beautiful Mill Valley (on the water), free parking, onsite gym, and more!

We have a number of engineering roles open:

* Senior Java Software Engineer: https://www.glassdoor.com/job-listing/senior-java-software-e...

* Lead Java Software Engineer: https://www.glassdoor.com/job-listing/lead-java-software-eng...

* Senior Software Engineer in Test: https://www.glassdoor.com/job-listing/senior-software-engine...

* Senior Web Developer: https://www.glassdoor.com/job-listing/senior-web-developer-g...

* Wordpress Developer (contract): https://www.glassdoor.com/job-listing/wordpress-developer-te...

More openings for management, product, sales, and other engineering roles here: https://www.glassdoor.com/Jobs/Glassdoor-Jobs-E100431.htm

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Haskell Lovers Stealth Co. | Software Engineer | Menlo Park, CA | Full-time | Onsite

Very well-funded startup seeking fellow Haskellers who would also enjoy coding exclusively in Haskell. Seeking all levels of experience (multiple positions).

Experienced team working on an exciting product. Competitive compensation.

Interested in chatting? Email stevebanders@gmail.com

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MyFitnessPal | www.myfitnesspal.com | Onsite in San Francisco | Full Time

MyFitnessPal, part of Under Armour Connected Fitness, helps more than 100 million people live healthier, happier lives and we’re looking for passionate people to join us!

You can learn more about our office culture here: http://tinyurl.com/pge965b

We're hiring for a number of roles including:

Sr. Product Manager: https://boards.greenhouse.io/connectedfitness/jobs/496601

Product Designer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/connectedfitness/jobs/239178

Come make a difference with us and check out all of our open roles here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/connectedfitness

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Scribd | San Francisco, CA | Senior Backend Engineer | VISA | ONSITE

Scribd is a reading subscription that gives you access to the best books, audiobooks, magazines, and more. Our mission is to re-imagine the way the world reads!

My team is looking for smart engineers to work on recommendations, search, and payments (no experience in these areas required). We are a small team which means you can have a ton of impact and bring in your own ideas. We work on an ambitious project to organize all the books in the world and use it to take book discovery to the next level.

Scribd has a very friendly, engineering-driven company culture, is profitable, and well funded. We are ambitious but at the same time we value a good work life balance.

Stack: Ruby on Rails (we are one of the largest Rails sites), Go, MySQL, Redis, Kafka, Spark (Scala). But we care way more about your personality and hacking skills than what languages you've used so far.

Scribd alumni have gone on to found 4 other YC companies, probably more than from any other startup our size. We think this says something about the kind of people that we like to hire.

If you have questions you can reach me at adrian at scribd.com (I'm the tech lead and happy to answer any question related to this role). Please apply directly via https://boards.greenhouse.io/scribd/jobs/76768. NB, we are also hiring for a lot of other positions: https://www.scribd.com/about/jobs.

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Contentful | https://www.contentful.com | Berlin, Germany SF USA | full time | (VISA)

We raised earlier this year our Series B lead by Benchmark https://www.contentful.com/blog/2016/05/26/contentful-series.... we have many positions open in Berlin, Germany or in SF USA.

Contentful is a content management platform for web applications, mobile apps and connected devices. It allows you to create, edit & manage content in the cloud and publish it anywhere via API.

Join a rapidly growing developer-centric company with lots of amazing international customers. We count people like Adam Wiggins (Heroku) and Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Solutions) as our advisors. We are hiring for the following full time positions:

1. Engineering Manager Ecosystem Open Source - (Berlin) https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/295770

2. Director of Developer Evangelism - SF/USA https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/265087

3. Frontend Developer - Product Growth - (Berlin) https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/358929

4. Javascript Ecosystem Open Source Developer - (Berlin) https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/242059

5. PHP Ecosystem Open Source Developer - (Berlin) https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/281719

6. Infrastructure Developer - (Berlin) https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/259235

7. Senior JavaScript Backend Developer - (Berlin) https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/250742

8. Site Reliability Engineer - DevOps (Berlin) https://contentful.workable.com/jobs/262674

Many other positions at our careers page some in Berlin Germany and in SF USA https://www.contentful.com/careers/

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Metromile | Senior Frontend Engineer | SF | ONSITE https://www.metromile.com

About Metromile:

Metromile is a start-up that is disrupting the $185 billion car insurance market by offering an entirely new model where the monthly bill is based on miles driven, paired with a smart driving app. Our product marries engineering and data science to deliver mobile technology, automotive telematics, and data-driven applications to make a car's data accessible and useful to modern drivers, including street sweeping alerts, trip stats, decoded check-engine lights, and car location. We aim to make car ownership as simple and affordable as it can be.

What we're looking for:

- 4-6+ years of hands-on development experience working on consumer-facing products

- 4+ years working with JavaScript, HTML, & CSS

- Experience with Angular, or any MV* or component-based frameworks


- CoffeeScript, Gulp, Sass, and Angular(1.3, 1.5, and soon migrating to 2.0+ w/ TypeScript).

Joel Test Score: 11/12

Funding: $205.5M since 2011

Apply here: http://grnh.se/2dntly1

Questions? Drop me a line at arudick at metromile.com

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BAMTech (previously MLB Advanced Media) | NYC, SF, Remote | Android Core Platforms Engineer | Remote OK | Full Time|

BAMTech is looking for an Android engineer to join our Apple & Android Core Engineering team.

This is an opportunity to help build frameworks and SDKs used in industry leading apps while getting to work closely with some of the greatest minds in the streaming media technology industry. If working in a collaborative team environment and facing new challenges every day while your work gets used by millions of people excites you, then this is the role for you.

This permanent position is located in New York, NY, San Francisco, CA, or remote if applicable.

If interested, please apply at https://boards.greenhouse.io/majorleaguebaseballadvancedmedi...

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Mashape | San Francisco | Full-time | Onsite

Mashape is looking for qualified Sales Engineer, Customer Support Engineer, and Dev Ops Engineer candidates to work in our San Francisco office.

We’re the company behind Kong, the most widely adopted open-source API gateway. Our core focus is making it easy to distribute, monetize, and consume cloud APIs. We are driven by a passionate community of developers from around the world.

We work with leading open source technologies including HTTP, AWS, Cassandra, Nginx, Docker, Lua, Python, Docker, PostgreSQL, Cassandra and many others.

Our culture is open and collaborative and our small team is smart, passionate and fun.

We’re fully funded, growing and looking for great people. If you’re interested in any of our jobs, we’d love to talk to you.

Check out our openings and apply online at https://www.mashape.com/jobs/ or contact me directly at janet@mashape.com

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BAMTech (previously MLB Advanced Media) | NYC, SF, Remote | Apple Core Platforms Engineer | Remote OK | Full Time|

BAMTech is looking for an iOS/tvOS engineer to join our Apple & Android Core Engineering team. This is an opportunity to help build frameworks and SDKs used in industry leading apps while getting to work closely with some of the greatest minds in the streaming media technology industry. If working in a collaborative team environment and facing new challenges every day while your work gets used by millions of people excites you, then this is the role for you. This permanent position is located in New York, NY, San Francisco, CA, or remote if applicable.

If interested, please apply at https://boards.greenhouse.io/majorleaguebaseballadvancedmedi...

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Triggr Health | Full Stack and Data Engineers | Chicago | RELOCATION

Triggr Health is the first predictive system of care for addiction recovery. We are a world-class team of engineers, designers, doctors, and researchers from institutions such as Stanford, Google, UCSF School of Medicine, UPENN, Northwestern, and Rackspace. We are currently working with many of the top treatment providers, government initiatives, health systems, and academic research programs in the world. Our core platform utilizes phone sensors and phone data to predict the state of an individual’s recovery in real-time, enabling the right care to be delivered proactively the moment it is needed. Imagine if you could predict risk factors that lead to regressive behavior, such as when someone is angry; when they are experiencing a craving; when they are not sleeping well; or when they are falling off their continuing care plan. Now imagine doing all of this without self-reported data.

We are building apps on both Android and iOS, a customer-facing web application, a robust web services API, machine learning-driven analytics, and large-scale data processing. Our tech stack includes NodeJS and MongoDB on the backend, Backbone on the frontend, React Native, Swift and Java for mobile, and Python 3 for machine learning.

We are always looking for talented people to join our team. If you could be described as one of the following, please email talent@triggrhealth.com!

Sr Full Stack Engineer Jr Full Stack Engineer Data Engineer

Full job descriptions here: https://angel.co/triggr-health/jobs

At Triggr Health we value diversity and endeavor to treat everyone with respect, no matter their age, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual, cultural or ideological preferences.

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Amazon Lab126 | SW Dev Engineer - Prototyping | Sunnyvale | VISA ONSITE | https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/406919

Job description:

You will be responsible for software architecture and design of new concepts. We are looking for candidates with broad interests who thrive in a fast paced start-up like environment. In your role, you will be a part of the team that brings in new ideas and delivers proof of concepts. To be successful, you need to be highly motivated and detail oriented. In this role, you will:

• Actively participate in concept development and design ideation as part of a small team • Rapidly build and iterate on polished, high-fidelity prototypes that express design intent • Develop functional prototypes to prove and sell concepts to development teams and senior leadership • Partner with other teams to ensure that our techniques and technologies translate through to shipping products and services • Be able to work creatively through and around limitations or challenges imposed by the delivery platform to create delightful experiences for customers

Basic Qualifications • A track record of great ideas and even better execution Ability to learn new technologies quickly • Degree in Computer Science or Related Technical Field • 5+ years of experience as a key member of a software engineering team • 5+ years of participating in the complete product development life-cycle • 5+ years of launched applications • Understanding of the layers involved in web apps (databases, caches, server-side, HTML, JS, CSS, user interface) and mobile apps (operating systems, APIs, view layer, etc.) • Working knowledge of a handful of programming languages • Excellent communication skills

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LiveRamp | Back​ ​End/Full​ ​Stack Developers | San Francisco & New York | Onsite

High Growth Company with unlimited room for career growth!

Want to build software that connects companies and marketers? LiveRamp is the leader in data connectivity, helping the world’s largest brands use their data to improve customer interactions on any channel and device.​ ​We help marketers eliminate data silos and unlock greater value from the tools they use every day.

Our stack: We are looking for full-time engineers and aspiring managers in three primary areas.

1) Large scale distributed systems engineering (primarily Java on our 10+ PB Hadoop cluster)

2) Full-stack web engineering (mostly Ruby-on-Rails and Javascript)

3) Engineering management (you would code for about 6 months before taking on a manager role).

We are steadily growing (250 current employees) with plans to double in size over the next year. We’re looking to grow the engineering team both in our San Francisco Headquarters and our New York office.

About you: You’re comfortable in multiple languages, frameworks, and environments.Our employees enjoy a fun office with catered meals, unlimited PTO, ​an ​annual camping trip and lots of social gatherings. But the best job perk is our awesome team - we’ve got a staff of amazing people who just happen to be great engineers as well.

Check out what we’re all about:

Senior Backend Engineer (http://grnh.se/afx5wq) Senior Full Stack Engineer (http://grnh.se/f2la7b) Data Engineer/New Grad (http://grnh.se/jmgo1f)

​Want to learn more? Email Recruiting@liveramp.com with questions about the roles and use the links above to apply directly.

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Distribute.com | Senior Software Engineer | San Francisco | ONSITE | SALARY $140k-$300k

We connect manufacturers and retailers through our B2B e-commerce + logistics + analytics platform, where they can make discover new products and make very large transactions with convenience inspired by consumer e-commerce sites.

If you're looking for a company that will invest time in your development, support your professional growth, and listen to your ideas, you may have found your dream job.

On the back end, we're looking for highly capable Python engineers. We use Flask with Flask-Restful and SqlAlchemy, but if you used Django or some other framework and are great, we'd still like to hear from you.

On the front end, we use Angular 1.x with TypeScript. If you're experienced with Angular 1.x, that's ideal. If you're great but your experience is in React, we'd still like to hear from you.

If you have the level of talent we need, we have the salary to match.

Contact d@distribute.com.

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HomeVita | Head of Engineering | SF | Full-time, Onsite or Remote

HomeVita is tackling an untapped, archaic, niche in the real estate buying process. x

We are hiring a head of engineering to join the founding team. You will be directly responsible for building the first iteration of the product, while leading and shaping the engineering team from the ground up.

Contact jobs@myhomevita.com with a resume and little bit about yourself.

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Rocket Fuel (https://www.rocketfuel.com/careers) is hiring engineers ONSITE in Redwood City (Bay Area), Seattle, and South Norwalk. Looking for senior engineers to join our Artificial Intelligence, Server Infrastructure, Data Infrastructure, Web Applications, QA, and Ground Control teams.

We process 150 Billion bid requests per day - that’s more than 1.7 million per second and 43 times the number of searches run on Google in a day! Want to know how we do this?

Check out what it's like to be an engineer at Rocket Fuel here: https://vimeo.com/141842885

Rocket Fuel is a leading programmatic marketing platform that learns. Through artificial intelligence at big data scale, we optimize performance, awareness, and lift across channels for agencies and marketers. At over 1,000 employees strong, our bold and innovative team continues to reach new frontiers while fueling incredible success for our customers.

If you're interested in any of our openings found here (https://www.rocketfuel.com/careers) please send us your resume and roles you're interested in to recruiting@rocketfuelinc.com.

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Endgame’s security platform enables organizations to hunt for adversaries within their networks and secure their most valuable assets. We are characterized by a high degree of autonomy and flexibility, intellectual engagement, and a competitive compensation structure that rewards performance. We work within a fast-paced, driven, and flexible work environment that allows for both professional growth, as well as unwinding through team events like weekend family brunches, happy hours, and outdoor activities. Endgame values engagement within the tech community. We provide opportunities for open source contributions, speaking at meetups or conferences, and participating in our technical blog.

