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Southern California - 33 jobs in November 2016

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Teradata | Teradata Unity | San Diego, Toronto | Onsite | Full-Time

Teradata Unity is heading to the cloud, and we're seeking good people to help us get there. If you want to be part of a team that is driving change within Teradata and with our customers, this is it!

We're looking for skilled, passionate people who enjoy highly technical challenges and play well with others. Tech stack includes

- Python - C/C++ - Java - Node.js - Angular - AWS - Azure - Scrum - Linux - Test Automation - Test Scripting

for multiple positions

- architects - developers - testers - automation - devops - scrum masters

at a wide range of experience levels that probably include yours. For more information about these opportunities or how to apply, please contact me: david.glick [at] teradata.com.

Teradata Unity is an enabler for the Teradata DBS, providing capabilities such as high availability, synchronization, fail-over, routing and other critical services that allow customers to get their work done when bad stuff happens.

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Wag Labs, Inc. | https://wagwalking.com | Los Angeles, CA | Full Time | Onsite

Wag is the fast-growing on-demand dog walking startup and we're currently offering our dog walking service in 12 major cities in the US. Our HQ is conveniently located on the Sunset Strip (West Hollywood) and we're backed by several top VCs.

We're looking for code/technology agnostic Full Stack Engineers who, besides being an expert in 1 backend language (preferably PHP) and having experience with at least 1 modern JS framework (preferably Angular or React), are not afraid to pick up and learn new languages and technologies. Experience level: mid-senior-lead (4+ years experience).

We try to keep our interview process straight forward: online code challenge (<1 hr), 1-2 phone screens (< 1.5hr) and an on-site interview (<3 hrs).

This is still a small engineering team in a fast-growing company, so it's a great opportunity to have a lot of impact and ownership while we continue to grow.

Our tech stack consists of: backend API (PHP/Laravel), iOS apps (Obj-C), Android apps (Java/Javascript), web app (Angular) and internal tools that use React/Redux. As Full Stack Engineer you will be working with the technologies you are most familiar with and/or most interested in.

Compensation: $1xx,xxx/yr with equity. We offer catered lunch daily, weekly office exercise, health benefits.

Please submit resume and a short intro about yourself to melvin@wagwalking.com

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Native Instruments GmbH | Berlin, Germany | Python Developer, C++ Developer, Mobile Developer (iOS), QA Automation Engineer, System Administrator | ONSITE | Full-time

Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing. Our mission is to develop innovative, fully-integrated solutions for all musical styles and professions. We push technological boundaries and open up new creative horizons for professionals and amateurs alike.

We're looking for people with both the left and right brain fully engaged – exceptional individuals with strong analytical minds and a passion for music and technology.

- Python Developers to build & maintain highly reliable and scalable API’s to be consumed by our music production and DJing applications.

- C++ Developers to help us evolve our MASCHINE, KOMPLETE, and TRAKTOR software.

- Mobile Developers (iOS) work in our Los Angeles office with our team bringing the highest quality music creation and performance experiences smartphones and tablets.

- QA Automation Engineers to help us strengthen the automated tests across our whole product portfolio.

- Linux loving System Administrators to administer and improve our network and server landscape.

Find out more and apply here:




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CJ Affiliate by Conversant | Full Stack | Full-Time | Westlake Village (Los Angeles), CA | Onsite | https://engineering.cj.com

We're looking for senior software engineers with Haskell, JavaScript, and Scala or Java experience.

* TDD (test first development), pair programming, agile

* We keep our entire codebase ready to be deployed at any time

* We love functional programming (Scala, Haskell, Clojure, etc) and stream processing because we think it helps us write better code

We're people who believe that sustainable development of great products can only be accomplished by continually refining and applying the craft of writing clean code, all in the context of small co-located, product-focused teams.

