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Southern California - 36 jobs in May 2015

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RAND Corporation | Santa Monica - D.C. - Pittsburgh - Boston | Research Software Engineer, Data Science Engineer, and Visualization Engineer

We are the world’s leading think tank for policy and decision making. Read more about us here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAND_Corporation or here: http://bit.ly/1ImrPH8 or here: http://rand.org

We are looking for eager, creative folks to partner with PhD-level researchers to create cool end-to-end prototypes of research concepts.

You will work on project teams of research staff and domain experts and will often be the sole software engineer on the project. Our group functions a lot like an internal software development consultancy.

For Research Software Engineer positions, technical needs change with every project you work on. You should be a well-rounded type able to create solutions with the tools and tech that make most sense for the project. You could be writing an Angular prototype one week, Python NLP tools the next, and some social media analysis after that.

For the Data Science Engineer and Visualization Engineer positions, similar to above but with a focus on Hadoop/Spark/“Big Data” skills and visualization tech such as D3, Tableau, and R Shiny. We have particular strategic needs in Hadoop and Tableau, so if that is you, definitely hit me up.

Don’t be scared! You don’t have to be a wizard yet. The researchers provide the depth; you provide the breadth, creativity, and drive.

Good work-life balance compared to startups and mainstream tech companies. 20 days of vacation per year that you are incentivized to take! Respectable salaries despite being a non-profit. Santa Monica headquarters are a block from the ocean. Relocation for good fits.

Ready yet? Shoot me your resume at:




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iRobot (http://www.irobot.com) - Bedford, MA (just outside of Boston, MA) and Pasadena, CA

At iRobot we make robots that truly help people. Our robots help people save time by cleaning for them, save hassle by being remotely present for them, and save lives by putting themselves in harm's way.

We have great work-life balance (including half-day Fridays during the summer so you can spend extra time with your family on Friday afternoons) and interesting problems to solve.

We blend cutting-edge research and practical engineering to build useful and affordable robots.

We're looking for smart engineers who are easy to work with. You should want to help people with products you create, but a robotics background is NOT required. (I had no robotics background when I started at iRobot.)

iRobot is looking for software engineers, here are a few of our 20+ job openings:

* Embedded software engineers: We're hiring for "big embedded" (C++, Linux, and big cpus) and "small embedded" (C, bare-metal, small cpus). If you have good OO skills (C++, Java, etc.) but no "embedded" background that's okay too - shoot me an email and we'll chat.

* Java software engineers

* iOS and Android software engineers

* Software engineers for vision, navigation, and mapping

* Test engineers

Check our jobs site for all positions: http://www.irobot.com/us/Company/Careers.aspx

Email me directly if you'd like to know more: csvec@irobot.com

Please email even if you're not sure if you're a match; I'm always happy to talk to other HN'ers!

PS: We have hired people from these "Who is hiring?" posts, thanks to HN for this service/forum.


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Dollar Shave Club - Los Angeles - Write Code, Shave the World

==About Dollar Shave Club==

Dollar Shave Club is a leading men’s grooming brand powered by a custom built e-commerce platform that touches all aspects of the business including fulfillment, marketing, billing and analytics. This platform is built for scale and handles over 1 million orders a month. We also apply technology to improve efficiencies including utilizing Natural Language Processing, Pattern Data Mining and Computer Vision.

Why you should work here? We have a unique culture where we encourage a bottom up approach. Our engineers are encouraged to look at ways to improve efficiencies within the company by applying technology. To do this approach, we’ve built one of the best technology teams in Los Angeles with engineers who previously worked at Yahoo, Google, and MySpace.


Front-End Developer - Ember.JS

Mobile Developer - Android

Full Stack Developer - RoR, Python

Devops - Docker, Ansible, Mesosphere,AWS

SDET - Watir

Apply at engineering-careers@dollarshaveclub.com


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PathSense is hiring a systems engineer, software engineer, and machine learning scientist in San Diego:


PathSense is building a better location stack for iOS and Android that delivers the accuracy and power efficiency needed for today's top apps.