Open Engineering positions: https://www.endgame.com/careers

Sr. Back End (Python)- SF and VA Sr. Front End (React and node.js) Arlington, VA only DevOps- SF and VA

Endgame is unable to sponsor H1-B or other visas at this time. Email gsarria@endgame.com if interested

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Yammer (Microsoft) | Software Engineer | San Francisco, Seattle | VISA https://careers.microsoft.com/yammer

Hiring all roles (mobile, front end, java services, infrastructure) in San Francisco and Seattle.

Yammer's mission has always been to connect people with information to enable better, faster decisions. We believe effective communication involves more than chat rooms (though we use those too!). A big part of the mission I enjoy is that we are sparking cultural changes in our customers; to become transparent workplaces, with fewer silos and greater connections across the org chart from left to right and bottom to top.

Since winning TechCrunch in 2008 our growth has been exponential year over year. Over the last 4 years as a part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, we've been quietly tying our systems together with the O365 fabric while continuing to improve the experience using our tried-and-true data-driven methods. We know everything we ship has an impact, and precisely how much.

We create with vim, SublimeText, IntelliJ, and GitHub; run on Macs and Ubuntu; write Swift & ObjC, Java (Dropwizard), Python, and Ruby on Rails; manage PostgreSQL, HBase, RabbitMQ, Memcache, HAProxy, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Storm, Kibana, and Vertica clusters at scale; and automate using Puppet, Docker, Mesos, Marathon and Azure across physical data center & cloud environments.

We have two floors in the "Twitter building" at 10th and Market in San Francisco, where we work next to the Outlook Mobile, MileIQ, Volumetrix, and other acquired startup teams. It's a fantastic, open, creative space.

If San Francisco isn't your thing, we have a large sibling team in Seattle (Redmond). We're hiring for all roles in both locations!

Microsoft pays very competitively, invests in employees, and is highly supportive of a diverse and respectful workplace. It's a startup atmosphere with the stability and maturity of a large company, which makes it a perfect balance for me.

If you have questions about a role I'd be happy to talk over email or in person. (I've been at Yammer for 7 years.)

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John Hancock Digital | Team Lead/Principal Engineer & Full Stack Developer (Ruby on Rails) & QA Engineer & UX Researcher/Designer | San Francisco, CA | FULL TIME | ONSITE

John Hancock Digital uses machine learning, mobile chat innovation and automated money management to help millions of families better manage their finances. Our team has the impact and excitement of a startup with the resources and stability of a Fortune 500 company.

We are finishing an MVP and starting to refresh the product using Swift and Ruby/Rails. Our work involves complex integrations with leading aggregation and clearing providers to enable real-time money movement, portfolio management and intelligent financial guidance.

We are currently looking to grow our team and are looking for experienced Team Lead/Principal Engineer, Full Stack Developer (Ruby on Rails), QA Engineer, and a UX Researcher/Designer. Join us as we redefine what’s possible on mobile.

Find more information here https://angel.co/john-hancock-digital or https://www.johnhancockdigital.com/ Or feel free to directly get in touch with me, Nahyun (Team Operations) here: nahyun@johnhancockdigital.com. Let's chat!

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ENDGAME Locations: Arlington, VA | San Francisco, CA |

Endgame’s security platform enables organizations to hunt for adversaries within their networks and secure their most valuable assets. We are characterized by a high degree of autonomy and flexibility, intellectual engagement, and a competitive compensation structure that rewards performance. We work within a fast-paced, driven, and flexible work environment that allows for both professional growth, as well as unwinding through team events like weekend family brunches, happy hours, and outdoor activities. Endgame values engagement within the tech community. We provide opportunities for open source contributions, speaking at meetups or conferences, and participating in our technical blog.

Endgame is unable to sponsor H1-B or other visas at this time.

OPEN POSITIONS: SF/VA Senior Software Engineer (Back End) Python VA Senior Software Engineer (Front End) React/Node.js SF/VA DevOps Engineer (Fulltime and Contract)

Apply: https://www.endgame.com/careers or email gsarria@endgame.com

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People.ai, Inc. | Sr. Software Engineer | SF | ONSITE | https://people.ai

Y Combinator-Backed People.ai is Hiring Engineers to Help Us Build AI for Better Team Management

People don’t quit their jobs, they quit their managers. Everyone has had a manager that makes them not want to come to work. Everyone has had a manager who regularly forces their team to chase their own tail doing meaningless work.

Why? Because most managers manage their teams blindly. They don't hire, coach and promote based on data. Instead, they make decisions based on their gut, either because they don’t have the data to make better decisions or because they don’t know how to make sense out of it.

Not anymore. At People.ai we’re helping managers make decisions about their team based on data, not intuition.

We’re starting with sales teams because they’re a particularly notorious black box. No manager today can definitively say what makes a “top performer” do better than a “low performer.” People.ai is solving that by making sales transparent and building the world’s first AI for managing sales teams.

We have a 10+ person team and are actively looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join us. Our team needs someone with full-stack/backend development experience as well as a deep background in Python, Linux, AWS, REST APIs and machine learning. Salesforce API experience is a plus!

This isn’t just another job. Your input will be incredibly important as we’re currently shifting from to a microservices architecture. You’ll have an opportunity to make a major impact on a number of our microservices and ML/big data infrastructure as we are turning our MVP into a massively scalable product.

We offer a competitive salary with equity, a cool company culture, lunches and free snacks and drinks. At this time we are unable to provide visa sponsorship.

People.ai is located within walking distance of Caltrain in San Francisco.

Join us as we work towards quantifying people management!

Apply here: https://peopleai.workable.com/jobs/377022

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Entelo | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | On-site

Entelo helps companies build better teams. We use predictive analytics and large volumes of data to help companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Tesla hire better and faster. We also care deeply about promoting diversity in tech.

We're a small, efficient engineering team that's growing very quickly, and we're hiring for many roles including:

* Architect

* Data Engineer

* Data Scientist

* Senior Backend Engineer

* Senior Software Engineer

* Software Engineer

Our stack includes Ruby, Go, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, React, Lambda, Spark, Docker, Elasticsearch, CoreOS, AWS, and more. We work on interesting problems like predicting when someone will leave their job and matching people to jobs they didnt even know they wanted. There's a large market opportunity for a fast-moving, modern HR company, and we have a lot of growth ahead of us.

If you're interested, check out our open positions at https://www.entelo.com/careers, or better yet email me directly at nate at entelo dot com.

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Raise.me | Full time | SF (ONSITE) | Senior Full-Stack Engineer, Full-Stack Engineer, Lead iOS Engineer, Lead Data Scientist

Raise.me is expanding access to college by reinventing how scholarships are awarded (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/21/technology/got-an-a-in-alg...). We're a Series A funded startup backed by top investors such as First Round Capital. We're looking for engineers and offer a meaningful equity stake along with great benefits and competitive pay.

Tech stack: Ruby/Rails, Node microservices, Go microservices, React.js/Redux frontend

Here are the listings: https://www.raise.me/jobs

Apply to jobs[AT]raise.me or you can email me directly at ryan[AT]raise.me.

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Whale | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full-time | iOS Engineer |$80,000-$125,000 + Equity 0.25%-1.5%

Whale is looking for a senior iOS engineer to join our small team of five. Currently, we are focused on building a video Q&A platform on iOS. Whale is co-founded by Justin Kan (Twitch, Y Combinator, Socialcam, Exec) along with an experienced team that includes Ranidu Lankage (Sri Lankan pop artist,Google exec) and Leo Chen (2X Startup founder funded by 500 startups and former Amazon executive).

Why you should join: - You’ll join an experienced team in the early stages - You’ll learn a lot about startups - You’ll have a lot of fun working here (see our vlog: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOJA271-R8nLu9PMU1mzJUQ/vid...)

Responsibilities: - Build new features to support our growing & fast moving iOS app - Work with product designer to iterate on an idea quickly, from prototype to the App Store - Implement custom UI using the latest iOS APIs - Solve many of the challenging performance issues that come with mobile video - Investigate crashes and fix bugs

Who we’re looking for: - At least 3 years of experience building consumer apps that real people use - Proven experience working with video & audio on iOS - A Swift expert

Email hi@askwhale.com with your GitHub profile & sample projects we can build locally and play with.

More info here


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Android Engineer – poynt.com - Poynt –Palo Alto, CA (ONSITE)

We’re seeking a full-time Android Engineer that knows how to make their way around the AOSP stack.

You'll be responsible for building, launching and maintaining Poynt OS (our secure version of Android + payments firmware that’s gone through PCI-PTS certification ) that will help small business from all around the world process payments in new ways: EMV, NFC, old-school magstripe, other future payment methods. We also build tools for pushing out software updates and capabilities to Poynt devices.

We’re a team of Xooglers, Ex-Amazonians, and Ex-PayPals. We have commitments from all across the world (U.S., Brazil, etc.) to replace brick-looking Verifone and Ingenico payment terminals with our Poynt devices.

Poynt has $28M in funding from Oak Investment Partners, Matrix Partners, and Google Ventures.

If you're interested in joining us as an early software engineer, learning about the payments industry, changing the landscape of payments, learning about what it takes to build payments hardware that’s always connected and have deep Android expertise

-- send your info to careers at poynt.com

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Kaggle | San Francisco | Full Time | ONSITE or REMOTE | Software Engineering

Technologies: C#; ASP.NET MVC; React; TypeScript; Docker; Azure.

You can read the job req and apply here: http://kaggle.applytojob.com/apply/GjSjOi/FullStack-Engineer...

Kaggle is best known as a platform for machine learning competitions. We have a community of over 730K data scientists. We're on track to grow past 1MM in the coming months. Now also building a sharing-and-collaboration platform (closest analogy is Github for data science: https://www.kaggle.com/kernels)

Three of our engineers have come via HN posts, so we take HN referrals very seriously.

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High Fidelity -- San Francisco, CA -- Fulltime, ONSITE but work from home friendly.

High Fidelity was created in 2013, our mission is to create a new kind of virtual reality platform. Team High Fidelity has a deep legacy of expertise in software development, social entertainment, peer-based recognition systems, community development, and workforce mobilization. We believe that both the hardware and the internet infrastructure are now available to give people around the world access to an interconnected Metaverse that will offer a broad range of capabilities for creativity, education, exploration, and play. And by using all of our computers together in an open shared network, we can simulate this space at a far larger scale than would be possible by any single company or centrally hosted system. By using a range of new hardware devices like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Leap Motion & Perception Neuron, the experience of exploring these worlds can be incredibly immersive and the interaction with others lifelike and emotional.

We are looking for software engineers with solid experience in C++ and Javascript to help us build the Metaverse. Openings can be viewed at http://highfidelity.com/jobs. To apply, email us your resume or LinkedIn profile. Sample code and links to things you’ve built are most welcome. hiring@highfidelity.io

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Opendoor - www.opendoor.com - San Francisco, CA - https://www.opendoor.com/jobs

At Opendoor we're changing the way homes are bought and sold. Moving is one of life’s most stressful events. We empower people with a simpler, more thoughtful approach to buying or selling their home. We have an amazing team of talented and passionate engineers and data scientists. We are looking for data scientists, front-end engineers, and generalist software engineers to help us change the real estate industry. Leadership experience is a plus.

Technologies we work with: Angular, Rails, PostGIS, Python, AWS, Webpack, Phoenix (Elixir), GoLang, Docker. Help us reinvent life’s largest and most important transaction. Please email directly at: hannah@opendoor.com

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Take a stab at our little challenge and ensure your CV gets reviewed by our team: curl http://challenge.shopcurbside.com Curbside is enabling a new way to shop, built for the era of instant mobile commerce. The Curbside app makes it easy to find, buy and pickup products at nearby stores. Curbside searches realtime local inventory across retailers and uses location-based technologies to alert stores when a customer is arriving for a pickup. Curbside helps consumers quickly get what they need and helps retailers better serve their increasingly mobile centric customers. The Curbside Merchant Console enables alerts to staff as customers arrive to pick up orders and also manages online order workflow.

Curbside’s investors include Sutter Hill Ventures, Index Ventures, Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Gil Elbaz & David Waxman’s TenOneTen and Chicago Ventures.

Tech Stack: Clojure, Python, Javascript, iOS, Android, Elasticsearch

Problem space: mobile commerce, big data, search, machine learning, reverse engineering, distributed systems, location services, user experience.

http://www.shopcurbside.com/jobs • Palo Alto, Ca. • Relocation Available • Sorry at this time we cannot sponsor NEW H-1B’s, but we can transfer existing visa’s and sponsor new E3’s, TN’s, and O-1’s.

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Repl.it | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | onsite https://repl.it/site/jobs

We're building a platform for teachers to teach programming, for students to practice programming, and for programmers to run and share code on the go.

Since our Classroom product (https://repl.it/classroom) launch we've been growing exponentially and as a team of 3 we can barely keep up with the growth. We are still at the seed stage so it's a great time to join the company and have a big impact.

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Euclid Analytics | Senior Backend Engineer | San Francisco (SF), CA, ONSITE Only | euclidanalytics.com

- Who we are: We're a Series C funded startup with just over 30 people and our tight-knit team is focused on using Wi-Fi data to help retailers make better decisions. We create analytics products based on substantial amounts of data–100gb/day & growing.

- Roles: We are looking to add an experienced Backend Engineer with a background in Scala and Spark to join our team.

- Tech Stack includes: Scala, Python, Spark, Kafka, MySQL, Redshift, AWS, and Mesos.

- Interview process: Intro call with our tech recruiter, a phone interview with a hiring manager and a take-home technical assessment. This is followed up by a day of technical onsite interviews and lunch. For programming questions you're welcome to use your own laptop or one that we provide–we won't make you write code on a whiteboard!