Read more about us on our engineering site Apply Online! https://engineering.cj.com/join Or email me at jvargas-at-cj-dot-com

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SimplePractice (https://simplepractice.com) | Santa Monica, CA | Full-Time | On-site SimplePractice is the future of practice management. We’re at the forefront of making it simple for clinicians to run and grow their practices. We’ve built the highest-rated practice management software and we’re on track to become the most-used product in our industry.

We have a few open positions:

* Full-Stack Engineer (Ruby on Rails, EmberJS) https://www.simplepractice.com/careers/full-stack-engineer

* Front-end Engineer (ReactJS, EmberJS) https://www.simplepractice.com/careers/front-end-engineer

* Product Designer https://www.simplepractice.com/careers/product-designer

We're growing rapidly and have a large customer base. We have interesting problems to solve in the areas of user experience, security, analytics, scalability and new product development. If you'd like to learn more, please visit https://www.simplepractice.com/careers or email us at jobs@simplepractice.com

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Second Spectrum | Los Angeles, Lausanne, Shanghai | Full-time | On Site

We create products that fuse cutting-edge design with spatiotemporal pattern recognition, machine learning, and computer vision to enable the next generation of sports insights and experiences. We aim to transform the way people play, coach and watch sports.

You can find out more about the company from our CEO's TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/rajiv_maheswaran_the_math_behind_b...

As well as our other videos: http://www.secondspectrum.com/videos/

Engineering roles:

IT / Hardware / Systems Technician, Video Systems Engineer, Mid/Sr Full-Stack Engineer, Sr UI/UX Engineers, DevOps Engineer, Machine Learning Software Engineer (a strong SE fundamentals and experience (as a generalization, not a pure data scientist)). CV positions in Lausanne.

Creative roles:

Creative Director, UI / UX Designer, Motion Designer, Animator, Producer/Editor

You can apply via https://jobs.lever.co/secondspectrum. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have: karl@secondspectrum.com

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HyreCar | Los Angeles | Full Stack Engineers | On-site | Full Time | Interns ok | No Visa sponsorship Looking for strong PHP and Javascript developers. Willing to work at a startup where the product evolves very fast and constantly.

Our offices are located in WeWork downtown LA with beautiful views all year long. Free beer and cafe too.

We are a startup growing 30% month over month for an entire year. A large part of that is because of our tech.

Feel free to reach out at abhi@hyrecar.com

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SendGrid | Software Engineers, Test/QA, Ops | San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, Orange County | Full Time

Hi, I'm Eric and I'm a frontend engineer at SendGrid. We send a huge portion of the world's meaningful email. Whether it's an instant receipt after an Uber ride or an Airbnb booking confirmation, we deliver it. Our platform team works on tough scaling challenges, while our applications team maintains an informative analytics dashboard for our customers.

The people here are absolutely fantastic - we bring in the best and trust them to get the job done. We're about 300 strong, and we've been growing fast for seven years. Everyone gets competitive salaries, generous pre-IPO options, flexible hours, catered lunch, an annual trip to Mexico ... that list goes on for a while.

Apply: http://grnh.se/xes14l#job-list. If you have questions, or if you'd like an inside perspective on what a day looks like for the Applications & Services team, my email's in my profile.

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iRobot | Bedford, MA and Pasadena, CA | ONSITE

iRobot is hiring software engineers like they're going out of style. Which they're not. Quite the opposite, really. Most positions are for our Bedford, MA headquarters, which is just outside of Boston, MA.

We're looking for people to do embedded (aka firmware for buzzword compliance), cloud, iOS, Android, test, and hardcore robotics as well. Those aren't the same person, mind you. We're also looking for electrical engineers and mechanical engineers.

You do NOT need any robotics experience - I had none when I joined!

Check out our careers site and email me if anything looks interesting: http://www.irobot.com/About-iRobot/Careers.aspx

Please email me at csvec, the at sign, then the company domain.

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The Trade Desk | Full Time, Onsite | San Jose CA, San Francisco CA, Aliso Viejo CA, Ventura CA, Boulder CO, New York NY, London UK, Sydney AUS

Hiring: All levels of software engineers, as well as front-end focused developers who are comfortable with data-access design, development and optimization.