We want to power location for 1,000,000,000 smartphones in the next year and we're well on the way with the beta customers that are engaged with the PathSense platform.

Well funded by Data Collective and others.


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Software/Security/Systems/Network Engineering

* Los Angeles, CA

* Saint Louis, MO

* Dublin, Ireland

On-site only, visas available

Riot Games - http://www.riotgames.com/careers


We make League of Legends (a popular online game with a thriving e-sports scene), we're hoping to make more things too!

We have a variety of software engineering, systems, network and security roles available.

Example software engineering roles:

* game development (C++)

* game infrastructure (Java/Python/Go)

* web apps (PHP/Javascript/Python)

* corporate internal apps (PHP/Go/Python/C#)

On the security side we're looking for application security people as well as incident responders and infrastructure security types (network/system).

We have many other roles as well! Check the careers link above.

Let me know if you're interested or have questions, my email is arkem@riotgames.com.


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InVenture - Los Angeles, CA (Santa Monica) - Data Scientist - Full Time or Intern

InVenture is a world leader in providing direct loans and financial services in emerging markets. We are a global team with diverse backgrounds who are singularly focused on using technology, data and customer-centric approach to meet the financial needs of the 2+ billion people of the emerging global middle class.

Investors include Lowercase Capital and Google Ventures. We are Fast Company’s #1 most innovative company in money, #13 overall.

We are looking for people to join our data science team who have the following qualities. - Problem solver. You thrive on finding novel solutions to hard problems. These problems may have ranged from extracting a new dataset from an unexpected source, to building cohorts for customer retention analysis, or the NY Times saturday crossword. - Expert. You have domain expertise. Tell us about the genetic algorithm you implemented to find a solution to your NP-hard problem, or the hobby that keeps you busy on nights and weekends. - Curious. You aren’t content until you understand why the features you have built have the explanatory power they do, and why they aren’t just a spurious correlation. - Communicator. You’ll be the expert in your field. Can you explain it to us in laymen’s terms? - Education. Masters degree in a quantitative field, or relevant experience and/or an impressive Kaggle profile. - Language. We are language agnostic and have expertise in python, R, SQL, Spark, MATLAB, and Stata. We build visualizations using d3, ggplot, matplotlib, seaborn. Huge bonus points if you are fluent in Swahili ;).

Why should you join? - Take it from people who have build models and studied problems ranging from microfinance to global climate change: we are tackling an incredibly hard problem with huge social and financial impact. The impact of our models is both intimidating and inspiring. - We leverage a unique, diverse, and deep data set. You’ll be surprised by what connections we’ve found between our different data sources. Surprise us by what you will find. - You will own a model, or multiple models, whether building a country-level credit model from scratch, or integrating new data sources into our existing underwriting models. - Amazing company culture. Our employees come first as indicated by our “Employee Awesomeness” program. We do lunch and learns, provide a flexible work schedule, and have regular team outings and happy hours. Our smart, passionate team is the backbone of our culture, and is what differentiates us from others making it a special place to work. - And btw, our customers love us: inventure.com/love

Contact peter@inventure.com and please include the hacker news in the subject line.


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eBay Enterprise/Magento - Culver City, CA - Site Engineering - Local only - Full time

Magento powers 26 percent of all eCommerce sites in the Alexa Top One Million Sites list; more than any other eCommerce platform.

Join the team that delivers high quality websites for eBay Enterprise. Our oldest site is http://magento.com - our newest site (just launched) is http://ebayenterprise.com.

From developing new back-end features to pushing the envelope of front-end dev, our team has massive freedom to innovate and explore things that are interesting to each dev.

Our tech stack is mainly Drupal/PHP. You don't have to be an expert in Drupal, but CMS experience of some kind is preferred.