- Contact: sheinrich@euclidanalytics.com

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Aurora Solar | WebGL Graphics, Frontend, Backend Engineer | Palo Alto, CA | http://www.aurorasolar.com/ Onsite, Full-Time, Interns, H1B

We are building the software platform that powers the the solar industry. Our clients are companies that work on transitioning our society to a future of sustainable energy by selling, designing and installing solar installations. Aurora enables them to do their job better, faster, and more efficiently. Aurora is a cloud-based SaaS solution that allows solar installers to build 3D models of buildings and trees, simulate the impact of shading on a homeowner’s roof, design advanced solar systems, calculate the financial return of a solar system and generate beautiful sales proposals. Installers have used our software to close hundreds of millions of dollars in solar sales, and we continue to strive towards making solar energy more widely available.

Please check our openings on http://www.aurorasolar.com/careers

Frontend Techstack: Ember, Coffee/Javascript, Three.js, WebGL

Backend Techstack: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, RabbitMQ, Python

If you're interested in working with us, email me at jshum@aurorasolar.com. Mention you’re from HN and let me know what you’ve been working on lately.

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Cloudstitch | San Francisco | Full-time | REMOTE OK

Join a Y Combinator company (S15) building the future of web publishing stacks. Think GitHub Pages, but powered by MS Office & Google Docs. We handle all the hard engineering under the hood, and our users interact with their sites as if they were just spreadsheets and shared doc folders. We're already powering millions of pageviews for thousands of developers, and we have the whole web in our sights.

We're currently hiring our founding engineering team of full-stack (Node) and front-end developers. Great opportunity to have a large impact and generous equity.

https://www.cloudstitch.com/ Email ted@cloudstitch.com and/or visit https://www.cloudstitch.com/hiring

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Uber | San Francisco & Seattle | Full-time

Uber's Security team works to ensure the security of all code, systems and data used by our riders, drivers, and partners. Product Security is responsible for working with engineers to design, build, advise and review security concerns across a diverse variety of projects.

You will be relied upon to provide engineering and product teams with the security expertise necessary to make confident product decisions. You will be finding security vulnerabilities through manual review, tools you build or 1:1s with other engineers. You will write code to systemically fix security issues across the codebase. You will advise teams on the best way to build something to prevent future security issues.

We're looking for people with backend, web, and mobile experience to join our teams in San Francisco or Seattle. Please send an email to prodsec-recruiting-group@uber.com with your resume and/or LinkedIn and my team will get back to you!

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Academia.edu | Full Stack Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite

Academia.edu is addressing two problems:

- Open access. The goal here is to put every academic pdf ever written on the internet, available for free. - The reproducibility crisis. It has emerged over the last few years that 65-90% of the scientific literature is not reproducible. What this means is that if you try to reproduce the experiments described in a paper, 65-90% of the time you will not get the same findings. This is known as "the reproducibility crisis"

With regard to open access, Academia allows academics to upload papers to Academia, and make them freely available. Academics have uploaded about 14 million pdfs to Academia.edu, and upload about 1 million a month. About 30 million people come to Academia each month to access and share papers.

With regard to reproducibility, we think the way to solve the reproducibility crisis is to build a new peer review system that (a) crowd-sources peer review from the academic community and (b) provides credit to material that journals don't publish (data-sets, code, replications, failed replications).

Academia has built a recommendation system which is the basis of our approach to (a) and (b). We realize that addressing reproducibility is a huge challenge. We need mission-driven engineers to come and help us. We have raised $28 million from Tencent, Khosla Ventures, Spark Capital, and True Ventures. Bijan Sabet from Spark Capital writes "We believe open science is really important. We believe Academia.edu is going to have a profound impact on the world."

We are looking to hire full stack software engineers. Technologies we use include Ruby, Rails, Postgres, DynamoDB, React. Our office is in downtown San Francisco. For more information, visit http://academia.edu/hiring. If you are interested to learn more, please email Richard Price at richard [at] academia.edu

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Al Jazeera Digital | San Francisco | Full-time

Well, inventing the future of news media isn't easy and we need you to work with us. Al Jazeera Digital is pretty simple: we're international, operating in three languages - English, Arabic and Spanish - and we want to tell compelling stories in innovative ways in a media landscape that is constantly changing. At Al Jazeera Digital, you not only get to work in our coffee-factory-turned-office building with journalists from around the world but you get the creative freedom to tell the stories that matter - to you and to the world.

We need engineers because the world of content is complex - we're growing rapidly and are looking to bring on great engineers to solve problems of rich APIs, Machine Learning, Recommendation Engines, and CMSes that power a world class organization.

Email bhatnagara @ aljazeera.net and mention that you're coming in from HackerNews.

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Meteor | Software Developer | San Francisco | REMOTE

Work on open source software to help people build better apps. This includes the Meteor JavaScript app platform and the Apollo GraphQL client and associated tools.

We're a very small but efficient team, with good work-life balance, flexible schedule and location, and interesting and challenging work.

Learn more and apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/meteor/5e11e6cf-5303-4c12-a3e7-11e5f8d...

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Sentieo | Performance Marketing | SF or NYC | Full Time | ONSITE

We are looking for an analytical and data driven marketer focused on digital demand generation. The ideal candidate will have experience running digital channels at a successful and modern SaaS organization.

Sentieo (www.sentieo.com) is the first true modern alternative to Bloomberg and CapitalIQ. Built by former hedge fund analysts, our platform overlays cutting edge search, collaboration and visualization tools on financial data sets to allow investors to supercharge their research and make better investment decisions.

Our product is currently being used at 100+ top hedge funds, investment banks and mutual funds around the world. We are a well-funded, fast growing financial data startup which is quickly earning ground in a $100Bn+ global market.

With offices in New York, San Francisco, and Delhi, you will be joining a global team of 80 that is constantly striving to deliver value to our clients through excellence and innovation. To see open positions and apply, visit https://sentieo.com/content/pages/careers.html

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Sentieo | Customer Success Manager | SF or NYC | Full Time | ONSITE

Are you a Customer Success Manager who is enthusiastic about making sure customers are engaged and happy with software? Then come join our team. The ideal candidate has experience managing customer success at a modern SaaS organization. You should be very comfortable running educational and communication campaigns to teach our users about new and existing features, and using data analytics to refine campaigns.

Sentieo (www.sentieo.com) is the first true modern alternative to Bloomberg and CapitalIQ. Built by former hedge fund analysts, our platform overlays cutting edge search, collaboration and visualization tools on financial data sets to allow investors to supercharge their research and make better investment decisions.

Our product is currently being used at 100+ top hedge funds, investment banks and mutual funds around the world. We are a well-funded, fast growing financial data startup which is quickly earning ground in a $100Bn+ global market.

With offices in New York, San Francisco, and Delhi, you will be joining a global team of 80 that is constantly striving to deliver value to our clients through excellence and innovation. To see open positions and apply, visit https://sentieo.com/content/pages/careers.html

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Sentieo | Content and Social Media Marketing | SF or NYC | Full Time | ONSITE

We’re looking for a creative and data driven marketer focused on creating content and managing our social media engagement. The ideal candidate would have experience managing content creation at a successful and modern SaaS organization.

Sentieo (www.sentieo.com) is the first true modern alternative to Bloomberg and CapitalIQ. Built by former hedge fund analysts, our platform overlays cutting edge search, collaboration and visualization tools on financial data sets to allow investors to supercharge their research and make better investment decisions.

Our product is currently being used at 100+ top hedge funds, investment banks and mutual funds around the world. We are a well-funded, fast growing financial data startup which is quickly earning ground in a $100Bn+ global market.

With offices in New York, San Francisco, and Delhi, you will be joining a global team of 80 that is constantly striving to deliver value to our clients through excellence and innovation. To see open positions and apply, visit https://sentieo.com/content/pages/careers.html

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HealthLoop | Mountain View, CA | Onsite | Full-time | Data Engineer | $75,000-$95,000

HealthLoop is looking for a Data Engineer to help build out our data management, reporting, and analytics infrastructure. As an industry-leading patient engagement and outcomes application, HealthLoop houses an interesting and unique data set that incorporates a growing number of data sources, from hospital systems to fitness devices. Help us turn these data into the next generation of healthcare technology!

As a Data Engineer at HealthLoop, you will be responsible for:

* Instrumenting the web and mobile applications to measure the effectiveness and usage patterns of features

* Querying for data sets around usage, split testing, etc. to inform product management and UX design

* Creating infrastructure to make data available to enterprise customers (hospitals, payers, etc)

* Building access layers and rule sets to support complex data sharing agreements and restrictions

* Writing SQL queries to support business users

contact: tom@healthloop.com

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NoRedInk | Front-end, Backend, Infrastructure Engineer | San Francisco, CA | REMOTE Pacific Time (PST) to Central European Time (CET)

We’re an ed-tech company on a mission to help all students become strong writers! Our team may be small, but NoRedInk is used by 1 in 3 school districts in the US, and students have answered over 1 billion questions on our platform.

We’re a group of friendly people who listen to and learn from each other. We discuss past mistakes openly so we can adapt our processes to the challenges that come with progress. Puns flow freely across our San Francisco office as well as on Slack, and we have remote engineers spanning six different time zones.

Our engineering team [1] prides itself on code quality and innovation. We use the cutting-edge Elm programming language for all our new front-end code, and have been migrating legacy React code to Elm as well. We started with Ruby on Rails on our backend, and have lately been working to introduce Elixir to our stack. You can read about our experiences with these technologies on our team blog! [2]

In addition to spending work hours open-sourcing useful libraries we develop [3], we also invest financially in open source. We hired the creator of Elm, Evan Czaplicki, to develop Elm full time. [4] Evan discusses his plans for the language with the team every week, periodically pairs with other engineers on Elm, and cracks up members of the sales team with his lunchtime jokes.

We use Amazon AWS for our infrastructure and automate all of our deployments using OpsWorks and Chef. We write a lot of tests, and use Jenkins for continuous integration. Our process for new features begins with our product team and in-house visual designer, continues with a GitHub pull request from a feature branch into master, and ends with our in-house QA specialist trying to break it before it reaches production.

We’re hiring both engineers who have been around the block many times, as well as those who started their careers just a couple years ago. We’re looking for engineers who want to work on a mission that makes a difference and who are the type of collaborators that value kindness and open-mindedness, over convincing the group they’re right.

After having hired 4 junior engineers in the past quarter, we are currently only hiring engineers with professional programming experience in order to better provide mentorship to our current junior engineers. If you'd like to be considered for this position once it reopened please let us know at jr-engineer-job@noredink.com and we'll reach out to you once the position is available again.

You can learn more about what it’s like working here through Hardy’s on-boarding blog post: http://tech.noredink.com/post/143787279069/on-boarding-as-a-...

You can learn more about our interview process through Dui’s hiring blog post: http://tech.noredink.com/post/145260396603/our-engineering-h...

If you’re interested, please apply through our jobs page! https://www.noredink.com/jobs

  [1] https://www.noredink.com/about/team
  [2] http://tech.noredink.com/
  [3] https://github.com/NoRedInk/
  [4] http://tech.noredink.com/post/136615783598/welcome-evan

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Reddit | San Francisco | Full-Time | Onsite | iOS & Android Engineers

tldr: join Reddit's mobile team of 5 engineers and ship apps to millions of people.

You may have heard of a little site called Reddit that's kind of similar to Hacker News. What you may not know is that the team that builds our official apps just turned 1 year old and is still only 5 engineers with backgrounds from big companies like Instagram and Google to startups like Weebly and Sincerely. A couple of us, including me, were actually startup founders ourselves.

Despite Reddit drama (which doesn't really effect engineering), our engineering team is in better shape than ever. Our apps are well loved at 4.5+ stars on both platforms, and used by millions of people every month. We're planning to grow fast on the mobile team over the next year and are hiring for iOS and Android at pretty much all levels of experience.

<my hackernews username> @ reddit.com

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ShopPad | Software Engineer (Full-stack, PHP) | Oakland, CA | ONSITE | http://www.theshoppad.com

ShopPad develops award-winning, SaaS products used by tens of thousands of eCommerce merchants around the globe.

We work with exciting companies like Tesla Automotive, General Electric, Sundance Film Festival, Acer Computers, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Nine West, 5-Hour Energy Drink and many more to deliver eCommerce experiences that perform and delight. Our founders are experienced entrepreneurs and we're backed by some of the best angels in the Bay. Our office is located in Oakland's Uptown neighborhood — just a few blocks from 19th Street BART.

About You: You'll be working with PHP 5.6, JavaScript (Angular & Vue.js), HTML5, CSS3, Git, the Linux command line, MongoDB, with some Node mixed in. Familiarity with eCommerce, Shopify, 3rd-party API's or AWS is a plus, so be sure to mention if you have a background in any of those. Experience comes in many forms and passion goes a long way, so please consider applying even if you aren't intimate with our entire stack.

About The Role: As a full-stack developer on our apps team, you'll work with a small, close-knit team to create beautiful products at scale. You'll be empowered with the authority to make decisions that materially affect the company's future. This is a great place for builders, makers, and hackers who want to create something great. Every day you'll get to work on some of Shopify's most popular apps and help us to create new ones. You will own everything you build, being responsible for architecture decisions and scaling your solution to meet customer demand. Compensation includes: competitive salary, equity, medical/dental/vision/commuter benefits. PTO with 15 paid holidays (incl. some fun ones like your birthday, Valentine's day, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, etc). Flexible hours where everyone works from home / remote once a week. Plus a fully-stocked kitchen with snacks & beverages.

If you're excited about having a big influence on software used by millions every day, then we'd love to hear from you! Please send your resume and cover letter to careers-417@theshoppad.com

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Peek.com | DevOps Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | On Site

Do you want to work in a fun, vibrant environment where you're excited to get to work every morning? Are you excited about travel and activities? If so, then you're perfect for Peek! We're revolutionizing the travel space with the peek.com web and mobile apps to help travelers find and book activities that they love, and at the same time building the Peek Pro platform which empowers tour operators to better manage and grow their businesses.