You might be a great fit for The Trade Desk dev team if..

* You are a full-stack engineer who wants to work everywhere, not just a small subset of components. Experience / interest in working in a variety of layers and technologies within a SOA is a must for our team. This includes: client-side AngularJS / JQuery, MVC-based web architecture, external RESTful APIs, distributed (and in our case, highly scaled) request handling services, no-SQL and relational SQL databases, many-layered data pipeline (e.g. data bus architecture, Hadoop / MPP data warehouse, etc.) that moves hundreds of thousands of items per second, and data visualization (e.g. Tableau). Experience in all these layers is not strictly required, but we do like to see experience working in more than one, as well as eagerness to work on projects that might slice through them all.

* You have product-driven software development experience using a modern, object-oriented language. Memory-managed languages are best -- .e.g. C#, Java, Python, Ruby, etc. We do most of our work in C#/.Net, but specific experience here is not required.

Cool stuff about TTD:

* Our platform processes 4.5million+ queries per second

* Work with the best engineering team in adtech

* The combination of huge datasets, high throughput, low latency and amazing scale means that we're constantly solving some of the biggest challenges in computer science.

* We've grown faster than any other adtech company in the industry, and have been recently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine and Deloitte.

* Amazing Company Culture (We're very proud of our 5.0 rating on Glassdoor)

* Top-tier benefits

If you want to learn more, email Casey- casey.rabiea@thetradedesk.com or apply directly on our website: http://thetradedesk.com/join-us/open-positions

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Hulu is hiring!

Santa Monica, CA | Marin, CA | Seattle, WA | Beijing, China

Full time, on site

Hulu is a premium streaming TV destination that seeks to captivate and connect viewers with the stories they love. We're looking for front-end, back-end, full-stack, data, and mobile engineers to work on one of the largest video streaming platforms on the Internet. You'll get to:

  * Build elegant systems that are robust and scalable
  * Challenge our team and software to be even better
  * Use a mix of technologies including Go, Scala, Ruby, Python, Java, and JavaScript
You can find our open positions here: http://www.hulu.com/jobs

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Headspace | Los Angeles & San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full-time | https://www.headspace.com/join-us | Using proven mindfulness techniques, we teach you how to train your mind for a healthier, happier life.

Open roles:

  - Android Developers
  - iOS Developers
  - Frontend Developers
  - Backend Developers
  - DevOps
  - QA
  - and more...
Stack: Node.js, Java, Swift 3, Ember, AWS, Docker

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RINSE | San Francisco, CA, Culver City, CA, Bozeman, MT, and Washington, DC | Full Time

Rinse is a technology-enabled dry cleaning and laundry delivery service. We've grown at double-digit month-over-month rates for over three years now, our business fundamentals are solid, and our customers love us! We have a number of open positions:

1) We're looking for a Software Developer with a Front-End focus at our San Francisco headquarters. The ideal candidate will have expertise in javascript front-end frameworks like Vue.js, Backbone.js, or Angular. We'd also prefer someone with hybrid mobile app development using tools like Cordova/PhoneGap or Trigger.io, ideally with some experience on the Android and iOS native side as well. We're a small (but growing!) team, so an experienced candidate will have significant influence on the direction, tools, and architecture of our front-end tools, both on the web and in our apps. We're open to developers of all experience levels! https://www.rinse.com/careers/software-engineer/

2) We're hiring a Valet Community Operations Manager at our headquarters in San Francisco. This is a high-visibility role that involves managing and coordinating hundreds of part-time personnel alongside local leadership in each of our cities. The ideal candidate has excellent communication and organizational skills, and experience managing a mobile, remote, and/or part-time work force. https://angel.co/rinse/jobs/178688-operations-manager-valet-...

3) We're also looking for a number of Customer Service Associates and Managers at various experience levels. Empathy, diligence, and strong communication skills are important attributes of successful Customer Service personnel at Rinse. We're particularly interested in candidates who can work evenings or weekends. https://angel.co/rinse/jobs/73567-customer-service-associate...