To get an idea of how we work, read this blog post: https://medium.com/@entendu/how-we-built-the-imagine-2015-si...

If you're interested, ping me @entendu and we can chat. The team will also be at DrupalCon LA if you're going!


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About us www.honest.com

Locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin

The Honest Company passionately believes in creating not only effective, but also unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable products for babies and homes. While e-commerce direct-to-customer shipping has been our largest success, our retail partnerships are rapidly growing with our products now in Target, Costco, WholeFoods, and Nordstrom.

====================== Our stack:

-- Ruby on Rails backend for our E-Commerce Site (Python and/or Node.js experience perfectly fine) -- Angular.js and themed Bootstrap on the front-end -- Our warehouse currently runs off an in-house created Ruby server -- TDD with rspec, capybara, and jasmine tests keeping things stable -- RabbitMQ is our main queueing system -- Datastores - MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached -- iOS app in the app store - Honest Baby ==================== Positions Available:

--Full-Stack Engineers (Jr., Mid. Sr.) http://thehonestcompany.theresumator.com/apply/xP2fAG/FullSt...

--Back-End Engineers (Jr., Mid, Sr.) http://thehonestcompany.theresumator.com/apply/2S988b/Senior...


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Connexity - Camarillo, CA (Los Angeles area)

Are you a talented software engineer ready to make a huge impact in a medium-sized business? We work at a scale where seemingly small improvements can have a big impact. You'll be working right in the heart of the profit center.

Our division of Connexity works in online display advertising through RTB, and run 50 to 100 million impressions each day. Our total transaction volume is between 5 and 10 billion per day. You've probably got our cookies in your browser, and we've served ads on nearly every site you've ever visited.

We're primarily looking for someone to contribute to our Rails app. It's used to administer hundreds of advertising campaigns across hundreds of publisher sites. It's not just boring CRUD. It's the heart of our display advertising business. The business folks will know you and have a tremendous amount of appreciation for your work.

This role is a great way to learn advertising tech as well as other tools. In addition to the conventional Rails work, you'd get hands on experience with Redis, Hbase, PostgreSQL, and Scala. Several on the team started in the Rails app and have moved into other areas of interest (low-latency RTB bidder written in C or sophisticated reporting and optimization). Not really possible to get bored around here unless you're a boring person.

Our team is sharp and works well together. We enjoy perks such as paid lunch, a 9/80 schedule (to get every other Friday off) and unlimited vacation; the culture of our team recognizes and respects the importance of your non-work life. Also, Ventura county is a pretty nice place to live/work. If you've got Rails or other relevant web app experience, that's a good start. More importantly, you'll be eager to learn display advertising inside and out.

Unless you prefer to start with a HR-oriented chat, you can reach me (a lead engineer on the team) at david.larsen@connexity.com.


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Naritiv (Techstars S14) - Los Angeles

We're the first MCN (like Maker Studios) exclusively for Snapchat. Always looking for amazing full-stack engineers (rails/js) that love to build products.

More info here: https://naritiv.com/jobs


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ZipRecruiter - https://ziprecruiter.com - Santa Monica (LA area) - REMOTE OK for some positions

Our goal is to create the best online services for filling and finding jobs. We bootstrapped for the first four years, growing to 100+ employees. Last August, we raised $63M led by Institutional Venture Partners.

We have a number of open positions:

  - Software Engineer (primarily Python) (Santa Monica)
  - Software Engineer (primarily Perl) (Santa Monica or Remote)
  - Mobile Software Engineer (positions for both iOS and Android) (Santa Monica)
  - Front End Performance Engineer (Santa Monica)
  - Database Administrator (mysql or Redshift experience preferred) (Santa Monica)
We're growing rapidly and have a large customer base (primarily small and medium sized businesses). We have interesting problems to solve in the areas of search, yield management, analytics, scalability and new product development. If you'd like to learn more, please visit https://www.ziprecruiter.com/hiring/technology or email us at techjobs@ziprecruiter.com


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Karma Labs, Inc. - Los Angeles, CA

We're hiring a full time full stack javascript engineer. Express/restify on the back, React on the front. MongoDB and Redis.