We're looking for a devops engineer as well as a back-end engineer who can help us plan and execute the next phase of our platform's growth. We run a Docker stack on AWS that is managed by Kubernetes; the services themselves are written in Ruby, Elixir, React and Ember.js. We are also moving towards building an event stream architecture, so experience with (or interest in) working with an ELK stack or similar would be great. If you can roll up your sleeves and also help with technology strategy and planning, then you'd be perfect for either position. You can find out more on our jobs page: http://peek.com/jobs

Or the direct link to the DevOps posting: http://peekpro.com/jobs/?gh_jid=232280

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Quartzy | Palo Alto, CA | http://quartzy.com | Full-time | Onsite

Quartzy's marketplace team builds systems to help find our users the best price possible for materials they use every day in their labs. We’re on a quest for an extraordinary application engineer who will join us to help grow and improve our marketplace applications.

You are a self-starter with a bias for action, and you can take projects from start to finish. You want to work as part of a small, tightly-knit team that moves quickly and pushes changes to production many times a day. You always admired your friends in science, but your knack for computers led you to programming.

Quartzy is a global two-sided marketplace for the life sciences. Our platform helps labs order scientific supplies ranging from beakers to capital equipment; we make life easier and save money for scientists and lab managers in academia and at pharma and biotech companies. We give the software away for free and earn revenue when labs buy their supplies from us. With over 200,000 scientists from all over the world relying on Quartzy, we help accelerate the pace of scientific discovery, and we need your help to accelerate our own pace as well.

What we're looking for: - You have three or more years of experience writing clean, thoughtfully crafted PHP that scales. - You have experience with other parts of our technology stack: MySQL, Redis, Beanstalkd, RabbitMQ, nginx, Git. - You have the ability and desire to own projects that directly impact Quartzy's bottom line. - You are a strong communicator. You write well and can easily explain complex technical concepts to non-technical people.

Does that sound like you? We'd love to hear from you -- go here to read the whole job description and apply: http://grnh.se/7nl1uo

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Sugarcube | Front-end Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, Linux Graphics / Video Engineer | Full time, Contract | San Francisco, Remote

At Sugarcube our mission is to create a global Wi-Fi network so we can provide internet access for everyone on this planet.. and the next!

How do we plan to do that? You can get a sneak peek with our first product from our website: https://getsugarcube.com

Interested in learning more?

tech stack: HTML 5 / CSS 3 / JavaScript / Mithril.js / Vue.js / Golang / C / Python / OpenGL ES / Gstreamer / FFmpeg / Embedded Linux

Email us at:

jobs+hn (at) getsugarcube (dot) com

with your resume/CV and we'll get back to you within 48 hours!

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Tesorio (YC S'15) | Senior Full-Stack & Backend Engineers | Burlingame, CA | ONSITE REMOTE https://www.tesorio.com/careers/

* Senior Backend Engineer: build microservices to interconnect accounting software & work on our webapp's backend (Python/Django)

* Senior Full Stack Engineer: work with our frontend stack (React/ES6) & our backend stack (Python/Django)

* Apply to any of these roles here: https://www.tesorio.com/careers/

Tesorio is a Y Combinator-backed startup that is building the next-generation of business finance & transactions. In the same way that Stripe modernized payment processing, we want to do the same but for business finance.

We are developing machine learning algorithms to understand business cash needs, predictive algorithms to forecast future cash flow, and a sleek UI/UX to make our products enjoyable to work with.

We raised a seed round led by top investors including First Round Capital (Uber + Warby Parker), Floodgate Capital (Twitter + Lyft), Fuel Capital (Layer + CoreOS), Red Swan (Coinbase + Buffer), Slow Ventures (early Facebook team), Hillsven Capital (founders of Ariba), and Paul Buchheit (creator of Gmail, YC Partner).

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Quizlet | Android Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, https://quizlet.com/

Full-stack Web Engineer

Quizlet is a pioneer in education technology with tens of millions of active users and HUGE growth ahead. We’re seeking talented and experienced developers who want to build learning tools that empower students and teachers globally. We’re backed by Union Square Ventures, Costanoa Venture Capital, Altos Ventures and Owl Ventures. Our business model is strong and got us to profitability before raising venture capital money. Come join a small team of engineers building and deploying new products to over 20 million active users a month.

The Role

Each engineer at Quizlet gets the opportunity to punch above their weight — owning entire projects and striving for excellence and quality in design, architecture, performance and user experience. Being a member of a small, nimble team tackling big problems means that you can get creative about what technologies you deploy.

We are scaling rapidly at Quizlet. Over 20M users a month depend on us for their daily studies and demand innovative new learning tools and games. This means big engineering challenges that require smart, creative people to solve them. What are you passionate about? What technological challenges excite you? Whether it’s building robust APIs, deploying front-end performance improvements, architecting new search infrastructure, or designing new learning games, the odds are we have a challenge here you’ll be excited about.

Qualifications and Experience

The ideal candidate should have:

  - Years of proven experience building their own websites, web apps, or other independent or professional software projects
  - A strong CS background and ability to pick up new languages and skills quickly
  - Experience working in a team environment on large-scale systems
  - A passion for writing clean code and a desire to constantly improve as an engineer
  - Be deeply excited about the impact his or her work could have in the lives of students and teachers every day
Web technology: ES6, React, Stylus, XHP, Hack/HHVM

Quizlet’s Team Culture

We’re extremely proud of the powerful impact our study tools are having on people’s lives across the U.S. and the world. Our focus on quality, usability, and performance across all platforms has helped Quizlet grow organically to a top U.S. web brand with top-ten education apps on iOS and Android. We regularly visit classrooms across the Bay Area to see Quizlet’s users in action. We believe in teamwork and communication, and we believe in each other — every member has the confidence and flexibility to take a stab at new problems across functions. We love technology and we love helping people. Come join us!

How to apply: email tim@quizlet.com with your resume and link to your Github profile.

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Thumbtack | https://thumbtack.com | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

Thumbtack is a local services marketplace that connects millions of customers with the right professionals for anything they need done.

We are a friendly, ambitious team of 100+ engineers in a bright SoMa office with daily home-cooked food, backed by Sequoia and Google Capital. Together, we are disrupting a $700B market in the US alone where word of mouth is still the status quo.

We're looking for engineers and SREs interested in working with Go, Scala/Spark, PHP, Angular, iOS, Android, and AWS. We're also looking for data scientists interested in predictive modeling, machine learning, and experimental design and analysis. Join us!

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Scribie | San Francisco, CA | Speech Recognition Engineer | Full Time | Onsite

Scribie is an audio/video transcription service where we manually convert interviews, meetings, teleconferences, podcasts and other spoken audio files to text via our 4-step process which guarantees high accuracy. We have tons of high quality data, audio files and their corresponding transcripts. We would like to build a ASR system and use our data to train it with the aim to eventually achieving a high enough accuracy to replace the first step our process which is manual typing.

The key skills we are looking for are:

- Hands-on experience with speech recognitions systems, eg. Kaldi

- Knowledge of major components of an ASR systems

Drop me a line at rajiv@scribie.com if you're interested in taking up this challenging position.

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Scale API (YC S16) | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full-time | $80,000-$120,000 + Equity 0.25%-1.5%

Scale API (YC S16) is looking for software engineers and machine learning engineers to join our small team of 3. Scale API is an API for human intelligence. Our mission is to bring human intelligence to software applications. By combining machine learning and a human workforce, we're actively bridging the gap between what software can do and what humans can do. Our current clients include Alphabet (Google), Uber, Procter & Gamble, Houzz, and many more.

Why you should join:

- We're working on a core problem for our decade - bringing human intelligence to software - We have great traction and revenue and are growing quickly - We're a talented team with experience from Quora, Snapchat, Facebook, Palantir, MIT, and CMU.

Email careers@scaleapi.com with your GitHub and LinkedIn profiles

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Pluto AI | Palo Alto, California | Data Scientist | Full-time | Onsite

We are enabling our customers to analyze and understand the real time data coming from internet-connected devices like sensors and smart meters. Our analytics engine digs deep in to the data to uncover actionable insights using Deep Learning algorithms. The platform provides real time alerting and a command center view of consumption trends, leakage, overallocation, conditional monitoring, and many more things. The platform has to process high volumes of time-series data.

A couple of things needed for this role: - Good knowledge of machine learning algorithms, data science tools, and time-series data analysis - Proficiency with Python - Experience with time series databases and stream processing systems - Knowledge of various data preprocessing techniques

If you would like to grab coffee and learn more, email us at founders@plutoai.com.

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Pixlee | San Francisco, Toronto | Full Time | ONSITE

Pixlee is revolutionizing the relationship between people and brands. We help companies leverage customer photos/videos from social media to improve marketing.

We work with over 100+ customers, including top brands such as Converse, Kenneth Cole, UGG Australia, Mattel, Charlotte Russe, Marriott Hotels, and AMC Theatres, to drive higher online conversion, increase performance of owned media, and create a more authentic brand experience. A graduate of the Stanford StartX accelerator, Pixlee is an Andreessen Horowitz and XSeed Capital portfolio company. As a rapidly growing startup, we are constantly looking for talented people to join the Pixlee team and to help us revolutionize the intersection of big data and social media. At Pixlee we work hard, love to learn, and value teamwork and humility. We’ve got a big vision and we’re looking for game changers to join our team.

We look for talented, high-potential individuals who aren’t jerks. Our proposition to them is simple: Pixlee offers a unique opportunity to thrive and grow rapidly in a small-team startup environment operating at big-company scale. Our customers are some of the largest brands in the world and everything you do here affects millions of consumers.

We believe in using the right technology for the task, and we use a mix of rails, backbone, python, scala, elasticsearch, and postgres.

For me, I've really felt that I've been able to really grow very rapidly, and also been given the autonomy to make many decisions you can't make at a much larger startup. Its a very tight knit group, and we like to have fun.

What we're looking for: - Software Engineer (SF): https://www.pixlee.com/careers?gh_jid=86332

- Software Engineer (Toronto): https://www.pixlee.com/careers?gh_jid=221012

- Frontend Engineer (SF): https://www.pixlee.com/careers?gh_jid=182363

- Frontend Engineer (Toronto): https://www.pixlee.com/careers?gh_jid=221013

- Other: http://www.pixlee.com/careers

You can also email a resume/portfolio to dennis[at]pixleeteam.com

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Optra Scan, Inc. is looking for a Director of Business Development who has a background in biomedical or life science and sales. We are located in Sunnyvale, California. Please email to juliet@optrascan.com if interested. Please see below job description/requirement. The right candidate will be holding office in our Sunnyvale office.

Job Description: Job Title: Director of Business Development Full time hours Job Requirements: • Exposure in life science and healthcare informatics • Must have good communication skills • Positive, service-oriented personality • Willingness to travel • Proven technology skills, outstanding interpersonal abilities, and strong written and verbal communication skills • At least 5 years of experience in Pre-sales/Sales/Business Development • Industry experience preferred in sales or consulting but not required • Bachelor’s degree or a combination of education and experience/exposure in life sciences, information systems or business administration. Master degree is a plus.

Job Description: • Providing demonstrations and collaborate with the sales support or account team by acting as technical experts in customer presentations. • Ability to gather technical requirements to meet client goals and act as liaison between the organization’s sales/business development and technical groups. • Respond to requests for information or requests for proposals from customers, supplying the technical details of proposed solutions. • Coordinates with Technical team • Understanding user requirements and giving customer demonstrations

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Bodyport (YC S15) | Senior Data Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE - www.bodyport.com/

At Bodyport, we are on a mission to eliminate the leading cause of death worldwide - heart disease. We are bridging the gap between hospital grade medical devices and the health tools presently available in the home. Our first product uses a novel sensor technology to rapidly screen for the major risk factors of heart disease in under fifteen seconds. The clinical-grade data measured by our system fuels algorithms aimed at predicting and preventing the onset of cardiovascular disease.

By joining us as Data Engineer, you will play a critical role at an early-stage company dedicated to bringing lifesaving medical technology into every home. You will work directly with our data science team to implement a backend that will enable the design and implementation of groundbreaking learning algorithms capable of improving the health and lives of all people.

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/bodyport/

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Startgrid | Software Engineer: Go/GoLang Data Services | Burlingame, CA; Denver CO | ONSITE, REMOTE

Startgrid's SaaS platform is being used by some of the world's largest enterprises to dramatically improve their sourcing of external innovation.

We're looking for a bright, driven Software Engineer to work collaboratively with our geographically distributed Engineering team to help design, build, and scale the middle-tier data services layer for our Enterprise SaaS platform from the ground up using Go, JSON, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, and more.

If you're interested and think you're a good fit, please shoot us an email at engrjobs@startgrid.com and let us know a bit about yourself and what you're looking for.

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Distil Networks | SF, DC (Arlington) NC (RDU), London, Stockholm | ONSITE (with a few exceptions) | We block bots on the internet.

Hey folks - Distil Networks is a growing startup in the web application security industry. We build SaaS that blocks bad bots, scrapers, and scripts from attacking our customer’s websites and APIs. This reduces fraud, content theft, spam, and helps eliminate lots of security issues. We have a global network that actively blocks web traffic based on human/ non-human signatures. Our customers love us, our investors love us, and we’re growing and hiring. We have offices in SF, DC, North Carolina, London, and Sweden! I’m a data scientist here and still have a great time, 2+ years in. I really like all my coworkers and we have a near-zero jerk count.

What we’re looking for (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks?lever-via=3TYvimYmGi):

Specifically we need:

- Data Engineer (please oh please!) (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/b81d473f-b69b-4050-a481...)

- Front end engineers (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/85ecd904-11db-4444-91bf...)

- Project manager (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/f2c280c3-3614-41c5-b506...)

- IT Director (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/211b3272-e38b-48b0-87b4...)

- Senior full stack devs (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/b8ee33fb-5a15-400c-a51a...)

- Product manager ( https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/85c669ed-c1b8-4725-b885...)

- Support engineer (London) https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/ee38f159-ea1e-467e-ba36...

- Site reliability engineers (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/3dde76b2-5153-42ac-93c4...)