Interested in the maturing delivery startup scene, but want to join one with a sustainable business model? Perhaps your family ran a dry cleaner or laundromat when you were growing up? Delighted with our service? Let's talk!

Email sam <at> rinse.com with questions, or contact jobs <at> rinse.com directly to apply.

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SOXHUB | San Francisco, Orange County | Software Engineering | Full-Time

SOXHUB is streamlining SOX audit compliance through our SaaS platform. We target large public enterprises that are faced with internal compliance tasks. We're aiming to solve narrow enterprise problems deeply by understanding the problem through internal industry experts & building the best UX/product solution.

- Node/JS, Ember, Docker, Python and more

- Small team, lots of independence & mentorship, flexible schedules

- Contribute to open-source projects

- Fast paced & growing

For more information, or to apply, please contact me at rajiv@soxhub.com or visit https://www.soxhub.com/jobs/software-engineer/.

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Factual - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai

Factual is currently hiring engineers and data lovers of all levels in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Factual’s location platform enriches mobile location signals with definitive global data, enabling personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences. Built from billions of inputs, the data is constantly updated by Factual’s real-time data stack. We were named one of "50 Disruptive Companies in 2013" by MIT Technology Review. We have a terrific team that is still fairly small and an incredible CEO who was previously the co-founder of Applied Semantics (which was bought by Google and became AdSense). Factual has venture funding from Andreessen-Horowitz and our partners/customers include Bing, Apple, Facebook and Groupon.

There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, storage, deduping, serving, APIs, improving data using machine learning, etc. A great example is one of our most recent products, Geopulse Audience, which stands at the intersection of high quality places data and large scale analysis of user geo-data: http://www.factual.com/products/geopulse-audience . If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Our main criteria are that you're smart and get things done, but you'll get bonus points for experience with Clojure (http://www.factual.com/jobs/clojure), machine learning, NLP, algorithm design, or Hadoop/Spark.

You can email me personally at alexr@factual.com, or view our job postings here: https://www.factual.com/jobs#openings

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Lumi (YC W15) | https://www.lumi.com | Los Angeles, CA | Frontend / Backend Engineers | REMOTE OK | Fulltime, Interns

Lumi helps e-commerce brands design and order packaging online. We're solving complex supply chain problems involving everything from turning vector-based designs into production-ready artwork, to bringing elegance to the complex systems of pricing, manufacturing, shipping and freight in the packaging industry.

Our stack: React, Node, Haskell, HapiJS, RethinkDB.

As an engineer at Lumi, you'll become an important part of our dynamic and productive team. You will be leading projects building the architecture of our customer-facing site and backend tools.

Because of our small team and rapid development cycle you'll have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and interact closely with the design and strategy of Lumi.

Expertise with Javascript is required. Our stack consists of React, HapiJS, RethinkDB and Node. Our admin-facing tools are built in Haskell and React.

You can apply by going here: https://www.lumi.com/jobs or contact me directly.

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Underdog.io | New York, NY | https://underdog.io | Full-Time | ONSITE

We’re looking to hire two full-stack engineers. Ideally, one would be a Javascript/Node.js Engineer, and the other would be a Python Engineer.

Today, Underdog.io is a curated marketplace for talent. We connect amazing people with founders, hiring managers, and recruiters at top technology companies.

We’re building technology to reduce the noise of the job search and match. We started Underdog.io because we experienced the pains associated with (1) hiring while working at top startups and (2) looking for new opportunities.

Our platform is currently live in SF, NYC, and LA. We work with over 250 awesome companies. Quality is key to our model -- we turn away one of every two companies that have tried to join the network. We've proudly bootstrapped and profitable.

As we scale, we’ll focus on building tools for candidates to organize, search, and discover new job opportunities. In our view of the future, job candidates don’t receive as much unsolicited outreach from recruiters. Job search is organized, and talented candidates have more high-quality options.