Employee number #7 (counting the founders), Engineer #3 (counting the CTO). Ideally this position will grow into leadership but can stay pure code if that is your thing.

Karma is launching technology that unifies your online reputation and lets you use across the sharing economy (Craigslist, Airbnb, eBay etc). Fun stuff, if you like javascript.

If you'd like more info, hit us up. hello AT havekarma{dot}[com] with "Hacker News Job" on the subject.


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NationBuilder - Los Angeles, CA - Full Time (Remote OK) - Database Engineer & Software Developer

NationBuilder is an online Community Organizing System built by a world-class team dedicated to empowering a new generation of leaders and creators with the tools they need to create a new world.

We’re currently hiring for someone to join our LA team to take ownership of our database systems, with a strong focus on our core PostgreSQL databases, and take our databases to a new level of scalability and performance.

If you're a developer who is seeking to build something truly important - a genre-defining new product that is already changing people’s lives. Check out what we build:http://nationbuilder.com/mission

We will relocate folks, so if you’ve ever wanted to live in LA, this is probably the best opportunity you’ll get. (And if you never considered living in LA we’ll convince you that it’s the greatest city to live in.)

Our tech stack is primarily Ruby on Rails along with some Ruby and Golang services utilizing PostgreSQL and MongoDB. Managed by Puppet.

Job descriptions: http://nationbuilder.com/database_engineer http://nationbuilder.com/software_developer

Apply: https://jobs.lever.co/nationbuilder/310ba387-e395-40b2-a73f-... https://jobs.lever.co/nationbuilder/7bfa5b81-ae69-46c7-94d6-...


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Walt Disney Animation Studios ~ Burbank, CA

If you're reading this then you're looking at a super-rare opportunity. We're looking to hire a CTO!

We also have opportunities for Linux-savvy software engineers. Disney Animation is a great studio working on cutting-edge animation tech.

We are a primarily a Linux, C++, and Python shop.

Shoot me an email (my username @gmail.com) if you're interested, and please apply online:


Here's a sampling of some of our publications in case you're interested in some of the areas we've been exploring lately:



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Remote and In-House Digital Strategist and Digital Producers, Culver City

Please visit our careers page for more information:



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Emotient - San Diego (Full Time / On Site) http://emotient.com/

Hiring cloud ops (AWS mostly / onsite massive GPU cluster). Hiring C/C++ backend SDK development (ML background)

Our dev team is python/angular and our research team is C/C++/Matlab. Located near the UTC mall.

Emotient is the leader in emotion detection and sentiment analysis based on facial expressions. The company is at the vanguard of a new wave of emotion analysis that will lead to a quantum leap in customer understanding and emotion-aware computing.



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Second Spectrum - Los Angeles, CA, Shanghai, and Boston, MA - http://www.secondspectrum.com

Big data has come to sports, and Second Spectrum is using it to transform the sports experience, for everyone from coaches and players to the most hardcore or casual fan. We have trained machines to understand sports at a level of sophistication that exceeds that of most collegiate players. Using this machine understanding, we deliver analytics software that is helping ten NBA teams win more games, is enabling national broadcasters to tell better stories, and will give every fan their own personal sportscast. We have recently signed deals with ESPN and Fox to deliver content for their broadcasts, starting with this clip that appeared on NBA Countdown: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=12510250, and extending to interactive products that the broadcasters will use on air.

We are looking for a variety of engineering roles, including full-stack, UI/UX, mobile, machine learning and computer vision engineers. The responsibilities range from sophisticated UI design that supports detailed but intuitive analytics, to front-end interfaces that will appear on national sports broadcasts, to scalable backend infrastructure that supports robust video streaming, to ML and CV engineering that enables the semantic layer that understands the game. Our software stack is based around Node, Go and Python.