- Systems engineer (Sweden and SF) (https://jobs.lever.co/distilnetworks/2a99d594-ffcb-4c15-a482...)

Many of these jobs have openings in multiple locations.

We’re also hiring for Marketing, Recruiting, Finance, and Sales! Basically everything.

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Medallia | Palo Alto (California); Washington DC (Virginia); Buenos Aires (Argentina) | Software Engineer, Front-End, Back-End, Infrastructure, DevOps, Security, iOS, Android, Mobile

News: The headquarters are moving to San Mateo and will be 26 minutes by Caltrain from San Francisco or Palo Alto (free unlimited pass.)

1) Medallia powers reports and surveys for hundreds of the world's best companies like AirBnB, Hilton, Vanguard, Mercedes-Benz, Four Seasons, Nordstrom, and Delta Airlines.

2) Sequoia recently invested more money into Medallia than they ever have in any company.

3) We use many technologies and tools on various teams, such as Java, Angular.JS, and React Native. We host some customers on AWS but the majority use our own scalable platform. Please send me your resume and I'll make sure it gets looked at: email (my HN username) @ medallia.com

- Vlad

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Amazon | AmazonUI (AUI) | Seattle; San Francisco | Onsite | Full-Time

AUI is the Front-end platform used on Amazon.com. We are modernizing the company's front end code base, while diving deep on latency, performance, API design, user experience, and cross browser/device compatibility. Basically, we need people who can build libraries, not just use them.

Our team is incredibly customer-centric. For any given situation, we have to make the right choice on behalf of the folks using our platform -- and we have to do it at scale. That may sound cliche, but within the next hour AUI will be used to generate tens of millions of page views. And that's just in the US. Worldwide, we're used on more than 95% of requests across all device categories.

It's a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of opportunity. For example, we can run experiments that change almost every page on Amazon.com. We can also impact the page load time for the entire site. We use these tools (but don't expect you to know all of them): HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Perl, Git

If you're interested in front end or mobile engineering roles, drop us an email: aui-hn (@) amazon (.) com

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Apple, Inc. | Cupertino

Apple’s Siri is looking for exceptional engineers, designers, and project managers well versed in machine learning, natural language, speech recognition, server automation, and/or mobile software development. Siri is used on countless iOS, tvOS and watchOS devices and handles over a billion requests per week.

If you’re passionate about systems administration, music, home automation, productivity or one of a variety of our open positions, you’ll be right at home!

Apply online or send a resume and a feature request to brittanyd@apple.com.

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Zeus Living (YC S11) | Marketing, Tenant Experience, Data Engineer, Finance | San Francisco | Full-time, Visa, Salary $65k-125k, 0.05%-1% https://www.zeusliving.com

About Zeus

At Zeus we're simplifying the process of being a landlord. Homeowners get a quick, fair offer from Zeus to rent out their unit, and avoid having to deal with Craigslist and all the headaches that come with being a landlord. Zeus then furnishes the unit, applies its branding and interior design, and markets the property to corporate tenants. Zeus is based in San Francisco and has properties across the Bay Area.

Zeus has raised over $3M in seed financing from Bowery Capital, Initialized Capital, Floodgate, and Google Ventures. The Zeus founders have all had previous exits and have worked in real estate and technology for over 10 years.

You can read more about the vision here: https://medium.com/@kul/introducing-zeus-713c97cec924#.ednfi...

Please reach out to me at kulveer@zeusliving.com.

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Progressly | Software Engineer | SF Bay Area; Redwood City, CA | https://progressly.com

Progressly is the new standard for how teams find and execute business processes. Progressly provides a standard format for mission-critical information along with real-time insights that have the power to streamline operations.

Our stack is React + Rails + Node on AWS. Whether you are a great backend engineer, a top-notch frontend developer, or a jack of all trades, we’d love to talk to you.

Bonus if you:

* Have built mission critical systems and services at scale

* Contribute to relevant open source projects

Apply: https://angel.co/progressly/jobs/84701-3-software-engineer

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Theorem | Multiple positions | San Francisco, CA | INTERN, VISA, ONSITE www.theoremlp.com

Theorem is a company at the intersection of technology and finance.

We are a small team of fewer than 10 with a diversity of ideas and backgrounds applying machine learning, software engineering and rigorous scientific investigation to revamp the lending and securitization space. Every member of the team has a major impact on the company's success, and gets to see their contributions working in the real world . Building good financial forecasting models is extremely challenging from both a technology and research point of view.

We’re using ideas across multiple disciplines: computer science, machine learning, statistics and biostatistics including survival analysis, supervised learning, natural language processing, imbalanced data, feature extraction and selection, and many, many other areas.

We were founded by a Google software engineer and a Morgan Stanley quant trader. We are a Y Combinator graduate and our backers include Max Levchin, Two Sigma and major VCs. We are profitable and manage over $150mm dollars. A large number of our clients are non-profits and university endowments, whom we are proud to support.

We are based in San Francisco, close to Caltrain and BART. We deeply value intellectual curiosity, creative idea generation, and close collaboration. We offer above market equity and cash compensation, and have a generous maternity leave policy.

Interested? Email us at jobs@theoremlp.com


* A high level of mathematical and statistical literacy, and an intense interest in applying quantitative analysis to do first class research.

* You should be a good scientist. You need to know when you have something and when you don’t, you cannot be fooled by randomness.

* You must be comfortable and enjoy working with data. This is the lifeblood of our business, your hypotheses start there and your testing ends there.

* You must be comfortable writing code. Nobody will be doing it for you. The better you are at it, the more efficiently you can explore the model space and find winning ideas.

* Research background devising novel approaches to solving problems and applying them to real world data to achieve robust, repeatable results.

* You’ll investigate data, construct a hypothesis, and think deeply about the results. After several iterations, you will discover something new. Instead of writing a paper, you will actually apply your ideas in the real world and see them working.

* You’ll need to care more about analysis being correct then achieving a p-value below 0.05.


* Professional experience in designing systems, and with numerical or scientific computing.

* We value correctness, maintainability, elegance, and testability of code. We want to do things the right way over just getting things “done.” We’re strict about our code style and quality so that you don’t have to spend your time tracking down other peoples’ bugs.

* Coding skill in Python, C++ or similar. We currently use Python, but welcome developers of any background, as long as you can pick up Python. Experience with numpy/scipy/pandas is a big plus.

* Experience with writing fast code (especially numerical code) , databases and dev ops preferred. Machine Learning experience is a big plus, but not required.

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SimplyCredit, Inc., | Clojure or Scala Engineers | SF or Remote (in US only) www.simplycreditinc.com

We are looking for talented Clojure and Scala engineers eager for a defining role in building a company. As an early employee you will be responsible for architecting and building key aspects of our platform, work autonomously guiding the technologies we use and create, and help develop our company and engineering culture. You’ll work directly with the founders who have deep experience in consumer lending, data science and business development from their work at companies FICO and Kaggle.


Build RESTful APIs that will power the user-facing website and mobile apps * Write secure code and ensure the privacy and safety of sensitive user information * Interface with financial system APIs such as the credit bureaus and payment systems * Architect the backend to allow for sophisticated deployment of machine learning algorithms and data science * Design and build the data warehousing infrastructure * Define key workflow infrastructure including automated testing, continuous integration, and continuous deployments Experience with PCI compliance, payment systems or other banking applications is a plus * Language/stack experience in Scala or Clojure * At least 4 years of experience with web applications * Experience building consumer products

If you’re itching to get in on the ground floor of building a new product and company, then we’d love to hear from you! Send an email with resume to jobs@simplycreditinc.com and let us know why you would be a good fit at SimplyCredit.

About SimplyCredit At SimplyCredit, our mission is to redefine consumer lending as it is known today. We believe in doing right by the consumer: no fees, no penalties, no gotchas or fine print. We want to bring sanity back to lending and ensure that consumers get the value and service they deserve. Using advanced technologies we are creating credit and lending innovations in line with these values, all delivered through seamless customer experience.

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Horizons School of Technology | Architect in Residence | San Francisco, CA | Onsite Full-time or Contract | $120k-180k http://www.joinhorizons.com/

We are looking for a Architect in Residence who is a seasoned software engineer with 5+ years of experience and deep technical and professional insights.

As an Architect in Residence you will spend 3-9 months at Horizons. During this time you will mentor students one-on-one, teach advanced subjects in a classroom and oversee ambitious student projects.

We are a group of entrepreneurs and former engineers in technology who are passionate about bridging the gap between traditional education and the tech world.

Our students have gone on to win national hackathons, land jobs at tech giants, and raise money for their startups. We find high-potential, ambitious undergraduates from (many from top schools) and we fast-track their careers by empowering them with technical skills and a professional network. Our 12-16 week immersive program teaches full-stack web application development, entrepreneurship and software engineering.

To apply email your resume to mustafa@joinhorizons.com

Job description: https://angel.co/horizonsbootcamp/jobs/187808-architect-in-r...

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Opentest | Full-Stack Software Engineer, Product Designer | SF | On-site, Full-time | $80-$120k | 0.5 - 1.0%



Contact info:

Full-Stack Engineering Position: vinay@opentest.co

Product Designer Position: shahed@opentest.co


Hey there! First, a little bit about Opentest (soon to be rebranded to Loom):

Loom is the easiest way to record videos and send them in the workplace. Currently, our video recorder is being used by almost 35,000 people around the world and it's only been out in the wild for about 6 months. Our tiny team of 4 people has only raised a small pre-seed round and has kept autonomy over the company in the short time we've been around. We plan to keep it that way and would like you to be a part of what is bound to be an incredible journey.

Here is a video I've made explaining where we are in a bit more detail:


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Cisco Meraki | Software Engineer | San Francisco | Full-Time ONSITE | https://meraki.cisco.com/jobs

Meraki is disrupting the world of traditional networking by bringing it to the cloud. Our mission is to make networking simple with ease of management through our web app called Dashboard, whether you have one local site or 500 worldwide. We make enterprise switches, firewalls, wireless access points, phones, and security cameras! Engineering at Cisco Meraki has the best of both worlds - job stability and benefits of a leading enterprise, but the Meraki magic of remaining like a SF startup in structure and culture. Meraki Engineers hack the full stack. You own your projects from start to finish and you have a lot of say in what project to tackle next! We're hiring across all teams:

   * Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack Web: https://meraki.cisco.com/jobs#48453

   * Senior Software Engineer, Networked Systems: https://meraki.cisco.com/jobs#194290

   * Senior Software Engineer, Platform: https://meraki.cisco.com/jobs#50444

   * Software Engineer, Test: https://meraki.cisco.com/jobs#53181
... and many more positions! Please apply directly on our website, thanks.

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Yahoo is is hiring a full-time Software Engineer to work with Chatbots and Scala. The position is based in Sunnyvale, CA.

More details here: https://lnkd.in/g5VxP2x

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CoreOS | Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Pro Services, Product | San Francisco, CA; Berlin, Germany; New York, NY | Onsite Full-time | coreos.com/careers



- https://quay.io - Build, Host, Manage Containers

- https://tectonic.com - Secure, Simple, Current Kubernetes

- Training, support - for your containerized systems

Technologies used:

- Kubernetes, Containers, OCI, Docker, rkt

- Linux, systemd

- AWS, Google Cloud

- Postgres, etcd, redis, s3/swift

- Go, C, Python, ReactJS

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Yewno | FrontEnd, BackEnd | Redwood City, CA | ONSITE

Fresh off our Series A ($16.5M), we're looking to expand our engineering team with great talent. At Yewno we're moving beyond keyword search and allowing users to explore concepts derived from a vast wealth of vetted and trusted knowledge from the world's leading academic and financial publishers. Along the way we're solving really cool problems in data storage, ingestion, analysis and visualization.

Our front end is a modern React/Redux/Babel/D3/Webpack stack and our backend runs on Python, Go & Nodejs.

Feel free to send me an email at {joey}{at}{yewno.com} for more details. I'm on the front end engineering team and I'd be happy to tell me you more about what we do.

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Smyte (YC W15) | San Francisco, CA | Full time | Onsite

We're hiring for a variety of technical roles at Smyte. Check out our "jobs repo" here: https://github.com/smyte/careers

Why Smyte?

* We stop the victimization of innocent people online.

* We are the highest-quality product in this space.

* We have a seemingly endless supply of interesting technical problems and not enough people to work on them all.

* We have the strongest team tackling this problem (founded by ex FB and Google engineers working on spam and fraud, and I was part of the original React.js team)

* We just raised a series A and our growth is out of control.

* We offer competitive salary, benefits, and equity.

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Mesosphere, Inc. is hiring a variety of software engineers to help build the Datacenter Operating System, based upon Apache Mesos. If you're looking to work on distributed systems, large clusters at scale, containers & microservices, and big data frameworks, we'd love to hear from you. Languages we use include Scala, Java, Erlang, Go, C++, Python, & Javascript. We start the process with an intro call, then a coding challenge + review call, followed by a full day of onsite interviews.

Software Engineer openings:

-Infinity (SF): http://grnh.se/rjxb2e

-Marathon (SF & Hamburg): http://grnh.se/pab62x

-Package & Registry (SF): http://grnh.se/tw25fx1

-Dev Tools & Infra Automation: (SF, Portland, Hamburg): http://grnh.se/1ubstv1

-DC/OS Dist-Sys (SF & Hamburg): http://grnh.se/op4a251

-Frontend (SF & Hamburg): http://grnh.se/f3wyvu

-Mesos (SF & Hamburg): http://grnh.se/2daykb

We are hiring for full time roles in our SF, CA and Hamburg, Germany offices. Remote ok when necessary & we'll sponsor visas. All openings: http://grnh.se/x0enob

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Aclima - https://www.aclima.io - San Francisco, CA


Help us turn billions of data points into healthier cities.

Join our team of tinkerers, scientists, designers, and engineers to empower people with environmental intelligence. In collaboration with partners like Google and the EPA, Aclima’s mission is to use this new body of knowledge to create a more resilient, healthy and thriving world.