We use Python/Flask, Javascript/Node.js, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, AWS. We're also working on a project in Ruby/Sinatra. And we're big supporters of open source.

Link to Github: https://github.com/underdogio

Link to recent Medium post: https://medium.com/@cmuir/lessons-from-sixteen-months-of-boo...

Email chris@underdog.io to apply.

Because we're still a small team, we're not able to accommodate recent bootcamp graduates. No recruiters or dev shops, please. =/

Keywords: New York City, Brooklyn, Developer, Dev, Engineer, Python, Flask, Node.js, Ruby, Sinatra, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, Open Source, https://underdog.io/, Los Angeles, San Francisco

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Dollar Shave Club | Infrastructure SWE (DevOps) | Full Time | Los Angeles, CA


About DSC

We’re on a mission to build a better bathroom. We started with razors way back in 2011, and now millions and millions of Members later, we’ve expanded into shave products, skin care, hair styling, with more to come. We’re always growing and reinventing, and we rely on killer talent to help us achieve our goal of owning the bathroom. If you’re a team-playing innovator, you’ll fit right in. A sense of humor helps, too.

Role Summary

Interested in writing Go and contributing to OSS? Excited about Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos and the brave new world of containerized distributed applications? DSC is looking for a Software Development Engineer in Infrastructure (SDEI)! Help build a world class application platform for one of the hottest, most successful new brands in Los Angeles.

Responsibilities / Qualifications

Experience in at least one programming language. Go (golang), Python or Ruby would be great. Shell languages do not count. A passion for building tools and automation. Ability to communicate and partner with the rest of the engineering team to deploy and maintain a stable suite of production microservices. Knowledge of networking concepts and security best practices Experience with Linux systems Experience or interest in technologies such as Docker, CoreOS, Kubernetes and Mesos. Experience with a public cloud provider like AWS would be a big plus. Experience with monitoring and alerting tools. Experience with continuous delivery pipelines would be a big plus.

DSC Culture

We work in an open- air, freshly renovated office in the heart of Silicon Beach. As we disrupt industries and unseat corporate giants, our plan is to think big, but stay small. No egos. No jerks. No prima donnas. Just awesome folks who live and breathe collaboration and dig the perks like haircuts, weekly food trucks, and team happy hours. And yes, we have snacks.

Send CV/resume to benjamen+hnjobs@dollarshaveclub.com

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Bankrate Credit Cards / Wallaby Financial / CreditCards.com Hiring in Austin, TX and Pasadena, CA ONSITE Standard Process: Phone Screen, In-Person Round 1, In-Person Round 2. (No Mind Games or Tests!)

We help consumers to SAVE MONEY through smart credit card and everyday spending optimization tools.

We use: React, JavaScript, Java, Mobile (Native) and more. We are a public company (NYSE: RATE) that makes money (profit!) and can support your goals.

Web Services Engineer (Austin, TX) http://www.creditcards.com/careers/?p=job%2Foiyr3fw4 Front-End Engineer(Mid to Senior Level) (Austin, TX) http://jobs.jobvite.com/creditcards/job/oXnw3fwD Director, Quality Assurance (Austin, TX) http://jobs.jobvite.com/creditcards/job/oD222fwt Quality Assurance Engineer (Austin, TX) http://jobs.jobvite.com/creditcards/job/okt33fwD Quality Assurance Engineer (Pasadena, CA) https://jobs.jobvite.com/wallaby/job/oAu33fwU Front-End Engineer (Austin, TX) http://jobs.jobvite.com/creditcards/job/oXzW3fwf Senior Front-End Engineer (Pasadena, CA) https://jobs.jobvite.com/wallaby/job/oQsn3fws Operational Database Administrator (Austin, TX) http://jobs.jobvite.com/creditcards/job/o0kV3fw2 Operational Database Administrator (Pasadena, CA) https://jobs.jobvite.com/wallaby/job/o1jV3fw2 Operations Engineer (Austin, TX) http://jobs.jobvite.com/creditcards/job/oGYp3fwQ Senior Java Platform Engineer (Pasadena, CA) https://jobs.jobvite.com/wallaby/job/onNH2fwD Platform Engineer (Austin, TX) http://jobs.jobvite.com/creditcards/job/oCX52fwq