In addition to the engineering roles, we’re also hiring a product manager who will guide our engineering and design efforts in order to deliver our technology to all our customers, ranging from NBA coaches to casual fans of the game.

If you're interested in joining us, our jobs email is is work@secondspectrum.com. I'm also available for any questions you might have at noel@secondspectrum.com


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Originate - San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, NY, Las Vegas, Boston

We are a team of nearly 150 hackers, designers, venture pros, and entrepreneurs. We invest Software Development, Design, and Strategy in exchange for equity in startups. Tech stacks are mostly Scala, RoR, Node.js, iOS, and Android, but our primary hiring criteria is being smart and understanding software development at the highest level.

* Engineering - Experienced & Entry Level * Dir of Engineering roles in NYC, Boston and SF * VP of Engineering located in SF, NYC or LA * Creative - Visual Designers, UI/UX specialists, User Researcher

Check us out...https://angel.co/originate or http://www.originate.com/ ======

I've been an Engineer here for 12 months, here are a few reasons why it's the best job I've had: * Extreme flexibility when it comes to time off, working from home, etc. * The smartest, most driven team I've met. * Engineers can have an impact on every part of the organization. * 20% time to work on your own startup, of which you retain 100% ownership (seriously, this is better than google's 20% time!)


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Socrata (http://www.socrata.com) - Platform/DevOps Engineer - Seattle, WA

At Socrata, we believe that data – when made transparently accessible – can illuminate, inform, and inspire. Socrata builds cloud-based software products that democratize access to public sector data and put it into people’s hands so they can use it at work, at home, and on the go. We power open data portals for City of Chicago (https://data.cityofchicago.org/), Los Angeles (https://data.lacity.org/), and many more.

We’re looking for a strong engineer to focus on developing our Mesosphere/AWS/Chef runtime platform. The full description of this position is at http://careers.socrata.com/jobs/?jvi=oNu7Yfw6,Job If you've got any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me noah.meyerhans@socrata.com (I'm an engineer, not a recruiter!)

We release nearly all of our work, both from a DevOps and general engineering perspective, under Open Source liceses. Check out some of our repositories on GitHub at https://github.com/socrata/ and https://github.com/socrata-platform

Or, if you're not interested in our DevOps roles, considering checking out some of our other engineering roles at http://careers.socrata.com/engineers/


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Los Angeles CA - KEYPR

We're redefining the guest experience at hotels worldwide! With our mobile app, guests check in and go straight to their room. With our web app, hotels get real-time metrics and tools to track.

We're looking for front-end, back-end, mobile, and embedded/firmware engineers. We use Python, Node.js, Angular, iOS, Android, Clojure, and C. If you like to solve challenging problems, please email me at charles@keypr.com. Please include your GitHub profile and links to code or any relevant work.



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Alphataraxia | Washington DC | Developer

Alphataraxia Management is a fast-growing investment management group with offices in both Washington DC and Los Angeles. We operate with a start-up model, using small teams and few layers of management to rapidly identify, understand, and capitalize on opportunities in the energy space. We deploy our investors’ capital across a diversified set of markets where rigorous quantitative analysis of big data can provide an edge.

We are looking for hard-working candidates with a strong programming background to help us continue to build out our back-end data collection and storage systems. As performance merits, the role would expand into taking ownership of parts of the firm's system infrastructure, and performing data analytics.

Our greatest advantage is that we offer dramatically higher rates-of-learning than are found in more traditional roles. We expect candidates to be given a high level of responsibility and freedom. Applicants with a strong programming background will thrive in our information-rich environment.