Some of the tools we use: Python, Git, MariaDB, Cassandra, Nginx, NSQ, Redis, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, React, ES6, Webpack, D3.js


* Senior Backend Software Engineer

* DevOps Engineer

* UX Designer

* Interface Developer

* Data Visualization Specialist

* Embedded Systems Engineer

* Product Managers

* Data Scientists

* And more... http://jobs.aclima.io

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Omada Health | San Francisco, Ca | Rails, DevOps, iOS, Android | H1B Transfers OK | ONSITE Omada Health is a digital health company on a mission to make healthy behavior change more accessible and achievable. We’re looking for software engineers on all our stack to join our growing engineering team.

As a key member of our engineering team, you will help design, build and maintain systems necessary for rapid growth. Our team practices pair programming (at least 50% of the week) so you will have the opportunity to learn new techniques and share your skills.

Rails Engineers: https://boards.greenhouse.io/omadahealth/jobs/94276

DevOps Engineers: https://boards.greenhouse.io/omadahealth/jobs/267353

Android Engineers: https://boards.greenhouse.io/omadahealth/jobs/267369

iOS Engineers: https://boards.greenhouse.io/omadahealth/jobs/125038

Front End Engineers: https://boards.greenhouse.io/omadahealth/jobs/266693

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Magoosh | Software Engineering Intern | Berkeley, CA | ONSITE, INTERNS https://magoosh.com/careers

Magoosh is fixing a broken test prep industry.

Why should students have to put up with exorbitant prices for boring test prep classes and books that might not even work? Our mission is simple: create products that give students everywhere access to enjoyable, affordable, and quality test prep. We help millions study at their own pace, on their own time regardless of location, social status, or background.

We’re looking for a software engineering intern to join our small team (just 3!) and work on our web app. This could be a part-time or full-time role for spring or summer. So far we use Rails and ReactNative. We’re hosted on AWS.

You have many of the following... * Have experience at a previous software engineering internship * Are a junior or senior pursuing a CS degree (or related field) * Are eager to learn a variety of new frameworks and programming practices * Have experience with back-end and/or front-end web development. This could come from a personal project or school assignment, but ideally from past work experience.

Extra credit if you have... * Have Rails experience * Have a passion for education

Get a feel for our company and apply here: http://magoosh.com/careers And feel free to email me (zack@magoosh.com) or our recruitment manager Meghan (meghan@magoosh.com) if you have any questions!

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Blockai | Backend Engineer | https://blockai.com | San Francisco

We're hiring our first engineer to help us bring copyright into the 21st century.

Essentially, you'd be building a reverse image search engine for the web, from scratch. As our first hire, you will have a lot of autonomy and be responsible for architectural decisions, as well as help us grow the team.

Our ideal candidate has experience building data intensive systems, search and indexing, etc.

If you're up for the challenge, send me an email (oli@blockai.com) which includes a high level overview (just a few lines) of how you would design such a system. Feel free to ask for more information if needed.

We don't have a strong preference on languages or technologies, but here's some that we currently (or would like to) use: Node.js, Golang, Kubernetes, AWS, React/Redux, Docker, PostgreSQL, Redis, Kafka, ElasticSearch.

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Teespring | Sr. Full Stack Engineer | SF, London | https://teespring.com/

Join our awesome engineering team! We are building a platform to enable anyone with a design idea to create and sell custom T-shirts, totes, mugs and more!

Job descriptions:

* SF: http://teespring.com/jobs?gh_jid=50923

* London: https://teespring.com/jobs?gh_jid=107196

Check out http://teespring.com/jobs for a complete list of non-engineering jobs.

Feel free to email me with any questions: brett.holt@teespring.com

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Human API | Redwood City, CA | Full-time | Onsite | https://humanapi.co/ | jobs@humanapi.co

== About us ==

We're a small, product-centric team focused on opening the world of health data. We're solving a hard but interesting problem: health data exchange. We ingest health data from thousands of sources and transform that data into an API that developers can build apps on. This allows thousands of developers to create apps that improve peoples' lives. Our investors include a16z, Eric Schmidt, Blue Run Ventures, Max Levchin, Scott Banister, and Alex Payne.

== What you'll help build ==

Human API is the easiest way to integrate health data from anywhere. Users can now securely share their health data with any application or system, regardless of how that data was recorded, processed or stored. As an engineer on our team, you’ll be involved in one or more of the following areas: - Modeling clinical data: organizing and normalizing the world of health data - Developing and scaling structured APIs - Scaling our ingestion platform - Data engineering and building tools for data science - NLP and Classification - Powering platforms and tools for customers to build health apps - Building intuitive UIs to allow users to find and share their health data

== Open roles ==

Most of our stack is on Node.js, with some Java and Python on the backend. However, we gravitate toward using the right tool for the job. Some of our open roles are: - Full Stack Engineer (node.js, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ) https://jobs.lever.co/humanapi/7c411192-551e-4c6c-8133-99d34... - Frontend Engineer (node.js, React, Redis, ElasticSearch) https://jobs.lever.co/humanapi/f31262f1-6613-455f-96a5-2135a... - Machine Learning Engineer (node.js, Python, Kafka, Cassandra) https://jobs.lever.co/humanapi/b698a09d-a5f4-4667-a52a-9e893... - DevOps Engineer (Ansible, Packer, Terraform, Docker, Mesos) https://jobs.lever.co/humanapi/c74886f1-1e50-4323-a846-7ccac...

You can read more about all of our roles here: https://humanapi.co/company/join

We'd love to hear from you even if you don't "fit" one of the job specs -- we hire for people, not roles. If you're interested, contact jobs@humanapi.co

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Quid | Senior Software Engineer, Models & Data Store | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE https://boards.greenhouse.io/quid/jobs/136208

As part of the model and data store team, you will help us tackle some of the core challenges of Quid. You will help implement and scale services that build our data models and algorithms enabling our clients to find insights in data. You will work on designing and implementing our persistence layer and caching layer which enables quick iteration on our models and provides an interactive experience for our users.

## The Opportunity

* Design and implement scalable service oriented software

* Design, implement and enhance our Graph, Machine Learning, and NLP algorithms

* Leverage technologies such as NumPy/SciPy, Spark, and NoSQL data stores

* Work closely with data science, product, UX, and the web teams to quickly prototype and iterate on new models and ideas

* Own the architecture design, and implementation of our models stack from prototype through development and into a reliable scalable production system

* Evangelize and facilitate best practices, code reviews, architecture and design reviews, tested code, and a great engineering culture

## Ideal Candidate

* At least 3 years of professional experience building large scale software

* Expert level knowledge in Python, we also use Java, Scala, C++ as needed (any combination of the above is ok)

* Solid computer science foundation; good understanding of data-structures, algorithms, memory and runtime complexity and distributed systems

* Good understanding of data stores

* BS in Computer Science or equivalent

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills

* Bonus points for familiarity with Numpy/Scipy

* Bonus points for familiarity with Graph databases or NoSQL stores

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Cloudera | Palo Alto, CA | Senior Software Engineer, Hive | Full-time | Onsite

Cloudera is working on several challenging development projects to power Hive - the widely used SQL query engine at Hadoop scale - to the next level. We’re successful in the Cloud and are also opening up new use cases on Hadoop through Hive/Kudu. Hive is an Apache project, which means our developers get full and continuous visibility.

Cloudera is looking for an experienced Senior Software Engineer with distributed computing experience to help bring Apache Hive to the level of functionality, performance, and robustness required to support high-demand workloads. Candidates must have a proven record of significant contributions to several successful releases of software products of high technical complexity and have demonstrated technical leadership skills.

Does this sound like you? Then let's chat!

More info and apply here http://app.jobvite.com/m?344Zliwf

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Captain401 (YC S15) | San Francisco, CA | Full Time | ONSITE

We're building the perfect retirement savings plan for startups and small businesses. We make essential HR administration a snap for businesses large and small, and sound investing strategy accessible to everyone.

We also raised a substantial seed round from top investors: http://blogs.wsj.com/venturecapital/2016/02/24/captain401-ra.... If you’ve been wanting to dive into an early stage startup, this is the perfect time to start talking to us.

We have a lot of open roles, so we'd love to hear from anyone interested to working with us. Specifically, we're hiring for:

* UI Engineer / Front-end Engineer (Knowledge of ES6/JavaScript, CSS, and product and design chops)

* Full-stack Engineer (We use Node.js, React.js, Golang, and PostgreSQL)

* Account Manager

Reach out to careers@captain401.com, or apply at https://captain401.com/careers

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TokBox | Infrastructure Engineer, Developer Support Engineer, C++ / Media Engineer, Business Development - Technology | San Francisco, London


TokBox makes it easy for developers to embed live video into their applications and websites. We build a WebRTC-powered platform and SDKs, and have great clients from individual developers to massive players in tech, entertainment, education, and many other industries (customers include the Minerva Project, Chegg, esurance, Major League Baseball, Double Robotics, and Fox Sports). We've been doing real-time communications for over 8 years - first with Flash, and now WebRTC. We were acquired by Telefonica 4 or so years ago. It hasn't changed the culture much, and has helped us reach more customers around the world.

The product is industry leading, but the atmosphere and people make this place where I work. It's an awesome group of 100 or so people- nice, smart, skilled. We are laid back and have a sense of humor. Minimal politics. Good salary and benefits, relaxed, enjoyable environment!

We're looking for engineers and business development folks. If you know infrastructure, C++/media processing, or how to help individuals solve their WebRTC problems, click below. Or, if you you're in bd and want to work in London with technology companies, learn more below.




Come join us!

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eero (https://eero.com) | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | ONSITE

eero is creating the next generation of wifi for the home.

We're hiring:

- Backend engineers to build a highly scalable infrastructure for IoT.

- Data engineers to help drive insights about home networks for our customers.

- Hardware engineers who want to build high performing, beautiful devices.

- Firmware engineers who are interested in making home mesh networking the safest and easiest thing since sliced bread.

- Mobile engineers to build the apps that match the magic of our networks.

Our stack includes Scala, Akka, C, Python, React, Swift, Go.

Apply at https://boards.greenhouse.io/eero or email me at john@eero.com

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San Francisco, CA, Portland, OR, London, UK, Melbourne AUS - Programmers, Infrastructure, Sales Hey there! Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Expensify and we do "expense reports that don't suck!" (Google "expensify" to read more.) We're getting crushed under an ever-growing pile of super awesome work, and I need one bright soul to help us dig our way out. I can guarantee you fun, an amazing opportunity to learn, and the siren's call of distant riches. But only if you are all of the following: - An incredibly hard worker, even when it's not so fun. There is a ton of work to do, and a lot of it downright sucks. After all — we do the sucky work so our customers won't need to. I need you to buck up and grind through server logs, user emails, source code, and bug reports, without complaint or supervision, and come back asking for more. - A cool person to be with. Not a crazy party animal, just someone we can trust, rely upon, hang out with, bounce ideas off of, and generally interact with in a positive way, both personally and professionally. In fact, this is one of the most stringent requirements we have: would you be fun to hang out with day and night on some remote, exotic beach? This isn't a rhetorical question, either: every year we take the company overseas for a month and work incredibly hard while having a ton of fun. We've done Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico, India, Turkey, Croatia, Portugal and the Philippines. Our next trip is January 2017...hello southern hemisphere! - Super talented, in a general way. We're going to throw a ton of work at you of every possible sort, and you need that magic skill of being able to figure it out even if you have no idea where to start. On any given day you might bounce between super low-level coding, super high-level technical support, marketing-driven data-mining, updating our user documentation, inventing/designing/building some new feature, etc. This is not a code monkey job — you're going to be a full participant in the process, and you need to bring your own unique blend of skills to the table. - Specifically talented in a programming way (or if not, shoot as an email anyways!). You can instantly visualize solutions to problems big and small. Your code is always clean, well commented, has good nomenclature and indentation. You can switch on a dime between C++, PHP, Bash, Cron, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Dwoo, SQL — not because you know them all, but because you're the sort of person who can just pick it up and figure it out. If you're this sort of person, you'll know what I mean. If not, then this position isn't for you. And there are a bunch more, but odds are if you got this far, nothing I can do would stop you from applying. That's a problem because while I know you are awesome, it's actually really hard and time consuming to find you in the midst of the literally hundreds of other applications I get from everyone else. So this is where I'm going to ask my first favor: can you make it really easy and obvious how great you are, so I don't accidentally overlook you? There are probably many ways to do that. But the easiest way to do that is to check out we.are.expensify.com and send in an application(which you can find at http://we.are.expensify.com) or email us at jobs@expensify.com. We are excited to hear from you!

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drchrono | Software Engineer | Mountain View | REMOTE, VISA, https://www.drchrono.com

drchrono is a medical platform for doctors and patients. We are crafting only the best mobile healthcare experience, with a focus on iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and web. The driving force of our efforts is in changing the way people engage and experience healthcare through electronic health records.

You would be part of an entrepreneurial, sharp, capable and curious team. Since our inception, we have attracted over 85,000 physicians, 5.5 million patients. So far we've booked 19 million patient appointments and processed 1.2 billion dollars in medical billing per year.

We’re hiring Python/Django Devs! Take our healthcare hackerchallenge here!!


Steps to getting hired

Step 1: Take our Hackerchallenge

Step 2: Phone call with our Hiring Manager

Step 3: On-Site Healthcare Hackathon

Step 4: Join the team & change healthcare!!!

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Sauce Labs (San Francisco, CA)

Sauce Labs provides the world’s largest cloud-based platform for the automated testing of web and mobile applications. Its award-winning service eliminates the time and expense of maintaining an in-house testing infrastructure, freeing development teams of any size to innovate and release better software, faster.