Senior Data Engineer (Austin, TX) http://jobs.jobvite.com/creditcards/job/ogwZ2fwx

Scrum Master (Austin, TX) http://jobs.jobvite.com/creditcards/job/oIAW3fw1 Scrum Master (Pasadena, CA) https://jobs.jobvite.com/wallaby/job/o9I12fwE

Product Manager (Austin, TX) http://jobs.jobvite.com/creditcards/job/otBW3fwN

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CrowdStrike | Los Angeles, California - United States (Remote-option) | Full Time

Data Engineer in Machine Learning and Data Science

CrowdStrike was founded in 2011 to fix a fundamental problem: The sophisticated attacks that were forcing the world’s leading businesses into the headlines could not be solved with existing malware-based defenses. Google Capital led Crowdstrike's most recent, $100M, Series C funding round in June 2015.

We are looking for another Data Engineer to come join our Data Science and Machine Learning team. We apply machine learning as part of our solution for helping customers prevent breaches.

We recently contributed the first signature-less engine to VirusTotal, which uses machine-learning to help the anti-virus community identify malware.

Learn More About Us:

  - https://www.crowdstrike.com/why-crowdstrike/

  - https://www.crowdstrike.com/resources/battling-unknown-malware-with-machine-learning/

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OpenMail | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE

OpenMail, an adtech startup based in Venice Beach, is hiring!

DevOps Engineer: AWS, Python http://www.openmail.com/job-listing/98f3de21-d010-4cdf-b4e2-...

Data Analyst (A/B Testing): SQL, Strong Statistics background (Stats PhD preferred) http://www.openmail.com/job-listing/8dd08a47-5e78-4250-bf08-...

Data Analyst (Business Intelligence): SQL, Excel http://www.openmail.com/job-listing/3daafe6b-797f-4f9f-972e-...

Product Manager: Technical background, adtech experience strongly preferred http://www.openmail.com/job-listing/bcf6e434-6524-47a9-8334-...

Director of Product Management: Technical background, 5+ years adtech experience http://www.openmail.com/job-listing/1d42d4c7-27c7-4552-89d8-...

Software Engineer: Python http://www.openmail.com/job-listing/a2612066-fef4-458c-b216-...

Senior Software Engineer: 4+ years of Python experience http://www.openmail.com/job-listing/46b7b99f-18d1-47c5-bd3f-...

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OpenMail | Seattle, WA | ONSITE

OpenMail, an adtech startup with offices in Venice, CA, Bellevue, WA and Atlanta, GA is hiring!

Front End Engineer: 4+ years web dev http://www.openmail.com/job-listing/afbcc26d-a4eb-405b-b4c5-...

Programmatic Partnership Manager: 5+ years digital marketing experience, 2+ years programmatic display ad experience http://www.openmail.com/job-listing/bf1b39f9-38e4-4103-88fe-...

Sr. Software Development Test Engineer: 7+ years SDET experience http://www.openmail.com/job-listing/f4131e06-de2c-4258-a0c3-...

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RepSpark Systems | Irvine, CA | Full-time | ONSITE | $60k-$90k

We’re a casual, nine-person software development team based in Orange County, CA (south of Los Angeles). We provide many large apparel brands with intuitive and efficient sales workflows, enabling sales representatives to place bulk orders for brick and mortar stores (i.e. how O’Neill ends up in Tilly’s or how Armada ends up on Backcountry). Our stack includes JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, memcached, MongoDB, React.js, and mobx (http://stackshare.io/repspark/repspark).

We are looking for talented engineers who have strong skills in application-level TypeScript/JavaScript. This includes engineers with experience applying design patterns to their code (Module, Sandbox, etc.), implementing modularization, writing unit tests, and optimizing performance.