Duties and Responsibilities: - Automate the import of data from a variety of different data vendors and a variety of different data formats into our proprietary tools and databases - Work independently in the development, testing, implementation and maintenance of complex systems with fast turnaround. - Provide support and reactive development for the investment teams; often by creating in-house data visualization tools

Minimum Qualifications: - Strong understanding and experience with a back-end programming language - Familiarity using MySQL, Oracle or similar relational database - Ability to develop on Linux and/or Windows - Willingness to follow our code precedents, conventions, and documentation standards - At least a BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or an equivalent degree - Willingness to work in collaborative environment

Ping us at careers@alphataraxia.com


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Good Eggs - San Francisco, CA, Full Stack Engineers


=== About us ===

Good Eggs brings local, farm-fresh groceries right to your door! We are a technology focused company with a CTO who previously founded Carbon Five, an exceptional agile development shop. See our Engineering Blog and Github account:



We have a great mission (https://www.goodeggs.com/philosophy) - to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide - and everyone here is deeply committed to it. We have expanded to 4 cities - New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles and San Francisco - and our investors include Sequoia Capital, Harrison Metal, Baseline Ventures, Collaborative Fund and Westly Group, among others.

There are ~20 of us on the engineering team and we’re actively growing. We’re building next-generation web and mobile applications with JavaScript across the stack, including Node.js, MongoDB, AngularJS, Backbone, and CoffeeScript. The team has been built from the ground up with practices around test-driven development, pair programming, and continuous deployment.

== About you ===

Ideal Candidates Will Have:

* 3-5+ years full-stack web application development in Ruby, Python, Java, or JavaScript

* TDD experience / experience with pairing / Continuous Deployment

* Domain expertise in: e-commerce, billing, payments, or warehouse distribution software



I’m happy to field any questions - feel free to e-mail me: daryl(at)goodeggs.com


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West Hollywood, CA (or Remote) - Talenthouse, https://www.talenthouse.com/collaborate

At Talenthouse, we're building a platform that is home to the world's most creative people; Musicians, Filmmakers, DJs, Fashion designers, Painters, Digital artists, Photographers, and more.

We want to help artists grow, find new audiences, and make money by doing what they love.

Our platform is a social network for creatives where they can connect, get inspired, and also collaborate with brands who want to engage with the artistic community.

We are on a journey to build the largest platform of our kind. Our bar for quality is high, and we take pride in our work (both user facing and behind the scenes).

Primary Stack: jQuery/ReactJS/Angular/Less; Scala/Play2.0, PostgreSQL; Mac/Linux friendly

We are looking for a senior frontend engineer to help us build an amazing user experience for our platform's users. In this role you would be working with our existing frontend technology stack - jQuery/ReactJS/Less on our public site, AngularJS/Less on our admin site - to build new features in collaboration with our backend engineers.

Perks: Flexible vacation and sick days; Health/Dental/Vision; Quiet, spacious, comfortable working environment; Free coffee and snacks; Flexible work hours, remote-working friendly; 401K and Stock options; 15 paid vacation days

To apply, email jobs@talenthouse.com


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[ original post ]

Location: San Diego, CA USA Willing to relocate: Local candidates (SoCal) will have priority. Description: DataSkill, in San Diego, is currently seeking a talented Java software development professional for Team Lead / Developer position supporting our customers. This position requires excellent written and verbal communication skills, superior technical client support skills, capable management of team members, and must be a hands-on technical professional.

The ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of Java development best practices, backend development, and interface creation. A strong understanding of database interactions and data structures is a major plus. . This effort will require a skilled developer to enable standardized and consistent processes, implementation of innovative approaches to creating advanced software solutions using Java.


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. Minimum five (5) years of experience in design, development, integration, testing, and debugging of enterprise information systems in Linux and Windows environments. Proficiency in all layers of web applications. From front end browser to API and Rest interface development. Proficiency in multiple web systems and technologies including: UI design, Java, J2EE, Struts, JSP, JavaScript, RestFull services (JSON, SOAP) Strong logical/critical thinking abilities, especially analyzing existing database schema, application architectures, and developing a good understanding of data models. Experience developing applications utilizing software frameworks would be a big plus but not required (e.g., Ozone Widgets, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, and JUnit).