We are currently looking for:

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Director of Engineering (Web)

Director of IT

OS Automation Engineer (Virtual Desktop Cloud)

Principal Architect

Senior Backend Engineer

Senior Backend Engineer (Sauce Connect)

Senior Database System Engineer

Senior DevOps Engineer

Senior DevOps Security Engineer

Senior Performance Engineer

If you’re interested in joining Sauce Labs and would like to learn more, please visit: https://saucelabs.com/careers

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SendGrid | Software Engineers, Test/QA, Ops | San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, Orange County | Full Time

Hi, I'm Eric and I'm a frontend engineer at SendGrid. We send a huge portion of the world's meaningful email. Whether it's an instant receipt after an Uber ride or an Airbnb booking confirmation, we deliver it. Our platform team works on tough scaling challenges, while our applications team maintains an informative analytics dashboard for our customers.

The people here are absolutely fantastic - we bring in the best and trust them to get the job done. We're about 300 strong, and we've been growing fast for seven years. Everyone gets competitive salaries, generous pre-IPO options, flexible hours, catered lunch, an annual trip to Mexico ... that list goes on for a while.

Apply: http://grnh.se/xes14l#job-list. If you have questions, or if you'd like an inside perspective on what a day looks like for the Applications & Services team, my email's in my profile.

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Asteria | Machine Learning, Embedded Systems, Semantic, Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics, API, Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, Conversational Theorist, Electrical Engineer | San Francisco | https://getasteria.com/

Join some passionate hackers, scientists, engineers, and developers and build applied artificial intelligent agents, devices, and stack.

   ::     MMMMM88&&&&&&     ::

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Lyft - https://www.lyft.com/jobs - (San Francisco, CA/Seattle, WA) Ride by ride, we’re changing the way our world works. We imagine a world where cities feel small again. Where transportation and tech bring people together, instead of apart. We see the future as community-driven — and it starts with you. We currently operate in 200 plus cities all across the country, and with your help, we’ll take Lyft worldwide! If growth excites you, this is the place to be! We're looking for:

- Software Engineers

- Android Engineers

- Product Managers

- iOS Engineers

- Infrastructure Engineers

- Data Analysts

- Front-end Engineers

- Software Engineering Managers

- Product Designers

- UX Researchers

- Analytics Managers

Stack: AWS, MongoDB, PHP, Python, Go, AngularJS Interested? Apply on the site: www.lyft.com/jobs. Incredible team, top medical & dental, open vacation policy, 401k, catered lunches and dinners, snacks, dogs, equipment, Lyft credits, support Visas, etc. ----

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Clever (YC S12) - San Francisco - onsite

Right now the market for educational software is a mess. It’s incredibly difficult for developers to get their products into schools, and it’s even harder for them to scale. School districts spend tons of money on learning applications, but they have no way of knowing if students are even using the apps they’re purchasing. Teachers know there’s great software out there, but relatively simple challenges like getting 30 students logged in at once make using it impossible.

At Clever, we’re working to change all that. We provide schools with a free API and single sign-on solution that makes using educational apps a breeze. We’ve grown fast: after four years, half of all schools in the US (65,000 schools) are using our platform. Our goals are much bigger than that, though. We want to be two things:

-a single place where schools can easily integrate, manage and analyze all the software they’re using, and

-a single identity that students can use to see everything they’ve learned across multiple apps.

We’re a team of 120 (40 engineers) based in downtown SF, and we’re looking for engineers who enjoy working in (or would enjoy learning) Go, Node and React. More generally, we want people who are sharp, adaptable, and passionate about improving the way education works for everyone. We're especially looking for a security-focused software engineer: a creative thinker who’d be excited to help keep students’ data safe.

Check us out at https://clever.com/about/jobs, or check out one of our product releases here: https://clever.com/products/badges

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Checkr | Backend Engineer | SF | https://checkr.com/

Checkr provides modern and compliant background checks for global enterprises and startups and is on Forbes list of next $1bn starups. http://www.forbes.com/sites/amyfeldman/2016/10/19/next-billi...

I'm starting there shortly as a backend engineer and was very impressed by the team, culture and business :) compensation is very competitive. email me at rex DOT salisbury at gmail for more info

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Apple | Cupertino, CA | Data Engineer |Full time | Onsite

Apple is a technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

Apple's ■■■■■■ team is looking for both junior and experienced engineers to work on big data, machine learning and high-scale, low-latency distributed systems. As a part of this team you will use machine learning at very large scale to build ■■■■■■■■ systems.

Requirements: - Ability to code in any statically typed language, excellent understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms - Experience and interest in Distributed Computing.

Nice to have: - Hand on experience with Spark/Spark streaming/Kafka - Hands on experience with Hadoop or large scale distributed processing.

- Functional programming experience in Scala (using monoids/semigroups etc in large distributed systems)

If interested send your resume to appleMLjobApps@group.apple.com

NOTE : As of this moment we are not looking for new college grads.

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Pornhub | Adult content | Montreal QC | On-site | pornhub.com (NSFW)

Come work at the 22nd highest trafficked website in the world.

We are looking for:

-Senior PHP developers

-Senior front-end developers

-Senior UI/UX designer

Must be willing to relocate to Montreal.

Email me your CV: jobs@pornhub.com

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DocSpot | Entry-level Back-end Developer | Sunnyvale, CA | ONSITE

We're looking for a full-time entry-level back-end developer to build some infrastructure support services geared towards startups. We do not require a college degree and we also do not require previous professional experience. See the relevant link at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_JknurU5Xmdo3gi5onmKf2ZS...

Once candidates have submitted a complete application, we typically let them know within one week whether we would like to meet in person. Most likely, there are at most two rounds of interviews, the first of which will include some basic coding questions.

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Astranis (YC W16) | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite | US Citizen or Green Card

We’re building small, low-cost telecommunications satellites. Our mission is to help bring the 4 billion people online who are without internet. And to pull it off we have to reinvent microwave radios in space using SDRs.

Work with incredibly smart people who have flown things in space before. Well-funded, but still a small team that moves fast. No prior space experience needed, you just need to enjoy getting your hands dirty with real hardware and be ok with struggling to do things that seem impossibly hard.

Roles we’re hiring for include:

* Power electronics -- Design ~2 kW satellite power systems, including solar arrays and electronics for power regulation and distribution

* Fault tolerant systems -- Design fault tolerant electronics for operating in a radiation environment

* RF/Microwave -- work across a broad range designing and implementing RF systems at microwave frequencies, including LNAs and power amplifiers

* DSP/FPGA -- program FPGA hardware, develop custom DSP IP cores and integrate off-the-shelf IP cores

Please email john@astranis.com if you’re interested in learning more.

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280 CapMarkets | San Francisco, CA | Front end Engineer | Full-Time | ONSITE| US Citizen or Green Card

We're building an innovative technology platform focused on the municipal bond market. Hiring our 5th engineer and second front end engineer. You'll play a key role in product design and UI/UX architecture

* At least 5 years experience in a front end engineering role

* Strong candidates will have React / ES6 Experience

* UX and Design chops a plus

Please email pnasser@280cap.com

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Synthego | Biotech | Redwood City, CA | Local + Full-time

Are you a true believer that Bioengineering is the future, and CRISPR is only the beginning? We are building the next cloud-enabled Molecular Biology Lab and revolutionizing reseach in Genome Engineering.

We are actively hiring for:

~Senior Python Engineer ~Senior Full Stack Engineer ~Senior Software Engineer ~Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Python | JavaScript | Angular | PostgreSQL | MongoDB

Contact: victoria.danahy@synthego.com OR Apply: www.synthego.com/careers

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GRAND ROUNDS | Data Platform Engineer | San Francisco | REMOTE https://www.grandrounds.com/

We use build ETLs, Search Engines, Insight Pipelines, Warehousing and visualization. Use BigQuery, Hive, Presto, DynamoDB, Redshift, Looker. We work with billions of rich healthcare data points on patients, doctors and everything in between. Particularly interested if you have hierarchical data warehousing/data marts experience or high performance distributed search engines. Apply online or contact me bashir at grandrounds(mention YC)

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Hover | Senior Software Developer-RoR | SF | ONSITE, VISA www.hover.to

Hover is solving interesting engineering problems in computer vision, machine learning, and web service distributed systems. We've built a platform that lets anyone generate accurate digital 3D renderings of physical buildings from smartphone photos. The initial focus is on home remodeling, a $350 Billion market, and we've locked in partnerships with some of the biggest players in the space. We've also built a custom 3D reconstruction pipeline from the ground up based on cutting-edge applications of computer vision and deep learning (along with the associated IP) that powers the whole platform behind the scenes.

Check out our blog for reference. http://blog.hover.to/

Feel free to ping me directly at kit@hover.to

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Handshake | Lead iOS Engineer(React Native) | SF | ONSITE, VISA www.joinhandshake.com

Handshake is a fast-growing team of 40 based in San Francisco. We partner with 170+ universities, uniting them into one powerful network, which makes it easy for 100,000 companies to recruit efficiently beyond their traditional “core” schools, increasing the breadth and scope of opportunities for our 3,000,000 students, and giving our partner universities the data and tools they need to help their students build meaningful careers.

You will be the lead iOS engineer for the company and have the opportunity to take ownership of our mobile direction and grow the team. Many smart and hard working students don't get exposure they deserve and opportunities to work for great companies simply because they're not attending a top tier university, we're here to fix this problem and you will help us get closer to our mission.

Check out our Co-Founder Scott's personal blog ( https://medium.com/sgringwe ) and our engineering blog ( https://joinhandshake.com/engineering/ ). We also just raised Series B funding ( https://www.joinhandshake.com/announcement/2016/11/17/series... ) so that's a huge bonus. :)

Contact me at kit@joinhandshake.com if you're interested!

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Handshake | Software Engineer - Infrastructure | SF | ONSITE, VISA www.joinhandshake.com

Handshake is a fast-growing team of 40 based in San Francisco. We partner with 170+ universities, uniting them into one powerful network, which makes it easy for 100,000 companies to recruit efficiently beyond their traditional “core” schools, increasing the breadth and scope of opportunities for our 3,000,000 students, and giving our partner universities the data and tools they need to help their students build meaningful careers.

Are you a software engineer who loves building world class infrastructure? We're looking for someone who's passionate about making their entire team more productive. Whether it's ensuring one of our ten deploys to production every day goes smoothly or cutting the time it takes for a build to complete on CI, platform and infrastructure is core to the engineering process at Handshake. As the first member of the team, you'll be making critical decisions that impact the productivity, reliability, and scalability of our entire platform.

Check out our Co-Founder Scott's personal blog ( https://medium.com/sgringwe ) and our engineering blog ( https://joinhandshake.com/engineering/ ). We also just raised Series B funding ( https://www.joinhandshake.com/announcement/2016/11/17/series.... ) so that's a huge bonus. :)

Contact me at kit@joinhandshake.com if you're interested!

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Wavefront | Senior Software Engineer - Java | Palo Alto | ONSITE, VISA www.wavefront.com

Wavefront is rapidly defining the cloud application monitoring market with metrics analytics, a different and better way to ensure performance and reliability of the cloud and modern applications. Wavefront’s SaaS solution uses a massively scalable approach pioneered at Google and refined at Twitter that is now available to everyone. Wavefront delivers to tech ops, devops, and development personnel the combination of the most powerful query language in monitoring, running against a unified, full detail, big data metrics store in real-time with no limits. All of this capability is backed by an experienced enterprise team. Our customers include SaaS leaders like Box, Workday, Intuit, Groupon, Lyft, DoorDash, and Postmates. We also just closed Series B funding of 52 million. http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20161025005664/en/Wave...

If you're looking to solve big data analytics problems while being an early member of the backend team, please contact me at kit@wavefront.com.

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Haus| Director of Engineering | SF | ONSITE, VISA www.haus.com

Homes are the most important purchases of people's lives and there are roughly 10 million home buyers and sellers in the U.S. annually. Yet, the transaction process of buying and selling a home is antiquated and inefficient.

We believe openness can reduce the anxiety that results from the current process and increase satisfaction for everyone: buyers, sellers and agents. We want to empower agents with technology so they increase the access to information for buyers and sellers. To do so, Haus builds technology to promote open and fair home buying and selling.

Haus was founded at Expa, a startup studio that works with founders to develop and launch new products. Garrett Camp, co-founder of Uber and StumbleUpon and founder and CEO of Expa, serves as the partner for Haus advising on product strategy and design.

If you are a hands on engineering leader who is not afraid of writing tons of code and want to make huge impact on the business direction. This job is for you! We need someone who is very comfortable with fast pace environment and a strong full stack engineer.

Contact me at kit@haus.com for more information.

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Techincal Cofounder | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Tixit | Full Time or Half Time | Equity: 10-20% | REMOTE welcome

I'm Billy Tetrud, the Founder of Tixit. We're a small (7 person) team building a lightening fast extensible project management system that lets teams work on their terms. https://angel.co/tixit-1 We're looking for a 2nd technical cofounder to accellerate the development of our product, which is currently alpha-stage. You'd be working with me (the other technical cofounder) in designing and implementing the core backend as well the web frontend. We value our test-driven development, clear internal and external documentation, and doing things right to build and maintain momentum. Our stack is node.js and mongodb. I'm happy to chat with you over the phone about what we're doing. Email me at billy@tixit.me and mention you're from HN, I'd love to hear what you've been working on.

Thanks, Billy Tetrud, Founder at Tixit, billy@tixit.me https://angel.co/tixit-1/jobs/114395-technical-co-founder

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Windfall Data | Full Stack Engineer, Data Engineer, Lead Data Scientist | SF | $110k-$200k, 0.10% - 0.80%

At Windfall Data, our goal is to determine the net worth of every person in the world. Its a super hard problem with broad applications.

We're looking for:

- experienced full stack and data engineers to help build our infrastructure and help us scale

- lead/senior data scientists to build a team and take our ML and predictive algorithms to the next level

If you're interested, send a message to cory@windfalldata.com

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Arena Solutions, Inc | Software Engineer, Technology Group | Foster City, CA, USA | ONSITE, FULLTIME, https://www.arenasolutions.com/

We are looking for an intellectually curious Software Engineer to become a core member of the Technology Group at Arena Solutions, and help us build the next generation of product lifecycle management software.