We think it’s especially awesome if you have experience with modern JavaScript libraries, such as React.js (what we use), Backbone.js, Angular.js, Ember.js, Polymer.js, etc. You will work in a highly collaborative, cross-functional, and Agile team and may take a lead role on various software components.

We’re also big on fun. It’s not uncommon to spontaneously jump into a table tennis match. Plus, every Friday we eat and drink together.

Please email hn@repspark.com with applications or questions. We'd love to hear from you!

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Los Angeles | Full-Time | Cyndx Networks | https://cyndx.net

At Cyndx Networks we're re-thinking the Capital raising process using a data-driven model to both recommend investors for companies as well as reach out to them and power your fundraise.

Our clients range from Huge Investment Banks (You've heard of them) to growth stage startups that you may already not know or have yet to hear of.

We operate with a completely flat structure, where independence and automony is the norm. We take an open and collaborative approach to solving massive problems. Everyone has a voice.

We truly care about work/life balance. You won’t be chained to your desk. We are a Slack driven culture, no emails (except for your lunch orders), or useless meetings. We have a very unique opportunity to tackle the massive industry of investment banking.

Right now we're filling positions for software engineers, but particular interested in people who are more senior so I'll post that description here - Others will be up on our site soon as well so feel free to reach out if this sounds interesting to you!

http://cyndx.net/jobs or jobs@cyndx.net

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Los Angeles, CA -- Riot Games -- Esports/Merch Engineering Team

Engineering Manager - Merch Team Management experience: must have built at least one strong engineering team in the 5-10 range that has shipped + operated a live client/server product.

Tech Lead/Senior Software Engineer (Platform)- Have lead the design of, written, shipped + operated RESTful services at large scale (>10,000,000 MUs, >500 aQPS) Expert level in Java or Go

Tech Lead/Senior Software Engineer (Mobile) Expertise in Android and iOS

If you're interested shoot me your resume to nclauss(AT)riotgames.com

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TribalScale | Toronto, Canada | Orange County, California | Full time | Onsite | http://www.tribalscale.com/

TribalScale is a mobile first company that specializes in connected devices and the Internet of Things. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, TribalScale is a rapidly growing Product Development firm that aims to collide the physical and digital worlds. Our team members have a history of partnering with some of the world’s most premium brands, helping to shepherd businesses into the connected age. We are growing extremely fast and looking for talented software engineers to support that growth. Some of the platforms and environments that we have worked on and will be working on are: Mobile apps & Web Services (iOS, Android, Smartwatches, Google Glass & Other Wearables, Connected Home,Smart TVs, Beacon solutions

We're hiring for many roles including:

- Full Stack Web Engineer

- iOS Engineer

- Android Engineer

- UI/UX Designer

- Enterprise Solutions Architect

- Mobile QA

Please apply here https://tribalscale.workable.com or email tlui [at] tribalscale.com if you’re interested in learning more.

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ZipRecruiter - https://ziprecruiter.com - Santa Monica (LA area) - REMOTE OK for some positions

Our goal is to create the best online services for filling and finding jobs. We bootstrapped for the first four years, growing to 400+ employees. In 2014, we raised $63M led by Institutional Venture Partners.

We have a number of open positions:

  - Software Engineer (primarily Python) (Santa Monica)
  - Software Engineer (primarily Perl) (Santa Monica or remote)
  - Linux Systems Administrator (Santa Monica)
  - Senior Data Warehouse DBA (Santa Monica)
  - Senior MySQL Database Administrator (Santa Monica)
We're growing rapidly and have a large customer base (primarily small and medium sized businesses). We have interesting problems to solve in the areas of search, yield management, analytics, scalability and new product development. If you'd like to learn more, please visit https://www.ziprecruiter.com/hiring/technology or email us at techjobs@ziprecruiter.com

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Whisper is Venice, CA is looking to make some key hires to our engineering team. http://whisper.sh/jobs

Whisper has over 30M monthly active users and a multi-channel distribution platform for it's curated and branded content, which reaches over 250M people each month. Whisper is used in over 187 countries, and 70% of the US internet sees Whispers each month.