This is a full-time role with benefits, requiring location in San Diego as well as ability to travel when needed.


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Stasis Labs - http://www.stasislabs.com - Culver City (Los Angeles), CA | INTERNS OK | REMOTE OK

Stasis Labs is a health technology company building connected medical devices. Our first product is a vital signs monitoring system for non-critical patients. We’re initially targeting middle-class Indian hospitals, and our business model is especially suited for that market. We’re starting in India but have global plans long-term, including coming back to America.

Our tech:

— Electrical engineering, analog circuit design

— C++ code on ARM microprocessors

— Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) networking

— Android app: Java, Material Design, information display

— Web: Sails.js (node.js framework which includes Express), React.js

We’re hiring engineers / programmers in all of these areas. You should be comfortable in a changing environment. You should be willing to collaborate with everyone in the team, and potentially to play a larger part in the company as it grows.

We’re very early stage, and founded by new USC graduates. We've have had a lot of success at business competitions at USC and elsewhere (competed in the Rice Business Plan Competition two weekends ago). We’re now taking this full-time and raising a pre-seed on a convertible note. We will be working out of a house this summer. Salary and equity compensation both flexible based on experience and skills. Less than 10 employees this summer.

Email us at stasislabs+hn[AT]gmail[DOT]com


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Lumos Point of Sale | San Diego, CA | Sales / Marketing / Biz Dev

Fresh startup with a fully features and WORKING iPad point of sale with a integrated e-commerce engine that helps businesses sell online and in store from a unified database.

Funded. With a dev team in Toronto, sales and marketing in San Diego. Moving into kickass new office space soon. We are on a hiring spree.

http://www.lumospos.com brad (at) lumospos.com


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Welocalize | Los Angeles CA (Santa Monica)

Full Stack Developers, Product Owner

Our goal is to build a great engineering culture in our Santa Monica office:

- pair programming - support for refactoring, throwing away prototypes - experimenting with new technologies - budget for conferences and other self directed professional development - support for hosting events, giving talks, etc - support for contributing to open source projects

We've built a prototype that has generated a lot of excitement: we're using data science to match workers to task and find risk in our supply chain early, when we still have time to fix it.

Now we want to carry the concepts into an application that will be the bridge between client translation projects and thousands of workers in hundreds of countries around the world.

Right now our stack is python and javascript but we're open to other tech choices at this stage.

Come design the engineering culture you want to live in and help us reinvent the translation industry.

Positions are full time with benefits. Looking for people willing to work in our Santa Monica office on a regular basis, though of course hours are flexible and some working from home is great.

For the product owner role, experience with systems like oDesk, Uber, or online dating sites might be relevant. This is a critical role helping to bridge between several stakeholder communities (clients, workers, supply chain managers, project managers) and our development team. Some travel will probably be useful to engage with stakeholders.


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Disney Studios | Burbank, CA | Data Engineers

We're looking for passionate "learners" to work with on our platforms and do some interesting analysis. We're leveraging Apache Spark, Mahout, MLlib, GraphX, Kafka and other fun technologies.

The Data Services team does things like extracting media meta information from digital assets and analyzing how people are talking about/consuming content (Movies, Music & Stage).

Expecting people with strong Linux & Java; Scala, Python & R are nice to haves.



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BackNine Insurance and Financial Services - Los Angeles - http://back9ins.com

BackNine simplifies the selling of insurance by allowing insurance brokers to quote, apply, plan, and summarize their insurance.

We are looking for a smart and creative front end or full stack engineer. Full time and in house.

Please email reid@back9ins.com


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Twenty20 - Los Angeles, CA

We're looking for a senior/lead mobile developer to come help us change the world of stock photos.

I'm our internal recruiter; feel free to reach out to me at john@twenty20.com.

Here's the job description: http://twenty20.theresumator.com/apply/Y6eZhv/Sr-Mobile-Soft...