We're a successful company with fifteen years of experience delivering our product as a software-as-a-service, and our market leadership position reflects our long history and strong reputation for security and reliability. Our customers are discrete manufacturers who put our applications, infrastructure, and reputation at the heart of their business. We believe the best way to meet our customers' needs today and tomorrow is to continually evaluate new technologies and apply industry-wide best practices as we iterate on our software and infrastructure.

You will be designing, implementing, and evolving the software and infrastructure tools Arena will be using for the next five years and beyond. You understand the technologies that drive modern multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service companies and have strong opinions on how to build scalable software and infrastructure. You can deconstruct a legacy system into its constituent parts and rebuild it as a distributed system with a focus on security, resiliency, and responsiveness.

You will evaluate existing and emerging technologies, build pragmatic prototypes focused on a current or future business need, and then drive adoption of the selected technologies by the wider software development team. Your completed projects will become the foundation of Arena's future software architecture.


* Collaborate with Arena's Chief Architect and Director of Infrastructure Engineering to plan and prototype the next generation of Arena's architecture * Mentor and inspire fellow engineers on the theory and practice of proposed new technologies

Skills and Experience:

* Implementation of Software-as-a-Service using JVM-based languages


* Building reliable, asynchronous distributed systems * Event sourcing and related technologies such as Kafka * Scala, Akka, Reactive Streams, VueJS, and/or AngularJS

HN Addendum:

We are omitting specific experience requirements to avoid great candidates self-filtering themselves -- we are investing in you rather than mining your current skill set. This position reports to the Director of Infrastructure Engineering. Please include a cover letter and mention you saw our post in this thread.

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BuildZoom (YC Winter 2013) - San Francisco, CA - http://www.buildzoom.com - Full-time - Onsite Only

We're a remodeling/construction platform that takes the pain out of home remodeling and construction projects. We're growing fast (1M+ visitors/month). Come join our awesome team in our beautiful office in Soma. We're looking for talented engineers (full-stack, front-end, data, interns).

* https://www.buildzoom.com/team

* https://jobs.lever.co/buildzoom

You can apply directly via the link above, but feel free to ping me directly with questions (dlee at …).

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We are building a blogging network for public and private communities.

We think that community software and social networks will uncover valuable relationships that are not addressed yet.

For example https://followme.co is a blogging network for curious, forward-looking people. It is the place to share ideas with people you know, and meet new ones on topics you care about.

Team and Environment:

We work remotely, using online tools. Our main office is in Mountain View. We work flexible times, and encourage you to set up the best working environment for yourself. We are a small, tightly knit team who truly cares about this product. We are looking for someone who will be just as excited. You have your own space, your time, lots of flexibility. We value your opinions and your contributions will make direct impact on our product.

We are looking for an all-in-one marketing manager / part-time consultant who will (a) help us discover what people want (b) show them that we exist and fit as a solution. This would be an interesting role for an individual who likes the adventure of customer development and user acquisition.


Define a clear, concise marketing pitch.

Prepare and copywrite landing pages using tools provided.

Prepare advertisement campaigns.

Test inbound interest and iterate.

Populate communities with content for demonstration.

Work with images / document layout / marketing media.

Hands-on, resourceful, high EQ.

Apply: info@followme.co

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Kemp Technologies | Product Managers, Network Engineers, Solutions Architects, Customer Support |New York, Remote, Limerick / Ireland | Full-Time

What we do: We make some of the best Application Delivery Control technology in the world that is easily deployable, in real time; anywhere, anytime and on any platform.

Who we are: KEMP Technologies is one of the fastest growing ADC vendors in the world with over 26,000 customers (including NASA, Apple, EA, Fender, Dyson, SONY & NYPD) and offices in New York, Long Island, Santa Clara, Limerick, Hannover and Singapore. KEMP was ranked #1 ADC vendor by growth in 2013 and #3 ADC vendor by units shipped worldwide in 2013. KEMP Technologies has been named in Crain's 2014 New York Business Fast 50, Inc. 2014 Fast 5000 and Deloitte 2014 Technology Fast 500 and is a disruptive and innovative force in the ADC space globally.

If you'd like to learn more: drosen at kemptechnologies dot com

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Anyone Can Learn To Code / anyonecanlearntocode.com / Chicago / Onsite

Anyone Can Learn To Code is a 12 week part time coding bootcamp followed by a four month development apprenticeship program. We also have a development branch that builds cutting edge AR technology. We pride ourselves in offering a great work/life balance and passionately caring about the people who work here. If interested, please email me at taylor@actualize.co

We are hiring for a couple positions:

* Lead Game Designer (UX/UI Developing Game Concepts - Coding experience is a big plus - Unity/Xamarin/C#)

* Sales/Recruiting (Developing partnerships with companies interested in meeting with and interviewing ACLTC graduates)

* Name Your Own Position (We are growing and may have roles open up in all departments and city (Chicago, New York, San Francisco) that we opperate in so please reach out if you think you would be a good fit for our ognization)


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CyVerse | DevOps Engineer | Tucson, AZ


CyVerse is an NSF-funded project building cloud platforms for biosciences research. As a DevOps Engineer on the Core Services team, you'll work with me to build and manage the systems that run Atmosphere (http://www.cyverse.org/atmosphere) -- think "virtual Linux workstations for research scientists". Some technologies you'll work with are GNU+Linux, OpenStack, Ansible, and Python. Our web application is written in Django and React.

We also support one of the world's largest iRODS deployments (http://irods.org), and are in the early stages of implementing Ceph for block storage. We have an exciting feature roadmap for the next year, and need a strong generalist sysadmin/developer to help us deliver valuable tools to our community.

Everything that we build is released to the world under a BSD license -- look up our GitHub orgs (cyverse, iplantcollaborativeopensource, and cyverse-ansible). We sit next to a team of science analysts and have plenty of opportunities to help our users get the most from our services. We work in a beautiful, modern building at the University of Arizona (http://bio5.org/). As university employees we have great benefits and work-life balance. Tucson is a wonderfully livable Southwestern city with a growing tech/software/research community and plenty of things to do outside.

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Sourcegraph (https://sourcegraph.com) | San Francisco, CA | Full time | ONSITE / REMOTE

Sourcegraph is the best way to read and understand code. As a programmer, you spend hours every day trying to answer simple questions like "How do I use this library?", "Does this function already exist?", and "What's going on in this changeset?" Sourcegraph makes exploring the world's code as painless as searching and browsing the web.

We're a small team founded by Stanford and Palantir alums. Our users and customers span programmers across the world, influential open-source authors, and major companies like Twitter. We're working on technical challenges like scaling code analysis and search to every codebase in the world.

Stack: Go, TypeScript, React (with GraphQL), Docker + Kubernetes * Senior Software Engineer, Core: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sourcegraph/jobs/204608 * Senior Software Engineer, Growth: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sourcegraph/jobs/497073

Shoot us an email at hiring@sourcegraph.com.

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Wealthfront | Redwood City, CA | Onsite | Visa

Our mission is pretty simple; we believe that everyone deserves sophisticated financial advice. We are focused on taking services typically reserved for the ultra-wealthy, automating them and delivering them directly to the investors at an incredibly low cost. We have clients in all 50 states who trust us with over $4 billion in assets and growing. With our clients' trust, we believe we can and will change this industry.

We are hiring across the board, but are specifically looking for Sr. Backend Engineers with Java experience and Engineering Managers.

Feel free to check out the job descriptions and apply here: http://grnh.se/6regmv1 (please mention HN in application).

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ExecVision | Sr Pipeline Engineer | Rosslyn, VA | REMOTE

We're the leading conversation intelligence platform, with good growth and happy customers.

We're looking for a Sr Pipeline Engineer - work on our backend using Python, Celery, PostgresSQL, and ElasticSearch. Ingest content, performance tune, APIs, scrapers, REST, OAuth, SFDC, matching, analytics and more. Our team is distributed but we work eastern timezone hours.

Email jobs@4rc.io with your resume for next steps.

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Kollective | Citrix Engineer | Bend, Oregon or Sunnyvale, California | www.kollective.com

Kollective is looking for a Citrix Engineer to help enhance the VDI support of our enterprise video delivery platform. Join a rapidly growing company specializing in enterprise video delivery and end video applications. We are at the cutting edge of content delivery at large scale, serving many Global 2000 customers.

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Kollective | SCCM Engineer | Bend, Oregon or Sunnyvale, California | www.kollective.com

Kollective is looking for an SCCM Engineer to help create our software delivery solution, part of our enterprise content delivery platform. Join a rapidly growing company specializing in enterprise content delivery and play a key part in taking our software delivery technology to new heights. We are at the cutting edge of content delivery at large scale, serving many Global 2000 customers.

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Kollective | Data Engineer | Bend, Oregon or Sunnyvale, California | www.kollective.com

Do you love working with cutting edge big data technologies, building data pipelines and creating powerful visualizations that ultimately unlock insights to drive the business? This role will span the gamut from deep analysis of our vast historical datasets to creating new pipelines and visualizations powering our business applications used by the largest companies in the world. You’ll have the opportunity to directly impact and build the future of Kollective’s analytics platform.

It’s a broad and deep set of skills that we’re searching for in a single person, but we’re certain that there’s at least one of you out there. As a member of our team you will build new data products, invent new features and deliver solutions that delight our customers. Above all you should be passionate about working with huge datasets and love bringing them together to answer business questions and drive change.

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Tally | San Francisco, CA | Salary range: $135K - $178K + equity | Multiple Eng Positions | Backed by: Shasta Venture, Cowboy Venture, SV Bank www.meettally.com

Tally just closed $15M to tackle some of the hardest problems in FinTech. We’re growing fast and hiring Platform & Data Engineers at multiple levels: meettally.com/careers

Our tech stack is modern and performant: reactive Scala, based on Akka, Microservice architecture, more details below

- - - - - - - - - - - - SR PLATFORM ENG: https://angel.co/tally-app/jobs/167074-sr-platform-engineer Build scalable architecture that simultaneously supports seamless consumer experience and core financial systems. Our technology uses Scala-at-large to build discreet services and servers to make credit card automation look simple. Functional programming experience necessary (Scala, F#, Java 8 lambda functions, Frege, Haskell, Clojure, OCaml, Erlang, Lisp, Elixir).

- - - - - - - - - - - - SR DATA ENGINEER: https://angel.co/tally-app/jobs/179844-sr-data-engineer Architect, build and scale our data pipeline from the ground up, bringing transparency to all aspects of our business. Core Technologies: Scala, micro-services, Spray, Akka, Finagle/Thrift, Slick, Postgres, Redis, AWS, Push Notifications, SSL, Identity Management, Concurrency

If you're up for a quick chat to learn more, send a note to jasonb@meettally.com (CEO) or apply through the listed job postings (I'll respond personally either way).

Please include resume, LinkedIn, and/or Github

Articles: https://techcrunch.com/2016/05/19/tally-raises-15-million-fo.... http://mashable.com/2016/05/29/tally-credit-card-app http://www.businessinsider.com/tally-is-making-credit-cards-....

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Anaplan | http://www.anaplan.com | San Francisco, CA

Open positions in Anaplan Engineering:

Anaplan | UI Engineer – Javascript/React | San Francisco, CA

Anaplan | Principal Software Engineer - Data Platform | San Francisco, CA

Anaplan | Software Engineer - Data Platform | San Francisco, CA

Anaplan | Test Engineer - Data Platform | San Francisco, CA

Anaplan | Site Reliability Engineer | San Francisco, CA

Anaplan | Senior Software Engineer, Security | San Francisco, CA

Anaplan | Software Engineer, Security | San Francisco, CA

Link to These Jobs: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3TZ1liw1

About Anaplan: We are expanding our engineering team in San Francisco to build more cool stuff. Our team is building cloud and data platforms to enable Anaplan for the next stage of growth. Along with that comes lots of opportunities for innovative, creative and iterative development of next generation systems to cater to new demand. Join our awesome team of people with incredible knowledge and experience in building real-world scalable systems for well-known tech companies in the bay area like eBay, Google, Okta, Tidemark, Oracle, and other stellar companies. We are an engineering-led and innovation-focused company.

Anaplan is a well-funded and profitable startup headquartered in SOMA. In fact, we may be the most successful company you’ve never heard of! We are on a mission to revolutionize how companies analyze and plan their businesses. And it’s working - we are already trusted by hundreds of Fortune 2000 companies and we’ve only just begun.

Our engineers are foodies, music nerds, Pokéwalkers, and ex-Googlers from around the world building great things together. We strive for cross-team collaboration and innovation. Our offices are super cool and relaxing with all the yummy foods, free beer, and healthy snacks galore, happy hours, karaoke nights and Settlers of Catan. We have phenomenal benefits, medical, dental, flexible work hours and unlimited vacation.

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FR8 Revolution Inc | Oakland, CA | ONSITE | UI/UX Engineer, Front End Engineer and Back End Engineer | Full-time

Hi, I'm Steffen Enni, VP Engineering at FR8 Revolution Inc. We’re providing the $700B truck freight industry with a new and powerful way to help fleets fill their trucks, shippers track loads in real-time and drivers gain some control over their lives and careers. We recently raised an $8.5 million Series A round of funding and are excited to be growing our team so we can bring new solutions to an industry that literally drives our economy.

We're hiring experienced front end / full-stack / back end engineers to help build our product vision. Our front-end stack is React, MobX, Material-UI, Jest+Enzyme on top of an api layer using Express/Node.js sitting in front of a set of micro services built with Dropwizard, Java, Docker, Swagger. (See more on http://stackshare.io/fr8-revolution/fr8-revolution)

For more information have a look at our job openings at http://www.fr8.guru/jobs. Interested? Feel free to contact me {steffen at fr8revolution.com}, I'd like learn about your recent accomplishments.