Current Openings: Senior Data Scientist, Senior Data Scientist-Computer Vision, Web Developers (Full Stack and Server), Senior Android Engineer, Senior iOS Engineer

To learn more about our open positions please email Lyndsey@Whisper.sh

Feel free to learn more about our data science efforts involving content moderation from this article from FastCompany: https://www.fastcompany.com/3058148/startup-report/whispers-...

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Overnight | Los Angeles | ONSITE | Front-end / Full Stack Engineer


Overnight is a mobile marketplace for booking last minute accomodations with local hosts. Our mission is to build products that inspire exploration and facilitate cultural exchange by removing barriers and making the world more accessible.

We are looking for a an A+ front end/full stack web engineering. Our stack is an iOS client (obcJ and Swift) with a Node backend, and we have rich dashboards and internal tools written in React + Redux. DBs include MongoDB, Postgres, and Redis.

First interview is a hangout or quick phone call. Please apply directly at ethan@joinovernight.com

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Evasyst | Irvine | Remote | Contract | C/C++ | Qt

Looking to contract help, advice on NATIVE WebRTC / Other similar P2P technologies and multimedia pipeline clients related to video streaming solutions over WebRTC.

Chromium WebRTC / GStreamer / OpenWebRTC relavant projects / commits are a plus!

jordan at evasyst dot com

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Kernel | Full Time | ONSITE, VISA (Los Angeles, CA) | kernel.co | danny.an@kernel.co

We're building the word's first neuroprosthesis to mimic, repair, and improve cognition. Kernel, a startup that's less than 6 months old, has $100 million committed to it from our CEO, bryanjohnson.co.

We have one of the best scientific advisory boards around:

-Richard Andersen, Caltech

-Ed Boyden, MIT

-David Eagleman, Stanford University

-Charles Liu, Keck Medicine of USC

-Craig Venter, J. Craig Venter Institute

-Ted Berger, USC

We are hiring for data engineers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, and computational neuroscientists. Learn more here: https://jobs.lever.co/kernel

* Full benefits

* Work with a team of PhDs

* Build the infrastructure for large-scale neural data analysis Interview process is a screening call, code interview/ML project, and on-site interview.


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Events.com | San Diego, CA | Full-Time | On-Site | www.events.com

Events.com is a mobile-first, socially-focused suite of cloud-based applications that provide an ideal solution for event organizers and event goers alike. Organizers benefit from a dashboard that features the necessary tools to manage, market and monetize their events including detailed analytics, robust reporting with actionable insights, integrated marketing and outreach tools, enhanced payment options, and comprehensive functionality to create interactive communities and affinity around their brands. Event goers benefit from a clean and intuitive registration process that reduces friction between them and the events they love; while advanced post registration tools provide increased flexibility allowing the event goer to self-manage their purchases.

Events.com highly values culture, diversity of thought and teamwork. You’ll be working in a fast paced, collaborative environment with exciting challenges and a world class team to solve them with. The ideal candidate will embody our competitive spirit, be humbly opinionated and have a strong desire to make our corner of the world a better place.

See our job postings: http://www.indeed.com/cmp/Events.com/jobs

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Onsite in Silicon Valley (preferred) or San Diego, with remote a possibility depending on role

Interview process: Video calls if you're distant or an in-person visit if you're local.

We are developing high-performance algorithms for truly big data, video analysis, NLP, and more. We solve deep technical challenges and are building offerings relevant to interesting real-world problems in a variety of fields. We are currently open to engineers with solid experience in CUDA, Mesos, deep neural networks, and/or Clojure, as well as to enthusiastic developers who might lack this precise experience but are eager and able to learn. We also welcome interest from postdoctoral researchers or senior graduate students. We are interested in solving problems efficiently, and our polyglot architecture includes C++, Clojure, Scala, and Python.

We do not presently have openings for undergraduates (B.Sc. students).

Contact info@onai.com.