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Saatchi Art| Santa Monica, CA| Sr. Software Engineer (backend)

Saatchi Art is the world's largest online art gallery, connecting people with art and artists around the world. We are looking for a talented senior back-end engineer to help build new features and tools to power our next-generation marketplace platform for art.

Stack: nginx, PHP(Laravel, Zend), Mysql, Couchbase, Solr/Lucene, Node.js, Ruby/Grape/Rails, Redis, & AWS a-plenty (SNS,SQS,Dynamo,RDS).

We are dedicated to helping artists across the globe find homes for their works, to help them make a living by pursuing their passion, to help introduce folks to the world of emerging art.

See more about the position here: http://www.saatchiart.com/careers


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Splice | Santa Monica, CA | JS developer - iOS/OSX developer

Splice is rapidly changing the world of music by offering free cloud version control, backup, collaboration and distribution to artists. Our backend is in Go and our frontend is JS (Angular) and our apps are in ObjC and C#. We are looking for a talented JS developer and a passionate ObjC/Swift developer to join the team and help us shape new user experiences for musicians.

https://jobs.splice.com or email me, matt+hn@splice.com

Extremely talented team, ocean view, adjustable height desks and a bunch of really awesome office perks (daily awesome breakfast being one of my favorites).


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TenantBase | Orange County / Los Angeles, CA | Jack-of-all-trades Software Engineer

TenantBase is the first online commercial real estate brokerage for companies seeking office space. Think Airbnb, Zillow, or Trulia, but to find your company an office. The commercial real estate space is massive. To compare: $48 billion in VC money was handed out in 2014... and there was $957 billion in commercial real estate leasing and purchases. Our average signup is worth over over $100. Commercial real estate's current technology is antiquated—finding an office is as difficult as residential house hunting circa 2004. We're changing that.

We're now at six people. We've operated for the last year in Nashville, TN as a test market. Me (tech), my two cofounders with commercial real estate backgrounds, and three employees we've hired to handle local brokerage work as business has expanded in Nashville. You'd be our first tech hire. Our pay is competitive as fuck and you'll get a good chunk of equity.

We're expanding to LA (Irvine) and Dallas this month. We're hiring in LA.

Technology: React and Flux on ES6 frontend, Django/Python backend with Postgres.

There's a really broad variety of skills that we need, so say hello if you're at all curious. If you have tech chops and have done management or recruiting before that's a strong plus. SEO experience, awesome. We're also finance nerds, so there's a world for creativity there.


Email me at andy@tenantbase.com

Or text me at 734 545-8789 and just say that you're from HN and curious about the job. We'll arrange a time to talk and shoot the shit for 20 minutes.


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Private Internet Access | West Hollywood, CA or REMOTE | Ruby on Rails & DevOps Engineers


We're one of the world's leading VPN service providers and are looking for Ruby on Rails engineers and DevOps engineers to help us manage our growth and build out new features. Our stack is completely Ruby-based, so the ideal DevOps candidate should be comfortable with Ruby scripts.

We're a remote team (unless you happen to be based in the LA area, in which case you'd want to come work from our beautiful office in West Hollywood hills), and all of our collaboration happens over Slack and Trello, with the occasional email.

Email jobs@privateinternetaccess.com with your resume, a link to your GitHub (or some other site where we can see your code), and what makes you interested in our company. Don't forget to mention you're from HN.


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Translation Exchange | Los Angeles & San Francisco | Backend & Frontend engineers, UX/UI Designer

We're a small venture-backed team working on an advanced localization platform for mobile & web applications.

Email jobs@translationexchange.com if interested.



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Caplinked - Los Angeles, CA About Us ----------- For info on our company: http://angel.co/caplinked Competitive salary and benefits. Telecommute is ok, though if you are in Los Angeles or nearby that would be better. Front-end: React, Angular Back-end: Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, AWS, node.js We're looking for a senior full-stack engineer that has some devops chops. Please email me at jonny@caplinked.com if you have any questions!